The Hitchhiker

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Big Tits

I was just fooling around when I met Rachel.

I was out riding my Harley when I saw a gal standing alongside the road with her thumb out. Having hitched a good bit in my younger days, I usually picked up hitchers if I could. I rolled off the throttle and pulled to a stop next to her.

“Where ya headed?” I asked.

“Someplace down the road. Anywhere but here.” she answered.

“Hop on. I’m headed that way myself.” I said.

She grinned and swung her leg over the back of the bike and settled down against my back. She was wearing shorts, a halter top, and sandals, altogether a nice looking package indeed. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around my body.

“By the way, my name’s Rachel.” she said into my ear as I eased off the clutch.

It was a beautiful Wyoming morning, and I decided there and then to make a run down to Denver. Rachel laid her cheek against my shoulder as we rode, her long sandy hair blowing in the wind. The ride to Denver was way too damn short. I was really enjoying having her riding with me. I am usually a solo rider, but it was a pleasant change to have a passenger. Especially a good looking female passenger.

I pulled into a gas station to refuel and stretch my legs. Rachel slid off the back of the bike and ran her fingers through her hair. I popped the gas cap and inserted the nozzle. As the tank filled, I checked the oil and the tension on the chain. Rachel took the nozzle and held the tip just at the opening of the tank, topping it off like an expert. “Thanks.” I said as she hung the nozzle back on the pump.

She walked in with me when I went to pay for the gas. As we walked, I noticed the crotch of her shorts was damp. I grinned to myself. A lot of women had that reaction to the vibrations of a big V-twin engine.

“Need anything?” I asked.

“A pack of Whiffs little cigars if you don’t mind.” she said.

I put a pack of the small cigars on the counter and paid for them.

“A wench after me own heart.” I quipped in a bad pirate accent. Rachel laughed aloud.

As we walked porno izle back to the bike I looked over at her. “Anyplace you want to go next?” I asked. Rachel slid her arm around my waist. “How about your place?”

I settled myself down on the bike and patted the seat behind me. “Hop on then.”

When Rachel was back in place, I fired up the beast and headed back out on the highway.

The ride home to Laramie took about 6 hours. It would have taken less, but we stopped at Cheyenne to grab a bite to eat.

Back in Laramie, I pulled into my driveway. “This is it.” I announced as I shut down the bike. Rachel and I stood there for a few moments, stretching out the kinks and stiffness that an all day ride can bring. Then I led her inside.

“Make yourself at home.” I told her as I went into the kitchen. “Do you want something to drink? A beer or a soda?”

“Beer if you have it,” she called back.

I popped the caps on a couple of longneck Buds and took them to the living room.

Rachel had taken me at my word and made herself at home. She had kicked off her sandals and opened the button fly of her denim shorts. She was sitting relaxed on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table. I sat down next to her and handed her a beer. She took a few big swallows before lowering the bottle. “Ah, that’s what I needed.” she said.

She scooted over closer to me. I put my arm around her shoulders and she snuggled right in. I picked up the TV remote and turned on the idiot box. I checked the cable guide and saw that one of my favorite movies was coming on.

“Cool! The Fifth Element is on!” Rachel exclaimed happily before I could say a word. Since that was the movie I wanted to watch anyway, I flipped to the proper channel.

As the movie started, Rachel slid down to lay on the couch with her head on my lap.

She pulled my hand down with her and pressed it firmly against her left tit.

Hey, I’m only human, of course I copped a feel.

A third of the way through the movie, Rachel got up and fetched us another couple porno of beers. She lay down again and pulled my hand to her tit once more. This time, I slid my hand through the side of her halter and played with her bare breast, making her nipple stand up firm. She sighed contentedly and turned her face to kiss me on the thigh.

By this time I was hard as a rock. I used my right hand to loosen the bow holding her halter at the back of her neck. She reached up when she felt the bow being untied and pulled the top of her halter down. So I untied the bow in the middle of her back. She raised up a bit and pulled the halter all the way off. I reached down and pulled my own T-shirt off. When I rubbed her denim clad butt, Rachel stood up and wriggled out of her shorts and panties. As soon as I saw what she was doing, I stood and toed off my boots while undoing my belt, button and zipper.

I got my pants, boots and socks off in record time.

When I sat back down, Rachel straddled my legs facing the TV. She reached between her legs and grasped my erection, guiding it into her tight, wet pussy as she settled down firmly in my lap.

She leaned back against me. I slid my arms around her to cup her medium sized breasts. As the movie rolled on, I toyed idly with her nipples, tracing patterns lightly with my finger tips all over the surface of her tits.

During exceptionally exciting points in the movie, she would bounce up and down on my cock. Most of the time though, she was content just to squeeze my cock with her vaginal muscles. It felt like she had a hot velvet fist gripping my shaft when she did that.

At long last the movie ended with the hero and the girl having sex. “That looks like fun.” Rachel said, turning her face to me with a mischievous grin.

I lifted her off me and shifted position. I laid her on the couch with her legs high and wide with her knees bent and her toes pointed. She held her arms out to me as I lowered myself onto her. As my cock slid back into the warm wet depths of her pussy, Rachel arched her back, then wrapped rokettube her legs around me about the level of my lower ribs. She stretched her arms out over her head, and I twined my fingers with hers, holding her gently in place as she lifted her hips to meet each of my thrusts.

Rachel kept up a steady stream of little moans, gasps, and sighs as we fucked. I could tell when she came as her face flushed, her breathing got ragged, and her pussy muscles pulsated around my cock. When she had come at least twice, I was ready to come myself.

I didn’t want to stop so soon, so I pulled out of her again. She tried to pull me back down on top of her, but I picked her up and laid down again with Rachel on top of me. She wriggled around until my cock slid back into her pussy. Rachel brought her knees forward as she sat up to kneel astride my hips.

Rachel shifted her hips back and forth as I reached down and found her clit with my fingers. She gasped at my touch and threw her head back as her pussy spasmed again. I could feel the ring of her cervix rubbing on the head of my cock with her movements.

Finally, She leaned forward to brace herself with her hands on either side of my shoulders. Her hips rose and fell faster and faster until she collapsed atop me, shuddering and her pussy squeezing my shaft in a ragged rhythm.

I rolled us over, staying connected, and hooked her knees over my elbows and thrust deep. Rachel wrapped her arms around me and lifted her hips up to meet mine. She opened her mouth to mine as I bent my head to kiss her.

I felt my semen boiling up out of my balls and let go. When she felt my come splashing against the entrance to her womb, Rachel moaned into my mouth and hugged me as tight as she could. I held still, buried in her for as long as I could, then rolled off of her.

Rachel lay there breathing heavily. “Wow.” she said shakily. “That was intense.”

I scooped her up with an arm under her shoulders and the other under her knees and carried her to the bathroom while she squealed with laughter. I set her down in the tub and turned on the shower as I climbed in with her.

That was almost a year ago, and Rachel is still here. I don’t ask a lot of questions, and neither does she. I just enjoy having her around.

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