The Mind Control Device Short: Schoolgirl Studies Anal

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The Mind Control Device Short

Schoolgirl Studies Anal

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

An eighteen-year-old girl jogged with her mother through the park, unaware that Dean Michaels was moments away from testing his mind-control device. While the girl was just getting going, her mother was panting and groaning, needing to take a break.

The girl rolled her eyes as her mother headed over to a park bench. She sat down next to a guy. To the girl, he looked like a teacher. The man was typing on a laptop. The girl shrugged and kept jogging, unaware of what was about to happen to her.

The device activated, and everything changed for the girl.

When it shut off, she didn’t remember any of the wicked things she did. Not having sex with her mother or getting fucked by that man who she thought looked like a teacher. As she resumed jogging with her mother, an itch grew in her pussy. This hot need for an older man to teach her things.

Like Mr. Belmont.


Melinda McDonald – Two Days after Activation

Monday had arrived. The weekend was over, and I had to go back to college. All I could think about was Mr. Belmont. It had grown and grown in my mind on Saturday and on Sunday it had begun to consume me. More and more, I wanted him to teach me things.

Last night, I dreamed that he was in the park where Mom and I went jogging on Saturday. In it, he had taught me all about anal sex. I’d never had it, of course. I’d had regular sex with my ex-boyfriend, but I never let him do anything back there. It was dirty. Sounded painful.

In the dream, it had been glorious.

The idea of Mr. Belmont teaching me about anal grew and grew in my mind as I got ready for class. Mom and my brother Corey were acting weird. They kept smiling at each other like they had a secret. I’d be curious, but my butt-hole tingled. The idea of having Mr. Belmont’s cock sliding into my asshole grew and grew.

I had to enjoy him. I didn’t care that he was my professor or that I was eighteen. He had to teach me so much. He was so handsome. Dating boys my age was such a pointless waste of time. They were all so immature. Just after my tits and ass.

I wanted a man to take me in hand and educate me.

My pussy had a delicious itch as I headed off to classes. Mom was giving Corey a ride, which was weird, but I opted to walk like normal. The entire way, my hunky professor filled my mind. Tall, handsome, dark hair, and with glasses. He was divorced now. I bet he needed a woman who wouldn’t be a bitch to him.

I could be that.

My nipples poked at my bra as I walked, the tingle racing down to my nethers. My clit throbbed, aching against my panties. I shuddered, loving this aroused state. That heat grew in me. I had never wanted anything more in my life. I had to be bold to get him to teach me about anal sex.

I arrived at his classroom early, the first student to walk in. He was drawing something on the whiteboard, wearing a pair of khaki slacks and a dark-blue, long-sleeved shirt with a gray tie. He dressed like a stud. My pussy melted.

My short skirt, a frilly pink affair, swayed about my thighs. It was the skimpiest one I owned. I might get in trouble for wearing one this short, but I didn’t care. My round breasts filled out the tight, pink top I wore, the red of my bra bleeding through the material. My black hair swept with a playful bounce around my face. I had taken care with my makeup today.

I had made myself perfect.

I unslung my backpack and sauntered up to him. He glanced over and noticed me. He frowned as I came up with, a coquettish smile on my face. He cleared his throat as his eyes took me in. I knew that look. That gleam of hunger that no man could ever truly hide when they saw a cute and sexy hottie like me.

“Mr. Belmont,” I purred, “I’m just so eager for today’s lesson.”

He cleared his throat. “You are?” He gave me a suspicious look then his eyes flicked to the door. I’d closed it. “You never seemed like you enjoyed the subject.”

“Well,” I said, rocking my hips back and forth to swirl my skirt and put a bounce to my tits, “I was hoping you could give me a few pointers. You being a biology professor.”

“What?” he asked. A bead of sweat appeared on his forehead. I could see that swelling in his khaki pants.

“There’s so much you could teach me about,” I moaned, taking a step closer, back arched to thrust out my boobs before me. My hands rubbed on my belly, pulling my top even tighter about my tits. “You could enlighten me on so much, Mr. Belmont.”

He cleared his throat. “I don’t think—”

The door opened and someone else entered. Relief flitted across his face. He turned back to the board and said, “You should take your seat, Melinda. “

“Yes, Mr. Belmont,” I purred to my professor.

I whirled around, my skirt flaring, and took a seat in the front row, not my usual spot. I sank down and he frowned at me. I fluttered my eyelashes at him and gave him a friendly and inviting smile. He finished writing on the board, something about cell reproduction.

I liked the sound of reproduction.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter. The blood rushed through my veins, boiling.

As he started his lecture, I barely heard the words, the pounding rhythm of my heart drowning it out. My body blazed with heat. I spread my legs wide as he talked. He paused, his eyes falling on the gap between my thighs.

At my red panties molded to my shaved pussy lips. Could he see the wet spot? I must have soaked through my panties. The material was so thin. I could feel it clinging to my vulva and labia, outlining every intimate detail.

He cleared his throat and kept talking about cell division. I think.

I just watched him as he marched back and forth. He tried so hard not to look between my thighs, but he did. He kept glancing at me, sweat beading his forehead. I shuddered, feeling so wicked. He must have such a hardon right now. I was such a wicked student.

I drove my teacher mad with lust.

I needed him to teach me anal. I just had to do it. The more I sat here, the more I had to experience that delight for the first time. His big, thick cock needed to slide into my bowels. He would fuck me so hard. Just pound me.

It would be incredible.

My asshole tingled through the lesson while my pussy grew wetter and wetter. My tangy musk filled my nose. I licked my lips, watching the tall and dark-haired hunk marching back and forth. I wanted to grab him by the tie, pull his head down, and have him eat my pussy before the class. To show them how a man ate out a girl before fucking her up the ass.

It would be a biology lesson that they would never forget.

My toes curled in my shoes. I bit my lip. He glanced at me, adjusting his glasses. I wanted to touch myself. To rub my cunt for him. To push the cloth of my panties into my eighteen-year-old cunt and let him think about his cock entering me.

I wanted him in me. I needed him in me. That dream burned in my mind, in the park, getting fucked in the ass while my mother watched. Those twin girls… I bit my lip, the fire blazing hotter and hotter through me.

“That’s it for today,” he said, glancing at the clock. The sudden activity around me snapped me out of my daze. I closed my legs. “Melinda, can I speak with you for a moment?”

“Yes, Mr. Belmont,” I purred and stood up, my skirt swirling.

A few of the boys leered at me on their way out as I headed up to the professor, my hips swaying. I took deep breaths, really swelling out my tits for Mr. Belmont to admire. Was he going to teach me now? There wasn’t time. He had another class to teach.

But I wouldn’t object.

“Are you ready to give me those private pointers on reproduction?” I asked. “Help me to really absorb the material.”

“We’re not going to… to have a private conversation on reproduction,” he said, face flushed.

“Well, there are other topics we could have. Like an—”

“Your attire is inappropriate,” he said, cutting me off. “You’re wearing a skirt that’s too short. It’s distracting.”

“Because you can see my panties?” I asked, feeling so bold. This was so unlike me, but that dream itched in my mind. I had to recreate it.

He cleared his throat. “You’re here to learn, not to flirt with your teachers.”

“I’m sorry if my outfit offended you,” I said. “Let me fix it.”

I thrust my hands beneath my skirt. We had mere moments to be alone. The door behind us was open. Students were passing by. They could glance in. His next class could start filtering in, too. I hooked my panties as he let out a strangled gasp.

I slid them off my hips, pulling the wet cloth away from my pussy. I shuddered at the feel, the fabric half-stuck to my vulva. My clit throbbed. Then it was away and rolling down my thighs. I bent over, the air rustling up beneath my skirt and kissing my bare cuntlips. I shuddered and stepped out of the red affair.

“Here you are, Mr. Belmont,” I said, pressing my wet panties into his hand. “I’m sorry for not properly attiring myself. I won’t make that mistake again.”

“Again?” he croaked.

Then a student entered. He shoved my panties into his pocket and cleared his throat. “That’s all, Melinda.”

“For now,” I said. “I can’t wait for our private lesson on alternate forms of sex that don’t lead to reproduction.”

I spun around, my skirt flaring up for a moment. Then I sauntered out, swaying my rump, letting him stare at that young derrière he soon would be plundering. I couldn’t wait to have that big dick of his plowing into my asshole. It would be incredible. I grabbed my backpack and purse then swept out into the hallway.

I felt so naughty through my next classes. I had to be so careful not to flash my pussy at anyone. I wanted Mr. Belmont to educate me. Not fat Mr. Addlebury or toad-face Mrs. Havershan. I wanted a sexy man to teach me.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I had to get my anal lesson from him. I shuddered, knowing my perfect opportunity was coming. I kept thinking about it through the boring math class and English class.

I sucked on my pen through Mrs. Havershan’s tedious sikiş izle lesson on irregular verbs and strange tenses. I had my lips sealed tight around the plastic body. I idly thrust it in and out of my mouth, my legs crossed so tight.

My clit throbbed and pulsed with my pounding heartbeat.

My tangy musk lingered in the air around me. My breasts rose and fell, my breath coming so fast. Flashes of the dream washed through my mind. Mr. Belmont was such a hunk. He didn’t just teach me, but also those twins and my mother. He taught us all.

She had blown him. I could remember that. Just sucking on his cock. And we’d done things with each other. That was how masterful Mr. Belmont was. He could teach any woman to do any act. And I wanted him to do that for me.

To control me.

My pussy blazed with a wild fire by the time Mrs. Havershan’s class came to an end. She had been in the middle of talking about the confusion people had with the verbs to lie and to lay. How they were easy to get their various conjugations mixed and muddled and what a nightmare it could be for those who forgot the differences.

The hour ended, freeing us from the drudgery of her lesson.

I bolted to my feet, so eager for my next lesson. A private one from Mr. Belmont. I had my lunch break now. I was so eager for it. An hour to learn with my professor. To experience such wicked and wild things from the man. My pussy blazed in me. My cunt dripped juices. They ran down my thighs as I rushed out of the classroom.

I had to move fast. Mrs. Havershan’s classroom was two floors up and on the other side of the school building from Mr. Belmont’s. I was a young cutie on a mission. I moved fast, my thighs whisking against my clit.

My little bud throbbed and pulsed.

My juicy thighs rubbed together. My nipples ached against my bra as my tits bounced. I threaded my way through the busy halls, flowing past students. Friends called my name. Guys checked out my tits and ass. I didn’t care and ignored them all.

I was a schoolgirl on a mission.

I flew down the stairs, heels clicking. My breasts heaved, my nipples drinking in the motion. Everything was feeding to that growing itch in my pussy. I needed to satiate myself. It would be glorious when Mr. Belmont fucked me in the ass.

I knew I would cum so hard.

I reached the first floor and almost ran. I rushed as fast as I could, a backpack full of books swinging behind me. My purse hung on my arm. I hoped my makeup was still perfect. I wouldn’t have time to touch up my lipstick or rouge. I spotted his classroom. The light was still on. He was still in there.

I burst in and found him packing up a satchel. He stared at me in shock. He swallowed as I closed the door firmly behind me. I shuddered and slipped my backpack and purse to the ground by the door then sauntered to him.

“I was hoping I could get that private lesson,” I said as he stood behind his desk.

“Melinda, your behavior is something you need to change,” he said. “It’s inappropriate. I’m your teacher.”

“I know,” I groaned, my body on fire. “You’re just who I need to teach me about all sorts of things. I need to learn so much.”

“You’re eighteen,” he said. “I’m flattered, I am, but I’m twice your age. Anything you think is going to happen, won’t.”

“Don’t say that,” I pouted. “I’m mature for my age. At least grade me on my oral skills. I’ve done it a few times, but I don’t know if I’m doing it right.”

“I’m not going to let you…” His words trailed off as I fell to my knees before him. “Melinda, Jesus, you can’t.”

“Shhh, Mr. Belmont,” I said and attacked the dark-brown leather belt he wore. I pulled on the tail and worked it through the clasp. I undid it in moments. Then I worked the fastener open. “I need you to grade me.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he groaned, this look of panicked lust on his face. I could feel his hardon through his pants. I unzipped his fly, a salty scent rising in my nose, mixing with my own tangy musk. “Shit. I have to be somewhere. I can’t be late.”

“You have a student who needs you,” I moaned. “They’ll understand.”

I ripped his fly open further. The zipper rasped down. His cock tented his boxers. They were silk, a plaid pattern made of gray and dark-blue lines. I hooked them with my greedy fingers and tugged them down. My teacher’s cock popped out. He throbbed before me.

I groaned at the sight of him. This was just like the cock in my dream, right? No, no, it was a little different, but I had never seen his dick before. I shuddered, grabbing Mr. Belmont’s throbbing dick, my hand pumping up and down it.

“Melinda,” he panted, looking around. “We can’t do this.”

“Mr. Belmont, I need to learn so much from you.” I winked at him. “Like anal. You have to teach me that, but first…”

I kissed the tip of his cock.

“Grade me!”

I flicked the crown of his dick with my tongue.

“Assess my oral skills.”

I licked right at his slit, gathering up his precum.

“Make sure I’m proficient in blowing a sexy, older man, Mr. Belmont.”

“Melinda,” he growled and then grabbed a fistful of my black hair. “Fuck, you’re a little slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes!” I moaned, loving the change in his behavior. The way he was getting so dominant.

Then he pulled my head forward, growling like a beast. It was so sexy. My pussy clenched as he forced the tip of his cock against my lips. I opened wide, letting him thrust it deep into my mouth. I shuddered at his size; bigger than any of my boyfriend’s I’d blown.

My eyes squeezed shut. My pussy clenched. A wicked heat rushed through my body, my cunt clenching. I shuddered as I tasted his salty shaft. His precum. My tongue explored around his shaft as I sucked on him.

He let out a long, slow groan. “You’ve had me hard all morning with that schoolgirl-slut routine, Melinda.”

And now I was satiating him.

“Fuck, you’re going to get me fired,” he panted.

I would never do that to him. Then I wouldn’t get to enjoy this cock.

I sucked on him hard. I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his cock. I slid my lips up and down him, savoring that big dick filling my mouth. My hips wiggled from side to side, juices running down my thighs.

He groaned, his hand clenching my hair as I worked my lips up and down his cock. I pleasured him. Loved him. My left hand cradled his balls, massaging them with gentle care. They were hairy and full of his cum. I wanted to swallow him. Then he could eat me out and get my asshole ready for the finale of the lesson.

His dick sliding into my bowels.

I thrust my right hand between my thighs. I slid it up to my juicy pussy. I rubbed at my shaved folds. I caressed myself as I bobbed my lips up and down his cock. I sucked on him. I nursed with hunger on him. He groaned, his face scrunching up. His hand tightened in my hair.

“Damn, Melinda,” he groaned. “Goddamn, you’re going to get me in so much trouble.”

I winked at him.

“Fuck, suck that cock. I’m going to dump my cum down your throat. You want it, don’t you? God, all you schoolgirls are such whores these days. Yes, yes, flouncing around in your short skirts and tight jeans. Shit.”

I thrust two fingers into my pussy, frigging myself as I loved his cock. He deserved this. I put my all into blowing him. My left hand gently massaged his balls. I felt his nuts twitching in my hand. I wanted that cum in them.

I hungered for them.

Drool ran down my chin as I sucked with all my might. My fingers plundered my cunt, stirring up my twat. Heat washed through me as I loved his big dick. I would drink down all his cum. It would be so wonderful.

I nursed on him with all my passion. I sucked and slurped and loved his dick. My tongue danced over the crown of his cock. He groaned, his hands sliding through my hair. His glasses shifted on his face as he stared down at me with such hunger.

My butthole tingled.

He would teach me such naughty things today.

I sucked harder. I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his cock. My fingers plundered my pussy. The heat swept through my body. I groaned, savoring every little bit of pleasure that rippled out of my cunt. My hips wiggled back and forth. The juices spilled down my thighs and across my hand.

The more I sucked and fingered my twat, the hotter I felt. I shuddered, plundering my cunt with powerful plunges as I worshiped him. His face twisted more and more. I could feel it building and building. That moment when he would erupt.

“Shit,” he groaned, his balls twitching in my hand. “Melinda, you little slut. Goddamn! Drink it! You wanted it, so drink it all down!”

His cock erupted. I shuddered as hot cum fired from his cock. I shivered at the salty flavor flooding throughout my mouth. My taste buds burst into life. My pussy clenched down on my fingers slamming to the depths of my twat.

I came.

I shuddered, the pleasure busting through me. It was incredible to enjoy. It washed through me. My breasts jiggled and swayed, the rapture sweeping through my body. I whimpered as I nursed on him. I sucked out all that yummy cum. I gulped it all down.

“Melinda!” he growled, sounding like he was experiencing so much bliss.

It flowed down my throat. My eyes squeezed shut, reveling in that thick cum pouring down to my stomach. He grunted and groaned as I gulped down his seed. My fingers stirred up my cunt, my pussy writhing around my digits. The pleasure rushed through me.

“…yeah, I know,” a woman’s voice said. She sounded almost outside the door. “Right? I have to go look for him.”

“Shit!” snarled Mr. Belmont, ripping his cock out of my mouth.

The doorknob rattled. “I know, I have to hump my butt across the campus. Such a pain.”

“Beneath the desk!” he hissed, hauling up his pants, his belt rattling.

I gasped and crawled beneath, my fingers still buried in my pussy. My orgasm rippled through me as he hastily shoved his shirttails into his pants. He hadn’t even pulled up his boxers properly. They were bunched around his thighs. His cock was thrusting out through his fly.

He sat down in his chair as the door opened.

“And here he is,” the woman said. brazzers It was Mrs. Havershan. “You’re supposed to be in the meeting, Jim. You forget.”

“Oh, right, I had… a student… I had to deal with…” he said, his cock twitching before me.

I shuddered, my pussy quivering around my fingers at the excitement. I couldn’t help but lean out and licked the tip of his cock, gathering a glob of milky cum there. His dick twitched.

“Well, everyone’s waiting on you,” she said and shook her head. I heard her walking off, saying, “See what I have to deal with?”

“Bitch,” muttered Mr. Belmont.

I giggled.

“And you,” he said, rolling back his chair. “Don’t do that again. You want to send me to prison?”

“Never, Mr. Belmont,” I moaned. “I just want to learn everything from you. I want you to teach me about anal and show me how a guy licks a girl’s pussy. I know every part of reproduction. You’re my biology teacher. You have to instruct me.”

“Fuck,” he muttered, shoving his cock into his pants and zipping up. “I have to get to a meeting.”

I smiled at him. “I hope you sniff my panties. I soaked them.”

He gave me a look and then grabbed his satchel and darted out.

I pulled my fingers from my pussy and sucked them clean. That tangy delight was so wonderful. I shuddered, my tongue dancing around the juicy digits. Finished, I pulled them from my mouth and gathered my purse and backpack by the door.

Good thing Mrs. Havershan was too busy blathering on her cell phone to notice them.

God, she was a bitch.

Instead of getting my asshole reamed, I was heading to the cafeteria. Well, I was hungry. My friends all had a ton of questions about why I was so late. I just smirked, not wanting to get Mr. Belmont in trouble even though I wanted to tell them all about how hot it was sucking his cock and guzzling down his cum.

I was turning in to a schoolgirl slut. I was just so hot for teacher.

Then I had to sit through more torturous classes. They were boring, even my art class that I normally loved. I just kept thinking of Mr. Belmont’s cock. It was so big and thick. His cum had tasted so salty and yummy.

I sucked on pens during my classes, squeezing my thighs together.

When I held my paintbrushes, I thought about tickling my cuntlips with the silky strands or shoving the handles up into my cunt. Even my asshole. My butthole tingled constantly. When I used the restroom, after peeing, I couldn’t help but thrust a digit up into my asshole and wiggle it around in me.

It felt so wicked.

I sucked it clean, reveling in the sour flavor. I was turning into an anal whore. I just needed Mr. Belmont to teach me all the wicked things about anal delights. I shuddered, hoping he would do such naughty things to me.

My lusts boiled through me as I suffered through my history class. I didn’t care about who did what and when. It was all so dumb. Things in the past. I was focused on the present. On my pussy and my asshole.

I sucked hard on my pen, dying for my class to get over. I rocked back and forth. My pussy must be soaking my seat, leaving a naughty wet spot. Mr. Donovan just droned on and on and on about the dumbest stuff.

I didn’t care. Only one subject mattered.

My butthole clenched and relaxed. I nursed so hard on the pen. I pumped it in and out of my plump lips while the clock slowly ticked higher and higher, bringing us closer and closer to that magic moment.

3 PM.


I squeezed my thighs tight and then…

“Okay, read chapter 8 and do the worksheet at the back,” he said. “Due on Wednesday.”

A groan rippled through the class while I just shuddered and stood up. My asshole had that naughty tingle I just had to satiate. I would go mad if I didn’t. I gathered up my belongings and made that mad rush to Mr. Belmont’s class again.

I was breathless when I arrived. I paused, taking a moment to calm down. My heart raced. I burned for this so much. I wanted him so badly. When I had calmed myself enough, I opened the door and strode into his classroom.

He sat in his chair, my red panties in hand. He had been sniffing them. I closed the door behind me with a loud click. He sat in his chair, studying me. He licked his lips. I could tell that he wanted me. That he knew this was happening.

“Damn, Melinda, you want this, don’t you?”

“I want to learn anal so badly,” I moaned.

“Then strip,” he growled. He pressed my panties into his face and breathed in. He groaned. “You have been in my head all damned day.”

“Perfect,” I cooed and then peeled off my top.

His eyes, dark behind his glasses, watched me with hunger as he played with my panties, shifting the fabric in his hand. My breasts jiggled in my bra. I dropped my top, my black hair sweeping about my shoulders. I sauntered to him, swaying, my heels clicking.

I reached behind me and, with a practiced twist, unfastened my bra. The straps hung loose. My breasts shifted as the cups didn’t support them quite as much. I kept the cloth pressed against my tits as I slipped the straps off my shoulders.

I had such a coquettish smile on my face as I wiggled my hips. He balled my panties into fists, staring at me with such intensity. He wanted to see my barely legal titties. I shuddered and then flung my bra off, tossing it onto his desk.

It landed before him in a flutter. My breasts heaved. They swayed back and forth before their perkiness arrested them into two perfect mounds, both topped by my hard nipples. His smile grew. I shuddered, my hips undulating.

I turned, dancing to a song only I heard. I had my professor’s undivided attention. I thrust my ass out at him, my skirt flaring up. Did I just flash my naked rump at him? Did he catch a glimpse of my shaved pussy

“Mmm, I want to learn all about anal, Mr. Belmont,” I moaned. “Will you teach me?”

“Not with that skirt on and in the way,” he growled. “You want to be my student, then you have to do everything I tell you.”

“Yes, Mr. Belmont,” I purred. I unzipped my skirt.

The flirty pink cloth slid off my rump and dropped down my thighs. I wiggled my naked tush at him. I knew it was firm. I jogged and exercised to have a sexy body. I wasn’t going to get fat like some girls I knew.

Oh, no I would be hot and delicious.

Mr. Belmont groaned his appreciation. He pushed back from his desk. I shuddered as I heard him stand. Then silk whisked on cloth. I glanced behind me to see him taking off his tie. I shuddered, watching him unbutton his shirt. I bit my lip. He was in good shape. I bet he ran.

I kept wiggling my ass at him as he took off his shirt. Then he attacked his belt. I chewed on my lower lip as he shoved those down. His cock tented his boxers. Then off those came. I stared at the dick that would take my anal cherry.

“Get that ass over here and bend over my desk,” he growled. “If you want me to fuck that ass, I have to get it ready.”

“Oh, yes, yes,” I moaned and headed over to him, my body on fire. My pussy clenched, the heat rippling through me.

I sauntered to the desk, my breasts swaying back and forth. He stroked his cock as I moved up before him. Then I knocked aside the papers and the pencil cup in the way. They spilled onto the floor. It was such a bratty thing to do, but I was staking my claim.

I bent over, pressing my young tits into the desk. The cool wood kissed my nipples. I shuddered at the contact, my pussy clenching. My hunky teacher groaned. The tip of his dick nudged into my right butt-cheek leaving a smear of cooling liquid behind.

“You need to warm up an asshole,” he said. “It’s not just lube that it needs. But fingers. Tongue. You have to get that young ass ready to take a big dick.”

“Mmm, yours is bigger than the boys,” I moaned. “You have a man’s cock, Mr. Belmont.”

He grabbed my ass and squeezed it. “Damn,” he growled. “You are going to ruin my life.”

“But you’ll have so much fun teaching me all sorts of naughty things, Mr. Belmont.”

“I will.”

He parted my butt-cheeks and pressed his face between them. I felt his glasses rubbing on my rump while his whiskers caressed at my silky skin. Then his lips kissed right at my butthole. I groaned at the contact, the heat flaring up through me.

His tongue fluttered around in my asshole. The pleasure surged through me. I shuddered in delight. The heat swept through me while his tongue danced around my sphincter. I groaned, savoring every minute of him licking me.

“This is called rimming,” he said and licked again.

“Yes, Mr. Belmont,” I moaned. “Rimming.”

I shuddered as his fingers rubbed at my shaved twat. As his tongue danced over my sphincter, he licked and lapped at my asshole. It was such a wild delight. A treat that would have me exploding in delight.

He thrust two of his fingers into my cunt. They were thicker than my own. I groaned, savoring him plundering my pussy. At the same time, he licked and lapped at my sphincter. He caressed over my aching hole. I squeezed my eyes shut and moaned.

“Mr. Belmont, yes, yes!”

He soaked his fingers in my cunt as his tongue pushed on my anal ring. I groaned as it surrendered to him. He slid into my asshole. I shuddered as he wiggled into me. He swirled around, caressing me. Teasing me. It was such a wicked delight to enjoy.

I shuddered at what he was doing to me. My face scrunched up. My heart beat so fast as his digits flexed in my pussy. He stimulated my asshole with his tongue. My butt-cheeks clenched down on his whiskered face.

“Oh, yes, yes, Mr. Belmont,” I moaned, my nipples throbbing against his desk. “Get me so ready for your cock. You’re going to ass-fuck me so hard.”

“So hard,” he growled.

He ripped his fingers out of my pussy and his mouth from my asshole. His digits slid up past my taint to reach my naughty sphincter. He soaked me in my own pussy cream and then shoved the first of his digits into me.

“Yes!” I moaned as that hot finger slid into me. This heat rose. My bowels clenched on him. “Oh, Mr. Belmont.”

As he did that, he licked at my pussy. His tongue danced over it. I trembled, savoring the first time I had my pussy licked. Boys never would fake taxi porno do this. They would finger me but never go down on me. He devoured me. He plundered his tongue into my cunt. It was incredible.

He caressed my sheath as he worked that finger in and out of my asshole. I shuddered on the desk, rubbing my titties into the smooth surface. I whimpered, black hair spilling around me. My bowels gripped his digit while my orgasm built and built.

He was driving me wild.

“Oh, yes, yes, I’m learning so much, Mr. Belmont,” I moaned.

“Yes, you are,” he growled and fluttered his tongue up and down my folds. He brushed my clit.

My asshole clenched down on his finger.

Then he pressed his other pussy lubed digit into my asshole. I gasped as he pushed and pushed on my anal ring. My naughty sphincter stretched. I groaned as he loosened me even more, sliding both his fingers into my bowels now.

I groaned as he worked those in and out of me. It was such a wicked thing to feel. I groaned, loving every second of it. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest. My hips wiggled back and forth, rubbing my shaved lips into his whiskered face.

It was incredible.

My orgasm built and built as he fluttered his tongue against my clit. His two digits reamed my asshole. They pumped in and out of me, loosening me up with every thrust. He was getting me so ready for his cock.

“Yes, yes, I’m learning all about anal, Mr. Belmont!” I moaned. “Ooh, you’re such a good teacher. I’m going to cum!”

“Mmm, that will help get you ready,” he said and swirled his tongue around my clit.

I gasped at that. My bowels clenched down on his fingers plundering my bowels. He nursed on my clit. He suckled on my bud. My pussy drank it in. The pleasure swelled in my depths, feeding on the sparks from my clit and the velvety delight melting from his cock reaming my asshole.

It was incredible. I loved every moment of it. I shuddered, squeezing down tight on him. I whimpered, my breasts rubbing against the table. The pleasure was growing and growing in me. I would have such a huge orgasm.

He jammed his digits deep into my bowels and sucked hard on my clit.

Pleasure burst inside of me.

“Mr. Belmont!” I gasped out with all my joy. “You’re the best teacher! Yes!”

My pussy convulsed and my asshole writhed around his digits. Juices gushed out of me. They flooded out of my cunt and into his mouth. He licked them up. He feasted on my schoolgirl passion. I threw back my head, rubbing my titties into the desk.

The sounds of my passion echoed through the room. They resounded back and forth, reverberating through the room. They were incredible to hear. They rippled back and forth. I loved every moment of this wondrous delight. My body trembled, my nipples throbbing. My cunt writhed and spasmed as he lapped at me.

He drank my juices that gushed out of my cunt. He licked and lapped them up. He drank them all down. I loved it. I whimpered, my heart pounding in my chest. The pleasure swept through my body. The delight blazed across my mind.

“Mr. Belmont!” I gasped, my asshole writhing about his fingers.

“Mmm, I think you’re ready for the next step,” he growled. “Penetration.”


My orgasm hit that wonderful peak as he pulled his fingers out of my asshole. I shuddered as my anal ring snapped tight shut. My body trembled. Juices spilled down my thighs. I heard him moving behind me as I panted and whimpered. My body felt so incredibly alive. My passion echoed in his classroom.

His hard cock nuzzled into my pussy lips.

I gasped at the hot contact.

He slid his cock up and down my cunt, just dipping into my barely legal twat. I whimpered at how great that felt. My entire body trembled. My heart pounded in my chest. I bit my lip, reveling in the passion that would explode through me. I would have such a great orgasm on his dick.

“Mr. Belmont,” I groaned. “Is this a lesson on anal or breeding?”

He froze for a moment. “Anal,” he said. “Breeding will come later.”

“Yes,” I moaned, so turned on. “But why are you pushing against my pussy lips?”

“Lube,” he said and then ripped his cock upward.

In a flash, he was at my asshole and pushing on it. I gasped, my anal ring widening as I struggled to follow the changing sensations. I groaned, my loosened sphincter surrendering to his cock. He penetrated into my asshole.

“Yes!” I moaned, that itch in my mind finally being scratched. “Teach me anal, Mr. Belmont!”

It was like the dream. I smiled as his cock penetrated deeper and deeper into my bowels. My cheek rubbed into the desk, my nipples drinking in the cool surface. Tingles shot down to my cunt which drank in the heat from his cock penetrating my bowels.

Inch after inch of his dick penetrated into my anal depths. My velvety asshole clenched around his shaft. I savored that amazing pleasure. I groaned as he went deeper and deeper into me. He buggered me. His bush rubbed into my butt-cheeks.

Which meant he had plundered every inch of my young asshole.

“Yes!” I moaned.

“Melinda,” he growled, his hands grabbing my hips. “You saucy, little slut. You love that, don’t you? You love learning anal from me?”

“I do, Mr. Belmont!” I groaned, squeezing around him. “Fuck me! Ass fuck me until we both cum!”

He drew back, his strong hands gripping me. They were such big hands. My bowels clenched about his thick dick. I savored him pulling out, the stimulation melting down to my juicy cunt. I whimpered in delight.

He rammed back into me.

His balls cracked into my taint. My butt-cheeks quivered. The sound echoed through the air. It was incredible to hear. I shuddered, loving every moment of it. The pleasure swelled through me. I groaned, clenching down on him.

I thrust my rump back at him. I savored every last impact of his cock into my bowels. He drilled into me. He fucked me hard and fast. It was amazing. Outstanding. I shuddered, squeezing around him, grunting every time he bottomed out on me.

“Mr. Belmont!” I moaned. “Mr. Belmont!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” he growled. “Goddamn, you’re tight! Fuck, yes! Schoolgirl ass!”

“Yours whenever you want it, Mr. Belmont! My ass! Mouth! My pussy! I’m your student, Mr. Belmont!”

He growled and fucked me harder. He felt possessed, my asshole transforming him into such a beast. A man enjoying a sexy, young thing. I loved it. My nipples throbbed against the desk as he plowed into me over and over again. He filled me to the hilt.

My pussy clenched, drinking in that velvety friction. My orgasm built and built. I would cum from being ass-fucked. My teacher’s cock educated my body on such wicked delights. I whimpered and moaned, aching for that climax.

His heavy balls smacked into me over and over again. They brimmed with the cum that he would fire into me. He would pump so much jizz into me. I couldn’t wait. He would flood me, and it would be fantastic. Just the best thing in the world.

I groaned, squeezing my bowels around him. He penetrated to the hilt in me again and again. He rammed so hard and fast into me. It was incredible to experience. I reveled in it. I savored his every thrust. His every hard plunge into me.

“Oh, Mr. Belmont,” I moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s great. That’s amazing. Mmm, just fuck me so hard.”

“Going to ream your pretty ass out!” he panted, thrusting with all his might. “You’re going to be gasping out your orgasm. Just screaming that pretty head of yours off.”

“Good!” I moaned, savoring that dick plowing into me. “Mmm, you’re so great, Mr. Belmont. You’re amazing. Just don’t stop. I’m getting so close and… and…”

He buried his dick to the hilt in me.

I exploded.

My asshole writhed around his dick. My pussy gushed juices down my thighs. Waves of rapture surged through my body. Ecstasy drowned my mind as he growled out. His hands tightened on my hips.

“Melinda!” he snarled and slammed his dick to the hilt in my writhing bowels.

Hot cum pumped into my asshole. He spurted load after load of his spunk into me. I shuddered, my writhing anal sheath milking him. I savored every spurt of his jizz basting my bowels. He filled me up as he grunted.

“Mr. Belmont!” I moaned. “I love learning from you! You’re the best!”

“Fuck, yes!” he growled, pumping more and more of his seed in me. “I’m going to teach you so much. I’m going to enjoy every inch of your body!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled, my orgasm reaching that wonderful peak. I floated there as I milked his cock dry. It was amazing. I loved it.

Anal was the best thing ever. I was so glad I learned it from my sexy professor. I just lay there on the desk, my breasts rubbing into the smooth surface. I panted, luxuriating in it while he groaned behind me, his dick softening in my bowels.

“Mmm, Mr. Belmont,” I moaned as he pulled out of my asshole, leaving me full of his seed. “I’m going to need lots and lots of lessons from now on.”

“Fuck,” he breathed. “Yes.”

“Private ones.”


“At your home.” I shivered. “Is it far?”

“No,” he croaked.

“Good,” I moaned, turning around. I sat on his desk, my naked breasts jiggling. “I’ll walk there. We can study so many other aspects of reproduction.”

He swallowed. “You are going to get me sent to prison.”

“But won’t it be worth it?” I asked and giggled.

“Yes,” he growled.

I dressed quickly and headed out the door. As I sauntered through the halls of my college, I savored his jizz leaking out of my sphincter. His cum matted my butt-cheeks. I shuddered, loving that wicked sensation. I had his address in my phone’s GPS.

I sent my mom a text. “Going to study at a friend’s. Might be home late.”

“Study as late as you want,” Mom sent back right away. “Corey and I will just have to find some way to live without you.”

I sent her a winky faced emoji, glad she wanted me to learn so much. If only she knew the things I was up to. She would freak out.

I giggled as I strode out of the building and started my walk to Mr. Belmont’s. He would drive. Meet me there. And then the education would continue. He hadn’t tried out my pussy yet. I wondered what bareback sex felt like.

I had to try that out, too.

I hummed and skipped along, my asshole full of cum. I loved being a teacher’s pet.

The END of this Tale of the Mind Control Device

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