The New Guy at Work

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He was the new guy at work. His name was Sean. I noticed that he flirted with everyone, but there was some kind of spark whenever he looked my way. It was at that point that I knew I wanted him. Now I just had to wait for the right opportunity. And sure enough, about a month later it arrived.

My best friend Amanda’s parents were going out of town for their anniversary. We were going to a community college at the time so we didn’t have to go to class. Well that whole week, starting on Monday, we would wake up and start our day off with a beer. We would continue to drink until we passed out that night. It was amazing. And it was on one of these nights that I decided I would ask Sean to come over.

So I called Sean on a Wednesday afternoon and asked if he would like to come over and hang out with me and Amanda, and Amanda’s boyfriend. Of course he said yes like I knew he would, and he told me he would call me when he got off work. I waited about eight hours until I finally realized that he wasn’t going to call, and I was devastated. I thought for sure that he was going to come and then he just decides not to call. Well these kinds of situations don’t sit well with me, and even if he did forget to call I still wanted to fuck him. So I called him the next day and asked him why he never called. He told me that he got really drunk and forgot, and I totally understood. He also said that he would like to come over tonight, and of course I was perfectly ok with that.

As the hours went by I got more and more nervous, so kept drinking, and drinking trying to get rid of the butterflies in my tummy. When it was finally around 7pm and I was already toasted I knew I needed to stop in order to be coherent when Sean arrived. Amanda passed out by 8 so I was just watching TV when Sean called me and told me he was about five minutes away. I went into the bathroom to fix myself up, then walked to the top of the driveway to meet him. I never thought I would be so excited to see headlights in my life.

After he parked his car and what not we walked into the house and sat on the couch. We started watching TV porno izle and just making small talk. I was kind of awkward at first, and I didn’t like the silent pauses, so I decided we should go smoke a cigarette. We at about that time Amanda’s boyfriend called and needed her to come pick him up, just like I was hoping for, Sean and I were going to be alone.

I went and told Amanda to go pick up her boyfriend, and after she left things got more interesting. We went back to the couch and I got us a couple of beers. We started talking and some how we managed to get into a tickling war. I didn’t realize how ticklish Sean was until I poked him in his side playfully and he freaked out.

The more we kept tickling each other, the hotter I was got. It was like you could feel the sexual tension between us, and it was amazing. At one point he was on the ground in between my legs begging for mercy, and then he finally decided to use some of the muscles and force me to stop. He stood up and grabbed both of my wrists and pinned them up against the back of the couch. Our faces were really close at that point in time, and I told him I was going to bite his arm if he didn’t let go. He said I’ll bite right back. I was wearing a very low cut shirt and a pair of jeans that night, and all of the wrestling around had made my breasts basically pop out of my shirt. Well I thought I would take a chance, so I bit him. After I did that he just looked at me in a challenging way, and he bent his head down and bit me right on my tit. I though I was going to die from pleasure. I said that if I bit him again he would bit me right on the nipple, and I told him that I would like it. I must have had a look of pleasure and longing on my face because right after that our lips met in the most passionate kiss. My arms were still pinned as we made out until he let go to fondle every inch of my body. I entwined my fingers in his hair and moan softly as his soft lips caressed my neck. His strong hand gently pulled at my breasts sending shocks of pleasure through my body and down to my clit, making me extremely wet. I knew at that porno point that we needed to relocate to a bedroom, which I already had prepared for this moment.

I pulled him away, as much as I hated to, and took him by the hand and led him to the room where we would get more intimate. He didn’t seem to mind at all, so I assume that he knew what was going on. After we entered the room and shut the door we started to make out again, only time more rough and needy. I lay down while he explored my body with his hands and tongue. He positioned himself on top of me, pressing his rock hard cock in between my thigh. I thought that I might orgasm before we even started fucking. I took off his shirt and he took off mine. He pinched and licked each nipple, making we moan in sweet bliss and he pleasure me. He would gentle scrape his teeth against my hard nipple and then move the other one. I thought I was going to explode any minute, so I tried to take his pants off, but of course he had to have a belt on. I tried to figure in out but I couldn’t and he ended up taking his won pants off, so while he was doing that I took mine off and realized I was dripping wet. We had changed positions and he was lying on his back this time, so I thought I would give him a little pleasure with my mouth. I took his wonderfully hard, 9-inch cock, and wrapped my mouth around it. I flicked the tip with my tongue as I sucked, and massaged his balls with my free hand.

His hands decided to a little more exploring, and found their way to my hot pussy. I slid two fingers down my slit and pushed them into my hot hole. I gasped and they entered me and started sucking harder. I tasted his precum in my mouth and loved every drop of it. I started to finger me faster. He started to make moaning noises and I knew that it wouldn’t be long until he came. I slid his dick out of my mouth and positioned myself over top of him. The head of his cock was poking my wet cunt, ready to enter at any time. We he didn’t waste anytime, and he slammed his rod into me full force, and I screamed in pleasure. We rocked in unison, feeling the hotness between rokettube us. He kissed me, and slid his tongue around in my mouth with the rhythm of our bodies. I sucked on his neck and he moaned in my ear. Then out of nowhere, he lifted me up and put me on my back and got on top. I have never been fucked with so much force in my life. As soon as he got on top, he slammed his hard prick in and out of me, making me moan each time, louder and louder. Our bodies became one as he laid down on top of me and caressed and kissed my face and neck all over every inch as he push and pulled himself in and out of my hot pussy. He started fucking me harder and faster than I thought was imaginable, and I loved every second of it. I knew he was on the brink and so was I. As he trusted deeper into me I felt a surge of heat and pleasure throughout me whole body as I convulsed into the most powerful orgasm I have ever had.

He began to slow down after that knowing that I need him too. He then whispered into me ear that he was about to cum, and asked me where I wanted him to shoot him load. I have always enjoyed the taste of cum so I told him in a raspy voice, in my mouth. He pumped in and out of my a few more times before he pulled out and said he was about to let go. I sat up and put my mouth around his cock. I sucked him off hard and fast knowing how bad he needed to cum. I felt his muscles tighten and he pulled my hair and finally shot his load down my throat. I swallowed gulp after gulp of his hot cum until he finally finished. He collapsed on top of me and kissed me again. Most guys wouldn’t kiss you after they just came in your mouth but he didn’t seem to mind. He told me that he didn’t think anything like this was going to happen, but that he was glad that it did.

Amanda and her boyfriend arrived sometime during the fuck session, and had the most hilarious faces when we walked out. They obviously had heard of cried of pleasure, but decided not to say anything. I walked Sean out to his car. He had to work in the morning so he couldn’t stay the night. We had one last cigarette together before we went our own ways. Then he did something that no other guy I had slept with had done. He kissed me goodnight, and not just a peck on the lips, a full on, we are going to do this again, and soon, kiss. But that time is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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