The Homecoming

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“Hi honey, I’m home!” He called out coming through the door.

“Hi yourself.” came the response, rich, sultry and loaded with unspoken promises. He looked up and saw her, sitting on the couch, legs crossed, one foot dangling the heavy black heels, arms flung over the back, wearing nothing but a smile. Her body glowed in the late afternoon sun streaming through the window. She crooked a finger at him, beckoning him closer.

He took his time, setting his briefcase by the door, taking the coat drapped over his arm and hanging it from the hook, removing his hat… only then did he saunter over to where she waited, feeling the heat rise with every step. He bent over her, planting a quick peck on her cheek.

“Did you have a good day, dear?” he asked. She wrapped her hand around his tie, yanking him down, planting her lips on his, her tongue counting his teeth. She moaned against him, squirming on her perch. Her other hand loosened his belt, slipping inside the waistband of his trousers, finding the hardness of him, stroking him as they kissed.

She broke the kiss first, pulling him closer by his tie still, until she could whisper hoarsly in his ear, nibbling on it as she did.

“You know what I want…” she hissed before releasing him. He straightned with a knowing smile, working the buttons on his coat, tossing it aside, letting her undo his belt, the buttons on his trousers, freeing him. He was hard already. She uncrossed her legs, setting her fuck-me shoes firmly on the floor, pulling him closer to her, between her knees as she stroked him with one hand, looking Ümraniye Escort up at him with naked lust in her eyes.

Then she leaned forward, giving the head of his cock a gentle kiss, then a lick, then, slowly, sensuously taking him in her mouth. He enjoyed her oral talents, enjoyed the feeling of her tongue wrapping around him as she sucked him in, enjoyed the caress of his balls. For a long moment he just stood there, luxuriating in the sensations, a groan escaping his lips while she sucked. Then he began unbuttoning his shirt, loosening the tie, watching her work him as he undressed for her. Her eyes were closed at first, but once he’d tossed the white cotton aside, took her thick dark hair in his hands, his fingers winding through the silky stuff until he had a firm grip on her scalp. Then she looked up at him, smiled around his meat in her mouth, her long nails, slick with her own juices, digging into the meat of his ass as she worked him.

She pulled back until on the head of him was in her mouth, long trails of saliva poured down his shaft, faint stains of dark red lipstick formed a ring around the base of him. She teased him like that, suckling the tender flesh, her tongue tickling and teasing him, before she let him pull her onto him once more.

He released her head, running his fingers through her long hair, down across the sensitve skin of her back, then cupping her heavy breasts in his hands, kneading them gently. She released him, gasping with pleasure.

“I need you now” she moaned. He stepped back, stepped out of the trousers İstanbul Escort bunched at his ankles while she rolled over onto her knees, shooting him a burning look over one shapely shoulder. He took a moment to admire the strong curve of her back, her upturned ass, the naked, pink pussy spread before him, white cream oozing from her.

But only a moment. He guided himself into her, pulled her willing body onto him, impaling her, making her cry out as he filled her sharply. He clawed his hand, running his fingertips along her spine, just barely touching her, enjoying the buttery warmth of her welcoming body, letting her get used to him inside her once more, letting his own passion cool ever so slightly. She spasmed and arched at his expert touch, gasping with pleasure every time he crossed a sensitive patch of skin. Only once he was done toying with her did he take ahold of her long tresses, using them as a handle… only then did he truely start to fuck her.

He didn’t just fuck her, no, he TOOK her. He started with slow, powerful strokes, slamming his thick meat into her accomidating flesh, the wet slap of slick skin against skin providing a counterpoint to her gasps of pleasure. He reached around her waist, around her body with his hand and found her hard nubbin, rolling it between thick fingers as he fucked her. It wasn’t long before he picked up the pace, letting her shudder her way through one orgasm before really tearing into her, each thrust causing him to grunt with effort, the hard slap of their bodies meeting violently growing louder, sweat Anadolu Yakası Escort pouring from his chest to drip on her upturned ass, her breasts bouncing violently against her chest, her crimson nails digging into the black leather of the couch back, her lips open now in a permanent O of pleasure, thick ropy lines of goo connecting their bodies on every outstroke.

Her cries grew in pitch, in length and in volume now with every stroke, her flesh glistened with a mix of oil and sweat, her body tensing, the black heels strapped to her feet digging into his legs , her eyes closed, gasping with pleasure, with need, her body tightening around him, gripping him as her world was washed away.

The sensation of her tightening around his enflamed cock, the slick sliding sensation of her flesh against the head of his intruding member, the sight of her sexy body flush with climax was almost too much, it WAS too much, and his face tightened, the firing of his nerves overwhelmed rational thought now, the tight pull of her hair grew sharper as he jackhammered into her, building up to his own climax, his own orgasm, his body cruelly driven into hers until he exploded inside her, filling her.

Exhausted, he released her hair, collapsing over her, pushing her down onto the now slick black leather, his slowly softening cock still filling her, gently now. She took his wrist, bringing the hand that had so recently abandoned her clit to her mouth, sucking their mingled juices from his thick fingers. They stayed like that a long moment, as long as the awkward position would allow.

When he rolled off her, collapsing against the soft cushions he smiled at her as she stood.

“I thought we were going to the Gardens tonight?” he asked mildly. She tossed his discarded coat over her nude flesh and smiled back.

“We are. Get dressed and let’s go.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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