The New Teacher

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Liz was forty-five, blonde and blue, five foot two, one hundred, twenty-three pounds, and attractive. It had been a summer of change for her. First and foremost, her husband of twenty-one years decided that he wanted his freedom, so one day he just up and left.

The second change was that she had been promoted from vice-dean at the high school to dean of students. It meant more responsibility, more headaches, but more pay.

The third change was the she had been put in charge of the new teacher orientation program at her school. The high school was in a rapidly growing suburb and the student population had doubled every two years for the last six years. New teachers were coming in all the time.

The orientation was a two day event which included going over all the school policies, tours of the campus, and resources for houses, apartments, shopping, and other helps for teachers new in the community. On the first day Liz greeted the new teachers, eight in all, five men and three women. The youngest was Ali Payne, a graduate who would be teaching first and second year Spanish classes. Ali was a last minute replacement when the current Spanish teacher decided to retire one year earlier than he originally thought he would.

Liz noticed her right away as energetic, lively, bright, and very attractive. Ali was tall and lean with a boyish figure. Ali would also serve as the girl’s soccer coach. On the second day, Friday, as everyone was leaving Ali made a point to stop and talk to Liz.

After chatting for a while Liz invited her for coffee at a local coffee shop not far from the school. Ali jumped at the chance. The two women met at the coffee shop and chatted about school, college, and where the school district would be headed for the next few years. As the conversation was winding down finally Ali said, “Liz, since I got this job so late, I haven’t had a chance to find a place to live. I don’t mind spending a few nights in a motel, but I need to get a permanent place to live.”

The two women talked about renting versus buying, and the advantages and disadvantages of town homes and regular homes. Ali admitted that with school loans and a car she couldn’t afford to buy. Finally Liz said, “I have an idea. My husband and I split, and I have a very large ranch house. Why don’t you rent a room from me until you see where you are.”

Ali was shocked and amazed at Liz’s generosity. How great to have a place and a built in friend and co-worker. When Ali leaned over and gave Liz a hug Liz felt the warmth from another human being that she had not experienced for the past several years with her husband. She held the younger woman tight and then suddenly came back to planet earth and let the young woman go. Ali just smiled and did not seem to be upset at all with the longer than expected hug. Liz gave Ali her address and told her to get her belongings and come over to the house as soon as she could. With that, the two women parted company.

It didn’t take long for Ali to pull up with her car and çekmeköy escort small trailer. Liz showed Ali the house and offered one of two bedrooms, both with attached baths. Ali made her choice and the two women began to bring in everything packed in the car and trailer. Four hours later everything was in and in place. The two women sat down exhausted and had glass of wine to celebrate their new living arrangements.

After a while Liz said she would be stiff in the morning and it was at that point that Ali said, “Why don’t we take a quick dip in the hot tub. The hot water and the jets will help soothe your aching muscles.”

Liz agreed and the two women went to their rooms to shed their clothes for the hot tub. Liz was out first, wearing a robe over her modest one piece bathing suit she grabbed the wine, two glasses and went outside. Ali came out a moment later in her robe. It was twilight as the two women prepared to get in the hot tub. Liz shrugged off her robe and then looked up to see Ali taking off her robe. Liz stopped as she realized Ali did not have a suit on underneath. Ali was lovely with an almost boyish figure. Small breasts, small hips, and her pussy was totally shaved.

Ali stopped and said, “I’m sorry I just assumed we would be nude. I’ll run in and throw my suit on.”

As she turned to leave Liz said, “No need. I guess I’m just being modest.”

Ali just stood and looked at Liz and finally the older woman slid her bathing suit off. Liz was just the opposite of Ali. Liz had larger breasts on which gravity had begun to take its toll. She had flaring hips and a full mound of pubic hair. When Liz realized that Ali was just staring she became nervous and with a slight stammer said, “I’ve been thinking about shaving, but just never got around to it.”

Ali poured the wine as both women got in the tub. The water silently swirled around them as they sipped wine and exchanged stories. Liz told of her divorce and how her husband had left her for a woman in her twenties and it was then that Ali said, “I’m sorry.”

Liz waved her off and said it was no big deal, although she was feeling old and rejected because of the divorce, Ali waved her off and said, “Liz, I only hope I look half as sexy as you do when I’m ten years older.”

There it was “sexy.” She hadn’t heard that word to describe her in her long while. Her husband had stopped using that word about twelve years ago, but now here was someone saying she was sexy. She felt flattered yet at the same time she felt slightly strange that another woman said it about her. She wasn’t sure how she should feel.

As Liz pondered this Ali said, “You know sex, attraction, and desire are all pretty much in your head. I’ve known twenty year olds that have little desire for sex.” Ali reached out and caressed Liz’s knee under the water as she said, “You Liz, have all three, I can tell.”

Liz was taken aback at the feeling on her knee, a feeling that radiated throughout her whole body along with Ali’s words. As cevizli escort the twilight turned to darkness Liz blushed and was glad that Ali couldn’t see her embarrassment. She relaxed as Ali said, “All you need to feel good about yourself and to get back in the game is someone to accept you and make love to you as you are.”

Liz blushed and felt warm as Ali continued. “I happen to think that women in their forties are very attractive and very sexual. They don’t play games and know what they want. In fact I’ve always been attracted to older women. They are wonderful and I respect them so much.”

Liz quit listening after she heard the words, “attracted to older women.” When Ali finally stopped Liz said, “Define attracted.”

Ali smiled and replied, “I hope I didn’t upset you but I am bisexual and really enjoy making love to older women.”

Women, plural, Liz thought. Then coming back to her senses, “Uh, no, not at all. I mean it’s fine, it’s just that I never, uhhh, bisexual?’

Ali’s hand moved up to Liz’s mid thigh as she spoke. “Yes, bisexual. It’s not at all that uncommon you know. I mean if you stop and think about it, sex is sex, right. Does it really make a difference whether it’s a man or woman who is making love to you? As long as it feels good, what’s the harm?”

Liz said, “But two women?”

Ali giggled, “Why not? Who knows a woman’s body better than another woman.”

Liz furrowed her brow, “But even if I were interested, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Ali smiled, “Liz, you just do what you like done to you. It’s not rocket science. I find women gentler, more passionate, and less concerned about power then men. Women are unselfish and giving, unlike men. Don’t tell me you have never thought about being with a woman.”

Liz just looked down and said, “Not really. Well, I mean I guess everyone has just kind of thought it over but I never, uhhhh. What is it like?”

Ali smiled and moved right next to Liz. “Like nothing you’ve ever experienced,” and with that Ali gave Liz a soft, tender kiss. As Liz received the kiss of the younger woman she sighed softly. It had been a long time since she had been kissed like that and it felt so good. As the kiss lingered Liz began to get lost in the kiss and then as suddenly as it happened it ended.

“Well,” said Ali, “what do you think?”

Liz took a deep breath and said, “That was amazing.” Ali smiled and ran the back of her fingertips over Liz’s cheek. With that Ali engulfed Liz in her arms and began to kiss her. As Liz kissed the younger woman back she felt Ali’s tongue slide along her lips. Liz did not need a second invitation but opened her mouth to receive the probing tongue.

Ali’s hands moved up and down Liz’s body as the two women kissed each other with passion and a burning desire. Liz began to caress Ali’s back as Ali cupped and began to knead Liz’s left breast. As that happened Liz moaned into Ali’s mouth. Ali worked the nipple round and round making it fat and swollen. Then Ali erenköy escort turned her attention to Liz’s right nipple. She gently pulled and twisted the other nipple until it too was fat and swollen.

Ali leaned back and smiled at Liz. “See what I mean. Sex is sex.”

Liz exhaled and replied, “No, I’ve never experienced sex like this before.”

As Liz lay her head back on Ali’s arm, Ali’s hand slide up Liz’s thigh and gently caressed the outer lips of the older woman’s cunt. Liz shuddered and involuntarily let her legs fall open. Ali smiled and slid a finger into Liz’s pussy. Liz inhaled sharply and then exhaled deeply as Ali’s finger slid almost all the way out and then back in. In and out Ali’s finger moved until she slid another finger into Liz’s steamy cunt.

Liz did not know what to do except to lie back, relax, and enjoy. It felt odd, yet at the same time comforting to have another woman fingering her. It was strange, yet highly erotic. And as she was about to speak Ali hushed her. “Shhhh. Don’t say anything. Just enjoy.”

With that Ali’s thumb began to flick up and back across Liz’s swollen clit. The pleasure was overwhelming. Two fingers sliding in and out of her gaping cunt and a thumb on her clit. It had been nearly a year since anyone had done anything like this to Liz, and even when her husband had made love to her, it was never anything like this.

Without thinking Liz began to thrust her hips in and out in time with the probing fingers and stroking thumb. Liz was experiencing a joy, a pleasure that she had ever experienced before. All feelings of guilt and this being somehow wrong vanished in the night air. All that existed were Ali’s fingers and her pussy.

She road those fingers for quite a while until it built to the point of orgasm. Liz opened her eyes and gave Ali an inquisitive look. Ali smiled sweetly and simply said, “Yes, cum if you are ready.” Liz mouthed the words, “Thank you,” and then closed her eyes.

Her body was like one nerve being pleasured beyond belief. As Ali fingered her, Liz cupped her own breasts and massaged them. Beads of perspiration had formed on the older woman’s forehead. And then like the rockets’ red glare, Liz began to cum. It spasmed deep inside her cunt and her belly and radiated out. Her thighs, to her breast, to her shins, and to her shoulders. Her body rocked splashing water all around and over the side of the hot tub.

Liz was lost in a pleasure she had not felt for years, if ever. Ali’s fingers kept working their magic and just as one orgasmic waved subsided, another began. She struggled to catch her breath and some semblence of consciousness and reality.

Then the waves began to subside and gently the tide of orgasm receded into the darkness. Ali just held Liz for several minutes. Finally Liz simply said, “You were right. That was amazing.”

Ali smiled and said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Liz put her arms Ali and said, “I have never, ever experienced anything that intense.”

Ali caressed her cheek once again and said, “The best is yet to come.”

Liz looked into the younger woman’s eyes and said, “I think this will be an amazing school year.” With that Liz stood taking Ali’s hand. “Let’s dry off and go inside. Ali, I want to make love to you.”

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