The Long Way Home

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The snow was coming down hard. The road that stretched out in front of me melted into the surroundings, making it unable to distinguish where the pavement ended, and the shoulders began. I was driving by feel, and that is never a good thing. My headlights only made it worse, illuminating the large flakes as they fell, making it seem as though there was a blanket draped in front of the vehicle. There were no tracks to follow. I hadn’t seen another car for some time, and it was no wonder. We shouldn’t have been out there.

My niece sat next to me, staring out at the mesmerizing pattern created by the seemingly endless snowflakes streaming down. I had picked her up from University on my way home for the holidays. We had another 8 hours drive ahead of us in good weather; 30 hours if this kept up. My eyelids were heavy; drooping. My hands gripped the wheel tightly as she spoke.

“This is crazy. How do you even know where the road is?”

“Experience!” I joked. “Would you like to drive?”

She looked at me in horror. “No freaking way!”

“There should be a motel coming up soon. We will have to stay there if this doesn’t let up.” I said. “We can call your mom from there.”

I had barely finished uttering the words when a sign revealed itself through the snow. I wheeled the truck in, and pulled up to the office. A vacancy sign blinked in the window, and the parking lot was empty.

“Wait here and I will get us a room.” I said as I opened the cab door and stepped out into the frigid air. The large flakes fluttered down, clinging to my shirt. It was calm. There wasn’t a breeze.

A short stout woman greeted me as I entered the tiny, drab office. “What are you doing out on a night like this!” she asked, turning to retrieve a room key hanging from a board behind her. “$95.00 a night.” she said as she turned back. “Drivers licence and credit card.” She blurted. “Okay, sign here.” I signed the receipt and put my licence back in my wallet. “Room 114….down at the very end. Check out by 11am.” She said as she turned and retreated into the room behind her.

I drove to the end of the parking lot, and pulled up in front our room. “Don’t expect too much Janet.” I said as I gathered some things from the cab. “Let’s go in, and check it out.”

It was small and outdated. A single chair covered in coarse orange fabric stood in the corner, and an old T.V. sat atop a chest of drawers. There was a lamp on an end table next to the only bed that occupied the room. The walls were clad in faux wood paneling that failed miserably in convincing one that it was something other than what it was. The ceiling was cover in dingy white tiles that sagged under their own weight, and the water stains that adorned them were a testament to the condition of the structure.

“Welcome to the seventies.” I joked.

Janet looked at me. “There’s only one bed uncle Paul.” she gasped. “How is this going to work?”

“You will have to sleep on the escort sitesi floor I guess,” I teased.

She smiled…..”Fat chance.”

“Let’s get some frigging heat on, and I will get our bags.”

I found the thermostat on the wall. The heater came to life as I turned the dial up high. I brought in our bags and threw them on the bed. Janet was on her cell phone, talking with her mom. I unzipped my suit case, and pulled out my pajama bottoms and 2 bottles of wine I had bought as a gift. “We need this more than your grandma does.” I said as I placed the bottles on the night stand.

“Mom wants to talk to you.” she said handing me the phone.

I reassured my sister that everything was fine, and that we would be on the road first thing in the morning. Janet went into the bathroom as I visited with her mother. I hung up, and poured two glasses of wine. I sat in the chair and stared out the window at the snow still coming down hard. Despite the decor, this was a much nicer place to be.

Janet appeared wearing an oversized t-shirt that came just low enough to cover her. She was 19 years old, slim, with long black hair. She was tiny in stature, with small breasts that suited her petite frame perfectly. She had a cute little ass. Round and firm.

“Would you like some wine Janet?” My hand holding out the glass.

“Is it okay?” she asked. “You can’t tell my mom.”

I pushed the glass towards her. “Your mom doesn’t have to know everything.” I said with a wink.

She reached out gingerly, taking the glass from my hand. “No. She doesn’t….does she.” she said with a coy smile. She cupped the glass with both hands and put it to her red lips.

I moved to the bed, offering her the chair to sit in. We talked about school, and the holidays, and the storm that had placed us there. She was mature for her age, and very intelligent. We finished one bottle of wine, and I opened the other. She was becoming more flirty with every glass she consumed, tossing her hair and giggling. Giving me looks that made my heart pound.

“Uncle Paul….why did you never get married?” She sipped at her glass; eyeing me as I answered.

“It is complicated.” I fumbled.

I didn’t know the answer myself. I had waited too long in life, and now, at 48, my options were limited. I was in construction, and therefore, traveled extensively, moving from one project to the next. The money was good, but the hours were long, and I would spend weeks at a time away from my home. It would have been a hard life to ask a woman to endure.

“But you like girls….right?” she asked, batting her eyes, as she looked over at me. “I mean…you like what we have don’t you?” As she spoke, she slowly opened her legs, revealing her bare pussy to me.

I swallowed hard, staring at her young hairless mound. My jaw dropped.

“Of…of course I do honey.” I stammered…unable to believe what I was seeing.

“Remember gaziantep escort sitesi uncle Paul… doesn’t have to know everything…..right?”

She smiled at me, licking her lips.

“That’s right.” I said, shifting my gaze to her beautiful face.

I slid off the bed and kneeled in front of her. She scooted to the edge of the chair, and threw her arms around my neck as I was positioned myself between her legs. I placed my hand on the small of her back and pulled her to me. Our mouths met in a passionate kiss.

Our tongues explored each other, tasting one another. I placed my hand between her shoulder blades as she ran her fingers through my hair. We were locked together, our breath hot and heavy. We separated, and stared into each others’ eyes. She threw her head back, and I caressed her neck. Softly, gently. I pulled her shirt down over her shoulder, and kissed down her neck as she moaned softly. My hands reached up inside the back of her shirt, sliding over her warm skin. Soft and smooth.

I stroked her sides, and my thumbs moved under her firm tits as my fingers encompassed them. I gently squeezed her perfect breasts as she softly murmured “Yes.” I found her hard nipple with my thumb, flicking it, pinching it between my fingers.

“Suck on it!” She cried.

I tore off her shirt, and seized her pink nipple between my moist lips…sucking her hard. My tongue swirled around it. She sighed as I devoured her, first one tit, then the other. Kissing and sucking. Her breathing was hard as I massaged her soft mounds with my mouth. I ran my tongue down her toned body. Caressing her slowly and softly as I went. Her tummy heaving with every breath she took. Her soft skin, warm to my touch. As I moved lower, her musky scent filled my nostrils. I breathed her in. She gripped my hair and pushed me toward her heat.

“Eat me!” She begged.

I placed my arms under her knees and pulled her forward, my hands on her milky white thighs. I looked at her pussy, glistening with her juices. My fingers parted her soft lips to reveal her pink slit. I moved close, tongue outstretched; my warm breath on her. I tasted her. She moaned, and thrust herself towards my mouth. I took her pussy and groaned. I sucked on her wet sex. Licking. Gnawing. Unable to quench my lust for her. I put my lips on her clit and sucked on it, teasing her with my tongue. She threw her head back and dug her fingers into the armrest as she squealed with delight. My hands on her firm ass, holding her to me as she pumped her hips. Her sweet nectar coating my lips. She screamed as she came in my mouth, and I lapped up her juices. I looked up at her as her body relaxed. She met my gaze.

“Finger me.” she whispered.

I kissed her tummy as my hand moved to cup her warm, wet pussy. My mouth found her swollen nipple as my finger slid up and down her dripping slit. I entered her as my thumb rubbed gaziantep escort bayan sitesi against her velvety clit. She spread her legs wider as I pushed my finger deep inside. Exploring her tight hole. I moved to her other tit, as my palm massaged her clit, and my fingers cupped her smooth pussy lips. I sucked on her young, swollen nipple, while grinding my hand against her wet mound. She moaned as she threw her head back. I caressed her neck, her jaw, her warm mouth. Her hand found my cock, hard and throbbing. She stroked me, smearing the pre-cum over my aching tip.

I pulled away, looking deep into her dark eyes, my fingers still inside her. We gazed at each other, lost in passion and lust. She was so beautiful. She placed her feet on the floor and sat upright.

“Stand up.” she ordered

I stood, and she put her hands on my hips, tugging at my pajama bottoms until they lay in a heap on the floor. I was hard for her as she placed her hands around my shaft and leaned in closer. She put her soft lips to the head of my cock, and a bolt of energy shot through my body. She smiled up at me, as she opened her mouth and extended her tongue, flicking at the underside of my hard dick. Her lips ran up and down my shaft, gently kissing me, as she fondled my balls. Then she put her warm mouth on the tip and took me inside her. Sucking me. Working magic with her tongue. I moaned with pleasure as she stroked my shaft with a fevered pitch. I closed my eyes, and took in the sounds, the aromas, the sheer feeling of pleasure. I stroked her hair, and ran my hand up and down her back as she took me to the edge of ecstasy and back.

“I want you.” I begged. “I want your pussy.”

“Yes.” She moaned, as she laid back in the chair and spread her legs. “Take my pussy. It’s yours.”

I placed my hands on the armrests of the chair, as she guided me to her wetness. She ran my swollen head up and down her hot slit before placing me between her moist lips. I watched as I sank into her; and she moaned as my head disappeared into her tight hole. I paused; basking in the feeling of being inside her. She was looking at my cock penetrating her. I watched, as she closed her eyes, and gripped my arms, throwing her head back. Her mouth slightly open.

“Mmmmm. Yes.” She cried.

I thrust myself into her. She dug her fingers into my arms and arched her back.

“Aaaaaa.” She squealed, as I began to fuck her.

Her juices coated my cock as it slid in and out of her. My balls slapping on her ass with every stroke. I pumped her hot cunt with a fury driven by lust and passion until I felt myself stiffen.

“I am going to cum.” I shout.

“Give it to me. I want to feel your hot cum inside me.” she groans.

I push deep inside her, and erupt. My spunk shooting into her warm body. I stay inside her as her pussy milks my cock. Then she begins to quiver with pleasure, and I feel her pussy spasm as she cums on my still swollen dick. I collapse on top of her, and she wraps her arms around my neck. I pull her body to mine and we kiss softly.

We would make love twice more that night, as the snow continued to accumulate outside, and all the next day since the highway was closed. We stopped at the same motel on the way back. And we still try steal away together whenever we can.

the end

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