The New Babysitter Ch. 03: Caprice

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Uncle meets his niece’s dance squad in cheerleader uniforms.

All characters depicted in sexual situations are 18.



I’m happy to have a beer or two when I’m golfing on a hot day. Once in the clubhouse, though, I want a gin and tonic. Especially when I’m buying – I like a crisp, tart cold drink that lingers with the juniper berry taste of good gin and lime. I had gotten a hole-in-one today – my first ever. Number 7 is a short par three down to the green across a gully and small creek. I squared off my stance with the ball forward and gave a full swing with my 9-iron. The green fades away from the tee. The ball landed 6-inches beyond the pin; the backspin pulled it up and in. So I was buying the first round. Our corporate scramble tournament was a week away, and our scramble card would have been a 68 today. We were ready.


As I came into the house, I heard loud voices – loud cheering – shouting staccato to fire-up the fans. In the media room were four cheerleaders, or more accurately, four beautiful young women dressed in something like pro football cheer costumes – sexier and sluttier than the high school version. In unison, they shouted, twisted, and made complicated arm gestures designed to capture the eye. Presumably, this was more of the dance squad. Squad captain Caprice was front stage right – the pole position for this crew. My niece Audrey was right behind her.

Next to Capi was a tight looking Asian girl who moved like she had been doing gymnastics all of her life. Behind her was a solid looking dirty blonde, easily five-eleven, with broad facial features and built like a weightlifter. Her thighs were probably double of Audrey’s lean lingerie model look. I found out later that these girls were the squad’s flyer and base.

The front two dropped into a scissor split; they all raised their arms into V-for-Victory and shouted, “Let’s Go!” My kid played in a corner with blocks and somehow could ignore the girls. That will change with puberty.

I said, “Looks good, ladies. In fact, you all look good.” They did look good, and my cock stirred a bit. Their uniforms were dark green and cream with a gold trim band. The top was a sleeveless wraparound vest that buttoned in front and left their midriffs bare. The stretchy material clung tightly around their breasts, and the vest was designed to present cleavage like a push-up bra. The skirt rode low on their hips and was so short that the pleats ended just below the crotch. Color-coordinated ruffled panties, and trainers, finished the look.

Caprice said, “Thanks. We’re going to enter the new-girl cheer-four event once Audrey passes her audition. We’re going to be ready with something hot.” Audrey smiled and blushed a little. “By the way, this is Kim and Ingrid. Ladies, this is Audrey’s uncle,” Caprice said, “the one we’ve been talking about.” Capi winked at me. Kim and Ingrid giggled and waved. Audrey looked mortified.

Audrey said, “I hope it’s okay that we are all here for practice. I would have asked if I had known in advance,” and she rolled her eyes. “We can quit if you want. And it is naptime for the little monster. I’ll take care of it. We’ll be quieter.”

I said, “You are welcome anytime. You probably shouldn’t stay too long, though. Don’t worry about naptime. I’ve got him.” I scooped up the kid. “I’ve got some work to do in my office. I’ll close this door; you can cheer as much as you want. And feel free to raid the fridge when you are done.”


After I got the kid down, I almost collided into Audrey in the hallway. I held her in my arms, so she didn’t fall.

Audrey looked worried. “Capi just showed up with the other two. I am so sorry. I can ask them to leave.”

I said, “No, it’s fine. Just make sure they’re gone before my wife gets home. I don’t think I could explain four gorgeous 18-year olds in slutty cheer costumes.”

That made Audrey giggle. “If you think I look slutty, why don’t you do something about it?” she teased.

Never let that kind of challenge pass. “Oh, I will, little girl, and not a polite quickie in the hallway,” I said.

I grabbed my niece by her neck and pushed her into the wall. My other hand groped her breasts under her top, and then I reached under the short cheerleader skirt to yank her panties down. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard-on, my eight-inch babysitter adjustment tool.

Audrey started moaning as I rubbed her cunt and pressed two fingers inside of her. She was wet. I aimed my cock and thrust it into her; she gasped when I hit bottom. I started banging her against the wall, one hand squeezing her throat, the other gripping her bare ass to control her.

We both grunted with each stroke of the rough fucking. Audrey’s eyes sparkled with happiness. I looked at the photos getting jostled on the wall – my wedding picture and a group shot from my brother’s wedding. Audrey was a young flower girl standing with my sister-in-law. I kissed her and fucked her mouth with my tongue. I looked again at my wedding picture as my cum gaziantep bayan escort squirted into my niece.

I said, “I’ll finish with you later,” and I pulled out.

“Deal,” Audrey said as she pulled up her panties, straightened her uniform, and turned to go.

I said, “Wait. If you are interested, a couple of my friends agreed to hire you one day a week for the rest of the summer. One is a custom home builder; he needs a runner to help keep his crews working. You’ll spend some time in the office, but mostly out on the job sites learning on how things get built. The other builds custom guitars. I thought that the way you talked about your dad’s jewelry boxes and cutting inlays, it might be of interest. He needs help getting his work on social media. If things work out, they said they would teach you some of their craft, like an apprentice, in the fall. You don’t have to do it, just an opportunity if you want it.

Audrey seemed to jump several feet into the air. “Oh my god, that’s so perfect. Of course, I want to do both. Thank you so much,” Audrey said. She took me into her arms and kissed me. “Thank you. I’m going to do something nice for you, I promise.” Then she skipped down the hall and away.


With the doors closed, I could hear only a low rumble and faint rhythmic pounding in my office. The kid was sleeping; I could hear slow, steady breathing on the baby monitor. I made a list for my golf trip and a list of changes to my finances I was considering. After forty minutes, there was a light tapping at the door, and Caprice let herself in.

“Can I talk to you for a bit? The girls are headed for the pool.” Capi asked. Her face and legs were flushed from exercise and had a light sheen. The cheer uniform looked particularly good on her, one of the benefits of being the captain. The short skirt accented the long, tan legs; the top was darted, so her large breasts were presented as if on a tray of ripe fruit.

I closed the file of pictures that showed my wife and her boss coming and going from a variety of houses and townhomes. I said, “Of course. Does Audrey know you are here?” The last thing I wanted was to cause a rift between these two friends – not right, too risky.

“It was her idea,” Caprice said. She sounded nervous.

“Okay, then. Sit down. What’s on your mind?” I said. I got up from my desk, and we sat on the small leather couch.


“Audrey told me what you did last week. It sounded wonderful. She said no one had ever nurtured her that way. She said it was like you actually get her.” Caprice fidgeted with her hands. “She said it made her feel safer.”

I said, “Well, it’s not too hard to figure out where some of the anxiety comes from. Her mom is a tough case. Plus Audrey is attractive, and that can be difficult, too.” I remembered the shower with Audrey, the shadow work, and the shopping. “So, what’s happening with you, Caprice?”

“Oh, my boyfriend. We started dating in high school. He was a star jock, and I was captain of the cheerleaders,” Capi said, looking off into the memory. “It was fun – then. Now he is such a jerk. He’s always mad at me for something. He’s mad that I spend so much time with the dance team. He says I’m never there for him. He is so rough and crude some times.” Caprice looked down at her hands. I had never seen her sad before.

I said, “Capi, do you always feel safe when you are with him?”

Caprice was silent.

I moved over to be next to her and put my arms around her. “Come here, honey. Let me hold you. I promise you it will be okay and fixed before Monday.” She looked at me and smiled through the tears.

“There are a couple of ways to go at this,” I said. “So for starters, let me make some guesses. In high school, you were the ‘it’ couple. That was fun, and it was all so easy. School, game-day, dances, parties, events, holidays, prom. Was that it?” Capi nodded.

“Now, he still hangs out with his high school friends whenever he wants and expects you to be there when he is ready – to meet his schedule and needs. He doesn’t like you to talk to anyone new, especially a guy, even if it not about dating or flirting. Being a cheerleader in school was cool, but he thinks the dance competition is stupid. He hates going to the competitions, but when he does go, he hates that you talk to too many people. When you are at practice or competitions, he thinks you are cheating on him. You are starting to think he is cheating on you. Is that close?” I asked.

Caprice look startled. “Did Audrey tell you already?’

‘Nope. She didn’t have to; it’s so common even when some of the details are different.” I said. “But hang on. There’s more – another side.”

“You liked dating the big man on campus. You were the cheerleading captain, one of the most popular girls in the school. Of course, you got the guy with the most status. You liked that no other guy dared to try anything with you. You liked that a guy would get a thumping if they did. But now, it’s gaziantep escort bayan different,” I said. I wondered how far to take it.

“Now, there is no status for dating your high school boyfriend. There is no game day, no prom. You don’t like the way he tries to control you. You love being the captain of your dance squad. You love being the one to make sure it all works. You love pulling people in, like Audrey. You love the competition, and you want to win, don’t you?” I said. Capi was sitting up straighter now.

She said, “I do love it. I do. Why can’t he understand that?”

“Tell me something,” I said. “How do you get your boyfriend to do something or not do something when you need to?”

Caprice blushed. “Different things, depending. I talk baby talk, or rub my boob on his arm, or hint that he is going to get a blow job.”

I said, “That sounds about right. Now think about it. In high school, you were both very traditional – he was the strong cowboy; you were the prettiest girl in town. After high school, he is still the same but without status, and you are looking for a new you, at least for now, and you have found the dance squad gives you a new identity. You are using your girl tricks to keep him on the string while you explore. And now, here you are with me. I think you are being naughty.”

Capi did not look happy. She asked, “Can you fix it?”

“I can start.” I pulled Caprice over my lap and flipped up her skirt. “I’m going to spank you now, Caprice. What I mostly did with Audrey last week was to see her. Something I notice many women want and need is for their steady man to see them as they are, every day, every moment. It changes, kind of like the weather. And women like to know where their anchor is while they explore – how far they go depends on the strength of the anchor – and they want to know that a home is safe and waiting for them to nest,” I said.

“On the other hand, little girls like to tease their daddy and be naughty. I want a woman. I’m going to spank the little girl.”

I gave Caprice ten hard swats on her ass. The ruffled panties probably reduced some of the sting. I was going for surprise and shock; it didn’t matter if her ass glowed red. “Now,” I said. “What will it be? Do you want to break up with this guy, or fix him? If you want to stay together, you are going to have to be the kind of girlfriend you were in high school – very traditional. I think you will want to be more traditional later in your life. But right now, you want to perform and compete, and win. You have to be honest with yourself. You can’t have an old-fashioned boyfriend and re-invent yourself, at the same time. It isn’t fair to him, and it’s not honest from you.”

I pulled down her ruffled panties. Her ass was beautiful – round and firm. There was a little red from the spanking; there was going to be more. I gave her ten more hard swats. I counted down from ten for her. I pushed my hand down between her legs and inserted two fingers into her cunt. She was sopping wet.

“Capi, you are going to be a fabulous woman. I hope I get to see it. Whatever man gets you is going to be a very lucky dude. But first, you are going to have to be honest about who you are and what you want, and stop using little girl tricks to manipulate the boys in your life,” I said sternly. I pulled her panties back into place. “You can sit up now. You can have anything you want, but you can’t have everything you want.”

Instead of retreating to the end of the couch, or fleeing the room, Caprice straddled my lap. She looked into my eyes, then gave me a passionate kiss, then another, and then wrapped her arms around my neck and held herself close.

I said, “You didn’t come in here for boyfriend advice, did you?”

Capi sat back and smiled at me. “No,” she said, “I came for your cock, but I got something more. What you said, I didn’t like it, but it’s true. After talking with Audrey and what you told me, I know what to do about a man in my life.”


I bent Caprice over the back of the couch and pulled her panties down and off. I ran my hands up her calves to the inside of her thighs. I pulled her cheeks apart to see the little rosebud winking at me. I could smell her wet sex. I buried my face into that beautiful girl and drilled my tongue into her pussy. She tasted like honey. I rubbed my ring and index fingers along her puffy lips to stimulate her clit; my middle finger pushed inside her tight cunt and stroked her most sensitive spot. I ran my tongue up her cleft to circle and licked her anus. She gasped.

“Oh, fuck me. I need that cock in me. Please fuck me now.”

I stripped out of my golf clothes while trying not to break contact with her. My cock was raging; I lined it up with her sweet hole and shoved it in.

“Now, woman, you are going to be fucked.” I grabbed a handful of hair, and another of boob, and fucked Caprice as hard as I could. Capi bucked back against me and whimpered.

We were both getting escort gaziantep bayan close. I pinched her nipple and then used that hand to pull and pinch her clit. She came hard, and then again.

I commanded, “Get onto your knees.” Caprice moved to the floor and looked up at me. I pushed my cock into her mouth once and then pumped my cum onto her face and cheerleading uniform. After three big globs, I pushed my cock back into her mouth. “Clean me.”

Caprice fondled my balls while she sucked and licked my cock clean. She ran her tongue on both sides and underneath the head. She gave it a kiss. She smiled.

Capi said, “The girls are in the pool. I have to go. You should join us.”

I said, “I’ll change and be out in twenty minutes.”

Caprice smiled and said, “None of us brought swimsuits. You might want to hurry.”


I’m not a fool. Even with an invitation, I wasn’t going to walk out to my pool naked looking for four 18-year old girls, two of whom I had never met before. I didn’t know what I would find when I got there, so I did change into my trunks. I need not have bothered.

The girls were naked in the pool, bouncing the beach ball as if they were playing volleyball without a net. My life felt a little like that these days – played without a net. Audrey and Caprice seemed to be playing together on a side. They were in the deeper end of the pool with the water up to their boobs. When they jumped for a ball, their breasts rose above the surface. They were both breathtaking and beautiful. They had good game intuition with each other – neither was ever out of position for the other. My cock started to get hard just from looking at them.

Because Kim was so petite, she and Ingrid played on the shallow end. That left most of Ingrid’s torso above the waterline. All of her muscles showed; she had almost no body fat. As she played, each muscle popped into view – definitely a bodybuilder. She had large breasts, but on top of the muscle, they didn’t seem huge. She looked very German, yet her nipples were an unexpected darker brown. She was graceful and possessed a long reach. I was glad Audrey and Capi were not playing against her for money. Whenever Ingrid made a good play, Kim jumped into her arms and kissed her. The dance squad seemed more interesting all the time; I wondered about the other dozen members on the 16-person team.

“Audrey and Ingrid, get him naked and in the pool,” Capi called when she spotted me. Audrey climbed the ladder, then ran into my arms, kissed me, and said, “Thank you so much.” Her hands unsnapped my trunks. Ingrid pulled them down – my hard-on popped free.

“Impressive. Look, Kim, something to vault,” Ingrid said as she gripped my cock, waved it at her teammate, and tugged me toward the pool. Kim nodded and blushed. Capi hooted. Ingrid and Audrey jumped back into the pool.

Capi called out, “Fish out of water.” They wanted to play Marco Polo, and now I was it. I jumped in with a big splash, closed my eyes, and called out.

“Marco,” I said. I heard four voices respond. I wanted to get to Capi since the game was her idea, but first, I wanted to get my hands on Kim. She was tiny, with almost no breasts; where Ingrid looked strong, Kim looked tight. I imagined how tight she might be. I moved to where I heard her distinctive voice, but no one was there.


“Polo,” the girls all called back. It sounded like Kim had moved to the deeper end of the pool. I hoped she couldn’t move as fast there, and I would have her trapped. I grabbed forward, but all I got was the edge of the pool. I heard some dripping on the concrete,

“Fish out of the water,” I said. She was, and now Kim was it. With my eyes open, and even with hers closed, I could see why I couldn’t catch her. She moved fast whether she was standing in the shallow end or swimming in the deep end.

We played for a while until Capi called for a break. Audrey swam over to kiss me by the ladder before climbing out of the pool. There was a pitcher of lemonade in the shade that still had some ice in it and four glasses. The girls started whispering among themselves. I wondered what was coming.

Audrey and Capi laid me on my back and started oiling my body. They used all four of their hands to oil and pump my cock until it was hard. Then they stretched my arms out to the sides and sat on my hands.

“Rub our clits,” Capi demanded.

I used my thumbs to rub their clits while my fingers teased their beautiful bald pussies. Occasionally I would circle and scratch their back puckers. I looked hungrily from one to the other until Ingrid’s thighs blocked my view.

I could see Kim raise my feet and push them toward Ingrid’s hands. Ingrid held my ankles and pulled until my knees were close to my chest, and my ass lifted off the deck.

Kim pulled my hard-on toward her and then mounted the backs of my thighs. She leaned forward and rubbed the tip of my cock against her pussy. I had wondered how tight she was. She lifted her feet off the deck and twisted down on my cock until I was deep into her vise-grip. With her hands at the back of my knees, she extended her legs into a side-split.

Ingrid settled her blonde furry patch down onto my face. I started licking and sucking. I thought about my hole-in-one and gin and tonic in the morning. She pushed and pulled my legs by my ankles, which caused Kim to pump up and down on my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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