The Julie Journals: Ch. 19 A Nice Couple

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She read the latest entry in her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her. She came across an entry, ‘Kenya,’ “Not a bad way to welcome in the New Year I guess” Julie said quietly to herself.

* * * * *

With the words “I will see you at the airport on the 2nd,” still ringing in her brain Julie clicked the mobile phone off. At least she had seen her boyfriend for Christmas, but things had conspired that he had to change arrangements and would fly out later to join their Indian Ocean cruise to celebrate her 41st birthday that was at the start of December. Four days stuck in a hotel in Kenya on her own wasn’t that bad she thought, at least she had a few trashy novels she could read and could work on a decent tan.

That evening Julie sat quietly in the restaurant reading a book after a leisurely dinner when she heard an English voice from the side of the table, “Could I beg a cigarette please?”

Looking up Julie saw a pretty young girl in her early 20’s, her face framed by straight brown hair cut in a shoulder length bob. Julie smiled as she said, “Sure have a spare one as well.”

As she leant forward to collect the cigarettes Julie couldn’t help but look down her dress and see that a bra didn’t encumber her firm small delicate breasts. Julie’s discrete watching was broken by the girl saying, “Thanks, I’m Lucy and that’s my boyfriend Andy, I promised him I would give up but I didn’t seem to be doing to well.”

Julie looked over to where Lucy had indicated and saw a sandy haired man of about 25 who, with a pleasant smile, was waving in both thanks and embarrassment at his girlfriend’s boldness.

After dinner Julie decided to sit on the veranda in the bar and as she strolled out she spotted the couple sitting in conversation. Walking over Julie stopped and smiling said, “Would you like a few more cigarettes for later?”

Lucy and Andy looked up and both smiled. “You are too kind,” said Lucy, “But why don’t you join us as you seem to be on your own.”

Julie looked at Andy for confirmation and in a broad Yorkshire accent he replied, “Please join us, and let me get you a drink.”

Over the next few hours the three of them talked and drank and it became apparent that it was Lucy & Andy’s first visit to Africa and they both questioned Julie at length about subjects ranging from how much to tip, the costs of taxis and why you couldn’t bathe topless, to the wildlife they might see on the safari they had booked. Julie had been to various parts of Africa many times before and answered their questions and also explained that her boyfriend had been called away on business and wouldn’t be joining her until the airport in a few days time when they were flying to the Seychelles.

The one subject that seemed to fascinate Lucy was sex as she continually steered the conversation round to ask about local customs and attitudes based on sex. Andy on the other hand would steer the conversations away sometimes looking a bit embarrassed. Julie decided that they were relaxed enough to throw out a little testing question and looking directly into Lucy’s eyes said, “The way you are talking about sex you would think you are here to see more than just the animals on Safari.”

There bursa sınırsız escort was a pause and the couple looked at each other and to Julie’s surprise it was Andy who replied blushing, “We both feel we should be more experimental with sex… Perhaps see Lucy with a black guy,” then went on, “Sorry I hope we haven’t offended you.”

Julie laughed and still keeping direct eye contact with Lucy said, “I must admit I was wondering what you would look like naked and your pussy would taste like.”

Lucy didn’t flinch as she returned Julie’s gaze and said, “If you taste mine then I want to taste yours, but only after Andy has cum inside you.”

With the subject out in the open the three of them acted in almost indecent haste as they settled the bill and headed towards the rooms. “Our room is closer,” Lucy panted as she turned and opened the door.

Leaving Andy to follow behind Julie was surprised as Lucy grabbed her just inside the door and kissed her firmly on the mouth. Julie returned the passionate kiss and both of them tugged at each other’s clothing leaving Andy to watch. Soon both women’s clothes were in a heap on the floor and they fell to the bed hands roaming over each other’s body.

Julie firmly pushed Lucy onto her back and started kissing her neck and working her way down. Running her tongue over and around Lucy’s nipples she heard her moan with excitement and felt the nipples harden under her tongue. Trailing her tongue over Lucy’s tummy Julie worked down until she was kneeling between Lucy’s thighs on all fours. Julie knew that she was in an inviting position for Andy and hoped she didn’t have to spell it out for him. Movement behind her told Julie the answer to her question and she felt Andy’s hands caressing her buttocks and rough fingers stroking at the folds of her pussy.

Julie bent her head and delicately ran her tongue along Lucy’s pussy lips collected the juices that had collected there. Then delving inside as deep as she could Julie wormed her tongue up and around licking deep inside Lucy’s pussy. At the same time Julie felt a pressing against her own pussy as Andy prepared to enter her and Julie couldn’t help letting out a moan of pleasure as Andy slowly pushed himself deeper and deeper into Julie’s pussy.

By the feel of it, Andy wasn’t huge but was reasonably well endowed and his cock was as hard as steel. Andy started to fuck Julie in a steady pace and each thrust sent her face into Lucy’s pussy pressing her nose against her clit. Moving her head and bracing herself Julie managed to work on Lucy’s engorged clit. First running her tongue round and round then gently taking it between her lips sucked and nibbled. Lucy was thrashing about and moaning as Julie worked on her and Julie knew she was close when she felt her hands grip her head.

“Oh God Julie, lick my pussy… devour me… I am cumming,” and with that Lucy let out a wail and Julie felt her flood. Clamping her mouth over Lucy’s pussy Julie swallowed as much of Lucy’s juices as she could.

“Does she taste good?” Andy grunted as he continued to drive in and out of Julie.

Julie couldn’t reply as her mouth was still firmly pressed against Lucy’s pussy and heard Lucy pant out, “Fuck her good lover, I want to taste your cum in her pussy.”

These words of encouragement caused bursa escort bayan Andy to fuck harder and with a half moan, half yell pumped his cum deep into Julie. Julie could feel each of his final thrusts like he was trying to drive his cock through the roof of her head and this action sent Julie over the top and her orgasm burst through her body.

After a few minutes Andy withdrew from Julie and she felt herself being moved gently on the bed so she was lying on her back, feet on the headboard and with Lucy above her in a 69 position.

“Now I am going to taste that lovely cum,” Lucy said in a throaty voice and with that bent her head and began to lick at Julie’s pussy. Julie nerves were still on edge and each touch of Lucy’s tongue sent electric shocks racing through her body.

Looking up Julie could see Lucy’s lovely pussy and lifting her head began to lick and nibble and Lucy’s clit. This sent Lucy wild and she in turn licked harder and more frantically and Julie could feel Lucy’s tongue deep inside her body and her enjoyment of the sensations was momentarily halted when she saw Andy’s thighs behind her head.

Julie was a little shocked to see that Andy was sporting a raging erection and Andy smiled down as he said, “Viagra. took some on the way back to the room. Now as you are taking up Lucy’s pussy, be a dear and lick her ass and I will fuck that.”

Julie craned her neck further and pulling Lucy’s ass cheeks apart began to probe with her tongue. Julie could tell by the moans coming from Lucy and the way her anal ring twitched that she wasn’t an anal virgin. Julie poked her tongue in and rolling her tongue into a tube pushed in and out prepared her as much as she could. Then using some of Lucy’s pussy juices as lubricant Julie worked first one then two fingers in and out of Lucy’s willing ass.

Andy’s cock by the side of her head told Julie that he wasn’t going to wait much longer so Julie moved out of the way. “Better get it good and wet love,” Andy said as he held his cock by the base. Julie was more than happy to oblige and opened her mouth and allowed Andy to slide his rock-hard cock in and Julie made sure that she left as much saliva on Andy’s cock as she could when he withdrew and to help Julie held Lucy’s ass cheeks wide apart.

As Julie watched very closely Andy pushed his cock at Lucy’s anal ring and Julie saw it resist before finally succumbing to the assault and allowing the head to slip inside. Julie felt the muffled scream in her pussy from Lucy as Andy slowly worked his cock deeper. Soon Andy had all seven inches buried in Lucy’s ass and Julie couldn’t help but lick Andy’s heavy balls that were hanging over her face.

Julie returned her attentions to Lucy’s pussy as Andy started to pump in and out of Lucy’s ass. At first he thrust slowly but as Lucy relaxed his thrusts became deeper and more rapid and Lucy was going wild and her tongue was doing the same to Julie. Soon Julie felt another orgasm building and looking up she saw Andy’s balls contract as he neared his climax and Julie clamped her teeth on Lucy’s clit causing Lucy to buck and thrust herself harder onto Andy’s cock. The chain reaction sent all three of them into a mutual orgasm.

All three of them lay sprawled on the bed and after an hour of a sleep Julie woke to the sound of the shower nilüfer escort running. Lucy was cuddled up to Julie, her chest rising and falling slowly as she slept, but Andy was nowhere to be seen. Walking naked to the bathroom Julie stood at the open door and watched as Andy soaped himself still sporting a raging erection.

Andy steeped out of the shower and stood in front of Julie. “Bloody Viagra, it just won’t go away.” Andy laughed as he stroked his engorged cock.

“We will have to do something about that,” Julie laughed softly and sank to her knees.

Andy stepped forward and sighed as Julie took his cock in his hand and slowly began to lick the head of his cock. Still working the cock with her hand Julie engulfed the cock in her warm mouth and began to move her head up and down.

Julie was still sucking on Andy when she heard a sleepy voice behind her, “Started without me have you,” pouted Lucy.

Removing her mouth from Andy’s cock Julie laughed as she said, “Don’t blame me it’s your boyfriend who has a hard-on that won’t go down,” and returned to sucking Andy’s cock.

“Come back to bed,” Lucy said, “I have a nice surprise for you.”

Julie and Andy broke off from their games and went back to the bedroom to see Lucy lying on her back with a large strap on sticking up into the air. “You like?” Lucy purred.

Julie nodded and clambered onto the bed straddling Lucy’s hips and holding the base of the plastic cock upright, Julie sank slowly onto it and a sigh of pleasure escaped her lips as she felt the eight inches sink into her pussy. Slowly riding it Julie moaned as the pleasure coursed through her and when she felt Andy’s hand on her back stopping her movements for a second and Julie knew what was coming next.

Bracing herself Julie felt Andy’s rampant cock pressing against her ass and breathing deeply Julie relaxed to allow him to slip inside. The feeling of being penetrated by two cocks was intense and Julie couldn’t help a loud groan escape her lips. With a sharp thrust Andy fully embedded his cock into Julie’s ass and leaning forward whispered in Julie’s ear, “How does it feel sexy woman?”

“Full,” was the only words Julie could find and then as passion welled up kissed Lucy hard on the mouth. Andy began to drive his cock in slow deep strokes forcing Lucy’s plastic cock deeper into her pussy each time. Julie got into the rhythm and began to grind down onto the strap on with each thrust and then push back onto to Andy who was filling her ass.

The feelings were so intense a huge orgasm flashing through Julie like a raging river and she thrashed as the couple fucked her with renewed vigour. Soon Andy was grunting and with tremendous thrusts emptied him-self deep inside Julie’s ass. The movement and pressure on Lucy’s clit from the base plate of the strap on caused Lucy to cum at the same time.

The three of them rolled onto their side and lay like that for a while with Julie still pinned by the two cocks, and Julie fell into a sleep with Lucy kissing her face gently and Andy kissing her neck.

The early morning dawn was just starting to break when Julie woke and Lucy and Andy were sleeping soundly on either side. Quietly so as not to wake them Julie climbed from the bed and gathered her clothes that were strewn round the room. Pausing only to write the number of a very discrete and clean local agency on a piece of paper with the note ‘they will take care of your every desire, mention my name.’ As she scrawled Julie C and added some kisses.

A few minutes later Julie was back in her room and jumped in the shower and as she soaped herself clean she thought, “Such a nice couple, pity I will never see them again.”

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