The Island, Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Morning dawned cool and clear, no sign of rain yet. I stretched mightily, rolling onto my back and contemplating the palm trees. Birds were whizzing around already, calling to each other loudly. Even as I was pondering the amazing string of events that had led me here, thanking fate for bringing me some of the most amazing experiences of my life, Gabrielle’s sweet face appeared above me.

“Bon matin, Dave’” she whispered. “It is time for petit dejeuner—breakfast.”

She must be adjusting to island life, as she seems to be getting up earlier every day, I thought as she lay down next to me and I rolled onto my side, my back still pressed against Janie’s sleeping form. I accepted her nipple in my mouth, closed my eyes, and started the day off right.

After draining her right side, she shifted forward slightly and gave me access to the left. I was sporting an enormous woody by now, and she must have seen the tent in my shorts, for she reached down and freed my cock and began stroking it slowly as I suckled her. Jets of sweet, warm milk squirted out of her firm young breast into my mouth, and I breathed a sigh of contentment as she jerked me off. I wriggled away from Janie slightly, so as not to wake her as Gabrielle’s hand job became more aggressive. I slid my hand between my milky maid’s thighs and caressed her warm mound through her thin shorts. It was apparent she had nothing on underneath, and I quickly worked my way under the damp cotton and buried my fingers in her dripping snatch. I frigged her pussy furiously, trying to catch her up to my advanced state of arousal quickly. I ground the heel of my hand against her hairy mons, feeling the nub of her clit rocking side to side as I stuffed two fingers in and out of her warm snatch. She was moaning softly as I gently chewed on her teat, and an answering moan of my own escaped my lips as I began jetting streams of white semen onto the sand next to my blanket. Her whole body shook as I strained to reach her G-spot with my flailing fingers, succeeding in bringing her to climax even as I drained the last of her milk from her now-empty tit.

The lovely Frenchwoman rolled onto her back, gasping for breath as her heart rate slowly returned to normal. “Ahh, Mon Dieu! she groaned hoarsely. “I never tire of that feeling. L’orgasme, c’est plus merveilleux!” Her hand was still stroking my softening prick slowly, milking the last drops of jizz onto the sand. She gave me one last squeeze as she got to her feet, pulling her shirt down over those succulent, dripping melons. She blew me a kiss and walked away, hips swaying seductively as she smiled at me over her shoulder.

I smiled myself, thinking: Life is good, n’est ce pas? I sat up, stretching again, and brought my glazed fingers to my nose, inhaling the sublime scent of pussy. Better than coffee to wake up to! I licked them clean, savoring every drop of her feminine ambrosia. When I was finished, I stood up, looking down at the still snoring Janie. Her arm was around Jared, her hair tousled and covering half of her face. I remembered her promise of more excitement to come, and chuckled fondly. What an incredible woman!

I decided to make a karma deposit, and took the raft out into the lagoon for some fishing. I enjoyed the solitude for an hour or so, returning with a bucket full of fish, of which there seemed to be an endless supply. Beaching the raft, I was greeted by William and Brandon, who helped me pull it up onto the sand.

“Are we going to have a class today?” William asked eagerly, flipping his blond hair out of his eyes.

“Absolutely,” I said. “How about just before lunch?”

“Sounds good,” agreed Brandon.

“How about I show you guys how to clean fish? Would you mind helping me?”

“Sure,” Brandon agreed, William nodding assent. The two of them carried the bucket of fish down to the end of the beach where the reef started, and I met them there with several knives. It was fortunate that one of the passengers—one of the late resisters of the hijacking—had been into knives. He had packed an arsenal, along with a couple of whetstones to keep them sharp. Harking back to some of my dad’s lessons from childhood family camping trips, I showed the boys how to clean and gut the fish. They were fascinated by the entrails, and I had to restrain them from getting into a fish-gut fight.

“Hey! Save those!” I laughed. “We use them for bait to catch more. You want to eat, don’t you?” They apologized and returned the offal to the bucket. I returned to the mess hall and dumped the guts into a plastic bag kept for the purpose, that we stored in the shade, tied off tightly. The boys washed our fish filets and brought them to the cooking area, while I started the fire from last night’s embers.

William tried to force a hunk of raw fish into Brandon’s mouth, shouting “You know you want sushi! It’s in your blood!”

“You idiot!” the other boy yelled. “I’m Chinese, not Japanese. Anyway, my parents are white. I’m adopted and I grew up in Maryland.”

I broke up the good-natured scuffle and collected the fish from them. One of the hippies had fashioned a wire grill out of metal, and I cooked some of the filets on this with a little garnish of mango and coconut, and some of Anjali’s herbs. I left most of them uncooked, for the next group to wake, and served the boys their food. I carried two plates and a shirt full of fruit over to Janie and Jared, and we ate together happily, planning the day’s events. Fortunately, neither xnxx one asked why I wasn’t that hungry; I wasn’t sure how I would explain my earlier liquid breakfast to Jared.

After we ate, Janie and I pitched in to help finish the shower. A team had run the bamboo pipes through the trees yesterday, lashing them to trunks and branches in such a way that the water flowed gently downhill the whole way, reaching the storage tank at a height of about 10 feet up. Horace had created a shower head of sorts with a shut-off valve, and we managed to screw it onto one of the fittings on the tank. The other outflow pipes were all blocked with wooden bungs pounded into the ends, except for the lowest one, which to our great fortune had a stopcock. This one was positioned over a smaller tank, which we planned to use to collect drinking water. Once the plumbing was complete, the pipe team placed the first pipe into a cradle of vines that held it into the waterfall, and soon a stream of clear, fresh water was cascading into the tank off the end of our pipe.

A cheer went up from the spectators as the tank began to fill. The plan was to pull the first pipe out of the waterfall when the tank was full, and replace it each morning to top off the level for use during the day. Once the water level had reached the shower head, a gentle spray erupted from the thing, pattering onto the sand below. Another cheer erupted, and River, never shy, stripped naked and jumped into the outflow to take the first shower. He received admiring glances from the ladies, and even some of the young girls. Ashley, Lily, and Madison couldn’t keep their eyes off his dangling prick, of course, and Janie and I finally had to drag them away to give him some privacy.

“We’ll have to make a little stall to enclose it,” I told Horace. “Not everyone is going to be as keen as River to get naked in public.”

“Do we have to?” said Rodney in disappointment, staring at River’s admittedly ripped body as the water cascaded over it. Horace snorted in disapproval, but said nothing.

Tae Kwon Do class soon started, and our crew worked up a good sweat during warmups and practice. This time, River, Stu and Summer joined in, and promised to repay us with yoga lessons another time. Our customary swim followed, and only my earlier ball-draining session with Gabrielle allowed me to resist the temptation around me as the girls, scantily clad as ever, romped in the water.

We finished the remaining pork supplies for lunch, excepting the pieces that were being smoked into jerky. Anne announced that the cheerleaders were going to practice as well after a little post-lunch siesta, and invited anyone to join in. Alison and Juhee took them up on the offer, and I was astounded when Rain agreed to as well. Her tattoos and dreadlocks were going to be quite a contrast to the All-American look of the rest of the girls

After an hour or so to sleep off the meal, the cheerleaders assembled in their uniforms on the sand. An hour of bliss for me followed, as the lovely ladies performed their routines, kicking and jumping energetically. Fortunately, a large group of spectators had assembled, so I was able to stare at the action without seeming like too much of a perv. But you are a perv, Dave, my brain reminded me. Yeah, but not everybody needed to know it. Perv or not, I’m not sure how any red-blooded man could resist attractive, athletic teens prancing around in skimpy uniforms. I looked around for Janie, expecting her to rag me a little for ogling the girls, but didn’t see her at first. Finally I spotted her across the beach, deep in conversation with Stu and Christopher. Chris looked a little wild-eyed, and I was curious what they were talking about, but figured I’d find out eventually, and turned my attention back to the cheerleaders.

Natalie seemed to be in charge, a somewhat petite but curvaceous brunette with highlights in her hair. She called out the routines and the others followed her lead, chanting in unison and creating pyramids and towers that were pretty impressive. Just as impressive to me were the bouncing breasts encased in the tight blue tops. The small blonde girl I had run into while taking a piss seemed to be the lightest one, and the others sent her flying through the air on several occasions, her short skirt blown up around her waist, only to land in a cradle of arms at the end of her flight.

Adam, being the only boy, was often the anchorman in a tower of female flesh. Watching his hands gripping the firm buttocks of one sexy young thing after another, I was struck by the injustice of it all, since he was obviously gay and not appreciating his situation in the way he should. I amused myself imagining me being in his place. I suspect slipping a finger under the little shorts would probably break the concentration of the girl and send her tumbling to the ground. I could dream, though….

The finale involved a kicking line like the Rockettes, and I was almost salivating as I watched those barely covered muffs flashing at me in unison. I guess preparations had been a little rushed for the demo, since one of the other brunettes, I think Jessica was her name, hadn’t had time for lawn maintenance, and tufts of brown curls peeped out from under her spankies. Not that I minded. Christ, if my buddies and I had seen that in high school, we would have blown our loads right in the middle of the pep rally.

Of course, for me the highlight was my mystery girl, the Melinda look-alike. I knew the sight of her tanned thighs flashing bakire porno in the sun while she undulated her full hips and shook her jiggling teen rack at me was going to fill my dreams in the upcoming nights.

Once the demonstration finished, we all clapped and cheered, and the crowd dispersed. The girls now went to work with the three newcomers, showing them basic kicks and jumps. It really was entertaining seeing the pierced and tattooed Rain jumping around in her cargo shorts and tank top with the squeaky-clean, uniformed cheerleaders. Then again, the thought of her in one of those uniforms was certainly an enticing image.

I finally tore myself away from the nubile creatures and made for Janie’s camp. Watching the smorgasbord of female pulchritude had really gotten me in a lather, and my cock was straining at my fly like a trapped python seeking escape. I needed something to distract me, and figured I’d read a book while waiting to find out what she had planned for me. It turned out I didn’t need to wait at all, for as soon as I pulled my book out of my bag, she appeared next to me, smiling smugly.

“Are you ready for your thank you gift?” she said in a throaty voice.

“Shit, I’m ready for anything after watching those cheerleaders,” I growled at her, grabbing her waist and kissing her neck aggressively.

“Down, boy!” she laughed. “I’ve got you covered.”

She took me by the hand and led me into the woods. I followed her down the trail toward the east side of the island, wondering where this was leading.

“The beauty of my plan is that I’ve got three guys all thinking that this is their thank you for saving me, when really it’s just as much for me as it is for them,” she said with a self-satisfied smirk.

“Three guys?” My eyebrows were reaching for my hairline.

“You’ll see,” she said. “And don’t worry, you’re one of the three.”

We arrived at the cubby by the entrance to the nude beach. I could see some clothing already in there.

“All right bud, strip,” Janie said. “I get to watch.”

I did as she commanded, pulling my shirt off slowly, then unbuttoning my pants. I deliberately slowed down, enjoying her parted lips and dilated pupils as she got herself worked up. Finally I slid off my shorts, letting my boner spring free into the afternoon air. Janie grasped it in her hand, and bending over, gave it a little kiss.

“Now don’t hurt it,” she said slyly. “Make sure it’s in good condition for later.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I barked, nearly insane with lust.

She ignored the question and posed one of her own. “Do you know where the ‘adult area’ is?”

“Yes,” I said in exasperation.

“Good. Sneak through the trees until you can see it, and enjoy your present.” With that, she turned her back on me, shucked off her clothes, and scampered onto the beach, leaving me naked and erect.

“That crazy bitch!” I muttered to myself fondly as I crept through the jungle to my assigned spot.
“What is she up to?”

When I got to the edge of the trees, coincidentally the same spot where I caught Jared and Madison in flagrante delicto, I found out.

Standing in the center of the sandy bowl that we had designated for adult activities were Chris and Stu, both naked and looking quite ready for action. Janie strolled into view a moment later, breathtakingly beautiful as usual, with her hair blowing in the wind and nipples hard as rock on her small breasts. She walked up to the two men and embraced them both, her hands immediately sliding down to their muscular asses to squeeze the firm flesh there.

Stu, as the more confident, older one, wasted no time in engaging her in a deep kiss, his tongue thrusting into her mouth hungrily. Not to be outdone, Christopher latched onto her right tit and began sucking lustily. Janie threw her head back and moaned as Stu began suckling the other side.

Now that I understood what was going on, I grinned and began stroking my meat. My little hellcat had set up a sex show for me! I wondered if the other two had any idea they had an audience.

After warming her up with a good tongue bath of her tits, the two studs got serious. Christopher cradled her in his arms, kissing her passionately while lowering her to the blanket they had placed on the sand. Stu knelt between her thighs and pressed his face to her muff, and I could see his mouth move against her as he attacked her pussy avidly. I caught glimpses of his tongue caressing her engorged labia and his teeth gripping them, stretching the tender meat curtains to their limit and causing her to cry out.

She soon had Christopher kneeling next to her head, and slurped his swollen prick into her mouth without delay. The kid looked like he was in heaven, his torso heaving with each panting breath as she worked over his erection with professional skill. The fap, fap, fap of my shuffling hand on my own peter kept time with Janie’s bobbing head as she gobbled his knob, and I gritted my teeth as I imagined the heavenly sensations the horny teen must have been experiencing. I watched intently as she spat out his pecker, only to begin jerking it frantically as she nuzzled his scrotum. Soon his nuts were in her mouth, and his moans were echoing through the air as she did her thing.

Stu, meanwhile, had had enough honey as an appetizer, and moved in for the main course. His rigid manhood aimed at her dripping snatch as he climbed on top of her, and I had a perfect view (I’m sure bedava porno just as Janie had planned) of her cunt as it was pierced by his substantial cock. Her body rocked to and fro under the penile assault, and I could see Chris’s balls being stretched back and forth in her mouth as she moved.

My own dick was dripping now, pre-cum oozing in a continuous stream out of the tip as I worked it. I was so intent on the action on the beach, I almost screamed when I felt a cool hand on my nutsack.

“I wondered if this was what she had planned,” a familiar voice purred.

My heart rate must have hit 200, and I looked down before me in shock, my hand freezing up on my shaft. Summer squatted in front of me, naked and obviously quite aroused. My mouth hung open, speechless, as she began massaging my scrotum.

“I heard Janie talking to Stu and Christopher. It was pretty obvious she was arranging a ménage-a-trois, and I was going to leave them to it. But then I saw her go get you, and I wondered if she were setting up a show for you.” Her finger slipped behind my balls and began massaging my prostate. My erection, which had been flagging from shock, was rock hard again. “I figured I’d join you and help you get your rocks off. I hope you don’t mind.”

I finally found my voice, croaking out, “Not at all.” I cleared my throat. “The more the merrier.” She smiled at me angelically.

“Keep jacking off,” she said sweetly. “I love watching a guy masturbate.”

I began stroking my rigid shaft again, staring into the face of this sexy young woman as she watched me pleasure myself. I could see one of her hands between her legs, stroking her pussy busily. She looked up, catching my eye momentarily, and frowned.

“Go ahead and watch the show; I’m sure it’s pretty intense.”

I swallowed thickly and complied, focusing on Janie and her two lovers again. She had let go of Christopher’s cock, and was levering Stu’s hips off her as I re-engaged with the homemade porno show. She directed Stu to lie on the ground, and proceeded to ease her ass onto his fuckpole slowly, her back to him and her legs on either side of his. He lay back and held her hips as she settled onto his pelvis. Next she directed Christopher to kneel between Stu’s outstretched legs, and grabbed his saliva-covered penis. She directed his prick at her pussy, and pulled him closer until he penetrated her cunt. She was now sandwiched between the two guys, a stiff cock in each hole, and began rocking in a circular motion. Again, she had arranged things so I was staring straight at her crotch, and had a fine view of her snatch as the two sets of testicles bounced against it. I had found my rhythm again, and was furiously yanking my wiener as I watched my lover get double-penetrated.

“I can take over now,” Summer murmured, and she pried my fingers off my rod and replaced them with her warm, wet mouth. I groaned as she engulfed me with her oral embrace, her tongue swirling around my helmet in a sublime caress.

Soon the combination of her ministrations and the spectacle of two hard cocks impaling Janie’s sweet cunny just a few feet in front of me had me frantic with lust and near explosion. I began fucking Summer’s face aggressively, my cock ramming into her mouth repeatedly. I could hear her gagging periodically, but true to her word, she seemed only interested in getting my rocks off.

Christopher was the first to let loose, his teenaged libido on a hair trigger already, and with the new sensation of another man’s cock rubbing against his through the thin membrane separating Janie’s twin tunnels stimulating him, he soon reached climax with an ear-splitting yell. Summer laughed around my cock as she heard his cry, and immediately I launched an epic load right down her throat, the vibrations setting me off.

It became apparent that this chick was one of the few in my experience who actually liked the taste of semen, because she grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands as I ejaculated into her mouth and sucked my peter dry like she was a hungry calf on its mother’s teat. I was gasping in near overstimulation as she drained the last drops of my cum, finally letting my limp dick slip from her mouth with a satisfied “Aaah!”

Janie was the next to reach orgasm, and her muffled shrieks split the air as she happily rode the two poles impaling her to Shangri-La. Stu followed a moment later, and I watched numbly as his buttocks clenched and unclenched while he pumped his seed into her rectum, hoarse grunts of “Fuck, yeah!” torn from his lips as he emptied his nuts into her asshole.

The three of them collapsed in a heap, the two dicks softening as they gleamed wetly in the sun. Meanwhile a flood of white goo was dripping from both of Janie’s holes as she lay panting on her back between the two men. Unseen by them, she raised her hand and gave me a tired wave, and I chuckled despite myself.

I looked down at Summer, who was done stroking her own crack, and was smiling up at me. I pulled her to her feet and she wrapped her arms around me in satisfied silence.

“Did you get yourself off?” I asked her.

“No. I just wanted a mouthful of your cum.” She looked at me, eyes twinkling. “I’ll get River to fuck me tonight. He knows how to make me scream. It’ll be even better because I’m going to tell him all about this as he pounds my pussy.” She released me, and smiled again. “That was fun. Maybe you and Janie could join us for a good old-fashioned orgy some time?”

“Oh, I think she’d like that. I know I would!”

“Good. It’s a date, then. Bye!” And with that, the scampered off through the trees, leaving me and my oozing cock behind.

To be continued….

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