The Man with Magic Hands Ch. 15

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Tony was abjectly apologetic over his blunder with Emmy.

“I should have just said “You’re a hooker aren’t you Miss Brown!”

“I don’t think it really matters,” I replied. “The funny thing is, pretty much everything that was said is true. It’s just a question of how you interpret it.”

Vanessa had joined us for lunch and sat quietly as we ate and discussed possible witnesses.

“There were a lot of them, weren’t there,” she muttered and then realised what she’d said. “Sorry Rick, I didn’t mean that critically.”

I hung my head. “No, you’re right, it was fucking crazy. Laura was right six months ago. Totally out of control. I don’t think I’ll ever be giving anyone a massage – never, ever again!”

She came over and kissed me on the cheek. “Never say never,” she smiled.

After we’d had a long debate about the relevance of individual witnesses, I called a halt to the conversation.

“Enough is enough. I’m not putting any more of those women through that experience. It isn’t fair. Just put me on the stand. Either the jury believes me or they don’t.”

Tony pondered for a moment.

“I may call one other witness,” he said. “I’ve been working on it for a while and she insists she wants to testify, if the court allows it. Still trying to get permission.”

The prosecution rested with Emmy, so we were up.

I took the stand and was sworn in. I was shaking slightly and tried to calm myself. Looking out over the sea of faces I began to understand how life-changing a trial can be. Guilty or innocent, I knew that nothing would ever be the same. The old carefree, bang-anything-in-a-skirt Rick was gone for sure. I’d finally grown up.

Tony tried to establish credibility. He listed all the positive comments from previous witnesses. Asked me about how I’d set up the business and how I ran it. We covered training, ethics, paperwork, insurance, the law. I described how I checked IDs where relevant, sought consent, got regularly tested for STIs and used contraception wherever requested and often with new clients. It was matter-of-fact and sounded professional.

He finished with a flourish.

“For absolute clarity Mr Rollins, have you ever had intimate contact or sexual intercourse with anyone who you believed had NOT given you consent to do so?”

“Never, Sir,” I said meekly. “I have never wanted to do anything other than give pleasure and joy to my clients.”

Weller grilled me hard for 40 minutes. Was I aware of the laws around soliciting and prostitution in the UK? Or the impact it has on both prostitutes and their clients? Did I really believe that offering so-called ‘massage services’ justified the true purpose of the enterprise, which was to take advantage of vulnerable women?

He pulled out copies of my client records and read them out to the court.

“Maya (husband: Andy). Loves firm pressure, hands and fingers. Awesome BJs. Janet (husband: Ray). Quite shy, keep it gentle. Lots of breast play. Susan (husband: Peter). Loves to be licked, then fucked doggy style.”

He paused for effect. “Would you say these were typical client records kept by a massage therapist?” He barked and there were titters from the gallery.

I wanted to explain but it all just seemed so lame and pathetic, so I just remained silent.

We went through the entire evening with Emmy again.

“Doesn’t a professional therapist leave the room when their clients are changing?”

“Er, usually yes.”

“What exactly did you say before you touched Miss Brown’s breasts?”

“Would you like me to…” I replied. “But she was…” Weller cut me off.

“And you consider that to be a clear request for consent to intimate contact?”

“I… er…”

“Miss Rollins claims you were on top of her and said “Shall I?” and she said “No.”

“Yes, but we were talking about a condom,” I pleaded, but I knew it was futile.

“And you expect the jury to believe that?”

And on it went. I just wanted to sink into the floor and disappear. It was a massacre. The court adjourned after my evidence.

“You did OK Rick, under the circumstances,” said Tony sympathetically. “There’s one more witness tomorrow morning. Keep your chin up.”

Vanessa knocked and entered.

“I think I’m going to take you out for dinner,” she said.

“Condemned man’s last meal?” I suggested.

“You really know how to put a downer on a night out don’t you?” She smiled and I managed a grimace.

She thanked Tony for everything he’d done.

“I wish there was more,” he said. “With cases like this there’s so little to go on. Forensic evidence is irrelevant. No witnesses. No phone records. It just comes down to one person’s word against…”

“Phone records?” I said suddenly. “What about the texts? Emmy had a phone with her and she definitely got messages while we were together.”

Tony and Vanessa stared at me.

“Sorry, I totally forgot. xnxx I mean, probably not relevant anyway,” I stammered.

“No stone unturned,” said Tony as he grabbed his notes and rushed out.

She drove me to a swanky Chinese place but it was no better than being in court. Everyone knew my face now, so heads turned constantly as we sat and tried to order. Vanessa ignored it but I couldn’t.

“I’m really sorry but this isn’t working,” I muttered. She understood and took me back to the apartment.

“You’ve been incredibly generous,” I started as we tucked into take out food.

“I’m a sucker for lost causes,” she said. I had to double-take but she was grinning. I laughed with her.

“That’s better,” she said. “I haven’t see you smile for weeks.”

“I wish there was something I could do to repay you.”

“Well,” she paused tentatively. “I have been struggling with my shoulders recently. Maybe a quick massage?”

You don’t need the details but she left feeling much, much better and I slept like a baby. But while I slept a small army was gathering on my behalf. I only learned this much later, but I’ll describe it to you here, just as it happened.


Vanessa received a call on the way back to her apartment.

“I need your help,” said Tony. “I called in the judge and she forced the investigating officers to hand over Brown’s phone records. They insisted it’s irrelevant but I’m not buying it. But there’s a problem.”

“What can I do?” said Vanessa.

“Help me trawl through it. There are 300 pages of calls and texts. It would take me weeks on my own and my team have left for the day. Tomorrow’s the last day of the trial. There’s no way I’ll get an extension at this stage.”

“Meet me at Martin Healthcare,” said Vanessa calmly as she pulled a u-turn and headed into town. She gave him the address.


“Somewhere in this lot there has to be something that can help Rick,” said Vanessa to the room.

They were all there. All my ladies. Vanessa had called Jenny, who then called Maya. They spread the word. “Rick needs our help, are you in?” And here they were, spread around the boardroom. I’m sure it must have been weird. Some of these ladies had never met but they had a common bond: my co-called ‘magic hands’. And possibly my penis.

“I’m not going anywhere,” chirped Jenny. “Even if it takes all night.”

“Plenty of tea!” squealed Mandy from the kitchen area.

“And biscuits,” chipped in Fiona, emptying her enormous bag on to the table. “I, erm, like to keep a stock on hand.”

The ladies looked incredulously at Fiona’s horde, then laughed.

“Thank you ladies,” said Vanessa, quietly. “Let’s get to work.”


It was the last day. I dragged myself out of bed, showered and dressed. I said a silent goodbye to the apartment as I left. Don’t suppose I’ll be coming back here, I thought with a tinge of sadness. Next stop: cell block H.

Tony called Lisa Radka as a witness, explaining who she was. I was dumbstruck. “You’re kidding!” I whispered. He grinned. The court had set up a video screen so that Lisa could give evidence from elsewhere. “Vulnerable witness,” Tony explained. “Had to fight hard for it to be allowed, but she’s testifying.”

“Objection! This witness is irrelevant to the alleged offences,” barked Weller.

“In my opinion, counsel, some of your prosecution witnesses were equally questionable,” replied the judge. “I’d like to hear what this witness has to say.”

Tony described her situation to the court and went through a few details with her. Not the whole story of our encounter, but the critical bits. Lisa answered every question confidently. I couldn’t see her face, which was obscured on the screen, but it was clearly Lisa’s voice. I sighed inside, full of relief. She sounded OK. I was welling up and overjoyed to hear her in such good health. I don’t have children but I think I sensed, for just a few minutes, the overwhelming joy and relief a father must feel, knowing his precious child is safe and well.

“Did you hear any mention of the defendant after the incident?” Tony continued.

“There was a lot of swearing,” said Lisa. “I heard one of the men saying that the massage wanker was going to get sorted.”

I’m not one to take offence, but it occurred to me that of all the insults I could receive, ‘wanker’ was probably the least accurate.

“And finally, in your opinion, did the defendant’s actions contribute to your rescue?”

“Objection!” shouted opposing counsel. “Calls for speculation.”

“Mr Weller!” snapped the judge, glaring at him. “This young lady has been through hell and back. Allow her to speak!”

She turned towards Tony. “Please continue, counsel.”

“Thank you Madam. Once again Miss Radka, did Rick Rollins help secure your freedom?”

There was a pause.

“Rick saved my life,” said Lisa quietly. “No question about it.”

As brazzers the prosecution team considered whether to cross, Vanessa marched into the courtroom and headed over to Tony’s desk. She handed him a fistful of documents and they muttered for a moment.

“No questions for this witness,” said Weller. Lisa was excused and I silently wished her well in life. Stay safe, I thought, and said a little prayer.

“Your honour, some new evidence has come to light. May I share with the bench?”

Tony and Weller huddled with the judge who then called a short recess. I didn’t see Tony during the break so had no idea what was going on, but Vanessa popped her head in and grinned. She gave me a hug.

“I’m making enquiries about Lisa Radka,” she said. “I promise you that whatever happens I’ll make sure she’s looked after. I’ll get her home one way or another.”

I looked at her and fell in love. I kissed her, without lust or desire, just the overwhelming ecstasy of tenderness and gratitude.

“Vanessa, I know it’s far too late but I just want to tell you…”

We were interrupted by the usher. Court was back in session.

“We’re recalling Miss Amelia Brown,” Tony stated to the jury and the court. Emmy took the stand, obviously confused, as was almost everyone else in the courtroom.

“Miss Brown, is there anything you’d like to amend in the statement you gave Police after the alleged incident on July Twentieth?”

Emmy looked uncomfortable but remained defiant, with a firm “no.”

Tony held up the papers Vanessa had passed across earlier.

“Your honour, I have records from a mobile phone belonging to Miss Brown and registered to her. They only came to light a few hours ago, but we’ve submitted them as evidence.”

The judge nodded. Opposing counsel had been poring over the papers and now sat in stony silence. I sensed a moment of hope.

“The prosecution has already established, and Mr Rollins has confirmed, that you were with him at his apartment, between 7:30PM and 8:45PM. Do you still agree?”

“Yea, I guess,” mumbled Emmy.

“During that time a number of text messages were received and sent on this phone, at the same location.

At 7:52PM from an unknown number: “Are you there yet?”

At 7:56PM: “What’s happening?”

And at 8:01PM: “Have you done it?”

The room was absolutely silent as the entire court collectively held its breath.

“Miss Brown, can you confirm that you replied to those messages at 8:03PM with the message: “Piss off and let me work. I’m going to fuck him OK! I’ll call you later.”

The court erupted.

Emmy said nothing, staring at the floor, and I saw a tear roll down her cheek.

“No further questions,” shouted Tony over the din. “The defence rests.”

Both counsels waved closing arguments. As the jury filed out, Tony smiled and winked, leaning in. “You’ll be fine,” he murmured, grinning. “I had intended to suggest you were set up by the trafficking gang in revenge, but I’m sure the jury will work that out for themselves.”

It took less than 20 minutes. On all charges: Not guilty.

“You are free to go, Mr Rollins,” said the judge and she left the court. And suddenly it was over.

As the guard confirmed my release, Vanessa walked across and took my hands. I looked at her and my heart almost burst.

“I don’t know what to say. I’m so…” I started but she cut me off.

“Shush,” she said and hugged me.

I looked across the room. There were all my ladies, grinning. I welled up and the dam burst. I sobbed with joy in Vanessa’s arms while everyone shook hands, laughing and hugging.


We sat, a few days later, in Leno’s, a small, discreet and very exclusive Italian just behind the Old Market. It was dimly lit and almost empty, just as Vanessa had suggested it would be.

“My treat. It’s the kind of place that’s so pretentious hardly anybody comes here!” She laughed. “And those who can afford to, don’t admit it!”

We munched thoughtfully on bowls of fancy ravioli, dressed with rocket and pungent olive oil.

“I still don’t know what to say,” I murmured as I forked another little parcel of pasta into my mouth. “I am sooo grateful.”

“Stop it, already!” She smiled. “That’s enough grovelling for today.”

“I just don’t how I’ll ever be able to…”

“Do you know why I’m still single?” She asked, firmly cutting me off.

I paused, mid-chew, trying to process the thought. I’d asked the same question myself many times.

“Too busy?” I ventured. “All men are bastards? Closet lesbian maybe?”

She grinned. “Mmmm, well I suppose I wouldn’t be averse to a little, er, exploration, in that direction.”

My johnson twitched and the pasta fell out of my mouth. Vanessa smiled.

“Not all men are bastards,” she continued. “But they seem to be afraid of me. Either they just don’t approach, or they feel the need to compete. sikiş izle You’re not like that, Rick.”

“Well, that’s because I’m not really in your, you know, league,” I started, but realised how patronising it sounded. “Sorry, what I mean is: I don’t feel worthy.”

“Exactly my point,” she replied softly. “And yet you’ve brought pleasure to me, and all your ladies, selflessly and without judgement or demands. That sounds pretty worthy to me.”

“It’s kind of my job,” I said. “Or at least it was. And I do have the old magic hands.” I waved them in the air, although Vanessa didn’t really need a visual reminder. She chuckled and smiled.

“There’s no such thing as magic, you should know that. Most women are starved of attention from men who are more interested in their own needs.”

She leaned forward.

“What you do is so caring and sensitive, it just feels like magic.”

I blushed.

“And, of course, you are very, very good at it,” she whispered lasciviously.

I blushed again.

She paused and we gazed at each other. Her eyes sparkled and I fell in love with her all over again. Slightly more lustfully this time.

“So what next?” She chirped.

“I have no fucking idea!”

“Here’s the thing. My apartment is downtown, on the river. It’s not huge. Although there is a terrace. And, er, a sauna.” Now it was her turn to sound a little apologetic.

“Very nice,” I murmured jealously. “I should get into the healthcare business!”

“Well, until three months ago, you were,” she laughed and I grimaced. “Why don’t you… you know… move in with me for a bit?”

My heart leapt a little but in my head I knew I had to be realistic.

“It may be a couple of months before I get sorted out.”

She reached across the table and took my hands. She paused, squeezed them, and her eyes softened.

“I was thinking a bit longer than that,” she said calmly.

As it slowly dawned on me, I felt the growing warmth of love spread through my body. It touched my soul and radiated out. I began to float.

“I…” I started, but she already knew what I wanted to say.

“I knew you were the one, months ago,” she murmured. “I just didn’t know if you felt the same way.”

I grinned broadly and we laughed, gazing into each other’s eyes lustfully.

“Wait till I get you home,” I whispered, grinning.

“Why?” she giggled. “Are you going to put your magic hands on me?”



I wrote this during lockdown 2020 and it was an extraordinary journey. I started with little idea what to write, or where it might lead. Just an urge to do something erotic. Most of the characters didn’t exist until I gave them names on paper. And I knew very little about our hero, Rick (although it’s no surprise to say there’s a fair bit of my personal fantasy in that lovely, talented young man!)

So the story unfolded for me in much the same way it has for you. Sexy encounters, adventures, challenges and perils, lessons to be learned and, of course, a very happy ending (if you’ll excuse the innuendo.) I never really knew what was going to happen next until very close to the end. Better than sex? Probably not. But it was a great deal of fun to write.

Of course, as any massage therapist will confirm, it’s just a fantasy, so I’d advise against rushing out and paying for a massage course, unless you’re really committed to a career of hard work and a very sore back. Yes, it’s true that I have experienced one or two sexy moments as a therapist and my real life clients will no doubt spot the occasional comment or reference (all names have been changed, of course!) But it certainly hasn’t been the romp that Rick enjoyed. Lucky bastard!

And as a morality tale there are a few issues to reflect on – sex & sensuality, relationships, protection, and that all important “consent” which, as Rick discovered, is a minefield of difficulties. My story isn’t a comment on modern attitudes to rape, or victim shaming, or the legal process. They were merely a crude mechanism to get Rick into Vanessa’s arms. But if you find anything offensive, I apologise for my carelessness and ignorance. I’m not here to lecture, but if there’s anything to learn from his adventures it is that we ALL need to take care – of ourselves and each other.

What happened to Emmy, and Lisa, and all the ladies? Well, I cannot really say for sure. I suppose Emmy must have suffered for her crime, although I like to think it was more an error of judgement. Despite her evil ways, she was rather delicious, don’t you think? And just as vulnerable as any other character. And for Lisa I had, at one point, thought about having Vanessa and Rick adopt and take care of her, but that just seemed ridiculous and unbelievable (unlike the rest of the story – hahahaha), so she’s safely making her way home. I’m sure the rest of the ladies are all fine, although they probably need to look elsewhere for their R&R.

For now, I think Rick needs a breather after his ordeal and some quality time with the new love of his life. Will they return? Never say never, eh?!

Thank you for reading.

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