The Middle Of The Night

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It is the middle of the night, and you awaken from a pleasant sleep, slowly blinking your eyes open. Your body has not felt so relaxed in quite some time, and you lay there unmoving while your brain slowly comes to life.

A warm smile forms on your lips as you remember the reason that you feel so beautiful. Just before you slept, your lover…who still sleeps next to you… had brought you to one orgasm after another, each successive climax seeming to bring you to even higher levels of pleasure. Your pussy is still stretched from his thick cock, and your clit tingles as you recall the memory of your fingernails, digging into his ass as you encouraged him to fuck you harder.

Your erotic memories have caused your body to push back reflexively against your lover. You are lying on your side, your back slightly arched and your knees bent, and your lover lies against you. His strong forearm is bent under his head, his bicep forming a warm pillow for you. You feel the short curly hair of his chest lightly scratching your back, and his body mirrors yours as he spoons against you. His thighs rest against yours, and his hot cock is nestled in the cleft of your ass, laying vertically between your bodies. His strong hand covers you, his thick fingers lightly holding your breast, lightly touching your erect nipple.

You know that your lover is exhausted, both from pleasing you and from a long week of hard work, so you want him to sleep. On the other hand, your body still craves him… or, to be honest, it craves his cock. There is nothing like a great evening of lovemaking to make you want even more. An idea forms in your mind, and you wonder if you can pull it off…

Trying hard not to awake him, you bend your back even more. With your back arched tightly against him, his cock presses deeper between the cheeks of your ass, until the underside of his hot shaft is resting against the heat of your tight rear hole. You feel his cock pulse against you, for even in his sleep his body cannot help but respond to yours. His cock, which had been swollen while resting against you, becomes hard again as you slowly rock your ass back against him.

You smile, just an erotic pursing of your lips, as you feel his cock against you. Your lover porno izle not only has good stamina, but his cock always seems to recover quickly after cumming, as if he were a teenager. You feel like a teenager yourself, wanting even more of his cock inside you.

Moving very slowly, you lift one leg, then reach down to your pussy. You slide your body slowly, easing away from him just enough to let his hard cock swing free. You reach between your legs, freezing for just a moment when you feel him stir in his sleep as your fingers wrap around his thick cock, but his body is only reacting to your touch.

As you steer his cock to your still-wet pussy, you feel almost devious, as if you were taking something forbidden. You rest his cock between your pussy lips, rubbing it back and forth until your juices shine on his cockhead. You press the head of his thick cock into your pussy, stifling your own moan as his thick cock stretches your pussy. You grind your hips back, pushing his cock into your wet pussy. Your hips move slowly, forward and back, as you take his cock deeper and deeper into you.

When his cock is as deep as your positions allow, you rest for a moment. Just imagine how you would feel, taking your lover’s cock as he slept and using it as if it were a toy. You would suck in a deep breath of air, then slowly begin to ease his cock in and out of your pussy. His penetration is not deep, but you can sense his pleasure, for even in his sleep his breathing changes. He groans quietly as his cock is enveloped in the heat of your pussy.

As you slowly screw yourself on his cock, fucking him quietly, your mind is filled with erotic pleasure. An image forms in your mind, as if you had a small camera watching his cock sliding in and out of your pussy. You see your shaved pussy hair, wet with your juices, and your pink lips are stretched wide as they seem to suck in his cock. You see his balls contracting as his cum begins to boil inside…

Your mind is so enthralled with these erotic images that at first you don’t recognize his body awakening. His fingers tighten around your nipple, pinching it erotically, and the muscles in his arm contract as they pull your body tighter against his. Under your head, his other arm flexes porno as he slowly awakens, like a sleeping giant.

He does awaken like a giant, but not a mean one. Before his mind is even fully awake, his body realizes that his cock is in a warm and delicious place, and he subconsciously moves to extend your mutual pleasure. His hand slides down from your breast to your hips, resting just above your pussy as he holds you. You feel him thrusting into you now, his hand holding your body still as he pushes his cock forward. A sleepy groan escapes his mouth as his cock slides even deeper into your pussy, and his fingers reach down to feel the edges of your pussy. Your lips are stretched tight around his shaft, and he feels how wet his cock is with your juices. His fingers gather some of the moisture, and reach for your clit. He rubs you lightly, giving you the double pleasure of his cock in your pussy and his fingers teasing your clit.

Your fingers tighten into little fists, grabbing the sheets of the bed as your body is filled with pleasure. You realize that while you initiated this lovemaking, your lover is now in control. He holds you against his body as he fucks you deeply, and his head bends down to suck in the tender skin of your neck. He nibbles on you, mumbling erotic curses into your ear as he tells you how hot your pussy feels around his cock. You moan in response to his words, and to the sensation of his cock filling you.

For quite some time, your bodies are joined in a slow and passionate writhing. Your lover seems to be half asleep, yet his body is acting spontaneously as you both share in the pleasure of your lovemaking. He breathes deeply into your hair, the warm air blowing across the back of your neck in time to his thrusts.

As your lover awakens even more, he becomes even more aggressive, but in a very sensuous way. You feel his grip on your body tighten as his arousal grows… not tight enough so as to hurt you, but enough to let you feel his control. His leg raises in the air, allowing him to push deeper inside your pussy. His thrusts become more intense, and his fingers leave your pussy just long enough to grab one of the pillows that had been displaced by your earlier lovemaking. He presses it against rokettube the lower part of your torso, just above your pussy. You feel your lover slowly roll your body over, his legs outside yours, until you are left lying on your stomach with your ass slightly raised by the pillow. He weight rests against you, yet you hardly feel him; the sensations of his cock in your pussy and his hand teasing your clit overwhelming any other thoughts.

“I can’t believe…” he murmurs into your ear as he thrust deep inside you… “that you woke me up… by fucking me…That is so fucking hot… just like your pussy…”

You can only moan in response, but your ass arches as if to offer the deepest and hottest folds of your pussy to him. As he thrusts into you, the soft cheeks of your ass compress under his body, and his cock rubs you in new ways, sending shudders through you. You moan into the mattress as his cock plunges in and out of you. Your lover’s strokes are slow and deep, and you feel his balls slap against you each time he buries his cock in the depths of your pussy.

You listen to your lover’s breathing, and know that he is close to cumming. With each thrust of his cock, even his breath seems to shudder, and he groans like an animal in heat. Your own breath sounds the same way, for his cock has brought you to the edge…

You feel his thrust become slower, yet almost more powerful as he begins to lose his control. With one deep thrust, he buries his cock deep inside you, and you feel it thicken, and then spasm wildly. His body convulses on yours as his cock pumps his hot cum deep in your pussy. His moans become almost child-like cries as he loses himself in the pleasure of your body…

Just as your lover climaxes, with his cum spurting deep inside your pussy, you also scream in the pleasure of your own climax. Your body trembles under his thrusting cock, vibrating between his body and the bed as a powerful climax floods through you. Your eyes squeeze shut as he fucks you through your orgasm, and every nerve of your body seems to be filled with electricity.

Slowly, his thrusts become less intense, for his cock is not stirring his own cum inside your pussy. You both gasp for breath, and he kisses the back of your neck softly as he hugs you. A minute later, he rolls again, pulling your body back against his he rolls back onto his side. You both rest again, just as you started, except that now his cock is resting inside your pussy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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