The House Of Robles Ch. 24

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Blondes Do Have More Fun

It was at a quarter to eleven when the curvy, platinum blonde stepped in through the wide sliding doors of the Hildebrandt Hotel. Jimmy Hogan was the only clerk manning the front desk at the time. Since Jimmy was a sucker for voluptuous females, he quickly straightened up his tie and eagerly awaited the young woman’s approach.

The pretty blonde did not come toward the front desk, however. Instead, she merely wandered through the expansive lobby and took in the lavish décor. The woman seemed to have a studious eye, as she paused to take in the grandeur of the hotel, gazing at the lavish layout from multiple angles. She scrutinized both the artwork on the walls and the various small sculptures strewn about the large chamber.

Well, thought Jimmy, if she wasn’t going to come to him, he did not mind at all going over to her. He rounded the corner of his little concierge podium. With his hands folded neatly behind his back, Jimmy began the tiny journey across the lobby. For the entire walk, he ogled the attractive woman’s back and wide butt.

The blonde bombshell was absorbed with the sight of a large, framed picture displaying a portion of a yacht’s sail and mast, along with its rigging. Both of these were inset on a wider backdrop of orange-tinged ocean waves. To Jimmy’s taste, the colors were rather unappealing hues of orange, red and various browns, but at the moment, these were of the least importance.

What was captivating his attention was the beauty standing before him. The woman had on a form-fitting and bright, aqua-blue colored dress, which clung enticingly to her large, meaty ass and equally eye-pleasing thighs. Jimmy dared linger his vision on those plump butt-cheeks again, becoming even more aroused when he saw absolutely no trace of panty lines whatsoever. Her heels were shiningly white. They matched the large beads that made up the woman’s two bracelets and necklace, and also the small lady’s purse she held closely at her side.

Jimmy gave the shapely blonde a moment, as she retrieved her phone from her purse to check the time. Once the phone was hidden away, he made his move.

“I see that you’ve been admiring the artwork here.” Jimmy said.

The blonde swung around to face him, taking in his face, his form and his nametag all in one fell swoop. Jimmy observed that she wasn’t Anglo, as he’d first assumed, but Hispanic. Her hair was cut short and sassy, her eyes were large and alluring, and her lips were full and tinted in what looked like a shade of candy apple red.

Definitely, Jimmy decided, this was a perfect ten, in a Marilyn Monroe, statuesque sort of way.

“Who would want to color the ocean in orange?” The alluring fox gestured in disapproval, as she returned her gaze to the picture. “I mean, I’m sure everything in this hotel cost a great deal of money, but everything looks so old-fashioned and stuffy. We’re right off the beach here in San Diego. Everything should be colored in pretty blues and light tans, kind of like me.”

As the pretty blonde said this, she turned toward Jimmy and held her arms out expressively. This gave the clerk another good moment to stare at her. The thick straps of her dress nicely contrasted with the creamy tone of her shoulders and arms, Her boobs were certainly D cups, her waist was thick, but her overall form still retained an hourglass figure. The flare of her hips was nothing short of magnificent.

“I was wondering if you could do me a favor.” The blonde said, right before she lifted her necklace up to her mouth.

Jimmy could only stare back, as the looker slid a short length of the large beads across her mouth, and kept their movement steady with her tongue. At that moment, she could have asked him to flap his arms like a chicken and to start clucking all over the lobby, and Jimmy would have done it.

“How may I assist you?” He asked, in his most courteous, professional tone.

“I’m looking for a man that works here.” She replied. “I know that he has lunch at eleven, but I don’t know where he is. Can you help me find him?”

“Sure. What’s his name?”

“Pablo Robles.”

“You mean one of our building engineers?”

“Yes, but I don’t want him to know that I’m here. It’s a surprise.”

This was starting to sound very interesting, Jimmy thought. He pulled his hand-radio from his waist and brought it up to his mouth. “Building engineer Pablo, do you copy?”

It took several seconds for a reply to be heard.

“Pablo, here. What’s up?”

“Oh, hey, Pablo. This is Jimmy over at the front desk. I don’t really need anything. I was just calling to find out where you are.”

“Hold on a sec.” Pablo’s voice announced over the grainy receiver. “Okay, I’m in seven-seventeen right now, but I’ll be heading out to lunch in, uh, in about ten minutes. If you’ve got anything for me, it’ll have to wait until I get back.”

“Thanks for the update.” Jimmy said, before he set the radio back on his waist.

The blonde pointed across the lobby. “And I can gaziantep escort pornoları take those elevators up to see him?”

“You wouldn’t be able to see him until he’s off the clock.” Jimmy said, politely.

She started toward the elevators anyway. “It’s okay. I’m his daughter. Like I said, I have a surprise for him.”

Jimmy tagged along, as the blonde went over and pressed the call-down button. He winced when the little bell rang right away, as an elevator was already sitting there at the lobby waiting. He hadn’t had enough time to come up with a good pick-up line!

The blonde stepped in and casually reached out to press the designated button.”

“Do you want to know what my surprise is?” She flirted.

“What?” Jimmy replied.

The pretty blonde gave Jimmy her back, lifted her dress up, and flashed her big, hot ass at him. Jimmy had only begun to gawk, as the elevator doors slid shut and cut off his view. The young man was still wondering what the hell was going on, when he noticed that a small group of guests had just come in the front doors. Hurriedly, he made his way back to the front desk.

The plucky and intrepid Victoria Robles exited the elevator on the seventh floor. After taking in the orientation of the rooms, she started a casual stroll down a wide hallway. Vicky paused before the correct number, for a moment wondering what the man on the other side of the door would think. What thoughts would run through that man’s mind, as he opened that door and discovered who was paying him a house call?

The pretty Latina vigorously knocked. So she could remain a mystery as long as possible, she covered the peephole with her hand. On top of that, Vicky masked her voice and called out, “Room service!”

“We don’t need no stinkin’ room service.” Her father’s approaching voice could be heard inside.

Vicky nearly started giggling, figuring the man was mistaking her for some other employee. The door smoothly swung open, with Pablo’s professional eyes automatically heading for the darkened peephole, to find out why it was so dark. The man’s gaze abruptly halted as he took in the lovely, sexy vision standing in the hallway.

“Hi, daddy.” Vicky purred, enticing him with her best bedroom eyes. “I just got my hair done and I came by to ask you what you think about it.”

Pablo’s jaw dropped.

“Oh, and I got some new lipstick, too.” Vicky seductively slid her tongue across her top lip. “And I wanted to show you something else.”

Vicky slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled her dress down to expose her delicious D cup breasts.

“You’d better come inside.” Pablo swung the door open further.

Vicky stepped in, while Pablo stuck his head out and made sure nobody had seen her blatant exposure. Hurriedly, the captivated father shut the door. He turned in time to see his oldest daughter kicking off her sandals and shimmying out of her tight blue dress.

“You shouldn’t be here.” Pablo said.

“Then kick me out.” Vicky dared him, as she strutted around the cozy room bare-assed. “I just want you to know that I’m not leaving until I get some.”

She quickly absorbed the room’s décor, dismissing it as functionality taking precedence over form. The drapes and carpet were painted in the same old-fashioned palette as the lobby, and the dresser, desk and desk chair were obviously new, but designed to look like antiques. Two additional plush seats guarded a small, rounded coffee table, one in red, the second in orange. They both looked so boring, enough that Vicky’s attention went elsewhere.

The shapely blonde took in the bed, which was covered in a beige duvet and queen size. The large pillows and pair of smaller cushions looked extra comfy. She thought to herself, unlike the rest of the ugly suite, this bed will do just fine. Like a feline in heat, Vicky gracefully slid her curvy body onto the super soft and cool duvet. She ended up on her stomach, with her plump and delightful butt in full view and exposed to her father.

“You’re wearing too many clothes, daddy.” Vicky flirted.

“I have to go downstairs and officially clock out.” Pablo mentioned. “Otherwise I won’t hear the end of it from the assistant GM.”

Vicky rolled over on her back, spreading her legs wide. Her hand went down to play with her pussy. “I guess I’ll have to get started without you.”

Pablo took in a quick breath. “I’ll be right back.”

The sturdy man went to the door and made a hasty exit.

Vicky snickered, as she could vividly imagine her father trotting over to the elevator in his hurry, and pacing back and forth as he waited for it to arrive. She could hardly wait for him to come back and play with her!

Her index and middle fingers started rotating around the more sensitive parts of her pussy, teasing the hood of her clit and pressing it against the clit itself. It wouldn’t take long, Vicky knew, before she went into full climax. The blonde was already worked up over escort pornoları how she’d made like an undercover spy and snuck her way into the hotel. And, she thought in eager anticipation, she was soon going to have her father’s extra large salami shoved into her.

“Oh, daddy.” Vicky murmured pleasantly, as her fingers shifted into the next higher gear.

Vicky paused when she heard the grainy sputter of a hand-radio coming from the bathroom. The aroused and ready woman rolled off the bed in order to go investigate. Sure enough, Vicky found the radio resting on the sink counter. As she surveyed the bathroom further, she found a small mix of simple tools sitting next to the toilet. Apparently, her dad had been replacing the vacuum pump thing. She peered into the open tank. The task was already finished; all that remained was to put everything back in its place. The radio went off again. Vicky listened as a female voice requested that more towels be taken up to a room on the fifteenth floor.

“I’ll take care of it.” A heavily accented and equally anonymous female replied.

Vicky smiled a very wicked smile. It was not a good idea to have a hand-radio sitting right in front of her, not when she was feeling so frisky and mischievous. She picked up the device and took it back to the bed with her. About a minute later, Vicky heard a request for a rollaway bed to be taken to room four-oh-four. Close on its heels was another call for an engineer to see about the night lights on the west lawn still being on.

“I’ll check on the lights.” A male voice said.

Right after, the request for the rollaway was repeated. In reply, a female voice said, “Roll-away, four-oh-four, be there in five minutes.”

Nobody was using their names, Vicky noticed. It would be very easy for her to pretend to be a hotel employee answering a call. Roguishly, she waited for the next call to come through. It took about three minutes.

“We need one dozen black tablecloths for Salon A.” Someone said.

Vicky pressed the transmit button on the radio, and said, “On my way.”

“No hurry, the event doesn’t start until four. Just leave the stack on one of the tables for the set-up people.”

Vicky wasn’t sure if she should answer or not. Luckily, an engineer took over the channel and requested where exactly the troublesome night lights were located.

The playful blonde was waiting for another chance at mischief, when she heard her dad unlocking the suite door. In a quick move, Vicky shoved the hand-radio under the cushions, so Pablo wouldn’t see what she’d been up to.

“Took you long enough!” She flirted.

“Yeah.” Pablo mumbled, as he streaked across her field of view.

“What are you doing now?”

“Taking a quick rinse.” He disappeared into the bathroom.

Vicky frowned. More than ten minutes had gone by, and she was still naked and wanting!

“What does a girl have to do to get laid around here?” Vicky called out toward the bathroom.

She was just going to have to get herself horny-happy again, she figured. As Vicky was sitting on the edge of the bed by then, she started bouncing up and down on her toes. The mattress was springy enough that it gave her extra buoyancy. She noticed that her breasts were bouncing up and down right along with the rest of her.

This is interesting, Vicky thought, and so she bounced with more pressure. The harder she bounced; the more her big tits jumped up and down. Because she was in that sort of mood, Vicky decided to find out just how much of a rebound she could get out of them. With enough of a jolt, she made her tits come all the way up to her chin, before they slapped back down on her chest.

“Boing, boing!” She giggled.

Next, she vigorously waggled her shoulders from side to side, watching as her tits hurried to keep up with the rest of her. Vicky shook her upper half, making her breasts quiver or jostle, depending on how fast she moved, before she started bouncing on the edge of the bed again. She couldn’t decide which motion she liked better. They were both making her horny.

Her father, Vicky noticed, was watching her from the bathroom doorway. He had a large bath towel hanging loosely around his waist, and a hard erection that was too obvious to miss. That erection was for her, Vicky thought, as she raised her arms and clasped her hands behind her head. She shook her shoulders again, making her titties wiggle back and forth enticingly.

Pablo started toward her, causing her to turn and crawl further onto the bed. Vicky stretched out right in the middle of the mattress. She decided that she wanted her father to pay attention to her breasts before he did anything else. As a result, she kept on wiggling.

As Pablo dropped his towel and joined her on the bed, he found himself mesmerized by the sight of Vicky’s extra large breasts swaying back and forth. They were like two out of control water balloons, he compared. Tenderly, the older man straddled her waist, and escort gaziantep pornoları slowly inched up toward her chest.

“Are you going to fuck my titties, daddy?” She asked.

“Yes I am.” Pablo replied lustily, as he settled his cock between her large and wobbly hills of pleasure.

He hadn’t dried himself much, Vicky noticed, as warm moisture from his thighs and butt began to attach itself on her upper body. His cock was thoroughly wet and as warm as the rest of him, Vicky found. She pressed her tits together to give it an equally warm welcome.

Vicky watched as the thick head slowly slid toward her face. She started hoping that it would keep on sliding until it was close enough for her to lasso it with her mouth. To give her dad the hint, she blatantly opened her lips wide and stretched out her tongue in anticipation.

Pablo obliged her. His tremendous cock-head was soon resting on the tip of her tongue. Vicky licked at it and sucked at it, wrestling her lips around its girth until it filled the small cavern of her mouth. As her father was in full bloom, there was no way possible that she could take in too much of his cock, so she would have to be satisfied with just the tip. Her father knew this as well, so he merely kept his place over her. His strong body barely moved as he leaned over on his hands and knees. With a look of gentle satisfaction, he took in his daughter’s wet and wonderful attentions.

Her daddy must have been extra horny, Vicky thought, as she was soon rewarded with the taste of a small drop of his pre-cum. Greedily, she licked it up and took in its sweet and also tangy taste. Vicky mixed the leakage with her own saliva and lathered it all around that great big head of his. A sudden, wild notion struck Vicky, as she imagined herself getting stretch marks on her lips, thanks to the giant piece of meat now sitting in her mouth. She drew her head back enough to release her father’s large cock and she started laughing.

Vicky heard her father groan dreamily. A second later, he scooted back and returned his cock to the wide valley between her titties. She brought her breasts together, lovingly and willingly. Her father clasped his hands over hers, so her breasts would keep a tight embrace on the thick rod now captured between them. Pablo became reckless, pummeling through the sweet walls of flesh in frenzy, clawing at them with both sets of hands. So many hands were feeling her up, Vicky considered, before she closed her eyes to take in the pleasurable sensations.

When the sexy daughter opened her eyes again, she again saw her father’s gaze looking down at her. Vicky stared back and gave him the same bedroom eyes she’d gifted him with earlier. In retaliation, his cock started barreling through her beautiful mounds even faster. This was when she realized what her father was up to.

Pablo didn’t want to stick his cock into her while it was at full mast, because he knew his daughter would scream her head off if she did. He was hurrying up to get his first orgasm out of the way so he wouldn’t be as big during the next round. Vicky didn’t mind this too much, as when her dad came at her while he was in his prime, sometimes it really hurt!

Vicky felt his body convulse slightly. She’d slept with her father enough times to know that he was rapidly climbing up to his sexual peak. When the first rope of cum shot out of him and into the valley of her breasts, she was ready for him. Vicky grabbed at her father’s butt with both hands and pressured him forward again. The second shot of cum landed just to the right of her open mouth. After that, she gobbled up his cock-head. Vicky sucked away at him, causing her father to groan out loud. His thighs quivered against her sides, while his cock spit the rest of its load into her mouth. Vicky squeezed at her father’s ass, the same way he’d squeezed at her titties earlier. She could feel him straining not to pummel his hardness into her wanting lips, as he’d been doing to her breasts just a few seconds earlier.

Oh, but her daddy was so impatient today! Vicky thought, as the man was suddenly drawn out of her mouth and soon fumbling around on the mattress. Pablo hurried off the bed. A moment later, he was getting back on from the bottom end.

Vicky felt his strong hands on her thighs, and she glanced in that direction just as her dad’s face dove in between her legs. Her father had become a madman, engaging his entire mouth against her pussy. Pablo’s lips and teeth nibbled all over her labia. When he found a vulnerable spot that would make Vicky expel dreams or wince in ecstasy, he attacked that spot with his entire tongue. Just as her father had come into her mouth, the sensual tide had been reversed. Now, Vicky was coming into his.

Pablo kept working at her, setting her up for his next adventure. When he felt he was ready for it, his mouth abandoned her sweetest spot. The man with the still strong cock climbed fully onto the bed. He stretched his body over his daughter like a warm, wet, and horny blanket. Pablo descended into Vicky, plunging into his daughter’s depths entirely. His moist, manly frame rested on her soft, supple flesh. He held that pose, as if hoping to capture it for posterity, perhaps. Maybe he thought that Vicky was some sort of high mountain peak he’d just conquered. At the same time, he sought out his daughter’s eyes and took in her vibrancy, her essence.

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