The Long Wait

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Outside the gathering, she mingles around, talks with some friends. I’m in a conversation, but I can’t seem to pay attention. I’m watching her to make sure she doesn’t leave before I can say good-bye. It’s been a while since we’ve even run into each other, and who knows how long it will be until we see each other again.

I’d hoped she wouldn’t forget me, and she didn’t. She drifts over to me, says, “Give me a hug.” As if I would refuse. She holds me for a long time, too long for just friends, then whispers in my ear, “I’ve got the house to myself tonight. Follow me home if you want to. Just be discreet as we leave.” My heart is pounding in my chest, just like it always is when she’s around, only much stronger now.

We say some fast good-byes to other friends and walk quickly to our cars. She pulls out of the parking lot, I follow a bit behind, trying not to be obvious. Out on the highway, a chance to reflect.

We met about six years ago, both struggling, confused, unhappy. I saw her occasionally; Monday nights, Thursday mornings. I didn’t know what to make of her – I’d never met anyone like her. She was sometimes angry, sometimes happy, sometimes uncertain, sometimes arrogantly sure, sometimes open, sometimes reserved, but always attractive. Piercing eyes, gorgeous slender body, sensual lips, seductive swagger. We talked, shook hands, never hugged. Maybe we knew there was something happening even then, and wanted to chill it before it had a chance to heat up. I asked her to speak at one of our group sessions; she immediately asked me why. I replied innocently, “I think you have a good message,” but really it was because I wanted to know more about her.

Our relationship started cautiously, progressed to long intimate talks, walks through the park. She showed me some of her favorite places: the airport runway from the top of my van, the caves in the rain, the park near the mill, the piney woods, the orchard. I took her to a play, the museum, lunch. The day after the museum trip, we talked after one a party until everyone left. She said she had to know what it felt like to kiss me, but she had to run off once she tasted the strength of my passion.

Plans were made for an excursion to the forest. I was recently separated, she was still struggling in her marriage. It was delicious and disastrous all at once. Thursday afternoon we met and drove miles upriver. We stopped and ate at one of the strangest places I have ever been in, a place that time forgot. We left there in a drizzle that cleared to a triple rainbow arching through the mountains. Later that night, she snuck away from her friends to spend the night with me. Guilt overtook her, and she could neither love me nor sleep alongside me, so she spent the night in her car.

She recovered by Saturday and we went canoeing. She was strong and quick and learned to steer the canoe easily. But what I remember most was how we touched each other in the woods by the river. Somehow we ended up together briefly that night. She sat on my lap in my van and I tongued her nipples and felt the swell of her breasts in my mouth. She asked me to stop and let her go. Reluctantly I did Kurtköy Escort and always regretted it. Until now.

We’ve arrived at her house. Up the driveway to the house, my heart pounds in delicious anticipation. She opens the door and lets me in. I enter and turn, pulling her to me as she tries to close the door. Our lips meet, press together. Her tongue caresses mine, passion building. I pull her jacket off and drop it to the floor. I reach up the back of her sweater to feel her skin and pull her closer. I bite and kiss her neck, put my tongue in her ear. She gasps at that, reacts by pulling away and ripping my coat off. She takes my hand and guides me to the living room. “Want some coffee,” she says. But she’s heading toward the couch, not the kitchen to make coffee. “No, I only want you,” and show her I mean it by pulling her onto me. We fall onto the couch, kissing, touching. She kisses me hard, tastes my tongue, then moves to my neck. I sigh with pleasure. Her touch electrifies me, her body tingles as I caress her. She sits up and I reach to feel her breasts. But she jumps up from the couch.

“Let’s undress each other,” she says. “Okay,” I reply, “but let’s unwrap these gifts slowly. I want savor these moments. We’ve waited a long time for this.” She unbuttons my shirt, her fingers tantalize my chest, her hands slide along my arms to push my shirt off. I grasp the bottom of her sweater, pull it up a little, then caress her soft exposed skin. I raise it over her breasts, she lifts her arms, I pull the sweater over her head, she shakes her beautiful hair.

We embrace tightly, skin to skin except for her bra. I reach behind her, unsnap it, then slide my hands around and under the lacy fabric to her breasts, We part slightly so I can hold her breasts, then slightly pinch her nipples. She says, “Let’s unwrap our presents some more, I want to see all of you.” She undoes my belt, unsnaps my pants, unzips me, and boldly reaches into my boxers to caress my already half-erect cock. I gasp, she pushes me onto the couch, fumbles with my shoes and socks, then tugs my pants off. She kneels in front of me, I raise my hips so she can remove my underwear. She bites my thigh as she slides them off.

I stand and raise her from her knees. “My turn,” I say, unbuckling her belt and unbuttoning her tight black Levis. She sighs as my fingers touch the smooth skin of her belly. I leave a trail wet kisses on her shoulders, breast, and navel as I bend to kneel in front of her. I grasp the sides of her jeans and pull down; she wiggles to help me. I immediately begin kissing the exposed flesh of her hips and thighs. I glance up to see her toss her head back and moan with pleasure. I grab the top of her panties, ease them down, blow warmth into her curly hairs, then push her onto the couch. After removing her boots and clothes, she stands and we hold each other again. Fully naked for the first time together, neither of us can stop our hands and lips from enjoying each other’s skin. Finally I am together with her, skin to skin, heart to heart, soul to soul.

“My desire for you is so strong,” I say. “I want you too, lover,” she whispers Pendik Escort her reply. She scampers across the room to grab a big soft blanket from the closet. “Help me spread this out and let’s get comfortable.” On the blanket, our passion builds. Her fingers explore my body, mine hers, touching arms, legs, everywhere. Our legs entwine. I feel the wonderful warmth on my thigh as I rub my leg between her thighs. She experiences the hardness and heat of my cock on her soft belly. We move our bodies slightly apart, move our hands to each other’s most intimate areas. Our touches are light at first, tantalizing caresses. Then the intensity of the touching increases. I part the petals of her flower, releasing the nectar of her passion onto my fingers.

“This is so wonderful, just you and me and our desires. I don’t know which part of you I want to taste first.”

“Taste them all,” she replies. “Taste me all over.”

I start with her neck, kissing, nibbling, blowing warm air into her ear. I move down to her shoulder, down her arm, the inside of her elbow. All the while I’m running my fingers over her legs and belly. I lick her palm, suck in her fingers. She whispers, “I never knew that kissing a hand could be so erotic.” I switch to her other hand, kissing, licking my way back up her other arm, surprising her by tonguing under her arm.

I kiss my way across her chest until I reach her right nipple. I lick circles around it, peppered with an occasional little bite, until the nipple hardens. I use my left hand to excite her other nipple at the same time. All at once I suck in as much of her breast as will fit in my mouth and use my lips and tongue to arouse her more. She gasps, “Yes, oh that feels so good. Oh my!”

I love the sound of her voice as she expresses her delight. “I’m glad you like it, let me try the other.” I switch to her other breast with a quick pinch and a slight nip with my lips. Then I just suck her breast into my mouth, just like I did years ago in my van. But this time it’s only a prelude to more exciting things.

“You’re driving me crazy. Let me do you for a while,” she says. She doesn’t need to ask twice. I lay back on the blanket. She moves around and starts at my feet, massaging my toes, my ankles, the soles of my feet. And I can feel it in my soul. “I’m going to make you feel good from the bottom up,” she says, and I believe it. She proceeds to rub my legs up to the knees, the bends forward and starts to massage with her tongue on my thighs. Inside, outside, left, right, how exhilarating! She kisses her way up my right hip, across my stomach, sticks her tongue in my navel. Wow.

“I believe I missed something!” she laughs. She places her tongue on the tip of my penis and then licks down to the base. Nibbles, licks, kisses. She places her lips around the head and takes me into her mouth, a little at a time, the more, then more…

“That feels so good,” I say. “Oh, don’t stop.”

She smiles up at me and whispers, “I have no intention of stopping. You just lay back and enjoy this.” She mixes kisses and licks with long sucks, and I am enjoying it immensely. She steps up the Mutlukent Escort pace, taking my cock in and out of her mouth more quickly. I feel my desire starting to boil over, saying “Baby, keep that up and I’m going to explode.” She stops, smiles up at me, says, “I’ve wanted to taste you for a long time, so go ahead.” She continues to stimulate me, jerking the base of my penis while sucking the rest in and out of her mouth. I feel the eruption brewing, saying, “I’m gonna come, baby, make it good!” I explode as she continues to caress me, and it feels incredible.

“Now it’s your turn to lay back and enjoy, my dear.” I lay her down and move between her legs. I start licking her belly and exploring her navel, while lightly touching up and down her legs. I trace my tongue along the V that points to her femininity. I lick lightly along her inner thighs. “You’re such a tease,” she says, “but I love it.” I put my mouth on her soft curly hairs and breathe into her. I place my tongue on her labia and lick upward. She smells and tastes so erotic that it excites me too. I continue to use my tongue on her lips and suck them gently, pulling them into my mouth. Still I’m avoiding her clitoris, delaying that pleasure just a little longer.

I look up at her, she’s watching me lick her, occasionally sighing and moaning. My face is covered with her love juices, and she is delicious. I move my tongue to her clit, slowly stirring her love button, then faster. I lick all around her, moving faster, circling, side to side, up and down. Her passion grows, she cries out, I intensify my efforts to make it better for her, she climaxes intensely. What a joy it is to give her such pleasure. Her orgasm subsides. We hold each other closely. I whisper in her ear, “You’re a wonderful lover.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet!” she replies, and then kisses me hard on the mouth. “I want you inside me more than anything in this world.”

“Oh, you shall have me my darling. Nothing could keep me from feeling you surrounding me.” Our caresses continue in earnest, our desire grows strong again.

“Let me be on top to start,” she says. She kneels and straddles my waist. Grasping my erection, she guides me into her. Just as our bodies are joined together, our eyes are now locked to each other. Her body moves up and down on mine and the sensations are extraordinary! We move together, touching, gyrating. It’s exhilarating.

“Let’s switch, lover,” I say. She rises up and moves to lay on the blanket on the floor. I move over her. I enter her, wrap my arm around her, and kiss her on the mouth. Our tongues entwine, our legs entwine. I move into her, she rises to meet me, we tantalize and inspire each other. Around and around, in and out, our excitement grows. Moans, sighs of desire, screams of delight. I start to ejaculate, she feels me, wraps her legs tightly around me, and climaxes with me. We are united and finally satisfied in our lust.

We relax, hold each other for a long time, enjoying these moments that had eluded us for so long. I say, “This was wonderful, we’ve got to get together again soon.”

“No,” she says, “fantasies like this should only happen once. This was magic. Let’s savor it and remember it but let’s go on. Kiss me and say good-bye.”

“I’ll do that now, but whenever I see you, I’ll wrap my arms around you and maybe we’ll feel some of that magic again. And maybe we’ll want each other even more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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