The Gurlinal

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I received a series of text messages from my Master with instructions to dress all in white, including lingerie, and be ready for him to pick me up in one hour.

I put on my white satin panties, a matching bra, white thigh-highs, a white sheer blouse that allowed my bra to be seen through it, and a short white pleated skirt. My cock was hard and pushed against the tight panties. I brushed my shoulder-length brown hair, put on my make-up a little heavier than usual so the slightly slutty look contrasted with the virginal white.

I went down to the street and waited on the sidewalk. Judging by the looks I received some of the passers-by knew what they were looking at, and at least one man muttered “faggot.” That excited me even more and I gave a flirty smile to the man.

Right on time Master pulled up in his Audi, and I jumped in. He smiled when he looked at how I was dressed. “Very nice, sissy. Right in line with what I have in mind.”

He explained that he’d had a bad week at work and felt the need to exorcise the negative feelings by pushing my limits and humiliating me like I’d never been humiliated before. I let out a sissy-ish squeal as my cock twitched in my panties in anticipation.

In the past my Master had made me dress up like a hooker and give blow jobs in an alley for $2 each. I earned $32 in two hours. Another time I had to sun on the beach in a bikini, so I had tan lines, then take off the top and walk the boardwalk. The sneering looks and demeaning comments nearly made me cum in my bikini bottoms. Then there was the time I had to go to a country-western bar in a square dance outfit, but with no makeup and no padding in the bra so it was clear I was a sissy. While the humiliation was exquisite, with non-stop taunts of “fag” and “sissy” from men and women it was also the time I felt the least safe.

So I could only imagine what Master had planned this time, and I got both excited and worried.

We drove to nearby park and recreation area. I knew it well. Master would occasionally have me kneel on a bench in the park and he’d fuck my ass out in the open where anyone could see us. Once a park security guard threatened to arrest us, but Master asked him if he wanted me to give him a blow job while I was being fucked. The guard gladly agreed and fucked my face while Master fucked my ass.

This time we parked in a lot near the restrooms. Master handed me a pink leather collar and told me to put it on. After I did, he attached a leash to the collar. After we got out of the car he pulled me with the leash toward the men’s room. I saw he’d taken a piece of cardboard, about 2-foot square from trunk.

We walked into the men’s room. On the right through the door was a urinal, on the left was a toilet stall and a sink. My heart was pounding in anticipation of what Master had planned.

He placed the sign on the divider next to the urinal and taped it in place. It read “The urinal is out of order. Please use the sissy instead.” I said, “Oh, no, Master! Please, not that!” I’d received Master’s piss before, at home, but this was an order of magnitude well beyond that, and, as he’d promised, beyond anything else he’d Ataşehir Escort had me do.

He pulled my leash down, hard, forcing me to my knees. “Sissy, I need this. I need to push you and humiliate you like never before. You have 2 choices. You will do this for me, or I will drive away now, and you will never see me again. Will you do this or not?”

Faced with losing my beloved Master I silently nodded. “Say it out loud, sissy!” “I will be the urinal for the men who want to use me, Master.” I was nearly in tears. “I like the term gurlinal,” he said. “Yes, Sir. I will be the gurlinal.”

Master led me, still on my knees, to the sink. He tied the leash around the pipes under it so I could not rise from my knees. We both knew I could unhook the leash from the collar, but we also both knew I would obey him and leave the leash in place.

He then went to the opposite wall and affixed a small Wi-Fi camera to the wall. “I will be just outside, watching from my phone, and recording the good parts.” Knowing he would be close by gave me some sense of comfort that I’d have a baseline of safety in case any man tried to go too far.

After he walked out I knelt in shame and thought about the choices that led me to the floor or a public restroom waiting to be a urinal, or gurlinal, for strange men. Not that long ago I’d been a normal man and husband, though one who liked to wear women’s clothing. My wife knew about it but wanted nothing to do with it. This forced me to the internet, where I explored my fantasies. As I explored it took me to kinkier places than I’d imagined, and soon that was what I needed to get excited.

I ended up on a gay hookup app, and that’s where I met Master. From occasional meetings at a hotel when my wife was out of town our relationship grew to the point where I needed his control as a constant. He eventually demanded I give up my double life if I wanted to continue as his sissy slave. I finally agreed. At his direction I dressed as a schoolgirl, complete with plaid skirt, blue blouse with a school patch, knee-highs and mary janes, and pigtails, and waited at home for my wife.

When she walked through the door she started to reprimand me for dressing when she could see it. “I’m sorry, Lizzie,” I told her. “Not for dressing now, but for marrying you when in reality I am a sissy faggot. I should have known I was not the real man you needed. Now I know, and I am afraid I now have to leave so I can serve my Master as his sissy slave.”

Lizzie looked at me calmly, pulled out her phone, and showed a picture of a huge cock. I looked at her not understanding. Then she swiped on the phone and showed me a picture of that huge cock in her mouth. Another swipe brought up a picture of that beautiful cock in her pussy. “This is Walter. I’ve been worshipping his cock for 6 months now. So, sissy, if you’d not made the decision to leave I’d have made the decision myself. You’re right, I need a real man. And even when you’re not dressed as some pathetic avatar of a schoolgirl you’re just not a real man.”

“I see you’ve packed already, so I guess this is goodbye, you pathetic faggot. But I have a parting Anadolu Yakası Escort gift for you.” She pulled her foot back and delivered a kick to my groin that put me on the floor. “That’s for being a sissy and wasting my time.” She kicked my balls again, hard. “That’s for all the times you dressed up when I wasn’t home.” Another kick, and she said “That’s for all the cock you’ve been sucking when you thought I didn’t know. You never learned to guard your internet history.” As she delivered one final kick I let out a gasp and filled my panties with cum. The pain and the humiliation were exactly what I needed to get off, and she gave it to me. She shook her head and said “Disgusting.” She walked out the door, and we never saw each other again.

The door to the restroom opened, bringing me back to the future. A man walked in, saw the sign and looked at me, and said, “Oh, hell, no. You faggots are just fucking filth” and he walked out. But a minute later another man came in, assessed the situation, and smiled.

“Normally I’d not bother, but I really need to piss. Open up, fag boy!” He unzipped his pants and pulled out a nice sized cock. I hoped I would get a chance to suck it before he started peeing, but no suck luck. He stepped in front of me and aimed his cock at my mouth. His stream started strong, and I captured and swallowed as much as I could, but there was too much and it streamed down my face. Now I knew why Master wanted me to wear white — so the yellow of the pee would stain my clothes.

The man must have had a lot to drink because he kept it up for a long time. When he finished he shook his cock, stepped closer, and told me to clean it off. As I ran my tongue over his head I tried to take it into my mouth. But he stepped back and zipped up his pants. “Oh, no, girly, I’m not a faggot like you.” He washed his hands and left.

A few minutes later two men walked in together. They were clearly drunk. “Hey, Al, look at this! A sissy fag to pee on.” Al smiled and said to his friend “You go high, I’ll go low.” The unnamed man started peeing on my face. He wasn’t really trying to hit my mouth, he was just trying to bathe my face in his piss. Al started peeing on my body, especially aiming at my chest. I was wearing a very nice set of foam D-cup breast forms, and he was moving back and forth between my two faux tits. I’d probably never be able to wear them again because of all the piss they absorbed.

When they’d finished they high-fived each other and left (without washing their hands — ew!).

Two more men walked in, and then right out again. Then a tall, burly man came in. He was sized, and dressed, like a logger. He had no reaction to the scene, but walked up to me, unzipped his pants and drew out a log of a cock. Long and thick, it looked like one I’d do anything for. He came up to me, shoved it in my mouth, and put his hand behind my head pulling me onto his cock. He started a strong stream straight down my throat. I drank as much as I could, occasionally gagging, but was able to get most of it into my stomach. When he finished he left his cock in my mouth as it started to get hard. He never released Kartal Escort his grip on my head as he fucked my face hard and fast. He started to tense up and I looked forward to swallowing his load, but he pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my face. “You look good with a real man’s cum on you, sissy.”

He zipped, washed his hands, and as he was leaving, he took a picture with his phone, and I heard the sound of a sent text. He said. “I’ve just sent that to 5 of my friends who are nearby. I hope you’re up for it, you filthy faggot.”

Now I was truly afraid. I’ve found that men in groups will do what they wouldn’t do individually as they urged each other on.

It was about 15 minutes before the door was opened with a bang and 5 large men came in laughing. “There’s the faggot!” one said.

Three men circled me as two hung back. One untied my leash from the sink and pulled me into the toilet stall. They pulled the leash to the back of the toilet so I was leaning over it, facing the wall. Now I was terrified. Two of them joined me in the stall and proceeded to pee all over my back, drenching me. Then one pulled my skirt up and panties down. He forced his semi hard cock into my ass, and I thought that, at last, I’d get a good fucking. Instead, he started pissing into my ass as I bent over the toilet. “They picked me for this because I had the most beer, so I’ll have the most pee.”

I was surprised. It actually felt quite good, and I started to get hard, which was obvious with my panties down. Two men laughed and pointed at my erection: “Look it’s getting excited!”

The pee in my ass felt like a large enema, and I felt the need to push it out. But the two men who’d hung back now entered the stall, and one of them produced a large black dildo shaped like a fist. He shoved it far up my ass, blocking any exit for the pee in my ass and making me even harder as it penetrated.

The two men in the stall untied me from the toilet and sat me down on it. They had in their hands large cups from a convenience store soda fountain. They pulled out their cocks and peed into the cups, nearly filling each one. They handed me one.

“Now, you disgusting faggot, we’re going to give you a chance to cum and to leave here. If you can chug each cup while you jerk that pathetic little clit and cum before you finish the cups we’ll leave and leave you here. If not, well we work on a farm nearby and let’s just say some of the livestock would be very interested in your ass.”

In hopes of avoiding that fate (not that it didn’t have some interest for me) I shifted on the toilet seat, pushing the fist-shaped dildo further up my ass, gasping as it went in. I took one cup and started drinking and stroking, The men were chanting “fag, fag, fag” instead of “chug.” This got me even more excited. As I finished the first cup of pee I was close to cumming. I took the second cup, held it down to my cock, and sprayed my cum into it. I then drank the combination as quickly as I could.

The men cheered, and walked out laughing, still chanting “fag, fag, fag.”

I was exhausted. I pulled the dildo out of my ass and emptied myself, then just sat on the toilet,

Master came in, slowly clapping. “Excellent, sissy. That was a very hot evening, and the video will make us some nice money. Luckily, I thought to bring you a change of clothes. Now one more thing before I take you home,” he said as he pulled down his zipper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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