The Idea of Sex 2.0

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Kara sat on her balcony in her blue bathrobe, sipping vanilla flavored coffee and eating a cheese Danish. She watched her neighbor Dennis walk out of his apartment smartly dressed. He wore a pewter gray suit with a black shirt and gray tie. At 6’2 his broad shoulders and thick chest made his suit fit like it was stitched around his muscular frame. Kara slowly undressed him with her eyes, as he walked toward his silver mustang, pointing his keychain along the way to disable his car alarm.

Kara first met Dennis at an apartment social. She remembered him as being charismatic, soft spoken and smelling really good. They didn’t talk long, but that introduction has stuck with her ever since. Now, just the sight of Dennis, or even catching a whiff of his trademark cologne made Kara moist. And she liked being moist.

Finishing her warm coffee in one long gulp and standing up. Kara Stretched her arms high above her head letting out a long sigh then went inside to bathe. Inside her small bathroom Kara stripped bare, throwing her robe and nightgown into a pile. Opening her sink cabinet, Kara grabbed her favorite sex toy and scented soap. She then turned on her bath water pouring soap and splashing to make foamy white bubbles .When the tub was nearly full Kara pinned her blonde hair up into a neat bun and slowly lowered herself into the soapy goodness.

Leaning back in the tub she let the water pull the soreness from her muscles and loosen her back. Kara was on a two week vacation from her job in shipping, her kids were away at summer camp, and she intended to make use of every-single-solitary-minute of her temporary freedom. She waited for cold metal to warm under her skin before reaching for her favorite vibrator. It was called the “Purple Husband”; she bought it from her best friend’s sex toy party. The soft plum colored dildo was about 8 inches in length, was narrow at the top and grew thick towards the knobby base. It had two soft rubber “ears” at the base of the shaft to stimulate the clit when it was fully inserted and beads that shook, as the head slowly wobbled. It came in three speeds, good, great and hell yes. She loved her toy, immensely.

Kara raised her left leg and let it rest on the side of the bath tub. She then turned on the vibrator and with her right hand began to tease the spot above her clitoris. She would occasionally let the toy slide down between her cleft and deliciously back up again, teasing between her swollen nub and the hood. Her breath quickened as she rubbed her left nipple with the palm of her free hand, making small concentric circles, then pulling on the engorged end. She could almost feel Dennis nibbling and sucking at the tender flesh of her neck. She could almost smell his cologne and feel his solid weight on top of her, as he slowly probed the inside of her wetness. Kara pulled the dildo from beneath the warm bath water and began to tease her swollen nipples and dark areolas with her vibrating friend. She rubbed her throbbing love slowly with her right hand and inserted a finger just beyond her tender opening.

The sensation of her penetrating and touching her wetness, made her skin prickle and the hair stand up on the back of arms. Kara replaced her slender finger with the thick purple dildo. She began to probe and tease her opening, gasping each time she inserted it deeper. As beads inside the vibrator shook, the supple flesh inside her thighs began to shake. Kara licked her lips and rubbed her wet breasts with her wet soapy hands, as her climax drew near. It was going to be a strong orgasm and she knew it. As she pushed the buzzing dildo deep inside of her sex, the small prongs at the end of the shaft pressed against her clitoris. She squeezed her love muscles to try to hold off the climax, but the purple husband was too much. She tried to hold back, but she could almost feel Dennis’s strong arms around her, holding her close to his solid chest, caressing her, touching her moistness, sucking her flesh, licking and tasting her wetness, and probing her sex deeply.

“Oh Shit!” Kara blurted out

She began to rock and buck against the vibrator, her hand pulling and pushing the sex toy in and out. Contracting and releasing against the soft vibrator, feeling the head wobble against her inner walls as she feel a small tingle race down her neck and into her hips. Kara began to pant and bite her bottom lip; reaching down she picked up one of her sensitive breast and licked and sucked at the large erect nipple. She held the purple toy in place as the orgasms started. One after the other they came, starting small then growing larger and faster and faster until she began to shake violently, like finger nails tracing down her spine and tapping in the small of her back. Kara held her breath and slid down into the warm water, thrusting her ample hips high in the air squeezing has hard as she could against the vibrating dildo, as she came again and again. Then as quickly as the sensation started, it subsided. Kara burst from beneath the water altyazılı porno sitting straight up in the tub wiping her face and spitting out soap filled water panting under her breath,

“I almost drowned myself.”

Then she looked at most of her bathwater on the bathroom floor and laughed,

“But it was well worth it.” and in a game-show voice said, “Thank you Purple Husband.”

Kara then placed the purple vibrator on the side of the tub, and turned the hot water on to complete her bath. With her sexual tension gone, she could start her day.

It was 90 degrees by 9:00am in Camden Georgia; Kara planned on staying cool as possible, so she dressed in a canary yellow sundress sans panties with matching sandals and a large yellow beach hat. She liked to pull her dress high up on her thighs and turn the ac vent towards her moist spot as she went on her jaunt around the city. It didn’t matter where she went as long as she got out of the house. Heading downstairs towards her green Ford F-150 Kara’s cell phone rang,

“Yeah,” she answered.

“Is that anyway to answer the phone?” The voice on the other end asked.

“Wendy darling are you teaching manners today?” Kara quipped

“I’ll teach you some manners later baby love. Are you going out today?”

“Of course, I was heading out as we speak.”

“Good, Franklin’s furniture is having a going out of business sale. If I buy a couple of things would you haul them to my house?”

“If you buy lunch we have a deal.”

“I’ll do one better than that, I’ll throw some steaks on the grille and make a salad.”

“Then it’s settled, just call me when you are ready, ok?”

“Sure,” Wendy said “just be ready, I don’t like to wait.”

“Whatever,” Kara said. Then she pressed the end button.

Walking towards her truck Kara noticed a blue slip of paper under her windshield wiper. She opened the paper up and saw a phone number she didn’t recognize. So she threw it on the front seat, got in and drove off without thinking twice.

Kara drove l around Camden looking at all of the yard sales and little festivals that was going on. She couldn’t bring herself to get out of the comfort of her Ford’s air-conditioned cab and only stopped briefly to get her favorite cherry cola. She noticed the rivulets of heat floating off of the asphalt as crazy people walked in the cancer causing sunshine, sweating. Kara only liked to sweat during sex and during tanning any other time was just unclean. Rounding Sanders curve heading towards her apartment complex, Kara’s phone rang again,

“Yep,” she answered.

“I got two vanities and a nightstand for under a hundred dollars, are you ready?”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes, let me get turned around.”

“Ok, I will be in the back of the furniture store.”

Kara slowed down turning around in a Stop and Sip, and then headed to get Wendy and her furniture.

After having her truck loaded at the store, Kara was pleased to see that Wendy thought far enough ahead to have someone help them carry the furniture inside. And that person was Greg, Wendy’s next door neighbor. He was a nice guy that laughed out loud at Wendy’s outrageous statements like “serial killers never stalk fat people”. When everything was put away, Wendy rolled out a blue and white cooler full of ice and beer then fired up her gas grille.

The summer evening was soon filled with sizzling steak and laughter. The more Greg drank the more his tongue loosened up. He talked about being a postman and how the people there were so stupid and always angry. The women laughed out loud when Greg talked about how he was suspended when he called his manager a bucket of fried shit. Greg just didn’t seem the type to curse or even be impolite. But then again you never really know a person until they start drinking. They moved inside when the mosquitoes started to dive bomb, causing each person to slap vigorously at their bare arms and legs.

Scratching welts into her tanned skin, Kara reached for the calamine lotion on the coffee table and had a seat between Wendy’s legs on the floor,

“Rub this on me darlin,” She said passing the brown bottle to Wendy. ” Those ‘skeeters have torn my back up.”

Wendy poured the cool pink liquid in the palm of her hand and began to rub it into the small red bumps on Kara’s neck and exposed shoulders. When she looked up she noticed that Greg was trying not to stare, but had an obvious hard-on. Smiling, Wendy unzipped the back of Kara’s sundress and unsnapped her bra. Wendy rubbed lotion down Kara’s neck and across both shoulders. By this time Greg was flushed and breathing heavy and now Kara noticed.

Kara slipped her bra from beneath her dress tossing it casually to Greg. Her heavy 38d cup breast tingled after being freed from their hot cloth prison. Greg caught the bra, and placed it in his lap trying to conceal his massive erection. Kara’s dress slipped seductively from her shoulders to the floor as she stood. Standing up behind Kara, mobil porno Wendy grabbed both of Kara’s supple breasts from the back and rubbed the remaining lotion into her warm flesh. A soft moan escaped from Kara’s lips as Wendy’s delicate hands made their way across Kara’s chestnut areolas to aching nipples. Wendy watched Greg unzip his pants to reveal his thick uncut penis. It was going to be a good night, and all three of them knew it.

All three quickly made their way to the bedroom where Wendy threw back her sheets and comforter. Stripping bare Wendy crawled backwards into the bed. Kara kneeled before her and grabbed Wendy’s toned thighs slowly spreading them apart. Placing her face deep between Wendy’s legs, Kara could hear the rustling of clothes being removed and hastily thrown to the floor behind her. Greg was getting into the foray. Spreading Kara’s own cheeks apart, he buried his face in her ass and rimmed her anus with his slick tongue. Coming up for air Greg’s tongue raced slowly from the small of her back to her sensitive brown eye and back up again. The sensation of his warm tongue dancing across her back made Kara lick and suck Wendy’s swollen clit harder. Greg then probed Kara’s tight anus with his saliva covered finger making her flinch against the assault to her tight hole.

Kara sucked and licked Wendy’s moist spot as Greg mounted Kara from behind. He slipped his large purple helmet into her juicy hole, pausing to let the waves of pressure subside before ramming it home. Kara let out a gasp as Greg pushed his thick penis deep inside of her grabbing her voluptuous hips with his rough hands, pumping her vigorously. Pulling his slick member out, Greg moved Kara from beneath him and grabbed Wendy’s ankles. Greg pulled Wendy to the edge of the king-sized bed as Kara sucked on her friends harden nipples. Lifting Wendy’s legs high into the air, Greg pushed her tanned smooth thighs together and entered the Wendy’s tight spot. The sensation of his solid tool forcing her lips apart made Wendy try to back away as he crawled inch by succulent inch into sex. Greg would pump Wendy, then Kara, Wendy then Kara.

Wendy was riding Kara’s mouth when her orgasm drenched Kara’s mouth and chin. Greg continued to pump away at Kara’s reddened nest as she sucked at Wendy’s moistening lips and slit. When Kara started to come, Greg pulled her from beneath Wendy and turned her over. He lifted her ample buttocks high and with his shaft held firmly in his hand, Greg began to rub circles around her sweet spot probing and touching making her thighs tremble in expectation. She felt her precious warm liquids ooze from between her legs easing his penetration into her love. Greg pushed slowly then faster, making Kara take deep breaths and shake as the postman delivered. Kara came so fast she fell forward onto the sweat soaked bed, almost hitting Wendy.

After Wendy and Kara both came, they pushed Greg into the bed. Wendy began to suck and chew at his sensitive red nipples, as Kara took his thickness into her mouth. Using her tongue, Wendy made circles around each of Greg’s nipples before nibbling at the crimson erect flesh. Greg moaned in ecstasy as both of the women sensually subdued him at the same time. Kara climbed up on Greg and spread her buttocks, letting her tight ass swallow his penis in slow measured inches, before pulling off. Wendy held his arms high above his head as Kara rocked on his throbbing member. After what seemed like an eternity Greg began to buck and moan, as the duo robbed him of his semen. Kara quickly jumped off of his penis and tried to catch every last drop that erupted from the convulsing head. Wendy licked the salty white goodness from Kara’s face and neck. Leaning back on the pillow Greg couldn’t help but think that if Wendy needed furniture moved she never had to cook him a steak.

The next morning Kara awoke with a slight hangover. Climbing out of bed, she grabbed her clothes from the night before and headed to the shower to wash away the pale odor of sex from the night before. When she finished showering and dressed, Kara jotted a quick note to the sleeping pair and drove home.

While driving she noticed the blue slip of paper that was still on her seat. Looking at the number, she picked up her cell phone and dialed. The phone on the other end rang a couple of times before a male voice answered,


“Did you leave a note on my truck?” Kara asked bluntly.

The man cleared his throat and spoke clearer,

“Kara, I bet you don’t know who you are talking to.”

“Yeah, an asshole who leaves notes.”

She pressed the red end button and continued on her way home. Halfway to the complex her cell phone rang,

“Yeah,” She answered.

“You are so impolite; this is your neighbor Dennis. I didn’t know if you had a boyfriend that’s why I didn’t leave my name.”

“DENNIS!” Kara Blurted, “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to be such a ass. My ex husband likes to get jerks to call and harass me. What’s going on?”

“I sex izle was wondering if you would like to go out for a cup of coffee sometimes.”

“Sure, Dennis coffee would be nice,”

“Great” he replied,”I’ll call you later on today, ok?”


Kara hung up the phone and continued driving with a smile on her face.

When she arrived home she stripped down and took a long bath reminiscing about the night before. Greg was such an animal, licking, chewing and tasting his way across the bed and Kara liked animals. After stepping out and drying off, Kara put on an old tattered nightgown and climbed back into bed; after all she was on vacation.

Kara slept most of the hot summer day away, and awoke around 4:30pm ravenous. She got up out of bed and trudged into the kitchen to fix her a snack before heading out for a burger. Kara noticed that the red light on her answering machine was blinking and pressed the black play button,

“Kara,” the tinny voice said “freak boy’s big dick has me sore, call me back.”

It was Wendy being silly as usual. The second message was Dennis,

“Hey, there is a good coffee shop down town call me if you want that cup tonight?”

“I sure would,” Kara said softly.

Kara picked up the phone and called Dennis. They agreed to meet at Dino’s, a little coffeehouse down town. She walked out on her patio and thought about what she would wear.

Dressing a black pair of Levis and t-shirt, Kara made her way downtown to the little shop. She sat in a booth facing the door, so she could see Dennis come in. Kara didn’t have to wait long, as Dennis walked in dressed in khaki’s and a blue polo shirt. They drank coffee and talked most of the night. Kara learned that Dennis owned an art gallery a couple blocks from where they were. He was in the middle of a nasty divorce; his wife was pregnant by her lover, and trying to say that Dennis had emotionally abandoned her. The stuff lawyers come up with amazed Kara. During the drive home, Kara thought of Dennis as being slightly snooty, but good company.

The next morning Kara got up as usual and sat on her balcony. She sipped her flavored coffee and nibbled on a cheese Danish as usual. Dennis walked briskly out of his apartment and headed towards his mustang. His linen khaki pants flowed around his solid legs as he took long strides towards his mustang. Kara looked at her watched and noticed that he was running behind and yelled,

“Dennis honey, you might want to turn that walk into a sprint. You’re late!”

Spinning on his Italian shoes he yelled back, “Well tomorrow morning make sure you wake me up.”

Kara smiled, and continued sipping her coffee, as she watched one handsome man almost break his neck to get to work.

All during the sultry summer day Kara stayed inside. Wendy wanted her to come over for steaks and beer, but Kara knew better. She cleaned her apartment from top to bottom with her favorite metal-rock band blaring. As end of the day drew near Kara got ready to go swim. The complex manager always closed it to the kids around 4:00pm so the adults could frolic in peace.

She picked out her favorite neon-orange swimsuit complete with swim shawl and swim cap to match. She quickly stripped down pausing briefly to look at the stretch marks on her stomach and thighs. Her breasts were supple and hung a little bit. But it was ok, she had two children. Kara stood 5’7 and her height gave her a thick appearance. A couple inches shorter and Kara would be a butter ball and a couple of inches taller an Amazon. She pinched and tugged at her soft belly, “Need to work on that,” she said weakly then stepped into the suit.

After stuffing her hair into the swim cap, Kara slipped into the warm pool water. It sparkled and undulated with the remaining of the days light. Pushing off from the shallow end and placing her capped head under the pale-blue water Kara didn’t come up for air until she reached the deep end. When her feet couldn’t reach the bottom of the pool anymore Kara laid back and floated. She looked up at the sky and enjoyed the feeling of weightlessness. Paddling around slowly she could hear someone mumbling her name,

“Kara? Kara?” the voice said softly.

Drifting over to the edge of the pool she could see a pair of khaki pants complete with expensive shoes at the bottom, and knew automatically who it was-Dennis.

“Did you make it in time?” She asked grabbing the side of the pool.

“Yeah, but I wished I stayed at home and hid under the covers like I was 6 years old. ” He said squatting down to talk to her.

“That bad huh?” Kara asked noticing a bottle of wrapped neatly in a brown paper bag in his hand.

“Yeah, would you mind listening about the day I had over a glass of wine?” He asked softly.

“Only if you swim with me.” She said.

Dennis walked over to the lounge chairs and started removing his clothes. Kara followed him with suspect eyes as he pulled his pants down to reveal black low rise briefs.

“Huh,” she said under her breath “I could have sworn he wore boxers.”

They swam like kids at play, until the pool lights came on drawing all the moths and bugs in the complex. After an hour they both stepped out of the pool,

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