The Island

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Hi people, I found this story and thought you may like it. Be aware…it was for a magazine and it is very short with no hope of being continued.

I hope you like it.


The island was so beautiful and lavish, it was unreal, but Dan was fed up. He and his sister, Becky had been marooned for the past two months, with no sign of being rescued, anytime soon.

They hadn’t seen any search planes or ships the entire time and figured that they would never be found, so they started making the best of it. Dan was a master builder, so he quickly built a nice tree house with running water and it had three rooms. Dan had his room, Becky had hers and they had a small sitting area.

Dan was twenty-two and Becky just turned twenty-four a week before their boat was washed away in the hurricane. He was very sexually active, but that all came to an abrupt end, when the boat sank. Dan wasn’t sure what Becky did with her spare time, but he sure missed jumping hot coeds and his dick needed something more than a hand-job.

His thoughts were quickly turning towards Becky, but she was his big sister and it was weird. She was a hot as hell, standing five-foot seven, long brown hair and big, sexy doe eyes that drove men crazy, even Dan.

Becky also had a body that was out of this world. She had big, sexy boobs, a nice waist, with a tiny bit of extra meat. Becky’s hips and ass were the same, but she wasn’t fat. Becky just had some extra play meat here and there.

Her nipples were big and so dark, Dan could see them through any shirt or blouse that she ever wore and it was taking its toll on him. He guessed them to be somewhere around a C cup and they were some perky things too. They always got so hard when he anywhere around her and as of late, Becky didn’t even try to hide them from Dan.

She also wore the smallest, low-cut jeans that Dan had ever set eyes on and her meaty, thirty-six-inch ass drove him crazy. He wasn’t sure if it was his imagination or not, but it seemed as if Becky was bending over in front of him all of the time and she would just turn and smile at him.

Most times all they did was fight and argue about anything at all, but the last two months, were bringing them closer to each other. Dan loved her, but she was always the big shit in school and thought of him as nothing but a pest.

He sat on the beach, watching Becky building their evening fire, with her sexy ass, pointed right to him and Dan looked. Damn, you look so fucking good! He thought as he just sat, admiring her sweet ass, wishing that something would give or maybe, she’d want him as badly as he wanted her. Nobody would ever know, but us. We could have so much fun. He thought again as her cheeks shifted and wiggled under her jeans, wishing that she’d take them off once and awhile and let him see that sweet thing.

She could see her poor, horny brother looking at her butt and Becky truly felt sorry for him. She knew that he was a horn-dog and being here, had to be killing Dan. She had seen his big cock many times and it was starting to fill her mind. She wasn’t a whore, but she did miss a guy’s touch, sucking a good, hard cock now and then, but mostly, Becky missed being held at night.

“What ya thinking about?” she asked with a smile and walked to sit next to him.

Dan loved when Becky sat with him and lately, she did it a lot. He just laughed and said. “You’d hit me if I told you.”

She just smiled again and replied. “Try me and see.”

“If you must know…your great ass and those tight jeans.”

“Hum, that’s not a big surprise.” Becky giggled at Dan and she gave him a little shove. “You’re always looking at my butt anyway, so I guess its ok. It’s not like you can go girl watching on the beach!”

He laughed and gently shoved her back. “If you see me looking at you so much, why don’t you say something about it?”

“What’s to say? You’re a guy, I’m a girl, you’re bound to be horny as fuck and I figured it was ok if you look at me.”

“It’s hard not to. You’re so pretty.”

She turned, looked at him and Becky’s heart skipped a beat. “Thank you, baby, that was so sweet!” she said and could not resist hugging her handsome, little brother, wondering if he was getting a hard-on for her now.

“You’re very welcome, ma’am.” He smiled and slipped his thick, muscular arm around her waist and hugged.

“It’s a shame that our boat sinking had to bring us together. Why couldn’t we have gotten along at home? We could have had a blast hanging out and stuff,” she said as her sexy lower lip came out and Becky batted her dark eyes at him.

He saw her and wanted to die. “Oh God, I hate when you do that!” Dan moaned as his cock started growing hard, thinking of Becky under him, while she did that very same thing.

“Why sweetie?”

“If you must know…it turns me on! My dick gets so hard, it hurts!”

Becky felt so bad and she knew that this had to end. She needed him and he desperately needed her. “Hey, escort resimleri I was thinking about something. Since we’re here and there sure ain’t anybody around, but us, would it bother you if I left my jeans off for you once and awhile or would that just make things worse?”

“Are you fuckin’ with me?” he said and couldn’t help but wondering if Becky had read his mind or something.

“No, if that would help when you um…go off by yourself, I’d do it for ya.” Becky said with a soft and caring voice as she thought of Dan jerking off, with her on his mind.

“I’m not sure. It’s getting pretty boring doing it by myself.”

She caressed his back, thinking of a few of his past girl’s and Becky could feel his pain. “Yeah, I bet it is. I mean it about running around in my panties. If it will help…I will, just for you.” Becky whispered to him as she felt his hand caressing the small of her back and it felt good.

“I’m not sure, Becky. It might kill me seeing you like that. You’re a very pretty girl and I…um…not sure.”

She could see him really thinking this over and Becky knew she had to fix this, before Dan had a mental meltdown or something. “Well, what if I just do it at night, when we sit and talk? Would that be better?” she asked slowly turning to look up into his dark and sexy, bedroom eyes.

Over the last two months, Becky started seeing Dan in a whole new light and she found out why all the girl’s on campus flocked to him the way they did. Dan was hung like a freaking horse. His penis was close to nine-inches long and it was always hard and ready for action.

“I guess that’ll be ok.” Dan said as he caressed a long strand of hair from Becky’s face and he gently kissed her on the side of her pouty lips. “You’re so pretty,” he added and gently hugged her a little tighter.

“You’re just horny is all,” she giggled, enjoying her brother’s big arm around her and Becky felt something odd. She started getting a warm feeling between her legs and it was for Dan, her little brother.

He just smiled and replied. “Stop looking so good and maybe I wouldn’t have a boner all of the time.” Dan said as he slowly started caressing her butt.

Becky thought of what Dan just said and how his long dick was and that little warm feel between her legs started to grow. “You’re saying that little ol’ me, is what gets you hard?” she asked and Becky knew that her face was red as a tomato.

“Duh…you’re the only girl around and it isn’t just that either, you’re a fuckin’ babe, girl!”

Becky sat in shock when she heard him. “You’re gunna go and get me all flustered, if you don’t stop sweet talking me,” she giggled and it felt good to hear him telling her how pretty she was.

“Girl, this isn’t anything. If you weren’t my sister…” Dan stopped and figured this better stop before he tried seducing her.

“What?” she asked and knew poor Dan was getting horny for her.

“I’d curl those little toes of yours in just a few minutes!”

“Oh really now and…how would you do that, dear brother of mine?”

“A nice dinner, maybe some dancing and I’d take you to my place for the real fun.” Dan winked and knew that Becky needed some loving too.

“Mmmm, I bet you’ve curled a lot of toes, haven’t you?”

He just laughed and tried to count how many girl’s he’d been with since starting college, but couldn’t. “Oh yeah, even a few of your friends!” Dan laughed at the look on her face.

“Who were they?” Becky asked with shock, trying to think of who he had.

He just smiled and Dan took a chance. He slid his hand just under her jeans, until he felt her soft panties against his fingers. “The first one was, Jenny,” he said thinking back to Becky’s little friend, Jenny and just how damn cute she was.

“Oh cool! I bet she was so fun!” Becky replied as she thought back to how hot looking Jenny’s body was.

“We almost fucked each other to death! I’ve never had anyone as good since.”

Becky looked up to him and she asked. “Do you think that I’d be as good as she was?”

“As hot as you are…I could cum just lookin’ at you!”

“Ha-ha-ha, you are trying to get me all flustered!” she giggled and Becky’s pussy started burning. “Thank you for saying that. A girl needs to hear nice things like that. It keeps us happy and if we’re happy…we keep our man happy.” Becky added and a weird thought filled her mind. She was thinking about letting Dan make it with her.

“I’ll be sure and make a note of that, gorgeous!” he said, stood up and pulled Becky into his arms. “If you weren’t my sister…I’d love to be with you and you’d be smiling for a week straight.” Dan whispered to her as he gently squeezed and caressed every, single inch of her shapely butt.

She stood helpless and did not have a clue of what to say in return. Becky hadn’t really thought of sex, until right now and within a few minutes, Dan had set her entire body, on fire.

“Mmmm, I bet I would gaziantep escort resimleri too.” Becky said with a low moan and knew that if she told him she was still a virgin, he would be after her in a heart-beat.

“I don’t know what you see in that guy you date. He’s nothing but a jerk and you could do so much better than him.”

“He just takes me out to dinner and sometimes a movie, that’s it.”

Dan had to know if she was fucking him or not. “Nothing else at all?”

Becky heard Dan and smiled. “I’m not fucking him, if that’s what you wanta know.” She laughed and gently pulled from him. “I gotta fix the fire. It’s not burning right for some reason.” Becky said and turned to go stir the fire.

“I think that wood I found was still wet.” Dan replied as he walked up behind Becky and hugged her to his body.

His stiff cock pressed right against her meaty ass and she did not move a muscle. Becky stood there, enjoying the feel of her brother’s cock, against her ass.

“You fucker…you’re driving me nuts!” she moaned and Becky felt him flexing his shaft.

“I’ll stop, if you want.”

“It feels good hugging and stuff, but I think that’s as far as I’m willing to go.” Becky said and she turned around to see him. “If we weren’t brother and sister…I’d let you fuck me all you wanted!” she whispered to Dan and loved the shocked look on his handsome face.

“Oh man, why did you go and say that? Now I’m gunna really hurt, just thinking about that and how cool it would be.”

“Sorry!” Becky giggled and walked a few feet away and tossed more wood on the dying fire. “Just keep things light and easy and…we can have us a little fun together, ok,” she smiled. “I’m going to the waterfall. Do ya wanta come with me? We can keep our undies on and have a little swim before bed,” she said with a grin, hoping he would. Becky wanted to feel his big cock on her more.

Dan thought for a second, but he wasn’t sure. “If I do, you gotta understand that I’m in a bad way and don’t get mad at me. My poor dick is hard as a rock and he won’t go down.”

“I don’t care, baby. I just wish I could help you with it.”

“Yeah, me too!” he laughed, giving her meaty butt a little, playful slap. “I’d wear this sweet thing out!” Dan added with a laugh and they started towards the waterfall.

Becky heard the tone in Dan’s voice and knew that he was going insane with need. “Whoa big boy, try and remember that I’m your sister,” she said and his words echoed through her mind, thinking of letting her handsome, young brother, be her first man and just how special it would be.

“I know, silly girl. How in the hell could I ever forget that?”

“As horny as you are…I just wanta make sure!”

“Don’t worry hot stuff, you’re safe.” Dan replied as he draped his arm over her shoulders. “But, if you weren’t…you’d be in for it, babe!” he laughed more and had to give her butt another playful slap.

“Ouch, you fuck head! You gotta thing for my butt or what?” Becky teased rubbing her stinging butt-cheek.

He smiled and had to help Becky rub her ass. “Yeah, I love nice, full asses like yours and the way your jeans look, is why I’ve been so hard.”

She loved the feel of Dan’s big hand on her butt and when his words filled her ears, she felt so bad. “Why haven’t you said anything? I could have found something else to wear.”

“Nah, I love seeing your ass and if it means a constant hard-on, I do not care!”

“God, you’re a freakin’ retard!”

“Why, because I love looking at your ass?”

“No, for being in so much damn pain and not saying something about it, Dan!”

“Like I said before, you’re worth it.” Dan said and he couldn’t help but hug Becky a little tighter, wishing that there was a way they could enjoy each other.


Dan started to pull off his jeans and he turned to Becky and said. “Remember, I can’t help that I’m this hard, so get mad at me,” he smiled, pulled down his jeans and hoped that his hard-on would stay in his boxers.

Oh my fucking God! It’s so gorgeous! Becky screamed to herself when Dan turned and she saw his swollen cock. How do you ever get that thing inside a girl! She thought, trying to imagine it slipping up her virgin pussy and if it would hurt.

“Jesus Dan, you need a fucking leash for that thing!” Becky laughed as she fought to keep her eyes on his and not the big cock pointing right at her. She could see that his shorts were making it bend and Becky said. “If those shorts are hurting you…pull them off, but you best behave and I mean it!”

He just laughed with her and replied. “I told you that he’s hard twenty-four, seven! Yes, my shorts are killing me.” Dan said and quickly jerked off the tight shorts.

Becky watched and she could not believe how nice he looked. His cock was close to nine-inches and it had a nice, upward curve that would satisfy any girl and her needs. “Wow, no wonder why you have so many girls gaziantep escort bayan resimleri after you all of the time!” Becky said as she looked at Dan’s face, but she could still see his massive cock.

“What can I say? They love me and my big, ol’ cock.” Dan smiled as he stood tall and proud, even for his pretty, big sister and he stepped into the water.

Becky could feel her pussy tingling and she did her best not to think about it. Dan was her little brother and he could not make love to her, but it did sound like a wonderful idea. Becky heard of a girl in school that made it with her big brother, but he was on his deathbed and the girl fulfilled his dying wish.

“I bet they do!” she giggled and watched him swimming around the pool, wondering if Dan was thinking about doing it with her. “Do you remember that real, pretty girl in school that did it with her brother?” she asked and felt like a damn fool. Now Dan would think she wanted to do him.

“Yeah, her name was, Holly. She was my friend and she did it because he had cancer and he didn’t want to die a virgin.”

“Oh really, that was so sweet and the poor girl got so much shit about it!” Becky said as she remembered how badly Holly got treated around school.

“I know, but she told one of her ‘so called’ friends and the little bitch blabbed it all over school.”

Becky remembered it all to well. “That was so sweet of her to do that for him.”

Dan had a cool idea and he hoped Becky wouldn’t get mad at him. “If I was dying…would you make love to me?” he asked as he swam next to Becky and really wished he could hug her, but his cock was so hard.

She had to smile at him, but it was her fault for bringing it up. “If you were dying…yeah, I would. I wouldn’t want you to go without enjoying a girl.”

“You’re a sweet-heart and if he wasn’t so hard…I’d love to hug you. You love hugging, snuggling and stuff like that, don’t you?” Dan asked with a wink and he felt kinda bad for reading her diary the week, but she left it out and he read it.

She smiled at Dan and Becky wanted to hug him too. “I think every girl likes that, silly. I’m game if you are, but what can we do with um…him?” she smiled and looked down in the water to his swollen cock.

He smiled again and replied. “I can hold him against your belly or…push down and he’ll go between your legs. What way do you want?” he asked watching Becky squirm as she thought.

Oh my God! On my belly so I can ‘maybe’ rub him for you or…rubbing on my pussy. Becky thought, trying to think this over and to keep things under control, but she was getting very horny and she could only think of Dan, her brother.

“Well, I guess…um…on…um…my belly,” she stuttered, hoping that this wasn’t a mistake. She knew Dan was horny and so was she and Becky hoped she could control this situation if things got out of hand.

Dan could see that Becky was excited as hell, but he didn’t want to fuck this up. This was the first time in years that they were getting along with each other and he liked it. Becky was a very cool girl, a wonderful sister and a fucking babe.

“Are you sure? We’ve been getting along really nice and I wanta keep it that way.” Dan asked to make very sure this is what Becky wanted.

She smiled and slowly swam towards him, seeing his dark eyes on her wet shirt and Becky was sure that Dan was also enjoying her boobs. “See anything you like?” Becky teased as she swam up to him and felt his cock on her outer thigh. “It’s so fucking hard, Dan. How do you stand that all of the time, baby?” she asked floating next to him, hoping that his cock would bump her again or Dan would turn and just hug her.

“I’m kinda getting used to it, but after this…the poor guy is really gunna hurt!”

“Well, why in the fuck are we doing it then?” she said with a sharp tone and Becky wanted slap him from the water. “Dan, I love you and I don’t want you in agony, because of me.” Becky said as she slowly moved against him, but she forgot about the monster hiding between his legs.

Becky swam to him and before Dan could back away, Becky was in his arms, with a stiff cock, on her pussy. “Oh holy shit!” he moaned as her soft panties and hot pussy rested on his swollen member. “Damn Becky, it feels like you could use some help with that sweet thing too!” Dan said, feeling her heat on his cock and the poor guy couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel inside her body.

Becky came close to fainting when his cock touched her pussy, but she quickly came to her senses and started to enjoy her brother. “Mmmm, I’m only human and that thing feels fuckin’ awesome!” Becky panted like a dog in heat, enjoying his rock-hard cock on her most special place and she was on fire now.

“You nasty girl, getting turned on by your little brother!” he teased and carefully slid his arms around her body and hugged Becky tight. “You feel so good!” Dan whispered in Becky’s ear and he heard a little moan come from her mouth.

She rested against Dan, his cock between her legs and she felt his hands sliding down her back and to her butt. “Mmmm, you’re not to bad yourself.” Becky moaned as his big hands covered each of her cheeks and he slowly caressed, driving her body insane with need. “Damn, you’re gunna go and get me all flustered again,” she whispered looking into his eyes and he just winked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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