The Meet

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My nerves were shot. I’m not a fan of commercial flights, and that flight was a nightmare; Screaming babies, smelly seat mates, and turbulence to boot. The reason I was traveling only ramped up my nervous energy.

As soon as the plane was stopped and ready for passengers to exit, I grabbed my carry on and made my way off of the stifling tin can. Breathing in cleaner air as I step into spacious modern airport. Slowly exhaling through my noise, trying to slow my erratic heart.

I made my way towards baggage claim, frustratedly shuffling behind people with nowhere to be. I just wanted to see him, to meet him in person for the first time. I wanted to wrap my arms around his large frame and never let go, and those people were taking their sweet damn time.

I shouldered past a few stragglers to get ahead. I craned my neck to look for his brown hair above the crowd. I couldn’t help biting my lip, worrying at it. My eyes searched the space until I finally glimpsed him, standing a head over the crowd. His white button up was push up his corded forearms. His low slung jeans fit his muscular legs just right.

My heart stuttered and my face broke into a wide smile. My feet were moving before I made the conscious decision.

A foot in front of him, I stopped, looking him over. My mind burning in every detail. My cheeks flamed red when I realized I’d been staring for a whole minute.

“Hi.” I squeaked , peering up at him from below my lashes.

Then, I was in his arms. His big hands pulling me in. My arms looped over his shoulders as my feet dangled above the ground.

I nuzzled against his neck and kissed up his jaw; Smiling and grinning widely against his skin, until my mouth was hovering in front of his.

“Fancy altyazılı porno meeting you here.” He smirked, a smirk that made my heartbeat tick up.

I laughed loudly, the way he intended, and crashed my mouth down against his.

The kiss was everything. It was so consuming that I forgot where we were until I heard a couple very unsubtle throats clear.

When we pulled apart, I looked around wide eyed. My legs were wrapped around him and his hands had a grip on the back of my thighs, very close to my round ass. I was thankful he managed to hold my skirt in a modest position.

We laughed together. I slid down his body, my curves plastered against him indecently.

“It’s nice to finally meet you!” I lay my head on his chest.

“You too princess.”

His arm wrapped around my shoulder, holding me to his side.

“I don’t have anymore bags.” I said, holding up the carry on and my backpack.

“Let’s get out of here.”

We talked, catching up as we walked hand in hand. My back pack was casually thrown over his shoulder.

My skin felt electric every time we bumped into each other. When we got stuck behind another group of lollygaggers, I tugged his hand and ducked into an alcove. Kissing him again, slower, with my tongue exploring his mouth.

When he pulled back , I was panting; barley able to stand not touching him.

“Wait until I get you to the car little girl.” He all but growled at me.

We finally made it to the parking area and it dawns on me he’s parked in a dark, secluded area. No sooner had he stowed my bags in the trunk , he had me pinned up against it. His tongue licking the seam of my lips, exploring my mouth. Wet and hungry kissing.

I sucked his tongue suggestively. mobil porno The kiss morphing into more. His hands lifted up by my ass, setting me onto the trunk.

Then he proceeded to explore up my thighs and torso. They spanned to the side of my breasts, his thumbs rubbing over my nipples.

“Please. “

I fumbled to work his pants open, sliding them down enough to free his very noticeable, growing bulge.

“Please what, babyslut?”

I groaned deep in my throat. Whimpering at the way his nickname for me made my pussy clench.

I looked deep into his eyes adoringly. “Please Sir. I need you so much. My needy cunt needs to be filled.”

He hummed deep in appreciation, dipping his fingers under the waistband of my panties, teasing me.

I gripped him tight, sliding my hand up and down the impressive length. His fingers deftly worked up my skirt and ripped my panties off. I gasped. My ass stung where the lace had bit into my skin.

“I need to be inside you.” He grunted into my ear.

I nodded in agreement, my voice lost.

The cool air licked against my folds, slick and parted with desire.

His head teased the length of my slit; rubbing up and down with the fat crown.

“Please Sir.” I whimpered.

His hips shoved forward, my plump pussy lips opening and wrapping around him. The wetness making it only a little easier to fit.

“So tight…” he groaned as the head pushed into my hole.

I moaned. My pussy was stretched and snug around his cock. We stayed still for what felt like forever, eyes staring into each other.

My body adjusted, and I started to roll my hips, trying to take him deeper.

As I squirmed and gyrated, he gained another inch. Each inch, filling me sex izle past what I thought I could handle. After an eternity he was seated deep inside me; Up against my cervix. I looked down between us to see where we were joined.

“Do you like seeing me inside you babyslut?”

I grinned and flushed a deep pink color, from my hairline to my tits.

“Yes Sir. It looks obscene. So sexy.”

He started to pull back and push forward; Leaning in to kiss me as he pumped his cock through my tight channel.

I squeezed down on him, eliciting a groan deep from within his chest.

My fingernails dented into his biceps, digging in through the sleeves of his button up shirt. My ass slid roughly against the trunk with each thrust and pull;

The wet sounds of our sex, echoed loudly in the deserted parking garage.

One of his hands wrapped my hair, twining it in his fingers behind my head, and the other hand slid between us. He worked my clit, pinching and pressing it firmly.

“I’m close.” I mumbled against his lips.

“Together..” he groaned.

My body coiled tightly, my tummy clenching.

I bit his lip as I came undone. My pussy clamped down tight around him, milking out his orgasm.

His huge cock flexed and swelled, spurt after spurt of hot cum pumping into me. My pussy milked him for every bit of it.

Sweat slicked us both, our foreheads pushed together as we both panted and recovered.

The gentle kisses on my lips, and eyes, and my forehead made my eyes glisten with unshed tears.

He retreated slowly, pulling back his softening cock, making my cunt flex once more. I moaned softly at the loss. I could feel his cum and mine trickle out of me.

He picked up my destroyed panties and cleaned me gently, kissing my thighs.

I slid off the car, his arms wrapped me in tight. With his lips on top of my head, I buried my face in his chest, breathing him in.

I sighed contentedly “So much better than the fantasy.”

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