The Incentive List Ch. 03

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Edinburgh, Scotland

October 16th, 1996

David felt slightly awkward and not a little embarrassed. He was young, red blooded and most definitely single, and yet loitering around the entrance of a strip club still struck him as seedy and wrong, despite his undeniable excitement regarding the sights that may lay inside.

His presence here was only at the prolonged insistence of his friend James, who had been uncharacteristically keen on indulging in a debauched night of entertainment in celebration of David’s 20th birthday. David didn’t have many friends at university despite being well into his second year at Edinburgh, so he wasn’t going to pass up an invitation to have a wild night out, even if it was just the two of them.

James wasn’t even a particularly close friend. He had always been pleasant to him in lectures, and even shared a laugh or two at communal gatherings, but it was only since they returned from their respective summer breaks that he had made an effort to get to know him and go out drinking with him occasionally.

David was glad for the company. Unlike the majority of students that had taken to the social waters of student life with consummate ease, David was still socially awkward and shy. His small group of friends were geeks like him, and the most exciting nights they would share would be around the N64 playing multiplayer Goldeneye. Needless to say, girls didn’t even enter the social equation, and David’s virginity was becoming a personal embarrassment. So the fact that he was outside a seedy establishment crudely decorated with neon was both novel and a little disconcerting. But the realisation that he was going to see naked women dancing just metres in front of him was providing the fortitude to stay. The closest he had come to seeing female nudity that wasn’t on a television screen was when he accidentally walked in on his older sister while she was showering, and the ensuing screaming kind of took the shine off of the experience.

James broke off his conversation with the doorman to beckon David over. David sheepishly followed the instruction, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone in the vicinity.

“I’ve covered your entrance fee,” said James, cheerily. “Happy birthday. You just need to show this gentleman your ID.”

David did concede he looked young for his age – an inability to grow any semblance of facial hair was no doubt partly to blame, but his boyish features were the main culprits. He held up his driver’s licence to the gruff-looking gentleman in the long black coat who examined it with forensic intensity before nodding them towards the door.

“In you go lads, have a good night,” he said in a thick Scottish brogue.

James led David past the entrance and down a very narrow staircase towards a solid looking black door behind which David could hear the muffled bass of a dance track. James gave it a hefty pull and a wall of sound and heat filled the staircase, as the music and warmth poured out from the dimly lit room beyond.

“After you,” said James as he held the door open.

David tentatively entered and momentarily held his breath as his senses were assaulted by a barrage of sounds and imagery.

The room was quite dark with black painted walls and, of course, no windows. Small dim lights on the tables and some purple neon at the bar provided a little illumination, but the majority was coming from a tiny stage towards the rear of the small room where a nubile, topless girl was wrapping her thighs around a spot-lit pole. David looked at the stage mesmerised as the flat-chested girl with generously sized nipples spun around to the muted cheers of the small crowd of men gathered on seats around her. A poke in the back from James jolted him out of his stupor.

“Get us a drink, will you?” he suggested. “I’ll be with you in a sec.”

David, feeling like a rabbit caught in headlights, dutifully complied. As he shuffled towards the bar he could see that the room appeared to be an equal mix of men and scantily clad young ladies. The men were of a variety of ages and demeanours – some awkward, some bullish; some flash, some understated. The one thing they all had in common was the attention of a barely dressed female looking for her next mark. There seemed to be less variety among the girls – all young, all toned, all wearing little enough to advertise their assets whilst leaving enough covered to tempt a client into a private dance. David ordered two whiskey and cokes – the tipple of choice for tonight’s escapades. He and James had already spent most of the night in three different pubs, but had sensibly paced themselves to avoid being drunk for the titty bar.

As David looked around for his friend, he saw James engaged in conversation with a staff member at the far end if the bar. The burly man motioned towards an area of the room and James acknowledged with a smile and a thumbs up. He found David a few moments later and helped him with the drinks.

“I’ve got us a booth,” James said, before leading David to Pendik Escort a side table with leather seats and a reserved sign on it.

“You booked?” asked David, who was under the impression that visiting the bar was a spur of the moment idea.

“No,” James said. “I know someone who works here. He said the people who booked this table never turned up. So we can have it.”

“Oh.” David was struggling to comprehend why James would know anyone who worked in a place like this, but decided not to enquire further. He was just glad for the seat, and the view it afforded him.

At the edge of the stage, only a few feet from their table, a new girl was preparing to go on. Her gorgeous ass was on nearly full display thanks to the G-string she was wearing, and as she waited her turn, she alternately flexed her buttocks making each cheek rise and fall in time with the music. It was a beautiful sight. James broke David’s hypnosis with some friendly advice.

“Remember to pace yourself. We’ll get a load of girls coming up to us and offering dances. Wait a bit though. Buy some drinks. Pick one you really like.”

James wasn’t wrong. Before David could enjoy the stage performance of the buttock-jiggling girl, two more semi-naked ladies approached the table and started making small talk. David awkwardly answered their questions but let James do most of the talking as he confidently shared details of their evening, and their intention to wait before enjoying a private dance. The girls took the hint and politely left them to seek other opportunities. James lent over the table to discretely share.

“I’m not a big fan of fake tits”, he confided with a grimace.

“No, me neither,” replied David, glad that he had a drinking companion who wasn’t afraid to fend off the girls’ aggressive sales pitches.

James looked around the room.

“Those, on the other hand, look lovely and real,” he said, motioning towards a lone female sat on a stool at the end of the bar, but facing directly towards their table. She stared at David playfully while sucking on a straw.

There was something about this one that made her different from the rest of the girls around her. She wasn’t tall and statuesque like the others, and David could also see that she was older than her peers. Her dirty blonde bobbed hair framed a pixie-like face that had comparatively little make-up but was no less beautiful for it. Her natural assets to which James had alluded were generous and round, and barely contained by red lace bra cups. That was another difference David noticed – this lady was wearing expensive-looking underwear that made her instantly look classier than all the other strippers in the joint.

She took David’s prolonged examination of her body as an invitation and rose from her stool, expertly landing on her red designer high heels. She had red lacy French knickers on that matched her balcony bra, and as she strode towards the table, her breasts bounced delightfully with each footfall.

“Now that’s the kind of woman you save your money for,” enthused James as he observed her approach.

The woman arrived at their table without having once broken eye contact with David. She put her drink down on the table next to his.

“Would you mind if I joined you?” she asked in a syrup sweet voice. David hurriedly moved to one side to make room for this more than welcome guest.

“P… P… Please do,” he stammered, eliciting a giggle from his new date. She slid her partially exposed derrière onto the seat beside David, pushing up right against him so their hips touched, before turning and offering a delicate outstretched hand.

“I’m Sarah,” she said.

“David. I’m David,” his enthusiastic response. He then motioned towards his drinking buddy. “And this is James.”

David was worried that James would now steal the limelight. He was patently the better looking of the two, and David figured if she was going to seduce one of them out of their money, it was going to be the one she fancied more. But to David’s joy she merely flashed him a quick smile before turning her attention straight back to him.

“Do I sense that this is one of your first times in a place like this?” she asked. It could have come across mockingly, but David sensed genuine warmth behind the enquiry, and so he answered truthfully.

“It’s my first time ever in a place like this,” he said with an embarrassed smile.

“Gosh, then you must not be knowing where to turn your eyes to next – all these lovely girls cavorting around you…”

He voice was surprisingly well-to-do. The fact she was English was hardly unusual – most of the girls here were probably students rather than locals – but the slightly posh tone was. She placed a soft hand on his knee.

“Well let me tell you how it works. Sit here for a while, have a few drinks if you like, preferably with me, and later, if you want to, you can give me £15 and we’ll go into that room at the back where I’ll do a little dance for you, but without Kurtköy Escort all this stuff obstructing your view.”

She tugged at the bottom of her bra a couple of times to make her point.

“But if you don’t want to, that’s fine too. We can just chat. I’m not sure I’m in the mood for dancing for most of clientele tonight. But you seem nice.”

She gave his knee a playful squeeze and sucked on her straw again, keeping her eyes playfully locked into his.

David flicked his gaze downwards to catch a glimpse of the generous cleavage just inches away from him, before quickly re-engaging eye contact.

“It’s ok, you can look,” Sarah said with a smile. “That’s why I’m dressed like this. That’s why you’ve paid to come in here.”

By way of reassurance she twisted in her seat to face David full on with her body, and proudly puffed out her chest. David accepted the invitation and devoured it with his eyes. The balcony bra was providing support to only the very base of her ample bosom, and the remainder was pushing up and out of the confines of fabric. David thought he could see the top edges of her areolas peeking out from the cups.

“Don’t be embarrassed to answer this,” Sarah softly intoned, “But have you ever seen a pair of naked tits before.”

“Yes, over there,” replied David with uncharacteristic wit as he nodded his head towards the stage. Sarah giggled before thrusting her lace-clad tits right in front of David’s face, just a tongue lick away.

“How about this close up?” she teased. Any bravado left David immediately, and he answered with a dry croak:

“No,” he sighed.

Sarah then inexplicably turned her head to James and gave him what David thought was a knowing glance. He might have been mistaken though – his eyes were preoccupied with the splendid cleavage just an inch from the tip of his nose.

Over the course of the next 30 minutes, Sarah was true to her word, happily chatting away without pressuring either of them into a dance. James left them alone twice to fetch drinks, and David was glad for the short time alone with her. Whenever it was just the two of them Sarah would lean in and put a warm hand so far up his thigh that the tip of David’s semi-engorged penis would be brushed by her fingers – something he thought was frowned upon in establishments such as these. The thrill was hard to deny though, and he was embarrassed to note the dark stains appearing around the crotch of his light jeans as his pre-cum escaped.

The benefit of James being at the table, though, was that when Sarah turned to speak to him, David could perv over her body. She was a stripper, so he guessed she wouldn’t mind if he did it with her looking, but David was shy and preferred the comfort of ogling without her seeing. She was definitely a lot older than the other girls in the bar, which David thought might explain her less aggressive sales technique and more laid back approach. Despite her age, though, David felt she had one of the more desirable bodies on offer. He breasts were full and natural; she was slim yet curvy in the right places; she was petite and therefore less intimidating than the others; and most importantly she was genuinely attractive, and not just by virtue of being partially undressed. But the real appeal was that she appeared to be genuinely engaged in David and what he was saying; she seemed to want to be sat with him. If it was an act it was a thoroughly convincing one that he was happy to believe. He steeled himself, waited for a break in the conversation, and took a deep breath.

“I think I’d like a private dance now,” he said.

Sarah’s face erupted with a fruity grin. Without a word, she took David’s hand, stood up and led him towards the back of the room. He took the opportunity to examine her firm ass cheeks as they shuddered with each of her steps. At nearly six feet, David towered over his escort, and he could see the slightly perplexed look of the man guarding the entrance to the private dance area. Indeed, he placed his not insubstantial arm to block the way in as Sarah approached.

“Who are you again?” he asked.

“I’m Sarah. Bob should’ve mentioned me?”

The man’s face dissolved into recognition.

“Oh that’s right, you’re that one. OK, good luck.”

David thought it a strange thing to say as he gave him the money for Sarah’s dance.

“Is it your first time doing this?” he later enquired as Sarah led him into a small mirrored alcove.

“Not doing this,” she reassured. “But my first time doing it at this place, yeah.”

She directed David onto a red bench before standing in front of him with a semi-serious look on her face.

“You know the rules? No contact. There’s a camera in here and if you touch me you’ll get chucked out.”

She leaned in to whisper in his ear, which had the effect of hanging her glorious cleavage mere millimetres from David’s face.

“And the same goes for me. Unfortunately,” she teased.

She straightened her back and began to sway to Ümraniye Escort the beat of the music that was piping through some hidden speakers. Closing her eyes and smiling, as if recalling a cherished memory, she writhed her hips and smoothed her palms up from her exposed belly, over her midriff and up to her bra. She pushed the cups together, exaggerating the line of her cleavage so that it extended to the very top of her chest. Turning around, she gyrated her ass towards David, before giving one of her cheeks a sharp spank. David felt his now fully erect cock stir in his pants, and took the opportunity to adjust himself, before placing his hands respectfully on his seat. Sarah tugged at her shoulder straps so that they fell loose around her arms and turned around – her bra was now struggling to cope with the effects of gravity on her ample bosom. She leaned forward, her chest just inches from David’s face, and reached behind her back, unclasping her bra. The red lace material instantly fell to the floor, and Sarah’s amazing tits were free; large and round with cute pink nipples that we’re as hard as David’s cock.

She shimmied her chest and the glorious mounds of flesh bounced into each other, jiggling for David’s pleasure. Sarah then lent forward even more, supporting herself on the back of David’s bench. Her breasts were right in his face, and a hard nipple was practically at his lips. He was afraid of breaking the rules, so restrained himself from poking out his tongue to greet it. Instead, he slightly parted his full lips and hoped Sarah would go further. She did, albeit briefly, moving her body sharply upwards so that a nipple caught the top of David’s mouth and was flicked by his top lip. He groaned at the pleasure he felt from the fleeting contact. Sarah turned around again and proceeded to delicately pull down her knickers, bending over with admirable flexibility as she did so. David enjoyed the sight of her pert exposed ass before being distracted by Sarah’s reflection in the mirrored wall. Bending over was accentuating the heaviness of her tits as they dangled seductively in front of her, and David could feel copious amounts of seminal fluid escaping from his cock as a result of the visual stimulation. His attention was soon brought back to the show directly in front of him, though, as a subtle parting of the thighs revealed Sarah’s engorged labia , clearly visible through the gap between the tops of her legs.

She quickly stood upright again, and the view was lost, but upon turning around David got another look at her delicate looking pussy. His inexperience meant he had no point of reference, but this surely was one of the finest examples of womanhood he could possibly hope to see. Again, this was his also his first lap dance, so he didn’t know if this was a regular thing, but were strippers normally so wet when they danced? Her pussy was glistening with pleasure, and David could even see thick droplets forming over her labia as she parted her thighs for him again. She moved the fingers on her hand seductively down her belly, over her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair, and on to her pussy, before quickly shutting her thighs with a surprised gasp. Perhaps her wetness wasn’t supposed to be there? David felt an incredible thrill that he may be providing this experienced stripper with a client and a dance that was actually turning her on! Composing herself, Sarah took her breasts in her hands and pushed them up towards her mouth, awkwardly lapping at them with her outstretched tongue. Wet with her own saliva, she then let them hang in front of her, circling the sticky nipples with her fingers. She then tweaked them with her thumbs and forefingers and pulled them out, contorting her breasts into exaggerated points, before freeing them from her grip, letting them bounce back into their natural, glorious shape. Another turn, and another bend over – this time she roughly parted her cheeks with her hands exposing her dark pink asshole. A painted fingernail prodded at the area just below, and David felt his pants moisten even more. Looking down, the unmistakable dampness of his appreciation was showing through his jeans, and his erection was clear to see. For the rest of the few, wonderful minutes in that mirrored alcove, Sarah swayed her body, played with her tits some more, and generally teased David into an almost painful anti-climax. As the music ended, she once again lent in, kissing him affectionately on the forehead, before squeezing back into her bra and panties and leading him out, back to his table.

After rejoining a smirking James back at their reserved area, David expected Sarah to leave to find alternative custom, but to his surprise and joy she continued to sit with them both. Perhaps she had been genuine when she had said she didn’t feel like dancing for anyone else? It made him wonder how on earth she could make any money in such a line if work, but he was glad for her company. During a trip to the bar to fetch yet another round of drinks, he noticed Sarah and James share a joke and several knowing glances. Then James subtly slipped her something that she sequestered in her hand. Money? Perhaps he was next for some private time with the sexy lap dancer? A thought occurred to him that he shared upon sitting back down with his new drinking buddies.

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