The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 07

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“I still can’t believe he cheated on you with your housemate,” I said to Alice as we walked through the lobby of our office building towards the parking lot.

“I know! As if I wouldn’t find out! Asshole…” said Alice, wrinkling her brow in disdain.

We were discussing my colleague Alice’s recent breakup with her boyfriend Jim. Alice had told me about it last week just before seducing me in my office after hours. It was the first time we’d had sex, and had sparked a torrid affair between us, allowing us to vent the sexual tension that had been building up since she started working at my office. She had stayed at my place for a few nights over the past week, and we had become quite close, not just in terms of our lustful trysts, but as close friends too.

“And you still haven’t found a place yet?”

“No, not yet, unfortunately. The bitch stays out of my way when I’m home though. I’ve hardly seen her. I don’t even know if her and Jim are seeing each other.”

“That must be difficult. If you want to stay at mine some more–“

“–thanks, sweetie, but it’s fine. I can deal with it,” Alice said, touching my arm affectionately.

We walked in silence for a time before Alice turned to me.

“The truth is, I do find it difficult. I mean, I can cope, but it would be nice to get some revenge, you know?” she said, looking at me expectantly.

I chuckled.

“What did you have in mind?”

Alice fidgeted and blushed.

“Well… no… I didn’t mean–“

“–Oh just out with it, Alice. Do you need my help?” I smiled.

“Yes please,” she said innocently, batting her eyelashes. She took my hand and led me to her car.


We arrived at Alice’s house and pulled into the driveway.

“Good, she ‘s not home yet. Come on,” Alice said, hopping out of the car.

We entered her house and Alice, kicking off her shoes and throwing her handbag on a nearby couch, led me by the hand to a bedroom on the upper floor. A faint smell of perfume lingered in the air. The room was neat, with a queen size bed, nicely made, and various pictures on the wall. I leaned in to inspect the photos, and saw a young, buxom, blonde girl with massive tits making an appearance in most of them. She was often pictured drinking and partying, wearing mostly low tops and bikinis in the photos, no doubt acutely aware of the impact of her enormous bust. I pointed to one.

“Is this Kelly?” I asked.

Alice was busy looking in a number of drawers in the room. She turned her head.

“Yeah, that’s the slut. And yes, I know she has great tits, ok? Probably why Jim went after her,” said Alice disdainfully, turning back to her drawer search.

I walked over to Alice as she was bent over a drawer and put my hands on her perfect ass.

“Big tits aren’t everything,” I said, squeezing her toned buttocks through her tight black skirt and pushing my groin into it.

Alice turned to me and smiled.

“Pull the covers back on the bed,” she said.

I shrugged and did as I was told. Alice then pulled a drawer from the dresser and emptied its contents onto the bed sheets. It was Kelly’s underwear drawer, and I watched as large bras, panties (mostly g-strings), stockings, and other negligee tumbled onto the bed. Along with it were a number of condoms and a couple rather large dildos and vibrators. Alice looked at me with fire in her eyes.

“You like to cum on girls’ panties, don’t you? Well you’re going to fuck me on Kelly’s bed and then cum on her underwear,” said Alice, unbuttoning her white blouse.

“With pleasure,” I said, kicking off my shoes and removing my socks.

When I looked up, Alice had removed her blouse, and was reaching back to unzip her skirt. With incredible speed she yanked it down and stepped out of it, revealing sexy black stockings and lacy garters around her thighs. Her panties were black and lacy, matching her garters, and her bra was white, pushing her breasts together to create succulent cleavage. She reached for one of her garters.

“No, leave them on. You look really sexy,” I said.

Alice blushed and approached me, yanking impatiently at my belt. I unbuttoned and removed my shirt as she removed my trousers. We pressed our bodies together and began making out as she rubbed the growing bulge in my underwear and I cupped and squeezed her bare ass cheeks, feeling her g-string material as it disappeared into her ass crack.

I reached up and unclasped her bra, pulling it down over her shoulders. She cast it aside without breaking our kiss and my hands roamed over her tits, cupping them and feeling her hard nipples poke into my palms. I pushed her roughly onto Kelly’s bed and she flopped heavily onto the pile of girls undergarments, bouncing on the mattress, her breasts jiggling. I dove down to her chest, sucking her nipples into my mouth, then kissing my way down her body until I was pushing my lips against the warm and very moist spot on her panties, feeling her soft bursa anal yapan escort pussy lips underneath. She began to moan. I rubbed my finger against her crotch, feeling her juices soak through as I kissed her milky inner thighs.

Alice clasped her tits and spread her legs wide, moaning, “Ooohhh, lick my pussy!”

I pulled her panties roughly to the side and inhaled her sweet cunt musk. Using my fingertips, I pulled her pussy lips open and began eagerly lapping her vaginal lubrication, flicking my tongue over her clit rapidly. I pushed my middle finger into her warm, soft depths and stroked it in and out as I sucked her clit hard.

After a few minutes of oral sex, Alice looked down between her heaving titties and pulled at my hair, dragging me up to her mouth where she french kissed me forcefully, licking up her pussy juice from my lips and chin. She even pulled my hand up to her mouth and sucked the finger I had buried in her pussy a moment before.

“Oh god you give good head. Now let me return the favour.”

She pushed me to the head of the bed where I propped some pillows up and leaned back. Alice swiftly removed my underwear, watching my stiff cock spring free. She crawled over the undergarments and ran her hands up my legs, looking at me hungrily. She slid her palm up my shaft and gripped it near the top, pulling my foreskin back and admiring my engorged cock head as she fingered my balls.

“Mmmmmm… I still can’t believe how big your cock is. How did I even get this in me?!” she said before cradling my dick and licking slowly up the underside of my rod.

Upon reaching the tip, she slipped her lips over my knob and sucked it hard, giving my shaft a few solid pumps. She slid my head out, covered in saliva, and used her hand to slide it down my cock. She looked my in the eye and put my member back in her mouth, then began descending her head on it.

I felt it slide over her tongue and hit the back of her throat. Her eyes watered, but she prevented herself from gagging, and took some of me into her throat. She reached a point where she could go no further, but bobbed her head at this point. The sensation was incredible, and she kept her watering eyes on mine the whole time. When she withdrew my cock, she coughed a bit, then admired the mess of spit going halfway down my column.

“Very good, Alice! I’m impressed!” I told her as she stroked me with both hands.

“I’ve practiced a bit with one of my dildos,” she said proudly. “Maybe some day I’ll be able to deep throat you.”

She licked my cock up and down, then took me back into her mouth, bobbing her head quickly and stroking it in time with her head. I closed my eyes and savoured the sensation Alice’s young mouth was giving my organ. After a minute she sat up, rubbing her spit all over my shaft and balls.

“I can’t wait anymore. I need your cock in my pussy. Fuck the shit out of me on Kelly’s bed!”

She scrambled up my body and squatted above my member. I pulled her panties to the side as she guided my cock to her opening, desperate to ride me. I penetrated her easily, and she slid the first few inches of my dick in and out of her wet cunt several times before dropping her whole weight on me, my cock penetrating her to the hilt.

“AAAAAHAHHHHH! Shit you’re deep!” she screamed.

I put my hands under her ass and helped her up, then began bouncing her on my thick penis. She went along with it, her cute tits bouncing with our rhythm. I played with them as she rode me, pinching her hard nipples, and pushing her breasts together. We fucked like this for about 5 minutes before I threw her off me. She landed on her back, her legs splayed, and I jumped between them mashing my face into her cunt.

“Ooooouuuu, baby!” she cried gleefully as I tongue-fucked her.

I picked up a handful of bras and panties and sat up, rubbing them all over my cock.

“Yeah, get her panties nice and dirty,” laughed Alice, as she selected a pink g-string from the pile.

She stripped off her own panties, then, to my surprise, began stuffing Kelly’s pink g-string into her pussy.

“Oh my god, Alice! You are nasty!” I said, stroking my dick with a pair of silky black panties.

Alice giggled, and when only a small bit of fabric was showing, she pulled them out and sat up, pushing them into my mouth. I sucked on them, tasting Alice’s juices, as I tossed the black panties aside and flipped Alice onto her stomach. I held my cock and guided it into her cunt from behind, thrusting into her hard.

“Yes, baby! Fuck me hard!” cried Alice.

I spat the pink panties out onto Alice’s back and held her perfectly shaped ass cheeks as I pounded her. She moaned loudly as I fucked her, our bodies slapping together, causing her buttocks to jiggle tantilisingly. After several minutes, I pulled my engorged cock from her wet pussy and slapped it against her ass cheeks, leaving wet marks.

Alice spun around bursa eskort and put her lips around my dick, sucking it eagerly. I held her chin and brought her up to my face as I stepped off the bed. She knelt in front of me and we kissed passionately as she jerked my cock. Suddenly, I heard a car outside. Looking out the window beside the bed, I saw a blue car pull into Alice’s driveway. Alice looked too.

“That’s her! Put your cock back in my pussy and fuck me hard. I want her to have a good view when she comes in,” said Alice, looking at me with urgency.

I sucked her nipples quickly, then lay her back on the bed. She spread her legs wide, then used her fingers to part her glistening pussy lips. I looked outside again and saw a very buxom, young, long-haired blonde girl in an extremely tight white top and scandalously short frilly jean skirt step out of the car and walk towards the house. I took my knob and pushed it into Alice’s velvety depths.

“Aaaahhhh, yes baby! Now fuck me good!” she said.

I put my hands on her thin waist, gripping it firmly, and pushed my cock deep into her. She put her hands above her head, gripping the panties and sheets as I began thrusting into her. We heard a door shut, and I let my hands roam up Alice’s thin body, over her tummy and ribs, up to her jiggling tits, pinching her erect nipples as she moaned. I heard keys fall on a table top, then footsteps on the stairs.

“Oh yeah, baby! You fuck me so good!” cried Alice, smiling.

The footsteps paused, then quickly resumed. The door flew open to reveal Kelly. She stopped in her tracks upon seeing us fucking on her bed. Her eyes were as large as saucers and her mouth was agape. She dropped her hand bag without noticing. Both Alice and I looked at her while we continued fucking.

“Alice! What the FUCK?!!!” screamed Kelly.

“This is.. uhn… what you get for… aaah!… for fucking my boyfriend you bitch!” said Alice between moans and thrusts of my thick penis into her bald pussy.

Kelly still had not moved. Her mouth opened and closed as she looked at Alice, then at me, the back to Alice.

“You can’t just fuck in my bed! Stop! Stop it, you slut!” cried Kelly.

“You’re the slut! And we’re going to keep fucking until he cums… ooohh… so deal with it!” Alice looked back at me beaming and gripped my hands as they fondled her tits.

Kelly made a few feeble protests, then strode up beside me, her enormous breasts bouncing in her tight white t-shirt. She put her hands on my shoulder and attempted ineffectually to push me away from Alice. I held Alice’s hips again, and Kelly could not pull us apart. She put her hands on my chest and tired again, without success.

“Stop! Stop fucking on my– oh my god, is that my underwear?!” She had noticed the pile of bras and panties below and around Alice.

“Yes, and he’s going to cum all over them when we’re done fucking,” said Alice defiantly.

Kelly blinked rapidly, then looked at me. Her mouth moved again, but no sound emerged. Her hands were still on my chest, and she looked at them, then down my torso to my cock, which was still stroking in and out of Alice at an even pace.

Kelly’s eyes softened and her hands slowly slid down my chest and over my abs. She lifted her left hand to her mouth as her right hand slid down to my abdomen, just above my pubes. It rested there, being carried along by my thrusts. I had moved my arm out of the way behind Kelly. I looked at her tits as they stretched the shit out of her top. I saw her nipples begin to harden as she stared at my thrusting member, sticking out noticeably from the fabric. She was quite obviously not wearing a bra.

“He’s a lot hotter than Jim, isn’t he?” said Alice, smiling.

Kelly quickly looked at Alice, then at my face. Alice took the opportunity to introduce us.

“Very nice to meet you, Kelly,” I said, and took her hand, shaking it without breaking my thrusting rhythm as she stared at me, not able to grasp the strange situation in which she found herself. She suddenly pulled her hand back, as if scalded. Her breasts wobbled.

“You want to.. .aaah… fuck him, don’t you, you slut? You want his huge cock in your… uhn.. in your pussy!” moaned Alice.

Kelly jumped at me and put her arms around my waist, pulling me back hard. I lost my grip on Alice and slid out of her, tumbling to the floor. Kelly dodged my fall and jumped on the bed between Alice’s legs and began swinging her arms, trying to slap Alice. Alice threw her hands up in front of her face to defend herself from the sudden onslaught.

I jumped up off the floor and grabbed Kelly around the waist, pulling her off Alice, kicking and screaming. Alice jumped off the bed on the opposite side and I threw Kelly onto the bed and stepped back. Alice raced around the bed and stood behind me, putting her hands on my shoulders.

Kelly’s shirt was pulled up so that I could see her stomach and the bottoms of bursa escort kızlar her bulging tits. She sat up and leaned back on her arms, her breasts bulging out even more, as her eyes locked onto my erect penis. Her eyes widened as her mouth dropped open.

“Oh… my… god…” she said, staring.

Alice emitted a low chuckle and stood beside me with her hands on her hips. Her blonde hair was tousled, her chest and face were deeply flushed, and her nipples stuck out sharply from the soft curves of her modest but perfectly shaped breasts. She wore a self-satisfied smirk.

“What’s the matter, slut? Cock got your tongue?” said Alice.

Kelly jerked her head toward Alice, scowling, but quickly looked back at my massive dick.

“It’s definitely bigger than Jim’s, isn’t it? He knows how to use it a lot better than Jim too,” continued Alice, putting her arm around my waist and pressing her body against my side.

I put my arm around her shoulders as she trailed her other hand down my stomach, her fingertips walking up my erect shaft. Reaching the tip, she wrapped her fingers around it as far as she could (her small hands could not touch around the thick circumference of my girth) and squeezed it, my cock head bulging and a drop of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

Kelly continued to stare, her large chest rising and falling as her breathing quickened. I noticed she was blushing furiously. Alice slid her hand down my slick rod, sending a wave of pleasure through me. Kelly’s short skirt had ridden up, and I saw a sliver of black material at her crotch. Alice cupped my balls, rolling them in her palm, before moving her hand back up and bouncing my cock on her flat palm.

“You want it, don’t you? I bet your slutty little mind is thinking about how good this big dick would feel sliding into your ass,” Alice said, smiling devilishly.

As if she had guessed her thoughts, Kelly blushed again, then looked up at me. Alice pulled me forward towards Kelly’s bed. Kelly spread her knees slightly and I saw more of her black panties revealed under her skirt. Alice, her warm body still pressed against my side, began gently stroking my cock, her fingers barely touching my shaft.

“Look how big and hard he is. And let me tell you, honey, when he pushes this cock inside you… filling you… stretching you…”

Alice gripped me more firmly as she continued to stroke me. Kelly’s eyes had wandered back down to my penis. Her chest was absolutely heaving as she breathed, almost panted, gazing at my manhood. Alice walked me forward until my leg touched the side of the bed.

Kelly’s legs parted even further as one of her hands wandered to her tummy and up to the bulging flesh of her underboob. She seemed unaware or unconcerned that her massive tits were nearly exposed; she merely stroked her full curve with her fingertips. Crouching down next to the bed, Alice looked up at me with smiling blue eyes and licked her upper lip. She licked the underside of my shaft and kissed the tip softly. With her other hand she touched Kelly’s leg, sliding her hand slowly up her thigh. She looked back to Kelly.

“If you behave yourself you can watch me suck it. Would you like that?”

Kelly looked at Alice and nodded quickly. Alice giggled as she licked my dick head, swirling her tongue around the tip. Her right hand stroked me as her left hand crept slowly up Kelly’s inner thigh. After tickling my dick head with her tongue, Alice pursed her lips and sucked the tip of my penis into her mouth. Her hand worked my shaft quickly and efficiently. She looked up at me as she began to bob her head on me, taking more of my cock into her warm, wet mouth. Meanwhile, Kelly watched, transfixed, as Alice gave me head, distracted enough not to notice Alice’s fingers brushing the folds of her skirt up, exposing her panties. Kelly parted her legs even further and squeezed her breast as she watched Alice suck my cock.

I moaned as Alice slid my dick further down her throat, still looking up at me through misty eyes. She pumped my shaft as her fingertips pressed against the crotch of Kelly’s panties. Kelly gasped and reached down, lifting her skirt up to see what had touched her groin. She saw Alice’s fingers pushing against her, then looked up at us, puzzled, but aroused. Alice slid my cock from her mouth and spread her saliva along my length with her hand. She looked at Kelly.

“Oooouuu! Someone has soaked through her panties! Are we turning you on, you little slut?” said Alice as she pushed her thumb against Kelly’s moistness, rubbing it about.

Kelly looked back down to her groin, and I saw her hips rotate ever so slightly forward.

“Do you like that?” Alice said sweetly, smiling at Kelly.

Kelly made no response, but continued to stare at Alice’s hand as it massaged her pussy through her wet panties.

“I think slutty Kelly likes getting touched by a girl,” said Alice, looking back at me.

“She’s definitely not stopping you,” I said. “But I think she should join the party a little more. Why don’t you show us your tits, Kel? They’re nearly out as it is. Pull your shirt up and let those lovely breasts free.”

Alice looked up at me quickly. I smiled down at her and ran my fingers through her hair, reassuring her that she was the one I wanted. She smiled and kissed my balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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