The Night I Became a Cuckold

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The night I became a cuckold.

I want to tell you my story of how I became a cuckold and what followed after that fateful evening.

I’ll start by telling you a little bit about us. I’m Baz I’m 38 years old and just your average guy. I’m married to Michelle she’s 40 years old dark curly hair 38E chest curves in all the right places long legs beautiful feet and my queen. We’ve been together 18 years over that time our sexual exploration has advanced into what happened on the night I became I cuckold. We had discussed this at length numerous times so it was inevitable it would happen at some point.

The night in question began when my wife was heading out with her girlfriends for girls night something they did once a month. Sometimes it was a meal or the cinema or to a club for a dance and some wine.

Tonight was club night and my wife always wanted to dress to Impress on these evenings her reasons were simple she hardly ever got the chance to dress up so this was her once a month to break out her heels and little black dress.

She had chosen her favourite black dress that came to just above her knee, it was sleeveless and had mesh over the bust area so you could see her cleavage through the mesh material. Her underwear was a black lacy bra and french knicker set with sheer black 15 denier hold ups and on her feet were some 4 inch black stiletto pumps.

Her friends picked her up in the taxi around 7pm and off they went. I decided to spend the night with a couple of beers and some gaming on the Xbox.

She occasionally text letting me know she was ok and having a good time with her friends and I did get 1 picture message of her leg that showed she had a tiny rip near the top of her hold up.

At this point I should mention we have dabbled in BDSM for a long time. I’m very submissive and she can be dominant when the mood takes her. We had spoke about cuckolding and I always said if the fancy ever took her then she didn’t need my permission to go though with it.

I replied to her message with sad face emojis which she then said don’t worry you will be punished for that rip when I get home. This was music to my ears I love when she is dominant and for me wish we could play with BDSM far more often. My reply was simple yes mistress.

I made my way upstairs and lay out our handcuffs,rope,cuffs,whips and crops onto the dressing table my anticipation was immense at the thought of what she might do once she got home.

Around midnight I received another message that simply said don’t Anadolu Yakası Escort wait up she was having too much fun to come home yet.

1am passed then 2am passed and that’s all I remembered then I fell asleep.

I woke around 8am and she still wasn’t home this was seriously unusual and actually panicked me. I grabbed my phone and seen a message from her saying I’ll be home in the morning staying at Nicola’s house.

This put my mind at rest so I got up grabbed a coffee and showered. I’d just put my robe on when I heard the door open and in she walked. I could tell by looking at her she was still drunk, her outfit,makeup and hair were all over the place.

I went downstairs and joined her in the living room. She gave me this smile and simply said take my heels off slave boy. I duly knelt at her feet removed her heels and without warning she shoved her nylon covered toes into my mouth. Not 1 to pass up an opportunity for some foot worship I sucked and licked her foot then lifted her other foot and did the same again, as I let her foot down she said I don’t think so slave my feet are killing me and shoved her foot back into my mouth. I must have licked and sucked her feet for a good 20 minutes before she let me stop. She ordered me to go upstairs and wait in the bedroom.

When she came into the bedroom she saw the toys I had laid out the night before her face lit up. She took the handcuffs put me on my back on the bed and attached my hands to the headboard with the cuffs.

She stood up removed her dress and her lingerie now stood before me in nothing but her hold ups. She took the time to point out the ladder in her hold ups again and reminded me of her promise that I would be punished for that damaged hold up.

She moved over to the dresser taking her time picking up each paddle, crop and whip running them over her hands smiling at me with each 1 in her hand then setting them back down again.

I was excited, I was nervous the anticipation was driving me crazy not able to move cock as hard as a rock unable to touch it. She sat down on the bed beside me and touched me gently on my cock then took her hand away. She simply said your punishment has already been completed slave. I was so confused by this cuffing me to the bed was not a punishment and she hadn’t whipped me at all so I had no idea what she was talking about.

She moved up the bed then straddled me 1 knee on each side of my chest her nylons brushing against my skin. She leaned forward and whispered Avrupa Yakası Escort into my ear your punishment is inside my pussy I did it baby I wasn’t at Nicola’s at all I was at a guy’s apartment all night a guy who picked me up in a bar. I was thrilled I was anxious I was horny thats when she said you know what a cuck has to do after his wife has had her pussy filled.

I knew exactly what she meant no further words were spoken she moved up my chest put her pussy over my mouth and sat down on me. I worshipped that pussy I licked it I sucked it, it tasted different it tasted good it was a surreal situation. She sat there until I made her cum with my mouth. She rolled off of me and collapsed in orgasm bliss.

She whispered into my ear I bet you’d like to hear all about it wouldn’t you. Simply yes I wanted to hear every detail.

She grabbed my cock and slowly wanked me as she started her story of what happened.

This guy had been hitting on her all night they shared a dance or 2 had a laugh and some drinks at the bar. During a dance she had backed onto his crotch and felt is semi erect cock through his pants pushing into her ass, she said at that point she had decided tonight would be the night she became a hotwife. He had run his hands up her leg to her stocking top then moved to feel her moist pussy on the dance floor that’s when she asked if they could go to his place.

Once they were there she said they were all over each other kissing, groping and generally just so horny for each other. She undid his shirt and pulled it off then unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down to reveal an erect 8 inch cock pointing straight at her.

She kissed down his body until she reached his cock on her knees in front of him she opened her mouth and took his cock into it slowly bobbing up and down getting his cock all sloppy with her saliva. She deep throated him until she gagged on it and made her eyes water. She stayed there sucking his cock for a 5 minutes or so until he pulled her to her feet.

He unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. They started kissing again and he undid her bra at the same time then pulled her knickers down and slipped a finger inside her pussy. She moaned in pleasure at his touch. They moved into the kitchen he picked her up on the worktop got down and started to lick her pussy. He was amazing at eating pussy and within minutes he had her cumming all over his mouth.

He got her down onto her feet and bent her over the worktop. İstanbul Escort Once he slipped his cock into her pussy she said she felt full and his cock stretched her pussy to his size. He fucked her hard and fast over the worktop making her scream and moan his name. She came all over his cock twice as he fucked her. When her second orgasm coated his cock he slipped out of her and she said it was just instinct she dropped back to her knees and cleaned every bit of her cum off his cock with her mouth.

She was still stroking my cock stopping every time I got close to cumming constantly keeping me on edge. I’d never been this horny hearing this story just to add to my horniness she was occasionally putting her nylon clad toes in mouth.

She continued her story, once his cock was clean they moved upstairs to the bedroom the kissing and groping resumed until he got her on the bed. She laid on her back put her legs over his shoulders and he entered her pussy again pushing his cock deep inside her. She felt like he was going to come out through her stomach it was that deep.

He fucked her hard, long deep thrusts into her pussy making her scream again until she exploded all over his cock again.

She rolled him over on to his back so she was on top of him. She rode him like a cowgirl and he would spank her ass every so often which she absolutely loves. He was deep inside her as far as his big cock would go. She rode him like her life depended on it grinding on him back and forth up and down his grunting let her know how much he was enjoying it.

He pulled her forward and they kissed as she fucked him then he whispered into her ear that he was close to cumming. She got off his cock bent over doggy style and then begged him to fuck her hard and fast until he exploded in her pussy.

He duly obliged plunging his cock into her and fucked her so hard she was bouncing back onto his cock. She felt him tighten up then spurt after spurt after spurt of cum filled her pussy until it was leaking out of her.

At this point my own cock erupted shooting cum into the air which she scooped off of the bed and my chest then fed me it like it was my last meal. She put her foot on my mouth again and asked me how much I liked being a proper cuckold now. The reply was easy for me there was no jealousy at all I loved that she was so hot other men desired her and being her cuck felt natural to me.

After that night she would take every opportunity to cuckold me we both enjoyed it. She would usually pick guys up in a bar go home with them then come back to me tie me up and tell me her story. Our sex life increased dramatically and she started to introduce alot more dominance into our relationship.

This was only the beginning of our new lifestyle and I can’t wait to see where it leads us in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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