The Man Who Took Her Heart

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She’s just a simple girl with an ordinary life, with an every day family, your typical American mom who has a passion for writing, although her writings aren’t for all to read she enjoys writing them just the same.

She was encouraged by a friend to try submitting her writings to an adult site on the Internet, she gave it a shot and the next thing she knew they were accepted, as time went on she submitted more and more.

This one particular day she received a feedback to one of her stories from a reader, never did she expect to have this man be the one who would take her heart, he left her his email address and she replied back to him, after a few days of his continuing to read her numerous stories he got up the courage to send her a Instant message.

Through their days of conversations, he had told her that he couldn’t ever write like she did for he thought he was too shy to do it, she encouraged him to try for her, and he did, from that moment on she felt there was something special about him.

This man is the most wonderful man, he’s 26 years old, with the most gorgeous eyes, the sexiest smile and ohhhh the voice of a god, very well set off by his accent.

He has sent her pictures and he’s seen hers, she turns her web cam on just for him every day just so he can see her as they chat, he’s told her that he has this very warm feeling inside him that he gets only when he’s talking to her and even when they log off he can still feel it, although he didn’t understand why, because he is married and he knew he shouldn’t be feeling what he was feeling, but in her heart she knew why.

One morning he logged on his computer to talk to her and they were talking about hearing one another, she got brave and said something to him that she didn’t think he expected to hear.

“When you get brave enough to want to talk to me, you just let me know!”

“On the phone?” he typed back.

“Yes on the phone, when you think you’re really ready to hear me.” She responds back.

Nothing more was said that day about it, their conversation went on for most of the day, it was now getting late and she knew it was time to sign off, as much as she hated to leave him she knew she had to for her husband would be home before long and she knew she would be talking to him again that night.

The following morning they log on again, and in the course of conversation Pendik Escort he asked her something that she wasn’t expecting.

“What’s your Number?”

“Which number my house number?” she replies.

“Yes silly.”

She gives him her number and he tells her to give him about 20 minutes and he would call her, agreeing they log off 20 minutes later the phone rang, and there he was, the man she had been wanting to hear for so long, she had been trying to put a voice to the face and now she finally could.

His voice damn near stopped her heart, as they talked the time just flew by, 2 1/2 hours later they managed to say good bye, although it wasn’t easy, god she didn’t want to let him go, and she surely didn’t want to let him go home to that person he called his wife, she wanted him all to herself, she knew for sure that day, he was falling in love with her but she didn’t say a word about it to him, she wanted him to see it for himself and knew he would if it was real.

As days pass she falls more and more in love with this man, every time he logs on her heart races, and half the time she can’t even think, all she really wants to do is take him in her arms and never let him go, she would go to any extreme to have him with her, she yearns so badly to feel him touch her and make her body tingle like it does when she hears his voice.

When she goes to bed at night she awakens to his voice, looking around for him yet she then realizes she’s only dreaming as she knows he’s not really there, but yet in her heart he is, just as he has told her there are times when he swears he can feel her touch him.

“How is this all possible when they live a few states apart?” She wonders to herself, its not like she rightly cares, she can’t lie to her heart, she won’t, she loves this man and she knows he loves her, and maybe that’s the cause for this dream she has every night.

It’s a warm Saturday afternoon, she’s home alone, the husband is out and the girls are at grandma’s house, she sits outside in her chair basking in the sun working on another story, when to her surprise a truck pulls up in her yard, thinking nothing of it she continues what she is doing, when suddenly she hears his voice.

“Hey there sexy lady!”

“No it can’t possibly be…” thinking to herself.

She hesitates to look up; she keeps her nose down to her notebook Kurtköy Escort trying to avoid what she just heard.

All is quiet for a few minutes, she knows he is still there but not looking as to where, suddenly feeling two strong hands resting softly on her shoulders, his warm breath on her neck, his soft lips on her earlobe, his sexy voice now whispering in her ear.

“Where is my lil baby doll?” he asks softly

Her hand laying on top of his her head layed back to the feel of his lips on her ear her body shutters lightly from the sound of his voice heard once again.

“Oh my god it is you!!” she exclaims rising out of her chair embracing him for what seemed like dear life for him.

“Yes baby it’s me.” He replies holding her tight against him, as his hand rubs the back of her head gently.

Looking down at her their lips meet, his tongue slips into her parted lips, their tongues dancing like a wild fire spreading quickly, kissing down to her neck softly, her hands wandering down his back over his ass, his ass feels so good in her hands she doesn’t want to let it go, his hands exploring her body softly, his hands slipping onto her breasts cupping them gently, a soft moan escapes her pulling his shirt up from the bottom as she wants it off him.

Gently he lifts her shirt removing it from her, sliding his hands around her back unhooking her bra slowly, her body tingling from his touch her bra falls to the ground, kissing his way down to her breasts taking one nipple into his mouth suckling it like a baby, massaging her breasts gently, her fingers run through his hair holding his head to her, lightly his fingers run down her sides, onto her waist, he opens the button on her jean shorts, sliding them down slowly as he alternates between both nipples.

His tongue running slowly down between her breasts and down her stomach his hand cups her screaming pussy on his knees spreading her legs a bit his finger slides between her lips his tongue touching her clit lightly, her body jerks a bit from the feel of his tongue she’s wanted to feel on her for so long, looking up at her his eyes locking onto hers, slowly kissing and licking his way back up her body, their lips meeting again kissing deeply as the passion lust and desire take over.

Her hands sliding inside his shirt sliding it up his back, removing it from him slowly, her Ümraniye Escort hands running up and down his chest, kissing her way down his chest, stopping at his nipples, teasing them gently with her teeth dragging them over his nipples lightly, his body shivers, she nibbles on them gently as her hands roam down to his hardening member inside his jeans, caressing it gently feeling it begging to be released.

Slowly opening his jeans lowering them over his hips his member springs free as she encases it gently running her thumb over the tip he pulls her in close to him as he whispers in her ear.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to touch you like this?” asking in a soft sexy whine.

“Oh baby I know but why don’t you tell me.” She replies softly.

“Why don’t I show you instead!” he whispers with a devious little laugh.

Taking her hand he leads her back to her chair, but then she turns the tables to his surprise she has him sit in the chair, straddling his lap with her back to him taking his member into her hand she slowly lowers her wet pussy onto his shaft, inch by inch she slides down until he’s completely inside her, grabbing onto his thighs she grinds her hips into him slowly at first.

Pulling her backwards toward him her back against his chest his hands cup her breasts groping at her nipples twisting them pulling them lightly as she grinds harder into him, his breathing deepens their moans grow louder, he stops her having her stand.

Bending her over her hands on the chair, standing behind her taking his cock into his hand he teases her pussy lips as she pushes back against him wanting him inside her once again, he pulls it away making her beg for it as he teases her again.

With one thrust he rams his member back inside her, hitting the back of her cervix, grabbing her hips he thrusts harder and deeper her moans turning to screams the sweat building on their bodies, faster and faster he rams his member deep inside her, feeling his cock swelling inside her as his balls slam against her clit, his balls tighten as his body tenses her pussy squeezes his member as they drive each other over the edge, hitting the most dynamic climax together, his cum shooting deep inside her as her juices flow over his cock, mixing together he thrusts one last time as his body trembles from his release, as their bodies relax he pulls out of her standing she has him lay in the chair as she lays next to him, resting her head on his chest, looking into his eyes kissing him he whispers to her.

“I Love you baby!!!!!!”

“I love you too!!!!”

He holds her close to him for the rest of the afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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