The Mile-High Headquarters

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I’ve always fantasized about being a member of the mile-high club. Fantasized. I never actually intended on signing up. It’s funny what they say about manifesting all your wants and dreams; It’s as easy as visualizing them as the truth and watch the magic unfold. Magic unfolded, alright! Just as my legs happily did! Lol, I must say that I envisioned this happening completely different than my actual experience. I assure you, the real deal beat my imagination’s version to high heaven.

I can’t stop thinking about it. I can feel my blood as it pulses through my engorged clitoris. My thighs; lightly dripping with proof of arousal that leaked from my body. Merely reminiscing over what happened has my pussy throbbing in excitement! I feel sensations clearly, as if it were happening all over again. I find it impossible to believe I will ever forget the details of my initiation into the club. However, to ensure this, while fresh in my mind, I decided to write this memorandum.

I am such a sucker for a finger in my slit. That’s truly all it took to convince me to meet a stranger in the 737’s restroom, a.k.a. the headquarters, which I affectionately call it, due to the amount of head that occurred there.

Rain poured during the entire flight. There were many empty seats due to weather related cancellations. This would be the only time I was able to choose to sit anywhere I wanted. I picked a comfortable window seat, behind the left wing. Row all to myself.

The plane ascended into the sky. I happily gazed out of the window. Not much to see. Just water, as it obscured the view. That is until he sat down beside me. Now, I had something spectacular to gaze at! As I shamelessly looked him over, it occurred to me that out of all the empty seats, he sat next to me. Why? Was I in his seat? WTF?

All the wondering that was going through my mind seized as soon as we made eye contact. His eyes told me exactly why he chose the seat next to mine. With his eyes, he motioned toward the HQ. The headquarters.

A bit thrown off and a bit shy, I responded by giggling like a school girl. He smiled. Still, with no words, he motioned Bostancı Escort again toward the HQ. I thought to myself, “are you kidding me? I don’t even know you!”. I thought he might be playing around with me. Indeed, he was playing around. Not with me, but with his cock. Hand firmly stroking it over his pants. It’s provocative figure quickly revealed itself. I admit that I became highly intrigued by his gesturing. I remained reluctant only for a short while. He put his right hand on my left knee. He gently tugged, prying my legs apart. My skirt made access easy and his fingers found my tight pussy with little effort. Oh, I was completely convinced now! He fondled my clit for a good while. My breathing deepened as I gasped for air. This time, with his head, he again motioned to the headquarters. I nodded yes. He removed his hand from beneath my skirt and seductively licked his fingers. I wanted him badly and I wanted him now!

We both stood up. He lightly pushed my shoulder down. I took cue and sank back down into my seat. He whispered to wait three minutes then come back and knock three times on the door which says occupied. I nodded yes. Then, he disappeared down the aisle.

Three minutes felt like ten. The wait was almost too much to bear. I contemplated over going through with this, or not. My pussy was ready to go, which helped me to see that so was I.

I arrived at the door that said “occupied” above its handle. I knocked three times. I stared forward at the door. I dared not to look anywhere else, because I just knew that they knew that I was going to get fucked in the restroom on flight 1759! With that thought, I oddly became more aroused. I felt my face blushing and imagined everyone watching me as I walked into the HQ. The door opened. In I went, without a look back.

There he stood. He was ready to rock out with his cock out. If I wasn’t so turned on, I would have laughed hysterically. Really though, there was nothing funny about his sexy body and his hard cock. He was incredibly sexy. His stiff erect dick was incredibly inviting.

I went for it! My mouth eagerly took his cock Anadolu Yakası Escort like a champ. I was in awe of myself! “What the hell am I doing? Who is this girl? Am I really sucking some random dude off in a public restroom?” None of my thoughts stopped me from what I was doing. I didn’t care if I was wrong. I was enjoying my womanhood and I liked it. A lot! Then suddenly, he pulled himself away. I was surprised but his actions guided me along.

He lifted me up by my waist and sat me on the sink’s small edge. He leaned in and fit himself between my legs. He began to sensually kiss me. I never felt so turned on in my life! Well, never say never. He slipped his finger inside my pussy and continued to kiss me. I would have asked for nothing more at this point, because I was already feeling things I had not experienced before. He did not stop there, however.

He whispered to turn around and get on my knees. “How?”, I thought, then felt his hands assisting me into position. Now I’m bent over, ass out, on my knees, trying to be graceful on the edge of the tiny sink. He whispered, “Relax. You won’t fall. I’m not going to let you fall. I promise. I’m going to make you cum. I promise”. Holy shit! I worried that I could catch feelings. Damn, this player was smooth! He was a very generous lover. He was on a mission to please. Please me. Mmmm.

His tongue entered my pussy as deep as it could go. My eyes rolled back into my head as far as they could go. He knew what he was doing. In no time, he had me orgasming in delight. He kept on licking and sucking and got me off several times. I was out of my mind in ecstasy. He asked me if he could have me now. I nodded yes. Oh, I wanted his cock deep inside of me. I could hardly take the suspense of anticipation. Then finally he gave it to me.

Slow and steady at first, allowing his cock to familiarize itself with my pussy. His strokes became more intense, but still slow. He covered my mouth with his hand to muffle my moans. He pulled out his cock and began to rapidly finger fuck me while eating my ass. I was dying of pleasure. I was in such a euphoric state Pendik Escort of mind. I had no idea I could feel like this. I came intensely. He shoved his cock into my pussy and a finger into my ass. His other hand went back over my mouth. I came again. He soon followed. These orgasms were superb. I have not ever had such pleasure. Although I cannot speak for him, he looked quite spasmatic and sounded like he was in pain when he came. Lol. I cared not to ask.

After cleaning up and pulling ourselves together, he whispered one last time. “You were incredible, darling. That was absolutely terrific. Please take your time and allow me to be seated before you come”. I nodded yes. He exited the HQ.

I somehow found the strength to look at myself in the mirror. I immediately silenced the guilt and self-loathing thoughts that tried to be heard. I liked how I felt. I wanted this feeling to last as long as possible. I was ready to do the walk of shame down the aisle, back to my seat. Without the shame.

I couldn’t even remember where I sat. I recognized my new friend by the back of his head and found my way to my seat. I turned my body toward the window then quietly drifted off into La-La-Land. I slept right through the remainder of the flight. We safely landed. Everyone was preparing to disembark the aircraft.

My friend was no longer sitting next to me. In fact, he was nowhere to be seen. I caught myself beginning to frantically look around. My awareness of my behavior enabled me to stop. I sat back and took a deep breath. It was then that something fell from my lap, hitting my foot before landing on the floorboard.

I was anxious to see what it was. I picked it up from the floor. It was a double-sided business card. It was from him. I couldn’t believe what it read. On one side it had his name and credentials: Sean Henson, ATF agent, and a badge number, along with other miscellaneous information. On the reverse side was printed: my full name, the date and flight number. Underneath that it read: Welcome to the Mile-High Club. Status: VIP MEMBERSHIP.

I suppose you can say that it’s true what they say about manifesting your wants and dreams. You visualize them as the truth and watch the magic unfold. I like to believe I was part of the magic that happened on that flight. Why shouldn’t I believe it? I have the membership card to confirm it. I am a member of the Mile-High Headquarters.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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