The Last One to Know Pt. 02

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I wake up early, even after I go to bed late. It’s a habit that never changes unless the sun’s already up when I hit the sack.

Amy and I were still getting to know one another, but she had slept over enough times for me to know she never opens her eyes in the morning until she has to. So when I rolled over the next morning and she was lying there staring at the ceiling, I thought something might be wrong. She didn’t wait for me to ask.

“You know… I don’t really want to fuck my own father, right?”

“I didn’t think you did.”

She didn’t say anything for a while, just kept lying there, looking up. I had to go to the bathroom. When I started to get up, she started to talk.

“Because last night, that was… I don’t know, really weird. And I just don’t want you to think I’m-“

“Baby, I don’t think anything, except that I might piss all over both of us if I don’t go to the bathroom right now.”

When I came out, she was sitting on the sofa.

“I just don’t want you to think I had any of that in mind when we started fucking last night.”

“Is this what you woke up think-“

“You made me tell that story, remember?”

She was wrapped in a sheet, rocking back and forth. I keep a coffee maker going at all times. I went into the kitchen to pour a cup. Back in the living room I sat down in a reading chair, across from her. She was still rocking back and forth.

“Remember? You asked me to tell-“

“Amy… I asked you to tell me a story, but I didn’t write it for you.”

“So you’re saying you do think I want to fuck him?’

“I’m saying we all have ideas, quirks, kinks, fantasies. Welcome to the club.”

“Oh my god! I’m disgusting!”

She ran into the bedroom. I heard the mattress shift as she collapsed onto it. At least she wasn’t dressing quickly in order to make a dramatic mad rush out the door. I sat finishing my coffee, thinking how she’s twenty, probably used to boys who come in three minutes or who can’t stay hard, drunk dick, that kind of thing. Don’t be rough on her. She’s doing the normal thing. I put my cup in the sink and went in to lie down beside her. She barely let me settle in beside her.

“Please tell me you’re the same as me.”

“What, that I think about my dad’s giant cock? Can’t help you there, kid.”

“No, don’t be an ass, please!”

“Then tell you what?”

“That you have… weird stories, too, shit you’d never tell anyone.”

“I told you a lot of stories the last two days.”

“I know, but those weren’t… weird ones, like mine.”

I rolled over and off the bed. I opened the curtain to see what the outside world was doing at… seven thirty-five on a Saturday morning. Nothing. Looked like rain a little later. I yawned and stretched, one of those metaphysical stretches that make you feel like you just grew six inches. Over my shoulder I could see her looking at me, holding the curtains open as I stretched.

“Hey! You want the whole town to see your dick hanging there?”

“No one’s out there watching, believe me. You see how early it is?”

“Still… close the curtain.”

I let it close and went back to lie down with her. We kissed for the first time that morning, gently. She wasn’t an angry kid or even resentful, just confused. I threw her a wink and kissed her on the nose.

She reached down and lifted my loose cock.

“No one sees this but me now, mister!”

“Oh, that belongs to you now, does it?”

“Didn’t I earn it the last two days?”

“You know what they say in Hollywood: You’re only as good as your last movie.”

“And what do they say here?” She was stroking me with some energy. I was already filling her hand with the desired response.

“You’re only as good as your last blow job.”

“Challenge accepted!”

She knew where to go and got there in a hurry. After a minute she came off it.

“God, you have a fat dick! I want to keep it with me every time I leave here.”

Her hand was damn good, bringing the head just an inch from her face every time she worked it up and down. She stared at it, all of it. I’d seen plenty of women with the same look. There are no doubt some talented guys out there with less meat than this, but when the big gun comes out, there’s nothing like it. You can see it in their eyes. Don’t let anyone fool you.

“You hungry, baby?”

“Oh god yes!”

She knows I like it fast and wet. Noisy, too. I’m a word man. Maybe we had enough words last night, but escort reklamları you never know until you try.

“Mmmm! Honey! You are a hungry little girl. Daddy’s hungry little girl!”

She came off it and looked up at me. Moments of truth. Life is made up of them. All you can do is wait and see which way the other person is going to go.

She could’ve got up and walked. She went the other way.

“Is that what you want, Daddy? Huh!?” She was stroking me now like she was starting an engine. “You want your little girl to suck your big cock?”

I pushed her face back on it, and she took it from there. Her jack-off hand worked a perfect rhythm with her mouth. This wasn’t going to take long.

“Daddy’s gonna come, honey. You want it?”

She gurgled her approval and turned it on even faster.

“Aaaagggghhhh, FUCK!! Drink it, baby! Drink it aaaaallllll…!!”

I never had a thing for blondes. Amy isn’t the first, but she’s the first in a while. Looking down at her hair, her face, seeing her so goddamned dedicated to sucking down all I gave her, I thought there’s nothing more beautiful in the world than her, right there, right now. She came off my cock with a smile made for morning blow jobs.

“How was that… Daddy?”

“No one, baby… no one in the world is as good as your last blow job.”

We napped a while. Later, we sat across from each other at my kitchen table. I liked her. I liked how quickly she stopped pouting this morning and went with the moment. She might be twenty, but she can handle herself, this girl. I decided to see how much. She bit her toast and took a sip of coffee.

“So tell me… who’s cock did you suck in there this morning?”

“What? Yours. Come on! Was that another-“

“Mine? You sure?”


She came around the table and sat on my lap.

“I wanted to suck your cock, okay? I love your big, fat dick, okay?”

She kissed me deeply, sweetly. I let her, then pulled back.

“It’s just… you woke up a little upset, and then…”

“I thought we were just playing around in bed, with the ‘Daddy’ and all that. Were we?”

“Sure. We were just playing around.”

I nudged her off my lap and got up to refill my coffee. I walked around the table and sat down where she had been. The sun was coming in the window, shining right at her. Jesus, her tits! She wore one of my shirts, with all the buttons undone. The sunshine hit her right there in the chest. I’m a tit man, first, last, and always. You don’t get a scene like that one in your kitchen every day. You gotta pause and savor.

“It was your cock I wanted to get hard. Did you like that?”

“All that was great. In fact, I was impressed.”

She smiled. “You know I love to blow you.”

“Not that. I was impressed how you got over the morning-after blues so fast.”


She stopped smiling and reached for her coffee, which was in front of me now since we’d switched seats. I gave it to her. When she finished I handed her a piece of toast. She finished that. Then she laced her fingers together and leaned on her hands, looking at me.

“I’m scared.”

I fought off a big laugh and let out only a little one. She didn’t laugh back.

“Of what? A fantasy?”

“It’s not normal.”

“To fantasize? Sure it is.”

“About dads, about kids fucking their parents, brothers and sisters, all that incest shit?”

“It’s more common than you think.”

“Then why haven’t I heard any of my friends tell me-“

“Tell you that they fucked their parents, or wanted to? That they give their brothers blow jobs? Because look how it freaked you out. They’d feel the same way, admitting that shit. They’re young. You’re young. Life takes a while.”

She sat back in the chair and closed the shirt. She sat and thought for a minute. Moment of truth, number two. Would she reject all that? Would she try harder to learn something about herself?

“It was really fun last night.”

I raised my coffee cup to her. A one-man toast.

“I mean… I never came so many times, ever.”

“Or so hard. Ever.”

“Does it mean I really want to fu-“

“It means you have a normal imagination, and you’re not afraid of yourself. You’re like the rest of us.”

“The rest? Like you? So you have fantasies about inc-“

“Maybe. Just know that I’m just as ‘normal’ as you are, baby.”

I raised another toast to her, and we gaziantep escort reklamları got up from the table.

She blew me again in the shower. She said her pussy was sore from two days of fucking like mice, or rabbits, whatever. I soaped and rinsed and sucked a lot of tit. I’ve always preferred older women, for reasons you’ll have to wait to find out, but for Christ’s sake, a twenty-year-old with big firm tits is a gift from Mother Nature. I told Amy so. She grabbed a handful of cock and said, “Likewise… Daddy!”

I didn’t see her again until Tuesday evening. She walked in with an overnight bag overstuffed with God knows what a girl her age needs for one night. Then she solved that mystery.

“I’m spending the week here.”

I wasn’t given a chance to accept, or not.

“Ask me why I’m here on Tuesday.”

“Why Tuesday?”

She walked to the back of the sofa, bent over it, lifted her skirt. No panties.

“Because I was still sore on Monday. Fuck me, Daddy!!”

She watched me all the way in, and when John Thursday hit home, she almost left her feet.

“Oh, God, Daddy! I’ve been home missing your big Daddy dick!”

I drilled it into overdrive. Sinking deeper and staying there an extra second, for effect.


As she wished. But no matter how much stamina a guy has, there are times when the gal runs the show. I was doing homework when she walked in. This was more than I was ready for. Daddy was about to blow.

“You better come soon, baby,” I grunted. “Daddy ain’t waiting to fill your fucking hole!”

That did it.


I stayed there as long as I could. When I pulled it out I painted her skirt white. Then I decided to make the most of the moment.

I leaned over her back, pulled her hair just hard enough, and said into her ear, “Daddy has a dirty cock. Clean it.”

She never made a sound until I heard her slurping up the last drop.

“And the balls, baby.”

She tongued the shaft and laid her mouth all over my balls. She might have been coming again for all the noises I heard. It was like the few days without her had never even happened. This was going to be a good week.

She showered while I heated some leftover pasta. At the table, she pushed her phone across to me.

“Read that conversation.”

The first thing I saw was the name ‘Beth.’ Bells rang, from Saturday night.

“Is this the cousin Beth, from your Daddy Christmas story?”


I started reading.


“I know.” She said this through a mouthful of spaghetti. I pushed the napkins toward her and started to read a message from Beth, out loud.

“‘…my mom was really drunk that Christmas night and we were talking about your dad and—please don’t be mad—but she told me she fucked him!'”

Amy finished a glass of wine and set it down, smoothing the table cloth in front of her.

“My dad is a player, apparently.” It was after she said that that she looked up at me, smiling.

“And this is news to you, I take it.”

“Oh, you haven’t read the half of it. Go ahead.”

I scrolled through the whole conversation. Beth’s mom is the sister of Amy’s mom. The sisters, according to Mrs. Beth (I don’t know their family names) were in the habit of comparing the men they slept with. When Amy’s mom told Beth’s mom that Amy’s dad was in a league of his own, Beth’s mom played the oldest trick in the book: ‘Prove it.’ Apparently Amy’s mom and dad are a bit more broad-minded than Amy was aware of. The sisters got liquored up and had a threesome with the lucky bastard. But according to Beth, her mom claimed that things didn’t stop there.

“Beth’s mom and my dad got it on a few more time, so Beth says, so her mom says, I guess.”

“You don’t buy it?”

She had filled her glass with more wine. She took another drink but didn’t finish the glass.

“Hell, three days ago I admitted that I come all over myself when I think of my dad’s giant dick, so… I guess I’m willing to believe anything now.”

“You’re wiser than your years,” I told her.


“Meaning only fools get surprised by the things other people do. Anyone is capable of anything at any time. If I know anything, I know that.”

“What are you capable of?”

I stood and grabbed the win bottle, and my glass. gaziantep escort bayan reklamları I nodded for her to grab hers and follow me.

“Story time,” I told her.

She squealed a little and held the belt loop at the back of my pants as we left the kitchen.

“You think listening from across the hall, to your mom and dad fucking, was weird?”

We were on the sofa. No lights, just two candles and the glow of street lamps from outside. We were sitting apart, on either end. I wanted room to get into what I was about to tell her. I talk with my hands a lot. I move around. I’m a theater major. The whole world’s a stage, all that…

“Oh yeah, it was weird.”

“Right after I turned eighteen, I had an aunt who moved into a new house, a big house, and my mom volunteered me to spend a weekend there, helping my aunt move big boxes around, shit like that.”

“And you fu-“

“Slow down. We’ll get there.”

“Oh my god! Is this a true-“

“I never lie about sex. Look at my cock. What do I have to lie about?”

“Ha! Ha! Okay.”

I continued.

“The second night I’m there, she leaves me alone, says she has a date. The TV was working, all that, so I’d be fine there alone. She ordered me a pizza, and she left. I liked the place, so I didn’t mind.

“I’m asleep, a long time later, and I think I’m having a sex dream, moaning and groaning, all that, but then I wake up and realize I’m not asleep anymore. This is no dream.”

“What was it?”

“I laid there and listened for a minute, and then I thought I heard my aunt’s voice saying ‘Fuck me like that!'”

“Where was she?”

“I didn’t know. I had to find out. So I sneak to the door of the bedroom, and I open the door just a crack. This bedroom was near the living room, and through the crack I saw my aunt, straddling some big guy’s lap, and he was standing in the middle of the room, fucking her as he held up.”

“Walking around?”

“No, just standing there, with her riding him.”

“Oh wow!”

“I know. I’d seen porno, but never a live show.”

“Did you watch?”

“Of course. I was hard as concrete and already stroking myself.”

“Did they hear you?”


“And did you come fast?”

“I did not. By eighteen a guy has jerked off what, a few thousand times? I knew how to string it along.”

“So you watched more?”

“Fuck yeah I did. He turned a little and I saw her big tits for the first time. I had always stared at hers when she wore bathing suits. Now there they were.”

“So you’re a tit man, baby?”

“Now you know.”

She saw me looking at hers. She laughed like she caught me stealing the last slice of cake from the fridge.

“So you like mine?”

“Sometimes they’re all I think about.”

She threw a small pillow at me and called me a name as she laughed. (You can’t beat a devilish sense of humor. If Amy wasn’t real, I’d invent her.)

“So you watched your aunt’s big tits. And then?”

“And then she hopped off the guy’s cock and got on her knees. She blew him until-“

“Was he big?”

“I honestly never looked. I was locked in on her tits and then on her head, blowing him so fast and hard.”

“Let me guess: Your aunt swallows?”

“She did that time. And I came all over the inside of the door. They walked to a bathroom on the other side of the house and I closed my door. I jerked off two more times before I fell asleep.”

I had started to rub my crotch. Amy was crawling toward me.

“You want Aunt Amy to swallow you, baby?”

She was reaching for my fly. I stopped her.

“Stand up. Show me your big fucking tits, baby.”

She was up in a hurry and throwing my shirt to the floor.

“Talk to me.”

She put her hands on her head and struck a pose.

“You like Aunt Amy’s big tits, honey? You want to suck on Aunt Amy’s big hard nipples?”

She grabbed her nipples herself and tweaked them, her tongue tracing a slow, sexy line across her bottom lip.

“I want to!”

“Show Aunt Amy your big cock first, baby.”

I pulled it out and let it dominate the room.

“Mmmmm! Oh, baby! Little boy has such a big, grown-up cock!”

“You should know, Auntie. You fucked it enough times.”

Amy froze, but only for a second.

“You fucked your aunt?!”

“Blow me and show me. Show me how badly you want to hear the rest of this story.”

I reached out and grabbed her by a wrist. I didn’t have to do much else. She was on the floor as fast as she could get down there, sucking me in like there was a prize waiting at the end. There was a prize. In fact, there were a few.

Still are. And the more Amy stays and the more we talk, the more I wonder if I’m really the only one in this room right now who has had a family member come all over me.

I’m going to find out, soon.

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