The Mountain Girl Ch. 04

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Heidi has been to the second interview for this job and afterwards she is sent through to Zoe’s office just to catch up and see how she got on. The conversation takes a more serious turn when Zoe begins to ask some leading questions, forcing Heidi to admit that she wants to be with her. It’s a turning point in their relationship and as they make their way home she knows that tonight will be a very different night.

The drive up Burwood Highway was one Heidi had done for the last five years since moving to the area and it was a road she knew like the back of her hand. Every twist and turn in the road was indelibly imprinted on her mind, the suburbs of Upper Ferntree Gully, Upwey and Tecoma were signposts. When you got to Tecoma you knew you weren’t far from home and three and a half years ago she’d lived in Tecoma before moving into Belgrave. She pointed out the street as Zoe headed towards the last S bend and the older woman glanced at it briefly as they passed. Her hand rested lightly on Zoe’s leg and she felt a growing excitement. The house would be cold, should she bother making a fire or just let her desires run rampant in the bedroom and whose bedroom?

However those thoughts evaporated some ten minutes later as Zoe pulled into the driveway and came to a stop. Peter’s ute was parked beside Heidi’s car and he was sitting behind the wheel, the heater was on because the car was still running.

“Well, this is unexpected,” Zoe murmured, “I didn’t think he was coming until the weekend.”

She looked at Heidi and managed a wry grimace.

“First decision we have to make together. Do we invite him to stay for dinner or tell him we want to spend time alone?”

“Let’s just invite him in for coffee and then tell him we’re planning on an early night.”

However that looked unlikely at first when Peter revealed why he’d turned up two days early.

“Laptop just died,” he brought it out of the ute, “it gets to the boot screen and just hangs, I can’t even get into Windows let alone Linux.”

“Sounds like a corrupted bootloader,” Zoe mounted the steps to the verandah, “come in and we’ll see what your geek cousin can do.”

While Peter was setting his laptop up in the living room, Heidi made the coffees and brought them through. Peter was sitting on the couch with Zoe and he looked pensive as she tapped away at the keyboard with a quiet dedication. She’d plugged the laptop into the computer now being used as a set top box and the output from Peter’s laptop was being displayed on the tv screen.

“All fixed?” Peter asked a little while later.

“Nearly,” Zoe hit the Enter key, “I’ve rolled back to the previous kernel and I’m just installing Grub again,” she looked at him, “are you listening to me or looking at her?”

“Listening,” he looked at the screen, “but you may as well be talking in tongues.”

“And that’s installed,” she murmured, “now let’s reboot the system and see if it picks up the new kernel. I’ve piped the output to a text file that I’ll copy to your home directory, so all the stuff you see on the tv screen will be in that file.”

Their eyes met briefly.

“It’s a fairly basic problem, so looking at what I’ve done might help you to understand how the system actually works.”

“I really should learn some of this stuff,” he admitted.

Some thirty seconds later Peter moved forward as his eyes shifted from the tv screen to his laptop screen and he smiled.

“It’s working.”

“Of course it’s working,” she leaned back and flicked at her hair, “no charge.”

Zoe moved along a bit as the log in screen appeared and he typed in his user name and password, when the desktop appeared he grinned and looked up at Heidi.

“My cousin is amazing.”

“Yeah, I know that,” she looked at Zoe.

“Your latest Windows update corrupted the master boot record,” Zoe spoke up, “it might be time to think about switching over completely.”

“I still have games on Windows and a couple of other programs, maybe once I’ve saved some more money.”

“They’re doing another upgrade at work,” Zoe replied, “I could pick a desktop computer up for free as long as you don’t go spreading it around town. They’re supposed to be so old that they’re only good for spares but their old is the new, new,” she chuckled. “I’m not even sure that makes sense but in plain language they’re only two years old.”

“Okay,” he leaned back and stared at his screen, “my mate just gave me his old monitor last month, I was going to hook it up to the laptop because the screen on that thing is dying.”

“Whatever, I’ve got a couple of spare keyboards and a mouse or six at work as well.”

They fell silent for a minute or so and then he looked at Zoe and Heidi in turn before turning back to Zoe.

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Ask ahead.”

“Are you and Heidi?”

“Together?” Zoe smiled, “we were just talking about that today, let’s just say we’re reloading the system to allow for that option. fikirtepe escort Why? Does it bother you?”

“No,” he looked up at the ceiling, “I’m a really shitty Christian.”

“No, you’re the best Christian I know,” Zoe nudged him.

“At church they aren’t mad homophobic but they don’t approve of it. A few weeks ago I prayed that God would bring someone along for you, I even said if it happened to be Heidi then that was okay as well. I just didn’t think he was listening to me at the time.”

“Peter,” Heidi sat bolt upright, “you didn’t?”

“Guilty as charged,” he smiled tiredly, “you two are good together, you don’t have to be Einstein to work that out.”

“As I said,” Zoe put her arm around him, “you’re the best Christian I know.”

“You’ve said that twice,” he leaned towards her.

“And I’ll keep saying it,” she smiled, “now how about I leave you to toddle on home and when you come around on Saturday night for dinner I might have a surprise for you.”

“Does it start with C?”

“Yeah, it has a H and a P on the front, you can crash on the couch overnight and I’ll set up this new system for you.”

“Deal, I’ll bring the pizza and garlic bread,” he leaned forward and started shutting down the laptop, “but don’t tell the minister… I have a thing for his daughter.”

Peter left not long after that and Zoe backed her car out to let him leave. When she stepped back into the living room Heidi was lighting the pot-belly heater. The two women looked at each other and Zoe collapsed onto the couch and let out a chuckle.

“Just when I think I know all I need to know about him he throws me a googly. He prayed for you and I to get together,” she stared at the ceiling, “maybe God and I should talk more often.”

“It spun me out,” Heidi admitted.

“You and me both,” Zoe leaned forward and proceeded to unzip her boots, “he was always very intense as a kid, he read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee when he was ten years old. He used to spend hours in the library just to escape his old man and bring home six books at a time, he’d read them within a week and be back for more.”

“That was one thing I loved about him when we were going out together,” she replied, “we used to have these fucking amazing conversations about philosophy, politics, history and the rest. I can’t work out how someone with so much knowledge in his head goes to church every Sunday.”

“It’s a personal thing with him,” she pulled the jacket off her shoulders and slid it down her back, “he went through a lot when he was younger. Faith is what keeps him on an even keel, I’ve never questioned his faith and he’s never questioned my sexual orientation.”

She laid the jacket over the arm of the couch and leaned forward to take a mouthful of coffee.

“So, what are you going to do with me now we’re alone?”

“Oh I don’t know,” Heidi moved to the couch, “I was thinking it was time we did a little rebooting of our own,” she sat down beside her.

“Were you now?” Zoe took another mouthful of coffee.

“Yeah,” Heidi traced a finger down her spine until she reached the bottom of the waistcoat and touched the satin blouse.

Zoe stared straight ahead as Heidi moved her fingers up and down her spine. For a few minutes the rubbing was non sexual but when Heidi moved her hand down to her waistband and began tickling her through the satin material, Zoe bowed her head and closed her eyes.

The blouse inched out of her waistband a little and Heidi deliberately put her fingers behind the waistband and moved her hand back and forth across her back. More of the blouse came out of her waistband and she straightened up and put her hands on her knees and then she was easing back and moving around to face Heidi.

The two women faced each other for a few seconds. Heidi brought her fingers around to the front and hooked them behind the buckle, she started sliding the end out of the buckle and then stopped and moved her hand up to the waistcoat. She counted five black buttons, touching each one in turn until she got to the top one and a smile nudged her lips as she slipped it through the buttonhole. The waistcoat parted a little and Zoe swallowed as she looked down and another button came undone, followed by a third.

Heidi leaned forwards and upwards as she stroked her belly between the deep vee of the partially unbuttoned waistcoat. She stopped a couple of inches from Zoe’s face and then moved forward and kissed her lightly on the lips. She felt a slight sense of unease mingled with desire as she tasted her softness and then she found the fourth button and slowly started undoing it as she kissed her again. This kiss lasted a little longer, it was soft, tender and hinted of unbridled desire and passion, Zoe parted her mouth and pushed forward at the same time.

Their lips were now locked against each other and Heidi undid the fourth button and slid her hand upwards to her left breast, feeling it move under hand. Zoe moaned even as she turned gebze escort her head slightly to give her better access to the younger woman’s mouth. She instinctively put her hands onto Heidi’s breasts and was rewarded with a light whimper and then the final button came undone and the waistcoat was parted.

They parted for a few moments, both breathing deeply and Zoe brushed her hands up and down Heidi’s front, plucking at her buttons but not undoing them. The younger woman reciprocated but used her palms, pushing upwards over the slippery satin to her shoulders and then back down again as she eased the waistcoat down her back. It slipped down and there was a momentary pause as she removed it and then they began to kiss again, a series of light, teasing kisses as they stroked each other. Now and then they parted to catch their breath before going back to kissing.

Heidi pulled back a little as Zoe brought her hands up to her front and massaged her breasts through the blouse. Heidi smiled crookedly as she did the same for Zoe, this could go on for a while if she let it. Her breasts were slightly larger and the massage was easier because of the satin. She reached the collar tie and cocked her head to one side as she kissed her passionately and a moment later she crossed the boundary. There was no going back now.

She pulled on a tie and felt slight resistance before the tie slipped through the knot. Their lips parted as she found the other end of the tie and slowly worked it loose. Now both ends were at her waist and she finished undoing the knot and grabbing both ends firmly, pulled her head closer. Their lips met again and again, each kiss taking longer and more out of them. Her head was woozy as she finally broke free to find her breathing coming in deep measured breaths. The tie slipped down and she put it behind her as they parted once more.

“You want to stay here or go to bed?”

“Stay here,” she put her forehead against Zoe’s, “the fire is warm and the bedrooms are colder.”

“You’re the boss,” Zoe replied, “I love what you’re doing.”

“Exploring?” Heidi ran her fingers down the placket and back up again, pulling slightly on the material, “you like this?”

“It’s sensual,” Zoe smiled as she did the same to Heidi and was rewarded with a slight shiver, “yeah you like that too.”

Heidi undid the top button of Zoe’s blouse, parting the collar to form a shallow vee and they went back to kissing. Heidi slid her fingers up and down the placket as their kissing became more intense and then she felt one of her buttons coming undone. A hand slid under her blouse to her bra strap and she moaned as her lips pressed hard against Zoe’s. She kept tugging at the placket as Zoe undid another button to expose the top of her bra. Zoe’s fingers danced up and down her front, teasing the delicate nerve endings and she whimpered again as she broke free and undid two of Zoe’s buttons, the vee deepened and she slipped her hands under the satin material. Zoe swallowed and exhaled slowly as the younger woman moved her head down to kiss her neck, Heidi’s hands moved through her soft, silky hair as she covered her exposed skin with soft kisses.

Zoe moved back slightly and put her back to the couch, Heidi followed and straddled her. Their kissing became more frantic and passionate. She arched her back to let her breasts brush against Zoe’s as she brought her hands up to move through her hair and then back down behind her collar to scratch her back.

Zoe undid another of Heidi’s buttons to fully expose the pink bra and a mouth descended on her front with soft, sucking kisses. The younger woman whimpered and raised herself up slightly for her, she felt Zoe’s fingers pulling at the belt buckle and it came undone a few seconds later. Her breathing became heavier as Zoe undid the button and unzipped her. Heidi looked down and bit her lip as Zoe’s hand slid down over her moist panties and a moment later she whimpered as expert fingers found her lips.

“Oh, fuck, now you’ve done it. You woke the beast.”

“Is that right,” Zoe chuckled as she slipped her hands behind her panties and drew a finger between her lips a couple of times and then she bent her index finger and slipped inside. Heidi let out a loud groan and tightened herself around the finger. She exhaled a few moments later as she rose and fell in time with her probing finger.

Heidi eased herself further up and the finger slipped out. She moved back out of reach for a moment and then guided Zoe towards the corner of the couch. As Zoe put her back against the corner, Heidi undid the last couple of buttons of her blouse and then unbuttoned the cuffs and let the garment slide back down her shoulders and back. Zoe fumbled with the two button closures on her own cuffs as Heidi pulled her trousers over her hips and let them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them and took a few steps towards her.

“You want the dildo?”

“Is the pope a Catholic?”

“Last time I checked,” she grinned, “don’t move,” içerenköy escort she wagged her finger, “or else.”

“Or else what?” Zoe called out but Heidi was stepping away and heading for the bedroom. She had a little time to contemplate her state of undress before Heidi returned with Zoe’s dildo and a bottle of flavoured lubricant.

Zoe reached for her as Heidi came nearer and the younger woman let her fondle her and then she was straddling her and pushing her hands away to the top of the couch. Her mouth descended on her mouth first in a long, lingering kiss and then she began her slow and steady journey down her front. She undid the next button to reveal the top of her bra and danced her fingertips down her front once again as she pinned her against the couch.

Another button came undone to expose a red balconette bra, she ran her tongue along the edge as she began to manipulate her breasts with steady movements that had Zoe sighing with pleasure and then she undid the next two buttons to expose her belly. She moved back up to her throat as she kept stroking her front and sliding the material across her shoulders, began working her way back down her front with soft, sucking kisses alternating with a flickering tongue.

Zoe’s groans became deeper as Heidi reached her waistband. Her knees hit the carpet and she unbuckled the belt. Her trousers were held together with a flap and button arrangement and Heidi undid the first button and then unhooked the clip. Their eyes met briefly as Heidi grabbed the zipper and slowly pulled it down, the fly parted to reveal her abdomen and then the red g-string. Zoe undid the last button on her blouse. Heidi grabbed the waistband and moving forward began kissing her bare skin, her scent was intoxicating and she began pulling the trousers and g-string down over her hips. It took a few more moments before she could remove them completely.

Zoe sat before her with her legs parted to reveal the neatly trimmed patch of hair between her legs, she parted the lips to show her pinkness and waited.

“You don’t have to go down the first time.”

“Got to start somewhere,” Heidi flicked her tongue over the lips and that got a moan from Zoe and Heidi went up and down again, gaining courage from each pass until finally she pulled back and grabbed the dildo. She used saliva to moisten it and then slid it inside, the load groan made her smile as she pushed deeper and then went down on her again. Her tongue moved upwards to the clitoral hood, pushing against it as she began to twist the shaft slowly at first and then faster. Zoe’s pants became shorter and more vocal and Heidi suddenly picked up the pace, moving in and out with increasing speed. Her tongue flicked up and down over the hood and then she pulled the flap of skin back to expose the delicate little organ. She pressed her tongue against and Zoe let out a loud “fuck, oh fuck yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Heidi obliged, swirling her tongue around the organ as she pumped her harder and harder. Zoe was moving with her to increase the penetration and then suddenly she let go and raised her hips higher as the orgasm flooded through her. Heidi felt the tension increase and then slowly decrease as the older woman came down slowly.

“Fuck me,” Zoe sat up straight and looked down at herself.

“I think I just did,” she giggled and put the dildo to one side.

Zoe took her face between her palms and kissed her long and passionately.

“Your turn,” she patted the couch.

Heidi obliged but instead of being in the corner, she was lying with her head and neck supported by pillows while Zoe removed her bra and panties.

“I haven’t shaved for a while,” Heidi looked at her triangular bush.

“I can live with that,” she moved over her and kissed her gently on the mouth.

Zoe moved down her throat to her breasts, drawing her nipples up into her mouth until they became hard and then down over her belly as she kept up a slow breast massage. Heidi was sighing deeply as the older woman kept going, moving down further to her genitals and then to her thighs. Soft fingertips teased her inner thighs as a tongue danced over her lips, pushing slightly and then a finger parted her lips to expose her opening. For a while it was a repeat of her earlier performance, a finger moving in and out and then she felt a tongue moving over her hood and she pushed upwards to meet it. The finger became two, bending inside her to rub the front of her passage as that soft tongue remorselessly brushed against her hood.

The flap slid back a little and she cried out as a finger teased her perineum and then the hood moved back forward and a tongue rested against the organ ever so lightly and then harder, the sensations that shot through her were nothing short of electric. Tears came to her eyes as Zoe lovingly bathed her clitoris, circling around it and then flickering over it. That last action had her bucking. Three fingers were now inside, stretching her and she flailed beneath her, rising and falling in time with her and that tongue kept swirling around her clitoris. It was like nothing she’d ever experienced, no words could describe a clit licking. Her breathing was ragged, coming in short sharp gasps as Zoe kept going, judging her readiness by feel and response.

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