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**AUTHOR’S NOTE** I’ve had this one for a few years. The chick in this story is based on the same former friend in “Against All Odds”, but the bass player is different. Savvy rock fans may recognize him if they pay close enough attention, though I did change maybe one or two details about him. The former friend had a crush on him, but a bigger crush on the blonde in “Against All Odds”. The story just came to me out of the blue, and I worked on it like every night for probably a week or so. I edited it a bit for this site, so I hope people like it. Also, forgive me if I have any parts of L.A. wrong. I researched what I could, but I’m not from there, nor have I ever been there. Anyways, enjoy! Oh, and the characters in the story are VERY MUCH over the age of 18!


As a world famous tattooer and tattoo model, Jayne didn’t know why she was still alone. She had suitors from around the country, she was always asked to do one project or another, and she had no shortage of dates. Still, she went to bed alone at night and she was still what people would refer to as a “cherry”. She didn’t make that fact about herself known. She preferred to keep it as a closely guarded secret, at least until she found the right guy.

Jayne drove her Harley along the Pacific Coast Highway in L.A. on one of her rare days off. It was what she did to collect her thoughts and try to put her life in perspective. She waved at admirers and fans that recognized her as she as she sped along. She declined verbal invitations to “party” with this guy and that. The parties, red carpet events, guest tattooer projects, and modeling gigs were fun, but they weren’t enough anymore.

She was nearing her mid-thirties and she was reaching that part of her life where she wanted to share her life with someone. She started to wonder if she’d ever find that special guy, or if she was doomed to just spend her life alone. The rockers and other celebrities she knew were starting to settle down. She wanted to set her life in order with one special man. She just wondered who in the world that guy would be.

Drove here and there, turning corners, taking this street and that until she found herself near Venice Beach, and turned the engine off. She longed to walk along that beautiful coast with someone. She yearned to feel strong arms around her small waist while gawking in awe (or horror) at the bodies on Muscle Beach. She ached to feel soft lips kissing along her neck and craved a warm, hard body in her bed. She nibbled her lower lip as she thought of the numerous gorgeous men who offered her those things. The only problem was she wanted more than what they offered, which was ‘just one night’.

Behind her sunglasses, she fought the tears that tried to surface. They were tears of loneliness that she hid from the world. Not even her best friend knew of her pain. The one guy that she spoke to more than anyone else knew nothing of her inner ache. They shared everything, but she trusted no one with her secret tears.

A vibration in the pocket of her black leather jacket interrupted her thoughts. Out of all the habits she dropped on her day off, she forgot to drop the habit of bringing her damn phone with her. When she saw the text, she couldn’t help but smile. Leave it to her best friend, Kenny, to make her smile with a text message: “How about some lunch, chick?”

Kenny was a cool guy that she’d known for a while. Wildly successful in his own right and one of her biggest tattoo customers, they became fast friends when he found he could trust her with his deepest darkest secrets. She was there for him when he needed someone in his darkest moments, and even his kids adored her. Too bad they were more “brother and sister” than “boyfriend and girlfriend”. Everyone said they’d make a perfect couple if they could reach that next level.

Kenny was too selfish for that type of relationship, though. At least that was what he thought. She was too strong-willed, and maybe even a little too smart. He was into women that were maybe a little dangerous, as far as his heart and wallet were concerned. He was drawn to women that people said might be bad for him.

He liked women that weren’t yet out of their 20’s and could break his heart at the drop of a hat if they wanted. He wanted a woman that he thought of as stunning, and could match him in and out of bed. Jayne was drop dead gorgeous with her clear green eyes, dark, flowing hair and full lips. It didn’t escape Kenny’s notice that she had a body to die for, and brains to match. The fact was she had a very strong personality, and he didn’t think he had a snowball’s chance in hell with her, so he accepted their friendship.

Kenny was never afraid to go after a woman that he wanted, but something about Jayne held him at bay. He just couldn’t pinpoint what that “something” was.

Kenny had just broken up with someone. She was a model that he fell in love with more than a year after a hurtful break-up with a chick that he had a hard time admitting wasn’t mature enough to be Anadolu Yakası Escort in a relationship with him, or anyone else. When he asked the girl to marry him, he was over the moon with joy when she said yes. After the death of his mother, though, he started to see different attributes in her that he just didn’t like. She was a nice enough girl, he guessed, but she just wasn’t right for him.

Kenny hung out with Jayne as much as he could after the demise of that relationship. When his mother died, it was Jayne’s arms he cried in, not his fiancée’s. When he was stressed, it was Jayne he went to, not his fiancée. When he returned home from the road, it was Jayne he sought out, not his fiancée. Kenny depended on Jayne more than anybody else in his life, other than his kids. He started to wonder why he wouldn’t just admit to what he knew was in his heart when it came to Jayne.

Yeah, he knew why, he just wouldn’t say it to anyone else. He didn’t want to be rejected. Kenny hadn’t been rejected by any woman in many years. In his line of work, he could pretty much have any woman he wanted; fan or not. The one woman he went to the most though was the one he was actually a little daunted by, when it came to “love”.

As the bass player of a band that had been rocking the world for over 3 decades, and founder and bass master of another band that had found fame and popularity in the 21st Century, he wasn’t short on creativity. He was a best-selling author, talented photographer, talk show host, and sought-after music producer. He was still dreamed about and heavily sought after by women of every sort in every part of the world. Only Jayne knew of the pain he still carried inside of him sometimes. Only she knew of what went on in his tortured soul that he completely refused to go back to drugs to quell.

Jayne kept Kenny grounded in reality and he helped her to escape it for a while. He thought that Jayne maybe had a bit of a crush on him, but he didn’t want to flatter himself too much. After all, she was a woman who could pretty much have whoever and whatever she wanted, but he couldn’t help but hope she felt at least a little something for him. He revved his motorcycle and smiled when Jayne rolled up with a tip of her chin in greeting to him. He gave her his usual one-sided grin with a head nod of his own and led the way to their favorite café.

As they ate, they were mildly amused while noticing people watching them. They were fans that were wondering if they should walk up and ask for autographs, or if they should just stay back and grant them some privacy. They shook their heads a little and laughed at the giggles, subtle points, and whispers they induced. They rolled their eyes at the paparazzi who were trailing them back to their hogs when they left. They jokingly gave cynical answers to the photographers’ rude, acerbic questions, but were nice to the more respectful guys.

They went back to Jayne’s beachfront house in Malibu and took off their jackets. They decided to hang out on her patio to get some fresh air and unwind. There were few places they felt safe from prying eyes. One place was her house, and the other place was his. Their heavily guarded communities didn’t allow photographers or reporters on the premises.

“I guess the report will be that we shared an intimate lunch today,” Jayne joked, giving Kenny a soda.

“Yeah, and they’ll say we looked cozy and romantic. ‘They seemed to be a couple!'” Kenny joked back, rolling his eyes.

Jayne shook her head a little, “They’ll probably have us engaged in a few weeks.”

Kenny laughed, “And broken up in three months.”

Jayne nodded in agreement, “The doomed Hollywood couple, huh?”

Kenny shook his head a little, “They doom us all, babe.”

“Anyway, how was the road?” Jayne asked when she settled on a chaise lounge.

Kenny settled beside her since there was plenty of room, “It was the same. Long, hard, and fun. How’d your calendar shoot go?”

“It went really well! They called me back to redo some pictures, but all-in-all, it should be done in time for Christmas,” Jayne proudly stated.

Kenny couldn’t help but be a little turned on by that. He had seen her modeling pictures before, and her tattoos perfectly accentuated her tanned and toned body. He wasn’t sure if Jayne knew how desperately he wanted her, but the need got stronger every time he saw her. He smiled to himself, wondering if asking his best friend to go to bed with him was bad manners or not. Her voice suddenly broke into his naughty thoughts.

“What are you laughing at over there, dork?” She asked him whenever he kept his thoughts to himself.

He laughed, shaking his head a little, “Nothing, love.”

She lifted her head and looked deep into his eyes, “You’re laughing at me, you jerk!” She accused.

He laughed a little harder, “No, I’m not! You’re always accusing me, girl!”

“Then what are you laughing at?” She wanted to know.

“It’s nothing important, baby!” He assured her.

“Yeah, Pendik Escort right. You probably think my pictures are gonna suck.” She said with a click of her tongue.

He rolled his eyes with a smirk, “I know your pictures are not gonna suck.”

She clicked her tongue and turned her nose up at him.

“When do I get my free copy?” Kenny asked.

“Who says you’re gonna get one?” She playfully teased. “Laughing at me, and now you want a calendar for the privilege?” She grinned.

“Okay, I’ll tell ya what I was laughing at. Then could I have my calendar?” Kenny asked.

Jayne shrugged, “Depends on what the situation is. So tell me what had you in stitches.” She said.

Kenny sighed, licked his lips and looked over into her intense eyes. He thought her eyes were the most amazing clear green, and they almost looked blue with the afternoon sky. “I was laughing because I was wondering if…” He paused.

Jayne never broke the gaze, but looked at him quite expectantly.

Kenny sighed again, “I was wondering if it would be bad manners to ask my best friend to go to bed with me.” He said, a bit sheepishly.

Jayne tilted her head, almost expecting Kenny to burst into laughter after he finished. When he didn’t, she knew he was serious. She sat up and looked at the ocean crashing against the beach. Her best friend wanted to have sex with her. What could she say to a situation like that?

Kenny squeezed his eyes shut. He had done what he was afraid he would do. He’d ruined his friendship with the best woman he’d ever known. How could he fix something like that? How could he fix scaring away the one woman he respected above all others?

Jayne was a little confused. She and Kenny had been best friends for the past five years. She couldn’t deny that she was definitely curious about what he had to offer. She’d seen nude pictures of him online long before they met, and she did have a crush on him. She didn’t want to ask him to be her first, though, because she didn’t want to scare him off.

Kenny didn’t know what to say. For the first time in his life, he was at a loss for words. Put him in front of fans, a camera, or an interviewer, and he knew exactly what he wanted to say. This position, though, was too awkward, even for him. He wondered if he should just make himself scarce while the getting was good.

“Look, chick,” Kenny started, “I’m sorry for what I said.”

Jayne nodded, still lost deep in thought.

“I think I should maybe get outta here.” He said, “You probably don’t wanna be around me now.”

Jayne looked at him, “You don’t have to go, Kenny,” She said. “It’s okay.”

“No,” he said, “I got a bunch of shit to catch up on at the house, and uhh… Ariah wants to go shopping so…”

Jayne nodded, “Oh… oh sure. Okay. Well, call me later, and we’ll uhh… do something.” She said.

Kenny kissed her on the lips and stood with a stretch, “Catch ya later, chick.” He said and headed around her house to his bike.

Jayne sat up and licked the kiss from her lips. She looked out over the ocean again as she heard his bike roll away, wondering to herself if he was even serious. She stood and thought over all the times they’d been alone together. They’d wrestled, swam, and even slept in the same bed together. In all those situations, he’d never made an untoward move on her.

There were times that he skimmed her breasts with his hand or arm, brushed his pelvis against her ass, or stared into her eyes a bit longer than maybe he meant to. Did those things really mean anything? Were those all too short points of contact purposeful? Were they his way of trying to get across to her that he wanted more with her than just the friendship? She headed into her house with all of that on her mind, and decided she’d never really know.


Kenny was alone in a hotel room in Las Vegas, and his mind was on Jayne. It’d been about three weeks since they last hung out, and two months since he said what he did. They didn’t bring the conversation back up, which was fine with him but he couldn’t help but wonder what she thought about it. Their conversations since his comment weren’t as lively as before, so he knew it was on her mind. He just wondered if that were a good or bad thing.

They still joked around, hung out, and went out to lunch. The difference was, he didn’t go to her place after, and she didn’t go to his. They went their separate ways after an hour or two together, which was unusual for them. They gave each other a short hug and cheeky kisses and went on their way. According to the latest tabloids, their relationship was on the rocks.

As stated by “close sources”, Kenny thought it was best if they saw other people. Some other “sources” said that they were getting too serious too fast. Still others said that they were too busy with their respective careers to be serious with each other. While they were both on the road and they were pretty busy, the truth was, they had something unresolved Kurtköy Escort between them. Kenny wanted to fix that situation as soon as he got back home from the latest residency with his band, Wild Side.

Jayne was on a plane back to L.A. when she put down the gossip rag. She shook her head at the report that she and Kenny were breaking up. She missed him terribly, and for the first time since they became friends, they weren’t placing long distance calls to each other while they were away. She knew that he still cared for her and she loved him just as much. They just had to cross that awkward hump that appeared so suddenly just two months ago.

As Jayne drove home from the airport, she couldn’t help but wonder if the whole thing was maybe her fault. She did what she had done and said what she had said on so many other occasions when he laughed at a secret joke. Other times when she forced the issue, he would change the subject, or make up some silly shit that she knew couldn’t possibly be on his mind. Nothing sexual had ever come up between them, no matter how many times she wanted it to. Now that it had, they found out that they either couldn’t, or didn’t want to handle the situation.

Jayne let herself and her newly released from the kennel German Shepherd, Max, into her quiet, empty house. Max marched through the house, patrolling the premises like a military trained police dog, and returned with a bark of approval when he found the house safe and secure. She ambled up the stairs to her room and slowly got undressed. She sighed as her Jacuzzi filled, and found herself wondering what it would feel like to have Kenny kissing, touching, and caressing her as they waited for their bath. She shook her head slowly and wondered if it would ever happen.

Nearly 300 miles away, Kenny washed the sweat and make-up from his almost entirely tattooed body. What he couldn’t wash away was his loneliness and how much he missed his Jayne. HIS Jayne. How he wished that phrase were true at that moment. How he wished she were really behind him with her warm body pressed to his back, instead of doing that very thing in his fantasies.

As he let his mind wonder, her breasts then her fingers traced every tattoo she could reach, followed by the tip of her tongue. He groaned when he mentally felt her hands grip his hardened length and stroke as if she owned it. He leaned back against the wall, and his hips took on a mind of their own when her hands took over his lower body. Every drop of water was her lips and tongue caressing every inch of his body. He wished like crazy she was really there.

He went to his knees and felt her straddling his hips. His tongue caressed his lips when he imagined what her nipples would feel like gliding across. Every bounce of her ample bottom was met with a forceful thrust of his hips. He felt himself growing ever closer to a strong eruption. He leaned back on one hand and his hips jerked with every strong pulse of his orgasm.

He slowly let the cooled shower bring him back to reality. In the five years they’d known each other, he never allowed himself to have fantasies about Jayne. He had trained himself that she was off-limits to him. Ever since he said what he did to her, though, he was flooded with the strongest fantasies of them overtaking each other. He let the true way he felt for her come out, and there was no taming the primal urges within him.

He made his way to the lonely hotel bed, not bothering with a towel or blanket. He looked up at the ceiling, wondering how he would handle things with Jayne. He knew that he couldn’t just let her disappear out of his life. He loved her too much; there was absolutely no way he’d let that happen. He idly got his phone, and wondered what he should say to her.

Jayne was lost to her own fantasies in her bubbling Jacuzzi. She let the jets have their way with her as she envisioned how Kenny’s tongue might feel. Her eyes were closed while she caressed her breasts and rolled her hips, releasing herself to the sensations. In her mind, she sat on the seat in the corner with her legs draped over his shoulders, and his tongue caressed her moist folds. He licked and suckled her throbbing bit while his big, warm hands massaged her breasts.

One leg was braced on the edge of the Jacuzzi when Kenny mentally pressed his tongue inside of her. She moaned with the ecstasy she knew she would give to him if it were real. She lifted to her knees and felt his tongue flickering relentlessly at her hard button. She held herself spread apart and rolled her hips, bracing for the release she desperately needed. She gripped the tub edge and rocked her hips with every wave of passion that overtook her.

She lay in her California King-Sized bed and heard his voice whispering salaciously in her ear. She felt his warm breath caressing her skin, and though she glided her fingertips up and down from between her breasts to her navel piercing and back up, it was his hand that she felt. She let out a sigh when her fingers glided around and across her hardened right nipple, and she purred as the air from her ceiling fan caressed her fevered flesh. It was at that point that she knew that if Kenny were there, he could do whatever he wanted to her. There was no way she could say no to him.

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