The One Night I Will Never Forget

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Asa Akira

As, I lay down to sleep I can’t help but think about what had happened that day. I also can’t help rubbing my clit, through the scant underwear that I wear to bed, remembering what had passed. I guess it would help for you to know a little bit about me, at 5’4” I am usually the shortest in the crowd, but I tend to get a lot of attention since I am a size 6 and wear a DD. I can’t even explain in words how much drooling admiration I get from men where ever I go. I am also very attracted to members of the both sexes and have had several interesting encounters with both, but none topped this.

Today, started out normal enough, I went to school and then came home and went to work, it wasn’t until I came home from work that the fun began. My friend had come by unexpectedly and was waiting for me on my front porch, he has been my friend for years, we went to high school together and even hooked up a few times. But it always seemed that he was in one relationship or another, with a girl who couldn’t stand the thought of him hanging out with other girls. So when I saw him I was pretty shocked considering that he had been with the most controlling girlfriend of all for the past two years. We had barely seen each other much less hung out alone since they started dating. When I saw him he immediately came to me and gave me a big hug, when I looked at his face I could tell something was wrong.

“She cheated on me, can you believe that after two years, she cheated on me.”

“I am so sorry” I responded. This was the third girlfriend in a row that had cheated on him and left him high and dry, I couldn’t believe that it had happened again. “Why don’t you come inside, you can sleep over to if you want.”

“Thanks, yeah I would like to stay, since I have no where else to go, I didn’t even get any of my stuff out of the apartment, I just left.”

We went inside and I made some coffee, and then decided maybe something stronger was called for. I got down a bottle of whiskey that I had left over from some party, and got two shot glasses and poured us some drinks.

“Maggie, I just don’t get it, I mean you would never cheat on one of your boyfriends would you?”

“No, I would have the decency to break up with them if I didn’t want to be with them anymore, and then sleep around” I said with a big grin on my face, hoping some humor would lighten the mood.

“I think I just need to find a girl who wouldn’t treat me like the toy of the month, I put up with her bitching about you, and I allowed her to pull us apart, we used to see each other everyday, or at least talk” Robin said.

“I know, but sometimes it is easier said than done.”

“I should have gone out with Eryaman Escort you when I had the chance instead of wasting my time on these stupid, manipulating, controlling girls.”

“Well, it isn’t like you missed your chance altogether, maybe someday there can still be something between us.”

“I don’t know I couldn’t risk ruining our friendship.”

“Yeah, that’s true, but if something should evolve don’t shut me out like you did the last time.”

“I was just scared, scared that you would reject me like the others, and scared that you would cheat on me, but mostly scared about my feelings, I don’t think I have ever lived anyone as much as I was loved you Maggie.”

“Really, because I felt the same way, but I didn’t think that you loved me at all by the way you ran away from that one fling.”

“God, I was so stupid, will you ever forgive me?”

“Of course I will, I mean I love you Robin, as a friend, you have always been there for me, but….”

“What?” he asked, I could barely go on, he had just broken up with his girlfriend what was I doing. Was I really trying to seduce him, to get my way? I didn’t even know what I was saying until the words came out of my mouth.

“We have been friends for a long time and I think it is only fair that we be completely honest with each other.” As I watched him nod his head I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. “I said I love you and that isn’t completely true.” His expression changed to one of confusion. “I’m in love with you and have been for a very long time. I guess I just didn’t have the guts to say anything. I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship, if you think it will then pretend like I never said it.”

As he stood up, I thought this is it he is leaving and he is never going to talk to me again, I have ruined my friendship with him, and now even if we remain friends it will never be the same. God, what had I done?

When he turned back towards me, I stood up, then the most bizarre thing happened, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me, a soul shattering kiss. He pulled back and looked into my eyes and said “I am in love with you too, and I have been ever since the 10th grade.”

He then picked me up in his arms and kissed me again, no words were said for a long time, as I rubbed my hands all over his 6’2” frame. Feeling his lean but muscular body pulled tightly against mine. I was absorbed in the touch and feel and scent of his body, I couldn’t think of anything else. Then I felt that familiar tingle between my thighs, and I felt his body respond in a similar but much more noticeable fashion. He let go of me and turned away.

“Robin, Sincan Escort what’s wrong?” I said breathlessly as I sat back down on the couch.

“It is just that I feel wrong, I mean I feel like I am using you, or something, no one should feel that much pleasure just from kissing someone.”

“I felt it too, don’t worry, it is just the way love is, I mean no one can explain it, or alter it, when you love someone, it just feels that wonderful.”

He came toward me and sat down next to me on the sofa, I could feel the warmth flowing between our bodies and I ached to touch him again. But I knew that he had to make the first move, or I might scare him away. I saw the inner battle being fought inside him through his eyes, and I understood how he felt, I was scared too the first time I realized that I loved him, I had hidden it for years, just because I was scared he wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore. Then I saw the most wonderful thing, I saw love in his eyes as he looked into mine and I knew that he had finally accepted it. As he reached out for me I came to him leaning on him as he kissed me again. I began to rub his back and then ran my fingers through his dirty blonde hair. He took out my ponytail and began to rub his fingers through my fine brown hair. I moaned feeling the heat between my legs yet again. I took his hand and placed it over my right breast, and let him massage me. He then moved his hand down onto my leg and began feeling his way up my inner thigh. The farther up he went the louder I moaned against his lips, until finally I felt his fingers pressing up against my warm pussy, just begging to be fucked.

I pulled his shirt up over his head, as he rubbed his fingers harder against my clit, moaning, lifted my ass up so that he could get off my underwear and skirt. While he removed my lower garments, I unbuttoned my blouse and unsnapped my bra. Letting my large breast free from there confinement. Lowering my hand to his pants, I looked up at him and said “I have dreamed of this for so long.” I then unbuttoned his pants and as he stood up I pulled them down allowing his cock the room it needed to breath. As I pulled off his boxers, I stared at wonderment at his huge penis, and taking the 10 inches into my hand I began to gently stroke it. I moved him closer to me, then grasping his rod I took it into my mouth. I opened up my throat and expertly deep throated his huge erection. I moved my tongue up and down his shaft nibbling gently on the head, hearing him moan louder, I continued my gentle teasing. Finally, he decided that was enough and picking me up he carried me into the bedroom. He laid me Etlik Escort down and gently kissed me before lowering his head to my now hard nipples. Sucking on them gently at first, he began to nibble harder, and as I moaned he decided to bite my nipple, making me cry out in ecstasy.

He continued his torture of my overly sensitive nipples for what seemed like hours, then he slowly, but tantalizingly moved down my body leaving sweet, dewy kisses in his wake. At my belly button he began to lick in up and down movements driving me crazy, finally he reached my oozing cunt and with slow deliberation started sucking on my clit, making my hips rock with pleasure. As I pounded my cunt into his face he only sucked harder, until I finally came all over his face. He then made his way slowly up my body and kissed me so that I could taste myself all over his sweet lips. I felt his erection in between my thighs and realized I had completely forgotten about his needs. I slowly reached down and grabbed his hard cock and led it to my pussy. He moved slowly because he knew that I hadn’t had sex that much and it would hurt. After I had taken all of him inside of me, I began to buck my hips faster feeling his cock inside of me was driving me crazy. I wanted to be closer to him, I knew what I had to do, I rolled over so that I was on top, and started riding him hard. I could feel his cock ripping me apart inside but I didn’t care, it felt so good. I kept on riding him grabbing my boobs and moaning until my voice was cracking. Grabbing my nipples I cried out as I felt him burst inside me, and then I came myself, our juices mixing inside of me, our bodies covered in sweat.

I lay down exhausted next to him, and came to only a short while later, to feel his hands roaming my body, feeling my breasts and rubbing my clit. I softly moaned as I felt his hands on me, slowly awakening my body for more sex. Rolling me over, he positioned me so that I was on my hands and knees, with my ass facing him. He slowly rubbed my ass with his hands. Taking a finger he thrust it into my vagina, moving it in slowly, and then faster, while rubbing my clit with his middle finger. I could feel myself almost on the verge of another orgasm, I felt him remove his finger and replace it with his hard throbbing, cock. This was by far my favorite position, I could feel his cock pounding into me hard, and I couldn’t help crying out for more.

“Oh, God, Robin that’s right, Oh God, fuck me, ahh, please fuck me, harder, harder, that’s right, ummmm, oh yeah, like that.”

I then felt his hand come down on my ass hard, and moaned so loudly, I am sure the neighbors heard, it felt so good, the pain, and pleasure. As he continued to fuck me and spank me, I cried out louder. Until finally my body tensed up and I came, but he kept on fucking me, I came three more times, before he finally orgasmed inside of me, I could feel the juices dripping down my thigh. Then, he took me in his arms and we fell asleep, knowing that we had finally found our true loves.

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