The Law of Attraction Ch. 07

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This story is a transsexual fantasy.

Before reading this chapter I highly recommend that you read chapters 1 to 6.

The first four chapters of this tale were told from the prospective of James/Jamie who started out as a shy cross dresser.

This is the third chapter to be told by Ashley a hard core lesbian who becomes attracted and eventually falls in love with Jamie, the feminine side of James.

The plot device around which the whole tale is built is Deblock therapy, a therapy that unlocks the full power of the human mind and allows ‘The Law of Attraction’ to fulfill people’s deepest desires, in this case allowing the physical transformation of a man to a woman.

The true essence of the story is of how Ashley, the beautiful lesbian is able to heal herself of the damage done to her in her childhood through intervention from the most unlikely source, the beautiful MtoF transsexual, Jamie, who prior to meeting Ashley wasn’t even aware of her true female identity, enjoy…


“Imagine starting to believe in yourself and your infinite possibilities. Imagine believing you deserve everything you want out of life. Imagine getting everything you want out of life.

Once you apply the ‘Law of Attraction’ everything is possible.”

My name is Ashley, and I am an orphan who lost my parents at a very early age. I did not fare well in the state adoption and fell into the hands of a very cruel pedophile who sexually abused myself and other children both girls and boys. The result of the cruel abuses of this man was that I grew up hating and fearing men. Also by natural inclination I was attracted to women anyway.

For some reason however I was not successful in my relationships with women, the only exception being my long time friend and lover Jackie who was bisexual. Jackie however had always honestly told me that her ultimate desire was to find a man who she could settle down and have children with.

After a long period of trying to find a co-sharer, I finally on impulse and against my better judgment, I decided to try sharing my apartment with a man, James. Despite my fear and hatred of men, I finally justified my decision to share with James because he was physically weak and could be described as the type of man who couldn’t hurt a fly.

Over time I formed a close friendship with James, and then finding that James was a cross dresser I started to become attracted to the feminine side of him calling him Jamie in my mind and wanting to see him dressed.

Things came to a head when I was dumped by a young woman that I was having a relationship with. I turned to James for consolation making him dress for me and later helped him to dress as a woman. I found that James was starting to look better in female form than even I had anticipated and the more I helped him to dress and act as a woman in private the more I obsessed over the idea of him needing to become a woman.

Then I stumbled upon deblock therapy which allowed people to become aligned with their subconscious desires and paid for a course for James, in my own mind believing that this would allow him/her to become a woman, and as James/Jamie was becoming more female every day I entered into a full blown relationship with her except that I would not do anything with her dick.

After this we had a nightly threesome with Jackie while Jeff was out of town and Jackie being bisexual sucked Jamie’s dick for the first time. Later on Jeff’s return we all met up together and had a night of sex where Jackie asked Jamie to fuck her. The night culminated with Jeff cumming on Jamie’s tits and Jackie licking them clean.

Strangely I began to harbor the idea of wanting to feel Jamie’s ‘female’ dick inside me.

Now both my career and Jamie’s were starting to come to fruition and Jamie and I lived with the sexually aggressive Annabel who wanted to explore her bi side while getting dick from Jamie, I in return was happy because I got pussy.

Then just a few weeks after the launching of Jamie’s introduction to the art world, Annabel met a guy called Alex and suddenly dropped everything to go off on a long cruise with him, leaving Jamie and myself alone again.

Shortly after we met up for a foursome with Jackie and Jeff, and Jackie wanted to see my lovely shemale partner Jamie suck Jeff’s dick. And using my need to eat out Jackie’s pussy as leverage, she made the ultimatum that Jamie had to suck Jeff’s cock before she would let me eat her out. I pleaded with Jamie to suck Jeff’s dick so I could get the opportunity to eat Jackie out, finally promising to let her put her dick inside me if she would do it.

In truth I really wanted to feel Jamie’s dick inside me, despite the memories of my past trauma that I knew it would drag up.

So there I was planning out how the fucking would go, firstly I tied my beautiful Jamie up so she would be helpless to prevent what I was going to do to her.

Before I put her dick inside me, I was going to fuck her hard with a strapon sex izle and show her no mercy. She would be in agony as I let out all my pent up frustration resulting from being sexually abused as a child. I thought about swearing at Jamie and calling her a bitch while I pounded her in the ass, and despite myself I became aware that my pussy was wet just thinking about it.

As I finished tying Jamie to the bed, I couldn’t resist gently brushing my lips against the sleeping Jamie’s beautiful nipple as it sat atop of her perfectly formed breast.

Jamie had been really sweet with me the previous night, delicately licking my body all over but particularly my tits ass and pussy. My pussy still tingled from her eating me out several hours ago. She had been a match for my insatiable lust and brought me to orgasm nine times, she really was the most attentive lover any woman could ever wish to have.

And how was I going to repay her? By fucking her painfully in the ass, even as she begged me to stop, and right now I was getting off on the idea.

I remembered Jackie’s words:

“Jamie is capable of subconsciously resolving all inner conflicts and if she trusts you completely, which she does she will go through anything for you. The fact that she is physically changing from male to female proves that anything is possible.”

I had replied, “And why should I put the woman I love more than anything through such an ordeal.”

“Because,” Jackie replied, “Not being able to allow Jamie’s dick inside you is the final barrier to complete intimacy between you, and because more than anything, you want her child.”

It was true. I really did want my beautiful Jamie inside me, whatever it took for me to get to that position. It was also true that I had finally met the woman I loved and I could have her child.

I left Jamie on the bed and went into the bathroom to put on my new strapon. It was a large one, 8 inches and thick. As I tightened up the strapon dildo, one piece of it fitted against me clit so that I would in turn be stimulated as I fucked Jamie.

Then as I contemplated fucking Jamie in the ass, suddenly I had visions of my abuser hurting me so much, I couldn’t keep the images from my mind, I felt hurt and angry.

Returning to the room, I saw that Jamie was awake, and obviously wondering what the fuck was going on, it did not help when she saw me wearing a massive strapon dildo.

I was feeling zoned out and applied the lubricant to her ass, almost on auto pilot, pushing two fingers deep inside her. Jamie looked at me like a frightened animal and when she opened her mouth to speak, I covered her mouth not allowing her to and letting her know that she had to keep quiet.

Then after I had smeared lubricant over my plastic dick, and placed it against Jamie’s ass hole, she started saying to me, “Why are you doing this to me Ashley?” But I ignored her concentrating on the task in hand.

Now I started pushing my artificial dick into her. I pushed in hard and could see by the expression on Jamie’s face that the pain must be almost unbearable, and she was pleading with me and begging now:

“Please take it out Ashley, it’s too big, it feels like it’s ripping me apart.”

But now I was flooded with memories of being abused, being buggered by my abuser, and I was feeling angry, taking my anger out on my Jamie’s ass hole.

Now I started to fuck Jamie hard, and as I did I realized that despite myself I was turned on by what I was doing. I still felt angry and hurt but now the lust was greater, this was a revenge fuck, revenge for all that I had been to and it was turning me on, more than anything had turned me on in my life.

I looked into Jamie’s eyes, and saw the tears streaming from her eyes, at one level I saw my poor Jamie like a frightened innocent child, just as I had been, but on another level I was on a power trip, and I grabbed Jamie’s beautiful tits hard as I fucked her.

“Take it bitch,” I shouted, reveling in treating my darling Jamie like a sex object. I was angry and taking all my anger out in the fucking I was giving Jamie, and it seemed like her tears were going on forever.

Now again she came out with the same question, “Why are you doing this to me Ashley?”

I replied, “Shut up bitch, and take it, you know you want it really.”

Then came a beautiful serene moment, I was suddenly aware that in this moment Jamie was really feeling, what I had felt for so many years, and for a moment I stopped my fucking and looked at the woman I loved laying there in front of me.

When Jamie saw that my expression had changed to one of compassion, I felt like I could almost see her heart leap for joy, and in this moment I said to her, “I need to do this, I need to use you like this right now, just trust me.”

Then I continued to fuck Jamie hard and I could see that the pain she was feeling was as great as ever, tears were flowing like rivers from her eyes. And yet I now detected sikiş izle the subtle signs that as Jamie was becoming accustomed to my large plastic dick inside her, she was actually starting to get turned on by the way I was fucking her and her submissive role, she was getting turned on by the way I was turned on.

Now as I continued to plough into my beautiful Jamie with her gorgeous tits her beautiful long hair and innocent and trusting eyes, the effect of the dildo rubbing against my clit was taking me close to orgasm.

I had never fucked any girl this hard with a dildo in my life, and sometimes I could be quite aggressive. I had never fucked a girl in the ass with a dildo, and never used such a large dildo. The power I had then over the beautiful Jamie was turning me on like nothing ever had.

The fact that I was giving Jamie an incredibly painful fucking, and yet despite the pain, despite herself, Jamie was starting to cry out with ecstasy mixed with her pain took me to a place I had never been, and pushed me over the edge, I was crying out with the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced, and it went on and on.

Finally I collapsed, lying on my beautiful Jamie and kissing her hard on the lips with an intensity, greater than ever before.

Then once I had recovered from my mind blowing orgasm I had to cum again and again and I was fucking Jamie as hard as ever in her ass and she was crying as hard as ever.

As I looked at my beautiful Jamie, clearly in pain as I fucked her, but also despite herself, horny as hell, I felt a connection with her that I had never felt before. Now she understood the intensity of the pain I had suffered, and understood why I had to do what I was doing to her.

As I fucked her, I slowly traced the progress of Jamie’s tears down her face with my finger and said, “Shhh, little baby, mommy just needs to cum some more.”

And despite all her pain Jamie looked at me with a look of pure trust and love, and even wanting. And now as I came with two more shuddering orgasms, I again kissed Jamie hard with love and passion. And in that moment I could see that Jamie was overtaken by her own sexual response.

I also realized something else, Jamie’s girly 7 inch dick was rock hard, and now I wanted her inside me, more than I had wanted anything in my life. I had fucked the hell out of Jamie, and now I wanted to feel the thrill of her live throbbing dick inside me.

So I quickly removed my dildo from Jamie’s ass and then removed the strapon from me, and now I crouched above contemplating putting Jamie’s thick female dick inside me, but even as I did thoughts of my past abuse came flooding back.

I tried to fight back against the terrible memories by reminding myself that Jamie was tied up and I would be in complete control. I also reminded myself that Jamie was the one ‘woman’ who I felt completely safe with, the woman I loved with all my heart. But even so I could feel the tears rolling freely down my face.

Then Jamie, bless her saw the extent of my distress, and ever caring said, “You don’t have to do this?”

I replied, “I know,” Ashley replied, “but I want to do it for you.” And even as I said this I knew I wanted it even more for myself.

Now I concentrated on my core feeling, my feeling of vulnerability and embraced it and at that moment opened myself completely to my beautiful Jamie it was as if from that moment we would be eternally connected.

Slowly lowering myself down onto Jamie I felt an intense build up of pressure in my pussy and then I felt a sharp pain causing me to bite my lip, and yet the pain didn’t seem important, I was focused only on the incredible vulnerability and my soul connection with Jamie.

I felt a trickle of blood escape my pussy and trying to make light of the most intense experience of my life I said, “So now you know, you are my first cock.”

Now very slowly I took all of Jamie’s 7 inches inside me, I was still feeling frightened and very vulnerable yet also very safe with Jamie’s large dick inside me. Looking at Jamie I saw the love and compassion in her eyes and made a silent prayer of gratitude for being allowed to experience something so intense, so freeing, so beautiful.

Now very slowly I started to move up and down on Jamie, grabbing her beautiful female tits in my hands. In that moment my Jamie was inside me and at that moment I felt like I wanted her inside me forever.

Eventually after slowly riding Jamie for what seemed like a long time, hearing my Jamie cry out in pleasure from being inside me, I finally started to cum hard, biting my lip as I came and having the new experience of feeling Jamie’s girly cum squirt deep inside me.

Finally I slumped down on Jamie exhausted from the physical activity over the last few hours of fucking Jamie with a strapon and then taking her girl dick inside me. Now I was crying hard, but the painful emotions were now turning to joy.

I realized that when I had started türk porno my love affair with Jamie I had also started a love affair with myself, learning to love myself and letting go of my fears and finally beginning to let go of the painful memories that had haunted my past.

With Jamie I felt completely safe and I could be my true self, and finally I was able to let go of my fears and give myself what I wanted most which was to have Jamie inside me. I still felt the sticky wetness deep in my pussy, and found myself hoping that I had become pregnant, so I could have Jamie’s child.

Now with tears of joy, I started kissing Jamie passionately, my tongue invading her mouth as I felt her soft lips against mine.

Now I finally untied Jamie, but I didn’t want to talk I just wanted to be with Jamie and to snuggle up against her on the sofa cupping her tit in my hand and have her put her arms around me while we spent the rest of the day watching chick flicks and eating chocolate and laughing and crying together as we watched.

I thought about Jamie and myself and about the fact that we were right for each other on so many levels and together one day at a time we were living our dreams and being our true selves with each other, a meeting of minds, hearts and souls. At that moment all I wanted was to be with Jamie forever.

That night as we went to bed I snuggled up to Jamie and took her nipple into my mouth and sucked, and that is how I fell asleep.

Early the following morning I tied Jamie to the bed again, and whilst I did this I made myself horny thinking about the way I was going to give her a good fucking with my strapon, and then have her in me again. This morning there were no fears, no apprehensions and no unpleasant memories coming to the surface, only love and gratitude for my beautiful Jamie.

Jamie was apprehensive when she awoke tied up again and I knew she was still sore from the day before, but this time I used plenty of lube, I was gentle and took it slow entering her.

Once I was fully inside her I asked, “How do you feel now Jamie?”

She replied,” I feel completely dominated by you Ashley, like you are really fucking me.”

“Good,” I replied, “That’s how I want it.”

As I fucked Jamie in the ass I enjoyed having her tied up, I enjoyed the power I had over her as I fucked her and she cried in ecstasy, almost despite herself. My capacity to take Jamie to the giddy heights of sexual pleasure through fucking her was liberating for me.

And as I fucked Jamie I imagined her having a real pussy and I imagined myself having a girly dick, just like Jamie had now, and truly being inside her, filling her up with my warm throbbing flesh.

Now I said, “You love how it feels now when I am inside you pleasuring you like this don’t you baby?”

“Yes,” she replied, “you make me feel so loved and special.”

Now I started kissing her passionately, fucking her harder and grabbing her tit as I fucked her, I was coming with one orgasm after another and couldn’t get enough of it.

Then, unexpectedly, I realized that Jamie was coming hard herself just from me fucking her in the ass and I cried out in triumph at the power I had over her at that moment.

Now exhausted I kissed Jamie softly, gently stroking her hair and making soothing noises, before fucking her again until she was rock hard, and then I removed my dildo.

Again I crouched above Jamie’s dick biting my lip softly as I anticipated having her inside me once again. There was some residual apprehension but this was completely overwhelmed by my need to have her inside me, to feel the ultimate physical expression of human connection.

In Jamie’s eyes I saw love and reassurance as I grabbed her tits and gently settled down onto her girl cock.

Now I abandoned myself freely to the sensation as I rode Jamie’s dick and to my surprise and delight coming quickly to orgasm and shouting, “Yes yes, fucking yes.”

Again and again I came, my orgasms coming in rapid succession, until I felt the familiar feeling of her cum squirting deep inside me, and again hoping that I might become pregnant.

Now I wanted her beautiful talented tongue inside me and I pushed my pussy dripping with our combined cum in her face. Again I was reveling in the sense of power I had, having her tied up at my mercy below me.

My lust was now driven by the idea that Jamie was sucking her own cum out of me as she again took me to orgasmic heights as she expertly ate me out.

Then as Jamie finished cleaning me out, I had to have her inside me again filling me with her beautiful female dick so I quickly mounted her once more reveling in the wonderful sensation of having her inside me, and again feeling waves of orgasm one after another.

When I finally collapsed on top of Jamie in exhaustion I then untied her and made her eat me out again before finally snuggling up against her with her tit in my mouth enjoying the feeling of her body against mine.

At that moment I suddenly felt ravenously hungry and prepared a full breakfast/brunch for us with bacon, eggs and mushrooms.

Now I was full of energy and chatted with Jamie incessantly about everything, and after the silence of the previous day, she was ready to talk.

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