The Inn Club Ch. 06: Bianca

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My name is Easton, and a short time ago I discovered a hidden world inside the Cheslea Inn hotel chain. I found out a private, non-exclusive sex club exists that meets just after the bar closes each night. One night a beautiful woman picked me up for anonymous sex and introduced me to what was known as The Inn Club.


Travel had taken me to the center of Detroit in the dead of winter. Not my favorite place, but the Detroit location of The Inn by Cheslea was a flagship location and -very- nice. It was somewhat different in that it was located in the center of the densely packed new business district. That had the added benefit of making the hotel busy on most occasions, and today was no different. But unlike most occasions, tonight there had been a business dinner shortly after my arrival in the city. Checking into the hotel around 10pm, I had just enough time to shower and change before heading downstairs to see if I could find some company for a little while.

As usual at the better properties, the lounge was busy right up until closing. This also meant a lot of people were still hanging around even as late as 11:30. From the few sideways glances I caught it seemed there were some Players, but the added crowd was making things awkward.

I took a last swallow of my G) 1145, Rm 1011′

She shut off her phone and handed me a key card. Like I said, she was a heavy girl, but overall I liked her, specifically her big titties and her confidence. Most importantly I was ready; at least if the situation wasn’t too crazy.

On the way to her room there was something about the location of it that tickled a memory at the back of my mind. It wasn’t anything about her, but something about the room itself that I couldn’t place. As I arrived at the door I figured I would find out soon enough.

I opened the door to soft music, darkness, and a blanket strung across the hallway separating the entryway from the rest of the room. “Alex,” I heard her call out, “strip off there and what you need is in the bathroom.”

“Ok,” I called back, more to let her know it was me than anything else.

In the bathroom I found a nice pair of wrap around sunglasses. There was also a single prescription pill bottle and some condoms, if I was so inclined. I picked up the glasses and went back to the entryway. “Ok, got the glasses. What else?”

“Here’s the deal, I like an audience and the glasses are to keep us anonymous. I love to have my pussy licked and fingered, I love to suck cock, and there’s extra lube here if you or I think it’s needed. And, I’d like you to fuck me in a number of positions before you come on me.”

I nodded, more to myself than anyone else. “Wow, um, sounds great to me. I absolutely love to hold big hanging tits.” I heard her chuckle. “I can do all of that, but I typically come fairly quickly. However, I can get hard again in less than fifteen minutes as many times as we have energy for. Easily three times.”

“Alex, that’s not uncommon. The coming quickly part though, not the multiple times per night part. But if you’ll trust me, one of those pills in there will be worth your trouble.”

I paused, and she noticed the delay. “What, you don’t trust me?” she asked.

“Is it that simple?”

“Well, you were about to come in here and have sex with someone you just met, so you must trust me a little bit.”

I nodded to myself again, “And the pills?”

“I’m a pharmacist. They’re SSRIs. A nice side effect is that they will most definitely delay your ejaculation. Kind of like viagra was a side effect.”

Curiously, I knew what she meant by SSRI, but not about the rest. “You’re sure?”

“You bet. Unless you are on another medication, they’re perfectly safe, not addictive and I know you’ll love it. What do you say?”

Most uncharacteristically I went to the bathroom, popped open the bottle and downed one before I could think too much about it.

Double checking the sunglasses, I walked nude past the blanket to find the other side dark as well; only faintly lit by light from the nearby office building. Looking out, I remembered what it was about this side of the hotel that I did not like—it was literally up against an office building. There were maybe twenty feet between these rooms and the building next door. Bianca was sitting reclined on a couch turned half toward the window and the curtains had been drawn fully back.

It was easy to see the offices across the short distance, and to my surprise there were a pretty fair number of people working this late in the evening. Their offices were well lit, our room was dark, so right now we could see them but they could not see us. I heard the hum before I rounded the couch, so I was not surprised to see her İstanbul Escort masturbating with a vibrator. She was nude and reclined on the couch, her body displayed quite nicely in the dim light. I didn’t have to feel my dick to know I was hard.

Her skin was pale and smooth as I ran a hand up her leg. Her tits were even bigger than I had imagined, and I loved the way they sagged against her chest as she lay back on the cushions. I also noticed she was wearing sunglasses; not the most common thing for an exhibitionist I noted.

I ran my hands up her body to her breasts. “Do you like them?” She asked me. I hefted both of them and sucked deeply on her nipples one by one. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she said with a sigh.

As I groped her tits there was no doubt in my mind they were the largest ones I had ever put my hands on. As I broke my suction, I ventured a guess, “38F?”

She laughed, just a little, “I’m not that small Alex, try 44G.”

‘Holy fuck, those are some big titties,’ I thought.

“So, Alex, are you ready?” she asked.

“I am, want me to make sure you’re ready?”

She dropped the vibrator on the cushion and spread her legs wide. “Please do,” she said sweetly. I knelt between her thighs and slid my hands under them. “Don’t forget, I like fingers.”

I settled in, my face inches from her smooth pussy. Nothing motivates me more for oral than a smooth kitty. “I remember,” I said, “but feel free to provide me whatever direction you want.”

I dispensed with the formalities and pushed my lips right up against her pussy, thrusting my tongue between her lips but staying away from her clit for the time being. Rewarded with a nice intake of breath as my tongue plunged in, I started to tongue fuck her as I teased her inner lips.

“Ready to show off?” she asked breathily.

I kind of knew what was coming, so I just sucked her lips in my mouth very firmly and quickly. I was rewarded with another sharp intake of breath before the lights in the room snapped on. Feeling both of her hands in my hair, I figured it was time to step it up a notch. Moving my right hand from under her thigh, as I continued to plow her folds with my tongue I inserted two fingers slowly and deeply into her needy pussy.

“Oh, fuck yes!” she moaned.

I backed off briefly with my mouth and continued to prod her g-spot with my fingers. “Do we have a crowd?”

“Mmm, we’re starting to. I’ve seen three or four notice us, and word seems to be getting around.”

I ‘mmmmmmd’ into her pussy, and then attacked her clit directly. Her hips came off the couch, but I stayed locked on to her clit even as my fingers continued to massage her g-spot. Her breath started to come in quick gasps, so I tried to be cagey and slowed my clit sucking. “Alex, please make me come,” she growled.

That wasn’t the kind of request I could ever refuse, so I delivered what she wanted. Holding her left thigh firmly in my grip, I pressed my fingers strongly up inside her as I sucked her clit against my flicking tongue. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, nnnnnggggg! Fuck!!” Bianca just came unglued as her pussy started to flutter around my fingers and she tried to clamp her thighs around my head. “Nnnnnggg, aahhhh!” She yelled again as I kept up my efforts through her orgasm. Breathing in quick gasps she kept egging me on with her sounds, and nothing sounds hotter than a sexually satisfied woman. As she relaxed her grip on my hair I sensed it was time to ease off on her clit, so I did, and was rewarded with a satisfied groan.

“Mmmm, Alex, you sure know how to eat pussy.”

“Thank you, I like to please.”

“Mmmm, now stand up and let me suck your cock for our friends.”

I did as she asked and took a quick glance at the office building. There were now not fewer than ten youngish men watching as Bianca took my cock in her hands. “Nice cock, Alex.” I watched as she took half of me in her mouth. It was clear she enjoyed doing it. Her tongue rose up to roughly massage my frenulum and crown and then she gave me a long stroke with her tongue and hand before pulling me all the way out of her mouth.

“Mmm, that is very nice,” I said.

She looked up at me. “It’s been enough time, so I’m going to really try and get you to pop. If you need me to stop, just tell me, but you should try and relax if you tense up. See if you can.”

I was more than a bit nervous about this ‘test’, or at least it felt like a test to me. I think my cock gave Bianca that impression. She sucked on me deliberately, but not too intensely.

“Alex, trust science. You’ll have enough control if you try. And if you don’t,” she said giving me another suck and stroke, “I’ll just have a late night snack.” And with that Anadolu Yakası Escort she started aggressively working on my cock with her tongue and hand while her other hand was fondling my balls. I honestly had no idea how I was going to continue for any length of time, but with her ready to swallow I was no longer concerned.

I was fully hard as soon as she took me into the back of her throat. Reaching down, I took her large fleshy tits in my hands. To say she was trying to get me to come was an understatement. She was stroking me firmly, but not to quickly, and her tongue was doing things to the underside of my cock that really made my knees weak. “Bianca, that’s great!” I moaned heavily as I squeezed her mounds.

She pulled off me briefly, “Find your tension and just try to relax it. Roll with it, or not. I’m ready to swallow if it’s too much.”

And as she took me right back into her mouth and reapplied her tongue, I decided I was going to believe her and give it a shot. Or rather, try not to give it a shot.

I felt myself rising pretty fast as her tongue work was relentless on just the right spots. Taking a deep breath I tried to find where I was tense, and found, to my surprise, that my lower abs were tight. Ignoring, to the extent I could, her pleasuring of my dick, I succeeded in relaxing my abs. Suddenly, to my further surprise, I found I could enjoy the sensations she was giving me and stave off my climax, if at least for a little bit.

After a few more minutes of allowing myself to rise up and easily fall away, I pulled her off my cock and kissed her soundly even as I held her tits in my hands. I was panting, “This, is, well, this is incredible!”

When we broke the kiss she smiled broadly, “Better living through chemistry baby,” she said, and then sucked me in her mouth again. I moaned loudly and she stopped sucking me. “Now that you’re a believer, do you think you can fuck me for a while?”

I found myself unable to give her a verbal response. Instead, I backed away, grabbed her ankles and roughly rolled her over to a kneeling position. It looked like I did the work, but of course she was going right along with me. Kneeling on the couch she reached back between her legs. “Alex, give me your cock.”

Shifting my hips forward, I felt her fingers take hold of me. Positioning me at her entrance, I felt the heat and moisture of her pussy on the head of my cock. “Alex, now, pull my hair and slowly thrust all the way into me. Oh, and be sure to look at our friends as you do.”

I was able to take direction even if I was unable to make words, so I looked toward the office building to find a large number of people watching us. I had a couple of questions, but at the moment the only thing I wanted to do was seize her hair and push into my very willing, very snug, very moist, very slippery and very sexy partner. “Fuckkkkkk,” I drawled as I sank into her depths.

“Oooh, Alex, your cock is great!”

Fully seated within my partner, I held myself still. “You’re just saying that, but thank you.”

“No, there’s a reason an average cock is perfect. Mmmmmm.” She stroked forward and back on me, without my moving, “It lets you fit everyone quite nicely.”

I gave her two long strokes, thrusting in hard and fully on the second. “Nice of you to say, but I think you’re biased.”

She exhaled fully, then said, “I am, but I’m also right. Cocks have very little variance in size when you look at the data. What matters is that you are confident, and very, very hard.”

I gave her another set of strong strokes and was rewarded with panting. I was really into this. “And I should mention your willingness and confidence is a strong appeal for you as well. That and your awesome tits!”

Before replying she motioned for me to start fucking her. I followed her lead and started to really bang her. Not to be crass, but there really isn’t a better way to put it, I was giving her the bone but good.

As she grunted and panted through my fucking I was getting more and more excited. Oddly, I found I could control the tension in my abs, and while I was thoroughly enjoying fucking Bianca, I felt I could stave off my climax with just a little effort.

“Alex,” she said in a huff, “Why don’t you sit and let me ride you for a bit. Really put on a nice show.”

I bottomed out on my next thrust and held her hips tight to me. I flexed my cock a couple of times and she returned the gesture before I withdrew and sat on the couch now facing the window. Now free, she retrieved the vibrator before turning to face the window. Then she spread her legs to straddle mine, grabbed my dick and sat down on me.

After bouncing twice she settled down and shifted her Kartal Escort stance to get me as deep as she could before leaning back into me. This made for a rather lewd display for our audience as her pussy was clearly being split by my cock thrust up inside her. I reached around and hefted her big tits in both hands as I felt her stroke my balls and what little of my shaft was not inside her. Then I felt the vibrator start and could tell she was holding it right on her clit. It might as well have been right on my dick.

“Alex, I love having a nice hard cock inside me when I come, but it’s not easy during sex. If you don’t mind holding still for a while, I’ll make it worth your time.”

“Oh,” I said as I flexed and thrust into her very slightly, “I don’t mind at all.”

“Alright then,” she said, and I felt the vibrations get stronger. “Mmmm, this won’t take long. Why don’t you tell me what I can do to get a nice big load on my face?”

I wasn’t in a hurry to reply. I could feel her moving the toy around trying to find just the right place, and that frequently led to a quick squeeze of my dick. Recalling how she had clamped on my fingers, I was expecting a nice tight reward for remaining inside her as her ‘stunt cock’ for the night. I didn’t mind.

In almost no time I felt her pussy tighten up and then flutter around me as her breathing momentarily caught. “Oooo, fuckkkk,” she drawled. “Mmmm, Alex, what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to stroke me while you rub my prostate. When I’m ready to come, fondle my balls and let me do the rest.”

“Oh, you want to do the work?”

“I like both, but holding your head in place while I come on your face just feels and looks dirtier, and I thought you might like that tonight.”

On that note, I squeezed her nipples as I groped her big tits and she came again. When her pussy finally quit pulsing she slowly rose up off me. She gave me a squeeze before kneeling off to the side and grabbing the lube.

I got up from the couch and stood over her as she knelt in front of me. We had turned now so that our audience, which was easily twenty people now, had a clear view of the proceedings.

With one hand she applied a generous amount of lube to my cock and began stroking me. With the other she applied one well lubed finger to my ass and steadily pushed it inside me. To my delight, she did something a bit unexpected. With one finger inside me she used the others to stroke between my cheeks and used her palm to rub against my balls. It was divine, and even more so when she firmly placed a finger against my prostate and started to rub it in time with her other movements.

“Is this good for you, Alex? Are you going to come for me and make me messy?”

I grunted in reply. “Oh yes, and when I do I want your mouth open and I want you to try and ‘push’ me away. If you get my meaning.”

“Oh Alex, I am just the slut you ordered tonight. Now, why don’t you give it to me?”

She stroked for a little longer, then tried to egg me on toward a finish. “Alex, I’d like my snack now, and don’t you want to come on my face? Just add that tension back and come all over me.”

I once read that if ever a magic phrase was needed to unlock an ejaculation, it was ‘come on my face.’ Well, it worked on me. Suddenly I had all the tension back in my abs and my cock throbbed in anticipation.

I took over fisting my cock and grabbed up a fistful of her hair. Her fingers kept massaging my backside and I had the feeling that, plus all the other activity, was going to make my ejaculation epic, at least for me. As I had asked, she pressed firmly against my thigh which made me hold her head that much more firmly. “Open wide, or I’ll pull off your glasses and hit your eyes.”

Obediently, she opened her mouth with a smile. I couldn’t tell if her eyes were open, but I was holding the tip of my cock just an inch or two from her face as I reached the point of no return. Quickly trying to relax my tension again I felt the moment draw out, which seemed to promise even more volume for Bianca’s mouth and face. I felt myself swell, readying for the first blast, and I grunted out, “Here it comes, all over your face.”

My first shot went straight into her mouth, and she didn’t flinch a bit. The second hit her just above the nose, and then the third across her cheeks. A fourth pulse splashed against her chin and then another got her in the forehead. My ass clenched her finger and sent me still higher, enabling me to pump another, and then another big shot on her face. As my orgasm finally started to ebb I wondered if I had ever come so much. I decided to try my luck and said, “Can you suck me until I go soft?”

“Alex, so naughty,” she said, and then she inhaled my cock yet again. Her fingers kept working on me even as her tongue laved over my cock. She did it slowly though, so it felt awesome and not overly sensitive. When at last it was clear I was going soft for a while, she let go of me. “Mind getting me a towel?” She asked.

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