The Invisible Woman Ch. 03

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Max’s eyes snapped open suddenly. In a panic she sat up, trying to find some indication of what time it was. The room was flooded with sunlight and she was at the wrong end of the bed, completely naked, lying beside her also very naked sleeping husband.

She carefully crawled over him and was at once reminded of their morning romp, the sticky mess leaking out from between her legs as she reached for her phone. 10 am. Ok, she thought, that’s not that bad. It was her day off, but she was supposed to meet her workout partner at the gym by noon. There were however several missed texts from her sister. They were supposed to have met for coffee this morning.

Max fired off a quick reply:

“Sorry I didn’t message you. Geoff, and I were ‘reconnecting'”

Her sister, a romantic, would totally forgive Max for ditching her, given the circumstances.

Careful not to disturb Geoff, Max got to her feet and unsteadily made her way to the bathroom. Despite last night’s bath, she was in desperate need of a shower. She was covered in massage oil and now that she was standing, the hot and viscous stickiness from between her legs was starting to trail out of both holes and run down her thighs.

As she reached over and started the shower, she snuck a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She looked as well fucked as she felt. Hair tousled, oily skin glistening, pink in spots where she’d been bitten and spanked with semen, clear and visible, trickling down her inner thighs.

Stepping into the shower Max slipped into a daydream state, reliving the details of the morning while she lathered her floral body wash onto her loofah. She starting thoroughly washing her arms, legs, and abdomen. As she started washing her breasts, she felt a blast of cool air on her back as the shower door opened and shut. She turned to face the intruder.

“No, don’t turn around,” Geoff said, his voice soft yet firm.

He took the loofah from her hands and continued washing her breasts. In small concentric circles, he washed each with care before moving to her back. He soaped the sponge again and scrubbed away at Max’s back, removing all traces of oil. Slowly, he worked his way down to her backside. As he scrubbed over her right cheek she winced slightly, her flesh still stung a little from her earlier spanking. Noticing, Geoff stopped

“Does it hurt?” he asked, genuine worry in his voice.

“Not much, just a little sensitive,” Max insisted.

Geoff ditched the loofah and poured soap into his hands before continuing wash her cheeks. His soapy hands worked their way into the space between her cheeks, moving up and down, washing away the oil and sticky residue from their joint orgasms. Very gently he took the tip of a soapy finger and pressed into Max’s backdoor. Her breath caught at the unexpected intrusion.

“I’m just being thorough,” Geoff breathed into her ear.

He moved his finger back and forth nice and slow, stretching her, allowing the remaining semen to slide out of her. She stifled a moan as hot and thick, it leaked out of her.

Geoff removed his finger and lathered his hands again. He moved to her front his hand slid around her waist and he diligently lathered every fold of her pussy. She was just starting to moan when he stopped.

“Hold still. I’m going to rinse you off,” he whispered. Detaching the handheld shower head from its mount, he deftly turned it to its massage stream. Geoff started rinsing her chest and abdomen, allowing the water to pulse and trickle across her delicate flesh. He moved it down to her most sensitive area, moving it back and forth across her pubic bone. Max was doing everything in her power to not grab his hand and force it to where she needed it. She could feel Geoff’s body pressed against her and his breathing was getting heavier on her neck. Max parted her legs and pushed her ass into his hips, the full length of his growing erection on her cheek.

Geoff positioned the shower head between her legs encircling her clit with its pulsing stream. She purred, snaking her arm over her head to grab his neck. Pulling his mouth to her neck, he obligingly went to work kissing and nibbling. She was moaning hard and rocking her hips, pressing her ass into his throbbing cock as she rode the wave toward her orgasm. Geoff’s assault on her neck became violent, with him biting and growling.

“Holy fuck I love it when I make you cum. You’re so fucking hot moaning like this. Completely helpless.” His voice was strained with want.

And she was,helpless, clutching at his hair with one hand and bracing herself on the slick shower wall with the other. Geoff snuck his free hand under her knee and lifted it to the side placing her foot in the soap dish.

“Ahhhhhhhhhyyyyaaaaaa,” Max wailed, as her sudden position change opened her up even more to the onslaught of sensations being delivered by the shower head.

Geoff shifted in behind her. Bending at the knees, he shoved up hard into her twitching pussy. He bit her shoulder as he started thrusting violently into her, keeping İstanbul Escort the massage head firmly on her clit. Max’s entire body became rigid, her face contorted in a look of pleasure and pain as Geoff glided furiously in and out of her. All of a sudden her entire body started shuddering, collapsing as she screamed like a wild animal. Geoff dropped the shower head to move both hands to support his wife’s twitching body. He continued pumping his dick in and out of her spasming hole. It was as if her entire body was milking him, he kept pounding her as she screamed in pleasure.

“Oh my gooodddd! I’m gonna cum again. Don’t stop, Geoff. Keep fucking me. Right there. Your cock feels so good.” She had regained some control of her body and was pressing herself back into Geoff, meeting his every thrust.

She was tightening around him again and couldn’t hold out any longer. He pulled out, grabbed his cock and positioned himself, came all over her clit and lips. For Max, his hot cum spurting onto her was enough to send her over the edge again, her pussy spasming greedily trying to suck up the sperm he was spraying all over her. He finished cumming, and he shoved his dick back into her needy hole, the sensitivity of his spent dick making him shudder. He offered a few more thrusts to help her ride through her final orgasm.

“Oh fuck, Max. You’re so fucking sexy,” he said as he finally pulled himself out.

Turning her around and kissed her sweetly on the mouth.

Their legs shaking, Max and Geoff finished washing themselves.

As Max got dressed for the gym, Geoff came into the room and started putting their bed back in order.

“Hey,” he said casually, “can I come with you to the gym today? I don’t work until 2:30. I kinda want to see what you get up to while you’re there. You know, see the work outs that made this body what it is today.”

He winked as he trailed a predatory eye up and down the length of her lulu lemon clad body. For a second Max was worried he was going to leap over the bed and take her for the fourth time today. Not that she was complaining. She was thrilled with this new virile, insatiable version of her husband.

It must have taken her too long to answer because Geoff’s said,”It’s fine if that’s weird for you. If you’d prefer to go alone. I mean, I get it.”

He looked crestfallen, but he hid it artfully behind a coy smile.

“No pressure,” he said.

Max’s face broke into a broad grin and she playfully tossed the gym socks she was holding at him.

“Stawp it,” she giggled. “Of course you can come. I even have a few free day passes you can have. It just caught me off guard. You’ve never asked to come with me before.”

Geoff’s Irish complexion flushed deeply as he realized he had assumed a rejection that wasn’t real. He gave her his best grin and threw her socks back.

“You better bring your A game, little miss gym rat. My ass might not be as nice as yours but I’ve been working out on my lunch breaks at the employee gym so I’m no slouch.”

“Never assumed you were a slouch, and frankly, you have a lovely ass.”

Max smiled smugly as she pulled her hair into a high ponytail. She waited as Geoff grabbed his gear and they headed to the gym together.

As they entered the large sprawling foyer Max spotted Jack at the juice bar waiting for her.

“That’s my work out partner, Jack,” she said to Geoff as she made her way over.

The smile Geoff had been sporting all morning faltered and fell. He racked his brain trying to remember if he’d been told about a work out partner before and couldn’t come up with anything. Why wouldn’t she tell him? She seemed so casual and relaxed about it. She must have told him, or didn’t she realize it was a big deal not mention to your husband that you had a male work out partner?

Geoff realized that he had stopped and was staring awkwardly while his wife introduced them. He quickly regained his composure and closed the distance between them, offering out his hand. Jack stood up, revealing his enormous 6’5″ frame, and extended his own bear sized hand. Geoff could feel a lifetime of calluses on Jack’s hand as the two exchanged a tense greeting. It was at this moment that Geoff realized they were both thrown off by the others presence.

Max, blissfully unaware of any awkwardness, smiled happily as she guided them up to the weight room.

The three of them settled in to do some supersets. Since they had done legs yesterday, Jack and Max were set to do chest and triceps today. Not that it looked to Geoff like Jack needed anymore work on his enormous pecs. Shit, the man had more cleavage than most of women he knew.

Geoff grabbed a dumbbell to start some overhead presses, falling into an awkward third wheel role as Jack spotted Max through her first bench press set.

“Perfect Max. Push through from your pectoral muscles not your shoulders. Nice. perfect.” Jack said encouragingly as she pushed through a set of ten.

Without resting a beat. She moved her hands to do a close Bayan Escort grip bench press to work her triceps. She pushed hard through a full set, then racked her bar and dropped into 60 seconds of mountain climbers.

During which Jack took an obvious and lingering look her ass.

As though realizing too late what he was doing, his eyes shot up to meet Geoff’s darkening gaze. He at least had the courtesy to blush slightly and look away.

The heat of jealousy stung Geoff’s cheeks as he realized that his wife’s work out buddy had probably been fantasizing about fucking her every day for years. Years? Had they been working out together the entire time she’d been coming here? He realized he had no idea.

Max was now well into her third set and Jack was still calling out motivational phrases to keep her engaged. She barely made the last press before moving into her final set of mountain climbers.

Jack started putting an absurd amount of plates on his own bar, as getting ready for Max to spot him. Geoff glided over and managed a friendly smile.

“I’ll spot him, then maybe you can spot me after,” Geoff winked salaciously.

She shrugged, her forehead beaded with sweat.

“Ok,” she said a little suspiciously.

Popping her ear buds in she stepped over to the side where she attached cables for tricep pull downs. She alternated between pull downs, flys and burpees as she watched the boys.

“Kay, I’m doing four sets of six,” Jack said as he got into position under the bar.

Of course he was. Only a beast like him would lift this much that many times.

As Jack started lifting, Geoff started a casual conversation.

“Hhow long have you been into lifting?” he asked. while keeping his hands ready in case Jack needed help.

“12 years,” Jack grunted., “I started on my 18th birthday. I was a bean pole and got tired of being friendzoned.”

Geoff gawked he could barely believe that this enormous man beast was ever anything but the Adonis before him.

Moving into his close grip, Jack said, “I know, it’s hard to believe. I was 6’5″ and 180 lbs. I grew really fast and didn’t fill in quick enough. When I started out, I was totally lost and had no idea what I was doing.” He laughed a deep laugh. “When I noticed Max coming over to the free weights section, all self conscious and unsure of herself, I saw a lot of myself in her.I wanted to help her out.”

It was Geoff’s turn to laugh, a boyish and mocking laugh.”Oh ya, is that why?”

Jack racked his bar and got up to do his mountain climbers. He looked at Geoff quizzically. Glancing at Max and ensuring her ear buds were in, he came to a decision and said,

“I won’t lie to you man, you seem like a guy who can smell bullshit. I was also motivated by how pretty she was.”

He gave Geoff a cocky smile as he got back under the bar. “Not that she knows that. Actually, it was amazing to me how little she noticed my early advances, like she was completely oblivious to her own sex appeal. She told me about you, after we got to know each other, and I stopped trying to pursue her. I swear man, she never even realized I was interested in her that way. We’re good friends, that’s it.. I get a kick out of watching her progress and she gets to benefit from my years of experience at the gym.”

He stood up again, looking Geoff in the eye before dropping into his mountain climbers again.

“I do check her out sometimes though man. I’m not dead. She’s fucking gorgeous. But I don’t fuck married women. I guess in hopes that someday when I’m married karma will be on my side and no one will fuck my wife,”

Geoff burned with anger as he heard Jack’s admission, but he did appreciate the honesty.

Geoff watched his wife’s ass bounce as she jumped rope nearby. He’d spent years neglecting her, naively, never considering that she could stray because she was almost exclusively surrounded by women both in her profession and in her friendships. Yet here she’d been working out, side by side with this mountain of a man, who admittedly had actively pursued her, and she’d been completely faithful.

He wondered why he hadn’t been as strong. Jack was a better man than he was.


Geoff walked into “Conifer”, the restaurant where he was the executive chef. He was exhausted, and couldn’t believe the emotional roller coaster this day had been so far. He barely looked up to the greetings offered by the front of house staff as he made his way past the bar towards the kitchen.

When he got to the back room, he dropped his gym bag beside his locker and started pulling his uniform out.. He heard the soft click of the door lock and out of the corner of his eye he saw Jess, a long and lean 19 year-old waitress.

“Hey,” she said with a look of concern. “You didn’t respond to me out front. Everything ok?”

She put her hand up to touch Geoff’s shoulder. He casually stepped away

“What? What’s wrong?” she pouted.

She stood there waiting for a response. She moved to touch him again, this time Eskort stepping her entire body forward as she brought her hands up to caress his chest.

“Jesus, Jess. I’m married. That’s what’s wrong,” He spat at her, gently pushing past her.

“And?” she said, confused. “You were married last Friday too, and the month before that. In fact you’ve been married this entire time.”

She placed her hands on his chest again.

Geoff lowered his face, his cheeks burning with shame.

“It’s done now. I fucked up. I don’t want to be that guy anymore. I thought-I thought my marriage was over. I thought my wife didn’t want me anymore.”

He swallowed the lump forming in his throat. “It was just me being a shitty husband and a shit lover. It was just easier. There was less pressure with you. I’m sorry it wasn’t fair to you either. I’m fucking disgusted with myself.”

Geoff tried to hide his face from her as shame threatened to overwhelm him.

Jess batted her pretty lashes at him. “You have nothing to be sorry for. She neglected your needs too. If she hadn’t you wouldn’t have turned to me in the first place. And you are not a shit lover,” she cooed.

She snuck her long fingers to the front of his gym shorts. His body responded typically, springing at the touch.

“As for me, I’m a grown woman and I knew what I was getting into. You don’t get to take that responsibility away from me. I knew you were married, I knew you were unavailable, but I didn’t care. I had such a school girl crush I would have taken you anyway I could have. Remember that it was me that pursued you, Geoff. You don’t get credit for that. In fact, you brushed me off for months, but I kept flirting. I took every opportunity to seduce you until one day… ” Her smile was devilish as she basked in the memory of their first time together.

Geoff’s eyes stung with tears of shame. He blinked them away and pushed her hands away from him.

“Get out,” he said quietly. He needed to be alone. He couldn’t have her looking at him like this.

She just stood there.

Was she deaf? Why wasn’t she leaving? She gave a sad smile.

“Geoff you wouldn’t want me to leave here crying would you? Other servers might ask why I’m upset. I might let something slip about our ‘situation’. Who knows who might find out about us. Isn’t the new bartender dating Max’s best friend now? Pretty sure I heard something about that,”

Geoff’s eyes widened in horror. She wouldn’t.

“I would,” she said, answering his unspoken thought. Her eyes implored him to test her. She closed the gap between them. The fear in his eyes turning her on even more.

Once again she put her hands on his bulge and this time he didn’t stop her.

She gripped him firmly with both hands and whispered in his ear, her long blonde hair tickling his neck. “I’m going to help you forget that you even considered ending this.”

She dropped to her knees in front of him taking his shorts with her as she went.

His eyes burned with angry tears as his cock sprung into her waiting face. Nothing about Jess was nuanced or subtle like his wife. She grabbed his dick and sank her mouth onto it, slurping noisily. She stared up at him with vapid eyes while she worked her mouth up and down without rhythm. Geoff was suddenly overcome with rage. At her, at himself. He felt completely helpless. he only thing he could think to do was punish her for putting him in this position again.

He reached down and grabbed the sides of her head and he started ramming his cock into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat making her gag. He didn’t back off, hammering his hips relentlessly, fucking her mouth ruthlessly.

“Is this what you wanted me to do to you,” he whispered angrily.

Her eyes were starting to bulge, and she was drooling uncontrollably. He realized she couldn’t breathe, and he stopped. She looked up at him surprised and started to laugh. A throaty, sexy laugh. It was what she wanted, him out of control. His rage boiled over at the sound of her laughter and he released her head, grabbed her under her arms, and twisted her around. Bending her over so she was grabbing her ankles, he shifted her skirt and moved her panties aside so he could shove his dripping cock into her. Hard. She muffled a scream of pain, as she wasn’t quite ready and it took a minute for her to accommodate him.

“There. How does my dick feel inside you?” He thrust brutally as she whimpered, her body starting to respond to his.

“Is this what you wanted? Well this is how I’ll fuck you then. Like the trash that you are.”

“Yes,” Jess moaned, surprising both of them. “It’s exactly what I want.”

Geoff cursed as he felt Jess start to cum. He hadn’t meant for this to be for her. In fact he had wanted her to hate it. Her long, thin legs began to tremble and Jess bit her knee to keep from screaming as she came.

Geoff gave a few more angry thrusts before forcing her back to her knees. He stroked his cock a few times before shoving his dick all the way down her throat again, shooting his entire load down her esophagus. When he was done, he pulled out and walked away from her without a word.. He could hear her adjust herself for a few minutes before he heard the lock click open as she left herself out.

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