The Office is Empty…

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For Chloe there may have been a worldwide pandemic going on but her bosses had refused to let her work from home. Home was her safe space, a space to be who she wanted to be and to be honest, she could work in the nude if she wanted to, which she did when the sun was out.

The office meant she had to be clothed, Mr Smith had told her that if clients dropped in to collect documents or drop them off then she would need to dressed in her usual office attire which was a blouse, skirt, tights or stockings and high heeled shoes. Easy for him to say she thought as he was probably sat at home in his pyjamas and fancy dressing gown.

Today she had got to the office at 9am and it wasn’t until 11am that anything actually happened and that was just a phone call from Mr Smith, checking that she was in the office. Typical, he always had to check up on her and that annoyed her. Chloe had worked at the company for 5 years, had never been ill and had always been quietly efficient at her work and the clients liked her.

Chloe sat there thinking and she checked her diary, no appointments, no one scheduled to come in and Mr Smith had told her that he was out of town for the week so it was Chloe manning the office. She smiled to herself and put her feet up on the desk. Mr Smith would not have been impressed, but then he wasn’t here, was he?

With her feet up, Chloe looked at her legs encased in her black, hold up stockings. Her black skirt rose up slightly and her white lacy pants were on show. Chloe began to think about an ex of hers who had always wanted to fuck her in the office, she’d have let him had she not found out that he had been cheating on her. The loss to her was that he was good in bed and had a fab cock which she enjoyed inside Esenyurt escort her, playing with and sucking, Chloe could feel her nipples getting erect just at the thought of him being naked with her.

While she was a good looking girl, Chloe had not had a boyfriend in almost a year and when she was at home her fingers and her vibrator were her best friends. In the office she started to slip her fingers inside her pants, rubbing them over her pussy lips which she could feel were starting to swell. She got up for a moment and went and locked the office door, feeling that this was going to be more than a quick play.

Sitting back down she pushed her chair back and started to undo her blouse. Slowly, enjoying the moment. she then walked round the office with her blouse open and her white bra on show. She sat on the edge of her desk and then took her blouse off. Standing she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Looking round she smiled and then started to caress her breasts through her bra, squeezing them, loving the touch even if was her touching herself.

Chloe moved her hand back to her pussy, feeling a slight wetness as she rubbed her fingers over her waiting lips. Then she went back to her bra, pulling her breasts out, one at a time. They were 34 B in size but she had large nipples which she loved to touch as they were so sensitive. She put her hands behind her back and unhooked her bra, releasing her breasts as if someone was watching her.

Now she squeezed and fondled her naked breasts, taking her fingers over her nipples. This she knew felt so good. Chloe could feel the urge to slip her pants off so she stood up and dropped them to the floor before she sat back on the desk, she Etiler escort bayan pushed paperwork out of the way so that she has room to put one leg up on the desk while the other stayed on the floor, her pussy lips were open and had Mr Smith walked in he would have had a heart attack. She slowly rubbed her pussy lips and then her breasts, she wanted a man to enjoy her body. She need a good hard fuck, but for now, this was all she could hope for. Pulling her pussy lips open she felt how wet her pussy was and she started to rub and tease her clit. Alternating between rubbing her pussy lips and rubbing her clit, She could feel her nerve ending s tingling as she worked her hands on herself.

Chloe wished that she had brought her vibrator to work but that thought had never crossed her mind. In fact she didn’t even have anything she could use in place of it, the carrot she had in her lunch box was chopped up. Chloe looked around but couldn’t see anything she could use other than her fingers.

She stood up and bent over the desk feeling her breasts on the desk top as he place her hand between her legs, imagining being fucked from behind. Using one hand on her pussy she used the other to slide into her puckered arse hole. Then she saw a white board marker on the desk. It was as if it was winking at her telling her to use it. Chloe didn’t know what to do first, pussy or arse.

Picking up the white board marked her slipped the end of it into her mouth and got it wet and then, still bent over her desk she slid it into her arse hole. Gently, taking it in slowly, gasping as it entered her. She could feel her clit twitch as she pushed it in and then out, gently fucking her arse with it. Her free hand was now Escort Eyüp really working on her clit, teasing and pleasing it. It sounded so wet, no doubt helped by the marker pen that was being pushed in and out of her arse hole.

What would Mr Smith say if he could see into the office right now. Chloe had always thought that he might have had a camera hidden somewhere in the office to make sure she was working. She had looked once but never found it and anyway she thought, if he is watching I hope he’s wanking his cock over what he’s seeing,

Chloe slipped her fingers into her pussy, filling it and thrusting them in and out, slowly at first and then faster and faster. She could feel her nerve endings tingling and tingling and this was something else, she had never felt like before. Maybe it was because she knew that she shouldn’t be doing it or maybe it was because she thought Mr Smith actually had a hidden camera. Whatever it was she was enjoying it and if Mr Smith could see her then she hoped he was enjoying it too.

Suddenly her pussy exploded and she had an orgasm like she hadn’t had before. Then the phone sprang into life ringing itself, almost off of the hook. Chloe scrambled for it as Mr Smith had told her that she was always to answer it within three rings. Picking the phone up Chloe heard Mr Smiths voice.

“Chloe, is everything OK?”

It was as if he knew that she wasn’t sat at her desk.

“Yes, Mr Smith, no problems so far.”

“Good, well keep an eye on the office while I’m away and make sure you are there every day as I’ll be checking.”

“Yes Mr Smith I’ll be here.”

“Ok, well I’ll ring tomorrow, bye for now.”

Chloe wasn’t sure but she thought that Mr Smith didn’t sound his usual self, he was slightly out of breath.

She went back to putting her clothes on and tidying herself up. A few miles away at his house Mr Smith was sat watching his television, he had a tissue in his hand and he was naked. The television showed a view of the office and Chloe, if only she knew…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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