The Jeweler Ch. 02

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My wife Barbara went on the pill, her breasts enlarged from 36C to 38F, so she wanted me to have her nipple chain lengthened, as it didn’t dangle beautifully anymore.

I told her that the best thing to do was to ask Alice, the jeweler, to do that – I couldn’t meet her wish, as I had to fly for my job’s sake, and stay abroad for about two weeks. I could only find a few minutes to phone Alice and arrange an appointment with Barbara.

On the fixed night, Barbara went to Alice’s home; an onlooker would have wondered why did she wear too heavy a coat for that evening’s temperature, and it was because she was wearing the chain, and had to conceal it.

When Alice let it in her home, Barbara removed the only garment covering her bust – the coat. Alice was wrongfooted by her move, but soon recovered, and carefully looked at her breast and chain.

“Ms. Barbara, have your areolas expanded lately?” she asked

“No, Ms. Alice – they’ve always been larger than the nipple shields.”

“Hmm … I’m afraid that your husband had made a mistake when buying this chain. I advise you to replace it altogether. Can I measure your bosom, so I can make a better choice?”

“Of course,” said Barbara, and she removed the chain from her nipples. Alice covered her mouth in surprise, as she saw that the nipple rings were somewhat narrower than needed, so pinching and irritating the nipples.

“Ms. Barbara, if I were you I wouldn’t wear the chain for a couple of weeks – your nipples have been badly mistreated, and need healing. I’ll only measure your bust, and you’ll get the new chain when the nipples will have healed, won’t you?”

“I will – I wonder which woman was my husband thinking about when she bought the jewel.”

Then Barbara carefully looked at Alice’s bust, and noticed that she didn’t wear a bra under her tight shirt, but her nipples couldn’t be discerned – what was covering them?

“Ms. Alice,” asked Barbara, “Are you wearing nipple jewels?”

“Yes, I do. Congratulations – it takes a lot of attention to detect them. Would you like to see them?”

“Why not? So I’ll have an idea of how may a woman be adorned by a fitting intimate jewel.”

Alice bade her to sit, stood near her, with the bust near her eyes, and removed her T-shirt. The nipple shields were similar to the ones I saw on her the first time (see “The Jeweler Ch. 01”), and my wife too liked them.

But then she drew her nipple chain near to Alice’s breasts, and understood that the chain was made to her şişli escort measures – and that it was Alice the woman I was unwittingly thinking about when I bought it.

Alice tried to justify herself, “My intimate jewels are made to my measures, unless the buyer provides me with the giftee’s ones. Your husband didn’t do that.”

“Because I wasn’t a good wife at that time. I can’t complain if he wandered astray and wished that another woman were his wife.”

“And now, Ms. Barbara?”

“Since I went on the pill, I’ve been less anxious about sex, and my sex appeal has also grown with my bust.”

Alice removed the shields from her nipples, lest she would wound Barbara, and hugged my wife, telling her, “Barbara, we haven’t had anything but sex – which tapered down after you went on the pill.

I’m sorry about hurting you so much.”

“Don’t worry, Alice; you said you had to measure my chest in order to make a chain fitting me, didn’t you?”

Alice took the tape and measured my wife; she also proposed her to get vulvar jewelry, as I was away, but Barbara answered, “Vulvar jewelry, vulgar jewelry.”

“May I disprove your claim?” asked Alice, and she raised her skirt, so Barbara saw that she did not cover her vulva with panties, but decorated it with a fancy filigree jewel.

“Do you also wear it during your period?” asked my wife, and Alice answered, “I always use tampons.”

“It’s a beautiful jewel,” my wife admitted, “But I don’t feel like donning it, sorry.”

“No problem – I just wanted you to know that not all intimate jewels are vulgar.”

“When will I have my new chain?”

“In less than a month – we are using an old-new technology: the gold is extruded into thin yarns and then woven into the desired shape.”

“Your vulvar jewel is made of woven gold, isn’t it?”

“Yes. The gold is interwoven with silk threads, which can be of the color of your choice …”

“… which isn’t therefore limited to the colors of gold alloys.”

“Yes. The problem, as usual, is money. A chain fitting you will probably cost about $7,000, but the one you’re giving back is worth about $3,500.”

“Ok. When I take it I’ll pay it. Thanks, Alice.”

“You’re welcome, Barbara.”

Then Barbara dressed and went home, and Alice collected Barbara’s chain. She should have washed and sterilized the chain, but my wife’s apocrine sweat had soaked it through – and Alice loved its scent!

My wife had a shower more than beşiktaş escort once a day, but took care to just remove the dirt from her body, so her apocrine scent could be easily smelled. I loved her odor, and it saved my marriage more than once, as I could find better-busted lovers, but none of them – not even Alice – had her scent.

Alice thought about my wife, realized that it was under her scent’s influence that she showed her adorned genitalia to her, and remembered what did she feel when she had some same-sex experiences as a high-school student.

They were friendships gone awry, and she tried to save them turning them into sexual relationships, but that just didn’t work. What if she started a relationship with Barbara?

A relationship with my wife also implied resuming the relationship with me, as I couldn’t be supposed to know all and stay put. She could do that, but being involved in a threesome was not exactly her cup of tea.

But my wife had a big bosom, was kind, intelligent, able to recant a mistake, and unpretentious … she really had to take her, and the best way to win her over was to take advantage of my leave and hope that sexual abstinence became her trusted ally.

How did I learn all that? It’s simple – she phoned me and asked me what should she do in order to have sex with Barbara.

Had she been a man, I would have immediately gone to his home, worn my golden phallus sleeve, sodomized him and smothered him to death as well. To add insult to injury, I would also smash all his body with a red-hot scorching sledgehammer, until only by taking the DNA from his teeth his anatomical sex could be the object of an educated guess.

But Alice was a woman – my dick knew that well, so I was extremely excited by her proposal, so excited that I wore my golden sleeve, and masturbated while answering the phone.

When she realized what was happening, she had to masturbate too – not just because she had led another human being to orgasm, and witnessed it, but also because my reaction implied that her dreams were going to be fulfilled.

I told her that my wife was a good lover, but a bad cook – so taking her to dinner was the best thing to start with. But not just once – it would take four to five dinners to have her mood improve due to her better feeding.

Then she could bring her to see something beautiful – pictures, statues, old books, historical landmarks, every work of art could elate her and make her more prone to non-standard sexual activity.

Gift taksim escort would be the decisive weapon – especially if the gift was indelibly linked to the giver, perhaps because it contained something his.

“An intimate jewel in which gold yarns and my long hair were interwoven would do the miracle?”

“Probably yes – if your hair is clean and not dyed. My wife hates dyed hair. I also advise you to wear the jewel for about a couple weeks, so your apocrine sweat soaks it.”

“What if she dislikes my body odor?”

“I’ll console you 🙂 Sorry, in this case nothing can be done.”

That night I couldn’t help continuously jacking off, as I thought about the threesome to come – and Alice must have done the same, or worse, since women lack refractory period.

She had a golden filigree double of my penis, and I thought that she had put it into the twat when she phoned me, and would only remove it three weeks later, as her incoming period would force her to replace it with a Tampax 🙂

Actually, she used it in a more creative way: after taking Barbara to dinners, museums, libraries and scenic places, and convincing her to think to her as a very special friend, she went to our home, with the chain my wife had returned her latched to her own nipples.

She then unbuttoned her shirt, thus revealing her breasts and her chain – my wife’s sensitive smell realized that Alice had always worn it whenever they went out, and that her scent and Alice’s own one were now pleasantly intermingled.

Alice took the $7,000 chain from the purse – and then Barbara realized why Alice’s hair had recently been cut to the length of Audrey Hepburn’s. In lieu of silk or wool, Alice’s hair was used to decorate the chain.

It was an act of sheer foolhardiness – another person would have felt revulsion at wearing a jewel human hair was woven to; I can’t even think about washing my hands in a sink with a single hair in it! But Barbara had become extremely friendly to Alice, so she took it as a token.

Then Alice asked Barbara if she missed me. Barbara admitted to (Alice knew that my wife was in her estrogenic phase, in which sexual desire peaks) and regretted not being able to meet me for a night of hot wild sex.

So Alice took out her secret weapon: my penis double. Barbara recognized what was it modeled after, and Alice told her that she had sought my permission to use it for my wife’s pleasure. She then latched it to her golden thong, which had replaced the vulvar jewel, and doubled into a strap-on device.

My wife couldn’t resist to the idea of having her best friend fuck her with a veritable reproduction of my genital organ, so she undressed, let Alice apply her new chain to her breasts first, and then fuck her with all her might.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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