The James Gang Ch. 03

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With Maria’s discovery of the horse thief’s pattern, Megan couldn’t wait to relate the news to Trey. Looking out the window of Clint’s office she saw his truck approaching from the barns. When Trey turned into the courtyard to let her know he was leaving, she was already waiting on him.

“Maria figured it out!” Megan exclaimed, excitedly. “There’s a pattern to the thefts. It’s gonna be the ranch on the east side that gets hit next.”

Megan quickly explained to him how the thieves would twice steal horses from the ranch on the east side of Taos and then make a theft from the ranch up at Alamosa. They would then inadvertently repeat their pattern.

“Why a pattern?” Trey inquired. “Surely they know someone would eventually figure it out.”

“That’s a good question. You’re right.” Megan agreed. “There must be a reason why they keep sticking to the same routine.”

“If they’re gonna hit the other ranch, we should set up an ambush.” Trey suggested.

“I’m going with you.” Megan stated, as she ran around to the passenger side of the truck.

The drive to the Rockin J’s facility on the east side of Taos took nearly a half hour. The narrow streets lined with shops and art galleries were packed with tourists flocking in for the weekend. Arriving at the gated entrance to the ranch on Spider Road, Trey jumped out and unlocked the gates, swinging them open.

“Are the gates always locked?” Megan inquired as Trey drove through them.

“After the first theft, we started locking the gates.” He replied. “We never had to lock the gates before then.”

“Awful trusting, aren’t you?” Megan remarked.

“That’s just the way we are.” Trey responded. “We hardly have any kind of livestock thefts.”

Trey drove up the hill towards an old dilapidated house that looked like it was built in the twenties, maybe even before then. It was a single story structure with a wooden porch running the full width of the house. The porch roof was sagging all along the front and large holes in the home’s roof were clearly visible.

“You building your own house?” Megan quipped as she exited the truck.

“I do stay out her occasionally.” Trey remarked. “Especially if one of the horses needs alot of medical attention.”

“You’re kidding!” She exclaimed. “This place looks like it could fall in any minute.”

“It probably could but it beats sleeping on the ground.” Trey responded. “I’ve got an old bed frame and a kerosene stove inside. I hook up the generator on the truck to the house so I can have lights. That’s about all I need.”

“What about the barn, don’t you need lights there?” She inquired.

“I drive the truck back there and plug in the generator if I need to.” He replied. “I’m afraid of having a fire if I put it too close.”

“You kinda like things kept simple, don’t you?” Megan asked.

“Well……..I guess.” Trey answered. “It’s still alot more than what the original settlers had.”

“Let’s saddle up a couple of horses and I’ll give you a tour.” He suggested. “Time to make a cowgirl out of you.”

“We could just walk.” Megan countered. “I’m game.”

“Walk five-thousand acres! You’ve got to be kidding!” Trey exclaimed. “We’ll ride!”

Saddling up two horses, Trey gave Megan some brief instructions on how to rein and ride.

“Princess is a team-penning horse and gentle as a lamb.” Trey remarked. “You’ll like ridin’ her.”

As the couple rode away from the barns, Trey pointed out fence lines so Megan could get an idea of the ranch’s vastness. The mountains, rocky crags, unspoiled terrain and rich pastures enriched the ranch. Megan caught herself admiring the magnificent views more than looking for a good place to set up an ambush.

“It’s nice out here, ain’t it?” Trey remarked, as they rode along.

“It’s gorgeous!” Megan exclaimed, riding alongside him. “It’s like a paradise!”

“Bet you don’t see anything like this back in Philadelphia.” He commented.

“Nope, you sure don’t.” The Alleghenies are west of Philly.” Megan responded. “They’re no match for this though.”

“Think you’d like to live out here?” He asked, staring at her with a grin.

“I think I know what you’re getting at Trey.” She answered. “There’s no way I’m going to stay here. Once I’m done with everything, I’m going back home.”

“Unless I change your mind.” He countered.

“You’re not going to change my mind so don’t waste your efforts.” Megan stated. “Let’s just make the most of the time we have together before we go our separate ways.”

The disappointed look on Trey’s face pretty much told the story of how he felt about her decision. At least Megan had been truthful about her intentions. She wasn’t going to lead him on, then crush him when she left to go back to Philadelphia.

Later in the afternoon, the two rode back to the barn. Although Megan had a good overview of the ranch, she still hadn’t seen everything.

“Well, whatta ya think?” Trey asked breaking his long silence.

“I love the horses!” Megan exclaimed. “This ranch xnxx is magnificent!”

“I meant about setting up the ambush. That’s what I was talking about.” He retorted with a stern look on his face.

“Let’s have a look at the house.” She suggested. “I’ll need a clear view of the barn’s main doors.”

“You mean we!” He responded. “You’re not doing this alone.”

“Ok, we then. Have it your way.” Megan replied. “But, I’m the only one who’s gonna have a gun. I don’t want you accidentally shooting me.”

“Gun!” Trey exclaimed. “You got a gun?”

“A couple.” Megan answered. “What’d you think I was gonna do, throw fuckin’ rocks at em?”

“I thought we’d get the sheriff’s department involved and let them handle it.” He replied. “And watch that mouth of yours. You talk like some old whore!”

“That’s because I am an old whore!” Megan smarted off. “So just get used to it!”

“You’re not a whore so don’t say you are!” He barked. “And, I found out you’re only twenty-six, so quite saying you’re old.”

“Let’s take a look inside the house.” Megan mumbled, walking away from him. “It might be as good a place as any to hide.”

Entering the old house, Megan was surprised at its decaying conditions. Besides the wooden bed frame and kerosene stove, the only other furnishings were an old wood table and two plastic lawn chairs. It was just one large room with no partitions.

“Where’s the bathroom?” Megan inquired.

“It’s out through the back door.” Trey replied. “Just pick a spot and go.”

“No thanks, I’ll wait till I get back to the ranch.” She responded.

That evening, Megan and Trey gathered up their gear to spend the night at the ranch on Spider Road. Megan checked her guns, packing extra ammunition in one of Trey’s backpacks. Collin hadn’t come home so the two worked freely without anyone getting suspicious. Loading up Trey’s truck they headed back out to the ranch just after sundown.

Megan stored their gear in the house while Trey parked his truck in the barn where it would be out of sight. After locking the gates, he returned to the crumbling structure. Megan was sitting at the table smoking a cigarette and drinking bottled water she’d packed in a cooler.

“I wish you’d quit smoking.” Trey muttered. “It smells up the place.”

“Well, you can keep wishing till your balls dry up.” Megan quipped. “Besides, cigarette smoke could only make this fuckin’ outhouse smell better.”

Trey responded with something inaudible but Megan couldn’t make any of it out. She didn’t ask him to repeat it knowing it was something she didn’t want to hear anyway.

Midnight past and no one even so much as drove by the ranch’s locked gates. An hour later, Megan decided to try and get some sleep while Trey stayed up to act as lookout. After unrolling one of the sleeping bags out on the wooden bed frame, she started getting undressed. Trey stared at her as she slipped off her blouse and jeans. Removing her bra, she placed it on top of her clothes. She folded the top of the sleeping bag back then slid in between the two layers.

“Gonna keep them panties on?” Trey smarted off. “Thought you’d be sleeping in the nude.”

“Well, we still might have company tonight and I want to look sexy for them.” She countered. “Besides, I don’t want to give you any ideas.”

A few hours later, almost 3am, Trey shook her from her sound sleep.

“Something’s spooking the horses, maybe coyotes.” He stated. “Grab your hat and let’s get going.”

Trey ran out of the house, his cowboy boots making loud footsteps on the wooden floor. Megan slipped on her sneakers, not bothering to tie the laces. Her Glock 21 handgun was sitting on the table next to Trey’s western hat. Grabbing both, she ran out onto the porch and jumped down to the ground. Trey was halfway to the barn as she rounded the old house. Loud, eerie howling filled the air. It was a pack of coyotes prowling around the barns, scaring the horses!

Two adult coyotes came running out of the barn, scurrying away towards Trey’s left. Raising her .45 caliber pistol, Megan squeezed off two rounds, dropping both animals dead in their tracks as they ran. The gunfire resounded off the hills, almost echoing. Trey froze in his tracks, afraid to make a move. Another adult coyote came running down the side of the barn towards the fence line. Megan fired two shots, even though the first one lifted the animal completely off its feet. The shots echoed, then quickly faded. Silence followed as the resonating faded.

“You could have shot me!” Trey yelled.

“I thought about it!” Megan yelled back. “To me, one howling asshole’s just like another!”

“You’re the one who’s gonna have to bury them!” He shouted. “You shot em, you bury em!”

“You’re forgettin’, Cowboy. I’m the one with the gun.” She shouted back. “You do the digging. I’m gonna go pee.”

“Nice outfit!” He exclaimed, gesturing at Megan wearing his hat. “You oughta wear that more often!”

She did look quite sexy wearing just black bikini brazzers panties and a black cowboy hat!

An hour later, Trey came back into the house. Megan was curled up in her sleeping bag but she wasn’t asleep. He noticed her eyes were open. On the table, sat his cowboy hat with her black panties lying on top.

“It’s almost 4am. Doesn’t look like anyone’s gonna do anything tonight.” He remarked.

“Does that include you?” Megan murmured, pulling back the top portion of the unzipped sleeping bag.

Trey didn’t have to be taunted twice. Seeing the beautiful woman lying there, wearing nothing but a sexy smile, was invitation enough. Quickly getting out of his clothes, he slipped into the sleeping bag with her.

Lying on his back with Megan in his arms, she leaned over him as the two kissed passionately. Her firm breasts crushed against his chest as her moist lips sucked his tongue into her mouth. Trey’s right hand glided up and down her bare back while she continued sucking on his tongue.

Nibbling at his lips, Megan traced her fingertips down over his muscular chest and taut stomach. Stopping her hand just at the edge of his curly pubic hair, her lips nibbled gently at his nipples. They responded to her lips immediately. Megan’s hand brushed over Trey’s course pubic hair, knowing his magnificent cock was already hard.

“You lookin’ for something?” He murmured, grinning.

“Thought I’d see if there was any salami to snack on.” She whispered.

“Hmmm. Found it!” She added moments later, grasping his hard cock. “Nothing like fresh meat for breakfast.”

Shucking back the top of the sleeping bag, Megan’s lips locked onto the head of Trey’s stiff cock. Licking the tip with her tongue, she slowly swirled all around the mushroom-shaped crown. Low, throaty sounds of pleasure came from him as she slowly slid her clenched lips down the hard shaft. Her hand cupped Trey’s warm balls as she slid her mouth up and down his cock. Swirling her tongue side to side along the rigid flesh, she taunted him till she had him about to cum. Pulling her mouth from his cock, she looked at it, covered with her thick saliva.

“I’m gonna ride me a cowboy!” She smarted off. “Gonna bust me a bronco!”

Straddling Trey, Megan held his cock while she eased her already swollen pussy onto him.

“Oh my God!” She muttered, easing down on Trey’s cock. “It’s sooooooo fuckin’ good!”

Working the long, thick shaft into her pussy, Megan began fucking herself up and down on Trey’s cock, rocking her pelvis with each thrust. Trey’s rough hands, gently massaged her breasts, flicking his thumbs over her already hard nipples.

“Oh Godddddddddddddddddd…………Treyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” She murmured, over and over.

Trey matched each of her slow thrusts with his till he was fucking into her, lifting her knees off the bed. Her first orgasm came sudden and unexpected, flooding her pussy with thick juices.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” She moaned aloud. “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh”

Trey’s strong hands at her waist steadied her as he pounded his hard cock upwards. Another orgasm quickly formed deep within her. She felt the strong erotic sensation rising towards its peak. Trey arched his back, lifting his butt upwards till Megan was completely suspended off the bed. Her incredible orgasm shook her entire body. Her head flung backwards as her gaping mouth emitted a scream.

“ARGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddddddddddddddd” She screamed.

Extremely weakened by the second orgasm, Megan put her arms on his chest to keep from collapsing down on her lover. Trey gave her one last thrust that almost bucked her off. Her perspiration soaked hands slipped upwards towards his shoulders but failed to grasp him. Her spent body collapsed hard on top of him.

“Oh God………………Trey” She mumbled, her head resting against his chest.

“Didn’t bust this bronco!” He exclaimed.

Rolling Megan gently off of him, Trey positioned her face down on the sleeping bag.

“Now, I’m gonna break me in a filly!” He muttered.

Lifting Megan’s body up till her knees were directly under her, Trey firmly held her waist, pulling her back onto his hard cum-covered cock.

“Arggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Megan moaned.

Trey fucked his cock into her slowly, gradually increasing the tempo by pulling her back onto his cock. Megan’s face was buried in the sleeping bag, muffling her constant moans. Trey’s cock felt like a magic stick as he brought Megan off twice more. Feeling his climax nearing, Trey pounded Megan hard till her ass was bright red. As his hot cream spewed from his cock, he gave her one last, hard trust.

“Oh Goddddddddddddddddddddddd” Trey moaned through clenched teeth.

His body was paralyzed as his cum kept pouring from his balls. Releasing his grip on her waist, Megan fell forward, slipping off Trey’s hard cock. A long, thick strand of cum dangled from the head of his cock, breaking off as it fell to the wooden floor of sikiş izle the old house.

“And, that’s how we cowboys take care of you fillies!” Trey exclaimed, slapping her on the butt.

Megan lay breathless on her tummy, sprawled out on the sleeping bag. Her eyes, barely opened, watched as Trey took a bottle of water and poured it over his cock, washing himself off. Saturating a paper towel with water, he came back to the bed and washed her pussy and legs.

“You cityslickers are never gonna learn.” Trey whispered. “When it comes to breedin’, we know what we’re doin’.

“I’m goin’ out and check on the horses, get a few things done while I’m here.” He quipped, washing the perspiration from her back. “You stay here and get some rest. You’ve had a hard night bustin’ them broncos.”

Megan did drift back off to sleep within moments. It was almost mid-morning, before he came back inside the old house. Waking her gently, he waited while she dressed. Back at the main ranch, Megan showered and dressed to go see Trey’s father at the medical center.

Clint was in fairly good spirits. The physical therapy department had just brought him back from a session and he was quite tired. Megan sat on the bed with him, which is where he preferred her to sit. He chatted about ranching and horses, which was pretty much all he knew about, till he got tired. He mumbled his ex-wife, Christina’s name as he drifted off to sleep.

Megan spent the rest of the day going through Clint James’ legal documents and financial statements. Stretching out on the floor of Clint’s office she watched the blades of the ceiling fan slowly spinning.

“I’ll never get through all this!” Megan thought. “I’ll be drawing Social Security before I’m done!”

That evening Megan and Trey again returned to the ranch on Spider Road, hoping their luck would change. Entering the house, Megan spotted a snake slithering across the floor at her. Screaming, she ran out of the house. Trey attempted to calm her by informing her the snake was harmless but Megan wasn’t budging from her decision not to reenter the dilapidated building. That night, the couple spent the night inside the barn, sleeping in the haymow. Although a few vehicles passed by the ranch, none stopped or even slowed down. Early the next morning, Trey and Megan decided to call it a night and make love like two crazed animals before returning to the main ranch. At least, the night wasn’t without a reward!

The following night was just like the previous two. While Trey was getting disgruntled about not catching the thieves, he wasn’t complaining about the hot, passionate sex. Being the more patient of the two, Megan wasn’t complaining about either issue.

Later, close to mid-morning, Megan received a call at the house. It was Christina, Clint James’ former wife and the boy’s mother. Phoning from Albuquerque, she was just about to board a commuter flight to Taos. She asked if Megan would pick her up at the airport. Readily agreeing, Megan prepared to leave immediately. Megan drove Clint’s Suburban to the Taos Airport so there would be ample room for her luggage.

Apprehensive as to what the former Mrs. James would be like, Megan was pleasantly surprised when she saw a very attractive blonde-haired woman step off the small commuter plane. She was much younger than Clint, appearing to be in her late forties. Her short-cropped hair was tightly curled to her head. She walked with grace and style wearing a white, tailored business suit. The woman had a trim figure, evidence that she took great care of herself. She smiled as she approached Megan in the lobby of the small airport.

“You must be Megan Reynolds.” The woman said, pushing out her hand. “I’m Christina James.”

“Yes. I’m Megan.” She responded, briefly shaking the woman’s hand. “I’m glad we finally got to meet.”

“Too bad it couldn’t be over more pleasant circumstances.” Christina remarked. “How’s Clint doing?

“He’s doing better. They’re working on trying to get him to stand and walk.” Megan reported. “His spirits are down but I’m sure you’ll be able to cheer him up.”

“Honey, only one thing cheers that man up. And that’s money!” Christina replied with a stern look on her face.

Collecting Christina’s luggage, the two women packed it in the rear of the Suburban. Driving back to the Rockin J, Megan noticed the woman carefully looking her over.

“How’s Trey and Collin handling all this?” Christina inquired.

“Trey’s handling it pretty well. It was rough going at first.” Megan replied. “Collin hasn’t stopped in to see his father since we took him to the medical center.”

“Well, that’s no surprise. Collin I mean.” Christina commented. “Probably best if he stays the hell away from Clint anyway. He’d only come with his palms up wanting money.”

“You got everything under control at the ranch?” She asked bluntly. “Trey’s helping you I assume.”

“Yes, everything’s pretty well under control. Trey’s been wonderful.” Megan responded, biting her lower lip.

“Has Collin been bothering you any? You know, hitting on you?” Christina inquired.

“Ah no, not really.” Megan replied. “I just brush off whatever he says. I wouldn’t take anything he says seriously.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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