The Great Sex Shop Caper

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Welcome to my latest installment of the ever-growing Bang Gang anthology. I’m up to about a dozen separate stories now, but they’re a bit scattered in the categories. However, they’re all connected and chronological, but as I move forward the stories will be more self-contained. So while you will be able to enjoy each individual work on its own, you’ll always have the option to go back and read earlier stories involving these characters. I don’t know if other writers do this with their material, but that’s what I’m doing. You’ll have to see my list or follow me to get the proper reading order.

I wish I could take credit for the name of the shop, but some genius on the interwebs thought of the name, and I cracked up when I saw it. Please feel free to comment or send a message if you enjoyed it. It encourages me to write the next one faster.



It was nearly noon, and my best friend Brooke and I were digging through racks of skirts at the local Forever 21. It had been a few days since we had hung out with each other; in fact, I hadn’t seen her since before New Year’s Eve. We each wanted to pick out a few outfits before winter break ended in a few days and we went back to school. I had picked her up in my parent’s car and here we were buried in the stacks. Of course, I had had quite a wild time on New Year’s, and Brooke was listening with rapt attention as I regaled her with my exploits.

“So you got to spend the entire night with him?” Brooke demanded to know.

“Yeah, I slept over in Rylan’s suite that night,” I continued, as I nonchalantly examined a blue skirt I thought looked interesting. “We messed around for most of the night, so I suppose it wasn’t exactly sleeping. And in the morning I snuck back to my room, no one the wiser.”

“I assume that you didn’t hook up with either of the girls, the next day?”

“No,” I replied, pushing through more hangers. “We headed back to Westchester around noon that day, and I barely saw Tabitha and Rylan’s sister Jessica. Honestly, I was a little over-sexed that morning.”

“I bet you were,” remarked Brooke, “I mean, I can’t believe that on top of your boyfriend, you actually hooked up with not one, but two girls over New Year’s!”

“At the same time, too.” I smirked.

“At the same time!” Brooke exclaimed, slapping her forehead. “Unbelievable, Beth.”

I raised my eyebrow at her. “Jealous?”

“Jealous?” Brooke replied, throwing her hands in the air. “Of course I’m jealous! I can’t believe that you got to have a lesbian threeway without me!”

Brooke wasn’t just my best friend. She and I had an odd relationship; we both had boyfriends, but we also were sort of girlfriends with each other. Not that our boyfriends minded; in fact, the four of us had a no-strings-attached partnership. For the last few weeks we had started grouping up for some sexual romps, and while us girls liberally shared our boys between us, the boys weren’t shy about hooking up with each other as well. Seemed natural that if they could gay it out, so could Brooke and I. And that’s just what we did.

We called our little group the Bang Gang, and even though we hadn’t been fucking each other for more than a few weeks, we were collectively having a blast. Sure, it was hard for a bunch of high school seniors to hook up behind our parents’ backs, but that was half the fun. Brooke and I were enjoying our newfound bisexuality, and had even discussed finding other girls to play with. I guess I got a little ahead of the game over New Year’s.

Brooke leaned against the end of a rack of blouses, looking at me with a bemused expression. She was quite cute with dark brown hair tied back to her shoulder blades and pretty brown eyes bordering a slightly big, yet adorable nose. Brooke was wearing a long, brown wool coat over a pair of jeans and a white shirt with the Spider-Man logo proudly emblazoned on the center of her pert chest. Since we became lovers, I couldn’t help but check her out every time I looked at her.

“Hey, Beth,” she interjected, “stop checking me out and let’s finish up here! Unless you are going to give me any other juicy details about all the sex you got!”

“Other details? I pretty much told you everything. Let’s see. First girl, second girl, first and second girl together, and all night with Rylan.”

She gave a satisfied nod. “Fine, so go take that top you picked out and let’s go to checkout. I’m getting frisky hearing you talk about about all of this girl sex you got, and I need a little action this afternoon!”

I laughed, as I held the cotton top against my chest and gave it one last appraisal in the mirror. This particular shade of light pink went well with my shoulder-length dark blonde hair, and it fit my less than modest bust pretty snugly.

“Who said I was in the mood?” I jested. “After all, I still need to find a blouse that matches the blue in my eyes…”

Brooke poked me in the back of my ribs. “Oh no you don’t. I want you all to myself this afternoon, Büyükesat Escort and I’m not taking no for an answer! You got me too worked up!”

I winked at her through the mirror. “Fine,” I sighed, “I suppose I can let you fuck me this afternoon.”

“Well, how sweet of you!” She gestured to the checkout counter with her thumb. “Now, get your rear in gear!”

Brooke pulled me by the arm to the cashier, and once I had paid we made our way to the parking lot. It was a fairly brisk January day, with last night’s light snowfall blanketing everything, but the roads were well-cleared out. My parents weren’t expecting the SUV back for a while, so we climbed in to head to Brooke’s house. Her parents were in the city today and weren’t coming back until the evening, giving us the run of her house and plenty of time to play.

I pulled out of the parking lot, and we drove down the boulevards and through the light traffic. The area was a bit busy, probably from people returning stuff to stores from the holidays. Brooke was idly looking out the window, and if it wasn’t such a long reach I probably would have pawed at her whenever we stopped at a light.

Suddenly, Brooke cried out, “Wait, Beth! Turn here!”

“Hm? Turn where?”

“To the right,” said Brooke, “and pull into that little strip mall behind those trees.”

I shrugged as I took a right into the L-shaped strip mall parking lot and parked in one of the empty spots. “Um, why are we stopping here?” I asked.

Brooke pointed out the window at one of the shops, grinning. “Take a look, there.”

I glanced where Brooke was pointing, and I saw one of the stores which had darkened windows lined with a bunch of red hearts and string lights. The name of the store was above the door in big, bright neon lights.

“Buckingham Phallus,” I read aloud. “What the – is that a sex shop?”

Brooke giggled. “We should go in there!”

I gasped a little bit. “We can’t go in there! We’re in high school!”

Brooke pointed at the door. “No, it’s fine, see? It says ’18 and older’. It’s not like we’re going to card us for buying beer or something.”

“You want to go into a place like that?!” I sputtered.

“Why not?” shrugged Brooke. “I mean, you said you wanted to get one of those strap-ons.”

“Yeah, but online or something! What if someone saw us in there?!”

“Well, if you ordered it online, how would you hide it from your mom and dad?” Brooke challenged. “We can do it here and now, and save the trouble. Plus, online you wouldn’t even see what you were buying, at least at this place we can look around and see what kind of crazy stuff they have in there!”

I blushed a little bit. “I don’t know, Brooke…”

“Look,” Brooke assured, “if you’re worried, we’ll get out of the car and pretend to walk to one of the places on either side.”

I looked out the window and studied the stores next to it. “So, do we pretend to go to The Chinese Tea Emporium, or to Gideon Chartered Accounting?”

Brooke rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on Beth, don’t be such a prude. No one will care! Considering all the sex you’ve been having lately, you’re gonna let some sex shop weird you out?”

I raised my hands in surrender. “Alright, alright. I just don’t want people to think we’re lesbians or something if we walk in together and browse for sex toys.”

Brooke stared at me blankly. There was a very pregnant pause. “Beth. We are literally going to have lesbian sex this afternoon.”

“You know what I mean!” I defended. “I just don’t want random people knowing about what we do in private.”

“Beth, sweetie.” She took my head into her hands and kissed me sweetly on my lips. “I’m kind of nervous, too. I don’t want to advertise what we do, but at the same time I don’t want to be a sneak about it. I love you Beth, and I want to do crazy sex stuff with you. And I want to check out this crazy sex shop with you!”

“I can’t believe this.” I let out a deep sigh. “I take that back, I totally believe you’re convincing me to do this. Okay. Let’s go,” I mumbled.

Brook kissed me one more time, and smiled. “Don’t worry, it’ll be fun, Beth! I’ve always wondered what a place like that looked like inside!”

We got out of the car, and I scanned around to see if anyone was watching. The parking lot was half empty and no one was milling about outside. Seeing no one in the vicinity, I hesitantly stepped towards the door to the sex shop, and even though Brooke’s words suggested otherwise, I sensed she was a bit nervous as well. But she gathered herself and opened the door, while I followed her through.

Buckingham Phallus was a bit overwhelming to the senses when you walked in. The floors and ceilings were painted black, but there was a cacophony of colors and sights splattered everywhere. There were tons of corsets, bras, and negligees of every size, shape, and color on the walls and on many racks. Mannequins littered the whole Beşevler Escort place, some wearing frilly underwear, and others wearing leather and chains to which I gulped and looked away.

There was a counter in the middle of the store with a glass display and a bored, pink-haired girl with a nose-ring pulling merchandise out of a box. A handful of other customers were browsing around, including a middle-aged guy thumbing through a catalog and a pair of older women who were examining some boxes on the shelf and in deep discussion with each other. I got a little flustered, knowing that the couple was probably here for the same reason Brooke and I were.

Brooke grabbed my hand, and pulled me over to the aisle marked “Ye Olde Sex Toys”. The pink-haired girl acknowledged us offhandedly as we walked by, and resumed her restock of the cabinet. I was blushing furiously; I kept telling myself no one cared, but there was no doubt to anyone at all why I was here! If Brooke hadn’t been dragging me deeper into the store, I may have bolted out the door out of sheer embarrassment.

“Alright, let’s see what they have here,” said Brooke once we got into the toy aisle. It had tall shelves, so we were pretty much hidden from view. I stared wide-eyed at all of the various shapes and sizes of the dildos, and I was amazed at the variety. Some were small, but some were so big I could hardly imagine how you could even fit it inside of someone! Some had veins, some had little antennae, there was one that was shaped like an ear of corn…I wasn’t even going to venture a guess.

Brooke chuckled. “Hey Beth, check this one out!” She was holding a plastic dick with LED lights along its side, in red, white, and blue. For the patriotic pervert, I guess. Brooke hit a switch on the base, and suddenly this thing started twisting around at the base while the lights flashed. The whole thing buzzed furiously in Brooke’s hands.

“How are you supposed to see the lights when this thing is inside of your pussy?!” Brooke chortled.

“Maybe it lights up your belly button when it’s all up in there!” I retorted, with a laugh of my own.

Brooke switched it off and set it down, and started looking over some of the glass shaped ones in a display case. I don’t know why those glass ones were listed in the hundreds of dollars, but there was something very elegant about them. For those prices though, it was as if you were getting fucked by a diamond or something. I have to admit, I was a bit curious. But not for that much.

“Here we go,” said Brooke, “harnesses and belts are over on the other side.”

I joined her, and together we looked at all of the strap-ons on the shelf. I had no idea that these things were so pricey – the cheap looking ones were some kind of plastic, but they didn’t look very comfortable. I kind of liked the rubber ones with fake balls; for some reason I liked the idea of having balls, especially if I was fucking Brooke. I picked one up, and when I gripped them they felt…rather real. Brooke didn’t like those, though, mentioning something about how the shape of the cock didn’t look good. I argued with her that the rubber ones looked more natural, but she wasn’t onboard.

“If I wanted balls slapping against me, I’d just have Mark fuck me.”

“Granted,” I countered, “but you have to admit these feel really neat. And these look better than those cheap plastic ones over there.”

“Those O-Rings are much better than those rubber ones, girls.”

Brooke and I turned, and saw one of the older women standing there, with a box under her arm. She was in her late thirties, and with her short cropped black bob she was quite attractive. Sort of a professional look. However, Brooke and I were a little stunned when she started talking to us.

“Um, what’s an O-ring?” Brooke braved.

The woman pointed at the cloth harnesses with a metal O at the crotch of the harness. “It’s this thing, here. What you do is get a dildo that either has a flared base or fake testicles, and you slide it through and the O Ring holds it in place. Then you just tighten it so it presses against your clit. Any dildo that can fit in the ring can be used, so you can mix and match sizes.” Her nonchalance caught us off guard; she may as well have been describing the weather to us.

“Well,” I disclosed, “we don’t have any to mix and match with.”

“Ah,” the woman laughed, “is this the first time you’ve gone shopping for toys with your girlfriend?”

I squeaked a little bit, half out of shock that we were called out, and half at the surprise at her casualness.

“Yeah,” I replied, glancing at Brooke, “this is kind of new to us.” Brooke beamed in response.

“Well,” she started, “let me just reassure you that there’s nothing shameful in all of this. Lord knows it took me years to get my head out of the closet and just have fun. It’s actually refreshing to see that you girls are willing to take a step like this at Cebeci Escort your age.”

“If you have any advice,” Brooke ventured, “I wouldn’t mind hearing it.”

“Well, like I said, the O-rings work very well. Much more comfortable to wear than the latex straps, and they hold better against you.” She gestured to some of the dildos. “The ones that are realistic-shaped are less comfortable when they go inside, but if they have the fake balls they can be held by the O-ring.”

“I like the ones with the fake balls,” I suggested, timidly.

The woman shrugged. “Not a fan of balls personally, but whatever feels good to you. If you get a non-realistic shaped one, it will stay against the harness as long as the base is flared. Oh, and just make sure that you can tighten the belt, don’t go for one that ‘fits all sizes’. And pay attention to the material! You’d be surprised at how you can chafe if you get the wrong kind.”

“Well, we will be sure to consider that.” I replied.

She smiled at us. “I hope you do. Have fun, girls!”

The woman walked over to her partner at the cashier counter, while Brooke and I collectively stared at each other wide-eyed and shocked.

“Did we just have that conversation?” I blurted out.

“Did we just come out of the closet to a stranger?” Brooke blabbed.

“I mean, I guess we sort of did.” I shook my head. “How do you feel about that?”

“It’s weird, ” started Brooke, “I mean, yeah, we have boyfriends, so it’s not like we’re a conventionally lesbian couple.”

“But, we are girlfriends,” I said.

“Yeah,” Brooke smiled, taking my hand. “We are. Still feels strange saying that.”

I squeezed her hand. “Same here. I don’t want to advertise to the world at-large that we’re girlfriends, because no one would understand the Bang Gang and all that. But I have to admit, it was kind of wild being casually regarded as a regular lesbian couple. If only briefly.”

“I tell you what, if both of us get tired of our boyfriends’ dicks,” she moved towards me, putting her hands around my waist, “we can always go full gay.”

I kissed her softly, just feeling her against me. Our kiss extended for quite some time, and when we broke our eyelashes fluttered as we looked at each other and smiled.

“I have to be honest though,” I admitted, “our boyfriends have exceptionally nice dicks.”

“This is very true,” replied Brooke, smiling sweetly. “Speaking of nice dicks, let’s figure out which one to get.” We broke apart, and I went back to the stack of O-rings the woman had pointed out.

“I mean, these ones look really nice,” I surmised, “but they are super pricey. And I don’t see any of the ones with balls that I particularly like. What do you think, Brooke?” I glanced back at Brooke, who stood transfixed at a shelf. “Er, Brooke?”

“Forget the strap-ons, Beth,” breathed Brooke. “This is the one.”

I moved over to her, curious. “What are you looking at?”

“This.” Brooke reached down, pulling up a long, purple cylinder. It was about over a foot long, and had two cockheads at either end. It was a little over an inch in diameter. When Brooke lifted it, the center bent downwards but the ends stayed firm and straight.

“What is that, an extra long dildo?” I inquired.

“It’s a double dildo. Haven’t you ever heard of one before?”

“A double dildo? Like, you put it into your pussy and ass at the same time?”

“No, you doofus. Two girls can fuck each other at the same time with it,” Brooke explained. “Haven’t you ever watched porn?”

“Not lesbian porn.” I paused. “Not yet, at least.”

“Well,” Brooke smirked, “I may have watched a fair amount. We’re getting this one. And it’s not as pricey as the other ones!”

“Aw, I wanted to get a strap-on with balls,” I pouted.

“Oh, stop, uh, bawling.” Brooke teased. “We’ll just have to come back some other time. This one is gonna be awesome!”

“Alright. Just, you know, put down the store model and get one that’s in a box.”

“Well, duh,” Brooke replied, setting down the purple monster and taking one of its siblings in the white boxes below it. “I wasn’t going to stick some dusty dildo into my pussy.”

The two of us innocently made our way to the counter, where the pink-haired punk girl was reading a book. I assumed it was some kind of sex manual, but when I glanced at the cover I saw that it was just a biography of Langston Hughes. Not exactly what I expected in a sex shop. She glanced up from her book at us and took her place at the register.

She regarded the two of us with a raised eyebrow. “Did you and Spider-Girl here find everything you were looking for?”

Brooke and I looked at each other, and we shared a blush. “Well, I didn’t see any web-fluid on the shelves, so I think we’re good,” joked Brooke.

“It’s not web-fluid,” responded the punk girl casually, reaching under the counter, “but we do have a complementary tube of lube. Free with purchase.”

“I was joking about the web-fluid,” stammered Brooke.

“Trust me, a little lube can make all the difference,” she glanced at the double dildo box as she scanned it. “Especially if you’re using this bad boy here.”

“Have you used one of these before?” I asked, innocuously.

“Nah, I’m straight. But hey, nothing but love for you lesbians.”

“Oh, ah, we’re not lesbians.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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