The Meteor Shower

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The meteor shower was a good reason to drive out into the dark countryside, but we overestimated how much time it would take to get someplace good. We had already pulled out the blankets from the car and we had set a dim lantern on the back of the car. It was barely lit – just enough to let us see, but not enough to really interfere with our night vision. We were leaning back, watching the stars. Sometime in the next hour or so, the meteor shower would go from being hard to catch to being near-constant. But in the meantime, we were just sitting in the peaceful quiet, waiting.

“You know what we could be doing right now …” I teased.

“Out here? I’m not a fan, thank you. Too much of …” and your voice drops off as you wave about in different directions.

I lift up onto one arm, so we can see each other in the dim light of the lantern. “Too much …? Of? There isn’t anyone around. That’s why we came here, remember?” I smiled. “It’s also not the right season for most bugs. It’s still comfortably warm. We have blankets. And last I checked, you’re still sexy as hell.” I put my finger in the top of your shirt and pull down just enough to suggest, but not enough to actually pull on the fabric.

Your eyebrow goes up in amusement, but you don’t shift or reply.

I roll all the way up, moving my leg over you so that I am straddling you and looking down. My hands stretch out in either direction. “See? Nothing as far as the eye can see. And we’re not close to civilization – so the odds of being surprised are pretty much non-existent.” I smiled and bent over some, putting my hands down on the blanket near to your body. “And these blankets are thick enough that the ground won’t be too tough …” And as my voice drifts off, I kiss you softly. I can feel Kurtköy Escort the smirk and I keep moving, touching my lips to your cheek and to your neck. Your head drifts back a little as I kiss down to your chest.

My hands start to slide up underneath your shirt, but you grab my wrists. I look up at you and you have a determined look. “Lie down.”

My eyes open wide for a moment, but I do as you say. Stretching out on the blanket, I watch you as you get up on your knees, moving to my side. You lean down and kiss me, and I can feel your hands moving down my chest, undoing the buttons of my shirt one at a time. Then, you take a moment to undo my belt and finally, you unbutton my trousers. With all of my clothes loose, you lift up and move over me.

“My night to be in charge,” you say – and I wisely just smile and nod. You let your fingernails drift down my skin and you grin. Leaning down, you kiss me and grind against me. It doesn’t take much for me to start getting hard. Your mouth starts teasing my skin as you move down my neck to my chest, then down farther … your hand moves inside my pants and your fingers wrap around me, holding me tight. You squeeze and you can hear a gasp escape my lips.

You let go and shift around. After a moment, you are pulling at my pants. Arching my back for a minute and then dropping my ass onto the ground, you easily pull my pants and underwear free. I sit up enough to where I can slide my shirt off, and then I let myself fall back onto the blanket. You crawl up and now, when you sit on me, you are sitting right on me and there isn’t any hiding it. I can see your grin in the dim light, but I refrain from doing anything other than resting my hands on your thighs.

You provocatively slide your Maltepe Escort body down mine, and then when you’re down far enough, you take ahold of me again. I’m sure you’re toying with all kinds of ideas, but they all disappear by the wayside when you start to lick. I feel your tongue flick over the head of my cock, then around it. Your fingers move down and you slide your mouth over me, forcing me to gasp as my fingers clench down on the blanket.

As I start to focus again, I move my hands up and hold onto your hair so you can play more without being distracted, and you don’t hold back. I can feel your tongue lick up and down the bottom of my cock and then you suck on me for a minute again before moving your tongue around the shaft again. And you’re keeping it wet enough with saliva that your hands easily move up and down the shaft when you’re teasing just the head or playing with my balls. You know you’re having an effect as my fingers tighten up slightly in your hair before I force myself to relax again. You know it because my entire body is tightening up. And you know it because you can hear my breathing struggle. To play with my brain even more, you move your hands away and take as much of me into your mouth as you can – and again, you feel me tighten up inside you.

And then you stop, lips around me, and you open your mouth slightly. The heat of your breath flows over my skin and the feeling is amazing – and you decide you can’t wait any more. You get all the way back up on your knees and undo your pants, pushing them backwards as you crawl back up my body.

My eyes regain focus as you stop, perched above me. You wait until our eyes meet again, and then, holding me still, you rest your lips against me … watching, you slowly slide Tuzla Escort down around me. You can see, feel, the reaction as I fill you up. Sitting all the way down, you squeeze, teasing me by lifting only a tiny bit and then resting back down. You know that I enjoy it – but you also know that there is so much more …

Slowly, you start to lift up. Then back down. The slow rhythm builds and you start to drop harder against me. I begin to lift up, pushing up into you. We move more and you smile inwardly as my hands squeeze your ass, pulling you down harder. When you rest your head down near mine, I know how much you are losing yourself in the act. My arms slide up your body, wrapping around you, and you slow down, catching your breath.

I whisper into your ear to shift and you move off me. I move around you, behind you. You rest your forearms on the blanket, lifting your ass up, and I position myself behind you. The teasing is past us, and I don’t hesitate to push into you. You gasp and then you lift back up onto your hands. We start to move against each other, and you abandon yourself to it. You can feel how I spread you, how I fill you and you want it more, harder … deeper. Your moans get louder and it just makes me want to fuck you that much more. Each stroke into your body, I can feel you squeezing me, pulling me in and then letting go as I slide out. The moans turn into words and I can hear my name … and then I hear you telling me to fuck you. Hard. … harder still. You cry out my name, gasping, and then suddenly, I stop inside you and you can feel it as I come inside you. Every pulse, every beat, and then you’re coherent enough to hear me breathing hard behind you.

You shift forward and I let you move away from me. As you lie back down on the blanket, I move next to you and your head curls up on my shoulder.

… as I open my eyes, I see a meteor screaming through the night sky. Quietly, tenderly, I get your attention and we go back to lying under blankets and watching the show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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