The Mechanic Pt. 01

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Big Tits

He pulled into the darkened alley, faint light shining from the end as he headed down the road. His mate had told him of an awesome bike mechanic that he should visit to get his bike looked at. The shop was open late, price was amazing and they provided excellent service…what more could he ask for.

When he pulled up out front, there didn’t seem to be anyone around. He had been told to ask for Charlie……

“Hello…..Hey Charlie, are you here?” He called out as he removed his helmet and jacket….

Soon a door at the back of the workshop opened and out came a grease covered, but extremely gorgeous red headed female.

She smiled as she walked towards him, hand outstretched….

“Hi, I’m Charlie!” She says as he shook her hand, with a smile….

So then asked…”How can I help you?”….and as Jake began to explain the issue with his bike she looked at him intently, while she began to unbutton her overalls slowly, before pulling the top half down revealing a tight, white singlet stretched across a large pair of tits.

“Would you like a beer?” She asked with a smirk, walking towards the fridge.

“Sure!” Jake replied as Charlie bent over Otele Gelen Escort to pull them from the fridge, her ass looking amazing even in overalls.

She turned and walked towards him, handing over the beer before spinning a chair around, straddling it in front of him.

“So….who sent you?” She says after a long sip….

“I was told to come here by Mike” was Jake’s reply.

“Figures…..he’s an asshole!….so what did he say about the back alley mechanic?….Did you wonder why I’m open late and look the way I do and now you see I’m more than happy to have you in here for a beer….”

She continued….” A lot of guys come here expecting free work in exchange for the chance to fuck me….But its not that easy, and I’m very choosy about the dick I want inside me….”

“You seem like a perfect candidate for an opportunity to hang out here….you seem very respectful, well dressed, you have a nice bike……And……If you make me cum first I’ll fix it for free!!!”

She drained half her beer, stood up and moved over to sit in his lap, placing the beer on the floor before lifting Balgat Escort her singlet up, setting her massive round tits free.

Jake took them in his hands, rubbing and squeezing them as he sucked and gently bit her nipples. He kissed her, as her tongue darted into his mouth, her hands reaching down to undo his belt, reaching inside his jeans to stroke his cock…taking it in his hand, making it hard……

“I want you in my mouth…” she said with a smile, climbing off to kneel before him, pulling his jeans down before devouring his cock in her waiting mouth, her fingers on his balls as she began to take him deep in her throat….she slid her hand up and down has shaft as she sucked him, spitting on his dick as she hungrily took him deep once more….

He then pulled her up to her feet, pulled down the lower half of her overalls revealing a tiny black thong, spanked her stunning ass before she turned and bent over, sliding her g-string down as he moved in, licking her ass as he rubbed her pussy….

She moaned softly as his tongue slid into her, her fingers rubbing her clit while her other hand squeezed Büyükesat Escort and pinched her nipples as he tongue fucked her ass.

She was soon ready for his cock, kneeling on the chair as she spread her pussy lips apart…he stood behind her and slid his throbbing cock inside her, his hips pressing against her ass cheeks as he thrust his cock deep in her pussy.

She reached back to rub her clit, feeling her orgasm rise within her, begging him to keep fucking her, his cock driving hard into her tight wet hole until she gripped him tight with her pussy, her body shaking as she came hard and fast….”FUCK YES!” She screamed as she came again and again….

“Give me your cum babe!!” She called out as she knelt before, his hand stroking his cock as she rubbed his balls, her tongue on the tip of his dick as he was close….wanking his stiff rod until he was ready to cum, shooting his load onto her tits and her face, drops of cum spilling down her cheek, her tongue licking it from her tits, before she grabbed him, sucking and licking every drop from his dick, dripping his cum from her mouth onto her tits, desperately wanting to repeat that and have him inside her once again.

She stood and grabbed a towel, wiping the cum from her face and moved in to kiss him tenderly….

“Go get some sleep babe, come back tomorrow night and your bike will be ready!”

He pulled her close and kissed her, his hands gripping her ass…

“See you soon!” He said with a smile, got dressed and walked out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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