The Grad Student Returns Ch. 02

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This story was originally written as a roleplay with my friend Emily.

A very special thanks to A_Reader_Darkly for this great copy editing.

Alex had never felt such intense conflicting feelings. She felt the combination of a deep love and closeness mixed with the excitement of a horny teenager. She wanted badly to experience more of this, even if the rational parts of her brain told her it was crazy. It’s not like anyone they knew could ever find out. How far could something like this really go?

Would regret ever start to kick in? Alex had many thoughts as they watched one another dry themselves off, but her thoughts ceased when her dad’s arms opened. It somehow felt much more intimate to press herself against him when both were dry, but she still came in and squeezed him. Alex gave him a loving smile at his sweet words, happily accepting the kiss and sucking lightly on his tongue before their lips parted. “Love you too.” She giggled as he suggested getting dressed and chose to just drop her towel as she walked into their room completely nude.

Alex still had no reservations watching him, even as she slipped on a pair of panties and then some tights that hugged her legs and behind. Rather than opt for a bra or shirt Alex smirked at him as she chose to slip on a zip up sweater with nothing underneath, smiling as she zipped it up most of the way. Her hair was still damp, but she kept it down as it both dried and grew a little curled.

James was still giddy watching Alex get dressed, enjoying this new intimacy, and wondered what she had in mind exactly when she put on the zipped sweater without any bra. He’d seen her around the house braless plenty of times, but before now he could never have told her how much he enjoyed seeing her like that. Keeping in that spirit, he did something he hadn’t done in a very long time…put on his jeans without any underwear. He’d do it around the house all the time but hadn’t done it public for a long time. He had a flashback to the year in high school he didn’t wear underwear, constantly erect from the erotic friction of the rough cotton against his penis.

He pulled on a snug black t-shirt. “Ready to go?” he asked her. He grabbed the room key, his wallet and phone, and just as he was about to open the door, he paused and turned to Alex. Taking her hand he pressed her lightly against the wall and leaned down to meet her mouth with his. This kiss was intentionally deeply erotic and firm, his body pressed against hers, a clear indication of how he was lusting after his daughter. The guilt might come later that evening, but right now he wanted more of her, and was hoping that dinner would be brief.

Alex had been nodding as they started to leave, when the next thing she knew she was sandwiched between her dad and the wall. She had audibly gasped in eager excitement as she pressed her hips into him and kissed him hungrily. Now she was breathing deeply as she looked into his eyes, clearly fighting between leaving and taking her clothes right back off. “I guess we better get going or we’re going to end up getting room service,” she chuckled, pulling one of his arms to her and hugging it against her stomach and chest with just the single layer between their skin.

He grinned and opened the door, his arm wrapped around her shoulder, hips bumping as they walked to the elevator. There was another couple in the small elevator, and during the brief ride down to the lobby he put his hand on Alex’s butt, keeping it there until he let go to take her hand and walk across the lobby to the restaurant. At the host stand he told the attractive young woman they’d love to eat at the bar, and he nodded toward the two open seats at the end of the long straight bar around the corner, the only two seats at the short section of the bar. From here they could see the rest of the bar and restaurant, but from the waist down they couldn’t be seen. Perfect.

Alex gave her dad a knowing little smirk as he felt up her ass through her tights, wishing he knew how much that drove her wild. She loved having her ass groped. The two of them always preferred to sit at the bar, but it felt different now that they’d crossed new lines together. Alex flagged the bartender and ordered a beer before letting her dad get a drink. The bartender asked where they were from and Alex responded, starting some chit chat. With her eyes looking forward, her hand reached over and landed directly on the crotch of his pants before giving him a firm squeeze. Alex hadn’t planned on it, but God she wanted more of his cock and she wasn’t going to let him make all the moves.

He was still looking at the cocktail menu when he felt Alex’s hand grabbing the still swollen shaft of his cock through his jeans. Without any underwear on, the sensation was exceptionally intense, and his hips reacted with a little jerk. He twisted his neck an inch to give Alex a sly grin. “So that’s how it’s going to be at dinner?” he said and slid his hand under the bar and onto her thigh, inched it down between her sahibe escort legs and held her slender thigh with his big hand, the outside of his pinky and side of his hand pressed against her pussy through her tights.

“I’ll have a Manhattan,” he told the bartender. The situation with Alex was still feeling surprisingly natural and normal to him, like new lovers. Were they lovers yet? What would happen later back at the room? It was clear they both desired each other-would that extend to them actually making love, and fucking? At that moment, his brain and body were telling him absolutely yes. They always had chemistry in a father-daughter way, but their time just now in the shower demonstrated to him what great lovers they could be.

Part of him was thinking they should talk about what could happen later, and if she would be ok making love. Was she on birth control? Did she know he had a vasectomy?

The other part of him was thinking they should just go with the delicious flow they were in now. Something about touching each other in public like this was arousing him even more. Before he could decide whether to be fatherly or not and talk this through, he leaned closer to her ear and said, “Lex, I want you.”

Alex had given her dad a playful shrug when he asked if that’s how it was going to be. “You started it,” she had teased back, and thought of his hand on her ass moments ago. As his hand and finger had pressed into her, she had looked back at him, biting her lip as she smiled. Now Alex took a sip of her beer when her dad whispered to her, which made her smile widen and her cheeks blush a little bit. She swallowed her drink and turned her head to look at him. “Oh? And what are you going to do about that?” she asked him casually for something that was far from it. Alex wasn’t sure what they were getting themselves into or if they’d regret it, but it’d been fun so far and she enjoyed giving him a teasing coy response.

The words were out of his mouth before he had a chance to think of the ramifications and implications, but now that he’d said them, he assumed that Alex interpreted them as making love, or fucking. And he did want that. Somewhere between leaving the room and sitting down at the bar he’d made that decision.

“What I’m going do about it, is after we have dinner we’re going to go back to our room and make love. If that’s ok with you,” he said. This is tricky, he thought. What’s the right tone? Light? Serious? His cock was starting to throb against her hand on the outside of his jeans, and they’d only just gotten their drinks. How would he make it through dinner?

Alex could feel herself tense when he said what they were both clearly thinking. “Well, I suppose I could think of worse things,” she said with a little giggle, and her thumb began to run back and forth against his tip through his pants. The bartender came back and Alex ordered the salmon dish. Eventually she let his manhood go, just to relax a bit. “You make it difficult to concentrate, sir,” she chuckled, looking down at her dad’s finger resting against her sex.

Another little hurdle passed, he thought, relieved that she giggled and kept it light. The way she was teasing his tip through his pants was driving him crazy. He wondered if he was leaking any precum. His drink arrived and he ordered the steak. When Lex stopped caressing him, he took a break as well and put his hand up on the bar, but leaned toward her so their cheeks were almost touching, pressing inside that little bubble of physical intimate personal space and said, “I have this urge to give you an orgasm right here at the bar.”

He wondered if it was the gummy that was loosening his tongue like this, or just lust. What would happen after a drink or two? He took a big sip of his Manhattan. Was he really talking to his daughter about orgasms in public places?

Alex giggled when her dad told her he wanted to make her cum again. She liked the idea, but also enjoyed the thought of making him wait so he could really take it out on her afterwards when she really needed it and didn’t have to hold back. She gave his knee a playful little slap and smiled at him. “I didn’t know you were such a horndog.”

The redhead shook her head at him. “I think I’ll make you wait.” She stuck her tongue out at him before taking a swig of her beer. “Do you need something to hold yourself over, daddy?” Alex flashed him a wink, wondering what being with this side of her dad would be like. She’d never quite seen this side of him before.

“Horndog!” he laughed, “never been called that before. You know, just because I’m your dad doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about sex. I’ve been a big fan of sex for a long time,” he said, taking another sip of his Manhattan. “And, well, bit of a student of it, and a lot more open-minded about it than most people, I’d say. Maybe this is too much to share, but it always was a bone of contention with your traditionalist mother.” He glanced at her tongue, thought sahibe escort bayan about how his tongue had actually touched her tongue.

“Uh huh, I bet.” Alex teased her dad just to pester him, something she’d always enjoyed albeit in different contexts before. Alex mentally covered her ears at the mention of her mom. It was an odd thought knowing that the man she was just physical with had been with her mom. “I do not need to hear about that.”

He laughed before continuing. “Hmm, something to hold myself over?” he asked., He had certainly noted her use of the word daddy instead of dad. “What’d you have in mind?”

Alex shrugged at his last question, biting on her lower lip. “Oh, I don’t know. I noticed there hasn’t been much bathroom traffic. I wasn’t sure how worked up you were.” Alex shrugged again as she took a long sip from her pint glass before smirking at him.

He took a chance mentioning her mother, and after gauging her reaction, confirmed that he never would again, at least while they were in this erotically charged state. He grinned when he realized what she meant. “Are you suggesting that I give myself some relief in the men’s room you naughty girl?” he asked, and put his hand back under the bar on her thigh.

“I AM very worked up, but I’ll save it for later.” He took another chance. “Though it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve enjoyed myself that way thinking about you Lex,” and slid his hand back up her thigh an inch.

Alex shook her head and gave him a playfully annoyed look, though his last comment made her raise an eyebrow. “And how long have you been having those thoughts, hmm?” Alex took another swig then put her elbow on the table as she rested her chin on her hand. Alex waited for him to reply and then looked in either direction before leaning in closer to him and she whispered. “And for the record, I was offering to suck your dick in the bathroom.” She said leaning back with her cheeks looking a little red as she looked across the bar again.

He was debating how to answer her question when she talked about sucking his dick. Hearing the actual words coming out of her mouth, that level of dirty talk that he loved, gave his dick a jolt, and an image of Lex on her knees sucking his cock was almost too much. “Fuuccck, Lex,” he mumbled. Would that happen back in the room?

“Before I answer your question, tell me, have you…ever? Played with yourself thinking of me?” He fantasized about that too and had always hoped to catch Lex in the act in her bedroom, maybe lying on her stomach, hips bucking, or on her back, hands moving under the sheets. He wanted to watch her and thought for the first time how he might actually get to do that. And he was genuinely curious about her answer. He didn’t want to lie to her, but he’d been guiltily pleasuring himself thinking about her for longer than since she moved back home after grad school.

Alex giggled at his question; finding it humorous that he wanted to know and appease his ego. “Of course I have. We’ve kind of been hanging out almost every day for months. But yes, if you must know.” She shrugged at him like it wasn’t a big deal to tell him that, even if she did blush a little.

“That’s good to know,” he said. “Because I have been too. Sort of funny, isn’t it? thinking about each of us in our bedrooms, or showers, at the same time, thinking about each other. It’s sexy.” He took his hand away from the spot between her thighs, and instead took her hand and brought it to his cock under the edge of the bar. It was twitching and throbbing and rock hard. She kept surprising him with her nonchalant attitude toward this all. Was he the one with the guiltier feelings?

And he said, “You’re full of surprises. Lex. I love it. And I love you.” He wanted to lean over and kiss her mouth in front of everyone at that moment, but instead kissed her cheek and whispered, “I need you. Feel it?”

Alex nodded. She didn’t imagine him doing that very often, but it was nice to know it wasn’t a one-way street before that day. She had a lot of mixed feelings about everything but was at least trying to play it cool; well, that and she was still worked up sexually. “I love you too.”

Her eyes glanced down for a moment when he placed her hand in his lap again. Alex gripped him firmly and rubbed her thumb against his tip again. “How couldn’t I? I’m curious to see what it can do,” she said with a chuckle, keeping her hand on it.

He made his dick throb in her hand. “It’s very curious too. So much to explore. So much curiosity.” He was tempted to ask her if she’d started masturbating thinking about him before she had returned home from school but decided that could wait. He did, though, want to watch her someday.

He thought they should clear something up now, so there would be no misunderstanding once they got back to the room. The bartender brought their food. Once he was out of earshot, and he started to cut his steak, he said, “So Lex…I’d like to be clear…for escort sahibe later…back in the room. I’d really like to make love to you.”

Alex gave him a tighter squeeze when he opened up about his intentions. She didn’t let him go until their plates touched the table. “I’d really like that, too,” she said softly, leaning over to plant a peck on his cheek before she started to eat. “It’s delicious, but I’m ready for the meal to be over.” She said playfully before taking another bite.

“Is there such a thing as speed eating?” he asked. The steak was delicious. He was both relaxed and even more excited now that they’d clarified their expectations for their return to their room. “I’m ready for it to be over too. I’m actually physically aching,” he said. Their legs were still touching under the bar. He didn’t want to be away from her touch for the rest of the weekend.

“Don’t get yourself sick. What’s the saying? Don’t eat quickly before physical activity?” she asked with a quiet giggle. Alex ate faster than usual, and when she was done her hand went back to his lap, holding him in her hand. “Hmm, maybe we should order dessert? A few more drinks?” she asked teasingly, playfully suggesting things that’d keep them from what they wanted.

“You are aching, huh?” Alex couldn’t remember feeling someone so hard as she gave him a little squeeze. Alex leaned in a little closer to her dad. “You better not hold back on me because I’m your daughter,” she said in a low volume, while the corner of her mouth curved into a little smirk.

He saw that Alex’s plate was empty. “Dessert?” he chuckled. He wondered if the edible had run its course and if the buzz he was feeling was just pure arousal. He grunted when she squeezed him. His hand returned to her thigh, and he remembered he’d been naked with his daughter just a short while ago. He knew he didn’t have to answer her question about his aching, but the aching did get worse at her words. Floating around in his head was how this would all unfold when he made love to his daughter for the first time, and she answered a question he hadn’t asked yet.

Had Alex not been his daughter, with his current state of arousal he knew the sex would be tender, of course, but also passionate, animalistic. That Alex was giving him permission to not hold back, to actually fuck her, not just make love to her, brought his arousal to the level of frenzy.

He responded in a low voice, his hand sliding back up her thigh to rest against her pussy. “So you want me to…fuck you…Lex?”

Alex let out a soft sigh when she felt his strong hand press against her pussy through the thin layers again. Yes, she needed to get laid but it feeling so wrong somehow made it even more satisfying. Being with an older man, but much more so being with her dad felt like the ultimate taboo for her. Alex looked down for a second after his question, feeling a little bashful for a second before looking up again. Her free hand went to his and pressed his hand more firmly against her. “If that’s what you want. I just want you to do whatever you like.”

He thought he could feel real heat emanating from her pussy. It was the second time in the past hour that his daughter had taken his hand and either pressed it against her pussy, or encouraged him to put in her pussy, as she’d done in the shower. He was so aroused that he hoped he’d be able to hold off a little once they got to the bedroom. He decided then that he would lick her first.

He motioned for the check with his left hand, the waiter acknowledging him and making eye contact while his hands stayed buried between her legs. He removed his wallet from his left rear pocket and slid out his Amex and put it on the table. He didn’t need to review the check – he just needed to get back to the room as soon as possible.

Alex could feel heat and desire building internally as he pressed against the crotch of her tights. It was especially exciting when the bartender got close to them and yet his hand stayed there. As soon as he’d signed, Alex hugged his arm to her and slipped out of her chair between them, pulling on his arm as she was also eager to leave. The redhead led her dad to the elevator and got in behind another couple. Even with the company Alex couldn’t help herself, turning to face her dad and pecking his lips once. It was difficult not to just jump his bones.

On their way to the elevator he amused himself by thinking how it felt like he’d led the way to dinner and the restaurant, and now Alex was leading him back to the room. He kissed her back and reached around for a quick squeeze of her butt. When she turned around again to face the front of the elevator for the short remainder of the ride, he grabbed her hips and pressed his erection between her buttocks and held it there until they reached their floor. Alex exhaled quietly and looked back over her shoulder at him, excited he seemed just as eager as she did. She pressed back against him until they’d reached their floor. They slid past the other couple, and he didn’t care whether or not they’d seen his erection. He took Alex’s hand and led her down the hall, keyed himself in and closed the door behind them. With little hesitation once the door shut, Alex wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed against him, kissing his lips as she backed up against the door he’d just closed.

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