The One She Cannot Have

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Ok folks forgive me if this is bad. This is my first attempt at a story like this. It has been in my head for a while though I have not had a chance to write it until now. Remember all of the following story is fictional yet all characters are of the age of consent and know the rules involved. Please submit any comments or feed back once you finish reading.

The One She Cannot Have.

Suzie love playing softball yet it gets to be a pain with her body type. She’s 5 feet 5 inches tall, has a full C cup and a nice round booty to deal with. So when Suzie pulls into her drive way just finishing softball practice. All she wants to do is get a drink and take a shower.

Praying her brother is in his room; she starts to get undressed out of her sweaty clothes as she heads to the kitchen for a drink.

When her brother, Jeff, walks in behind her from the living room,

“Hi, Suz, where did you come from?”

“I just got back from softball practice. Do you need the shower? I’m all sweaty and sticky, but if you need it I can wait”

“Nah, I can wait for you. My date is not until 8 tonight. So, I have time to blow.”

“Ok, then I’ll be back in a few.”

Jeff nods in approval as his sister walks away.

Suzie wonders who Jeff is seeing tonight. She has always wondered what it would be like to go on a date. Her only extra activity outside of books, school and being the good daughter was softball. She did everything to make sure her family was happy but look how that turned out. Her mother left them in the middle of the night to “live her life as she wanted to” as she put it, her father has and will always be a workaholic. Jeff has been the only person in her life that she has been able to talk to, to share things with. Yet, there are times when Suzie thinks she is weird or wrong in the way she thinks.

To her, Jeff has always been sexy. He’s 6 feet of muscle ripped Quarter back and the rest gaziantep escort of the body just goes with him. He has a fun loving attitude that people just flock too. He is the most popular guy at school with all the girls and guys wanting him for what ever reasons they see fit.


The one person who could give him everything he desires, everything he needs is not allowed to. Why??

“Because I’m his sister,” Suzie says to herself as she turns on the shower, “What I would give to have him under me, inside of me.” “I mean how long does a virgin have to be a virgin.”

Jeff doesn’t know what came over him. He has never been so lack of conversation starting or holding with his sister. It must be because of the change in her that he was seeing.

Three months ago, she looked fragile, shy and always choosing to stay at the house and ready rather than party. But something happened, she became less shy and she seemed to grow in confidence. She still stayed at home all the time, but he just could not put his finger on it, she was different.

Jeff started seeing her in a new light. Yet, when they moved in together it was just to start out saving on the bills and things. Suzie and Jeff were the best friends and siblings; he was not supposed to want her this way. He was just supposed to be there when she needed him like she was always there for him. He is not allowed to want to sleep with her, he is not supposed to want to fuck her, they are siblings.

Jeff hears the shower running and thinks of Suzie naked, wet, and soaping down and touching all the places he wishes too. He tried not to think of what else she is not doing or rather doing in the shower.

He cannot help it but he starts to walk to the shower door. He wonders if he can see anything.

He cracks open the door and sees the silhouette of his sister bending over and shaving gaziantep escort bayan her long legs. He is mesmerized by the action she is doing, rubbing her legs to her thighs with long smooth strokes. He gets a hard on like no other. He watches as she soaps up the sponge she is using as she starts to caresses her breasts and pussy. Jeff starts to unzip his pants and stroke his massive hard on.

“I can’t be doing this. This is my sister for crying out loud,” he thinks to himself.

As the door to the shower opens, Jeff bolts out the door and runs into his room.

Suzie grabs the towel and looking around the corner. “Hmmmm, I swear I heard a noise coming for the door. It must have been Jeff going to his room,” she thinks to her self. Suzie walks passed Jeff’s door, hearing noise she stops mid knock. *Knock knock* “Jeff, the sho-wer is free,” she says in a mousy and wondering voice.

About a half an hour later, Jeff and Suzie are finishing up in the kitchen after just eating dinner.

“Mom called her and dad will be home about 10pm on Sunday.”

“Well that gives us 4 whole days to our selves, bro. what do you think we can do until then.”

“I have a date with Julia tonight. I’m kinda hoping to get laid. I’m horny than hell and I could use a good fuck.”

“Jeff that’s just wrong. I don’t want to hear about you fucking other girls.”

“Would it make you feel better if I told you it’s not her I want to fuck?”

Suzie is not sure what to take of this comment. Jeff and she have never really talked about sex or who they have or haven’t slept with.

“Who do you want to fuck then? Why not just go fuck her?”

“Are you sure you want that, Suz? Are you sure you want to know who I want to fuck?”

“No, why should I care?”

Jeff wasn’t to sure if he should tell her it was her he wanted to fuck. It was his own sister that escort gaziantep he wanted to get wet, sweaty and wanting with lust. It was her that he wanted to hear screaming his name. Suzie, his hot sister, Cuming all over his hot cock.

“Never mind, sis. It’s no big deal.” With that Jeff walked out the door.

Suzie heard his car start and watched him drive away.

It was late when Jeff came home. Julia wasn’t working out; all he could think about was Suzie in the shower, shaving her legs. As he starts to head into his room, he hears a noise coming from his sister’s room. He stops to listen in, it’s not right and he knows this, but he just has too.

“Jeff … oh… Jeff. Oh My God, that feels good. Lick my pussy… Lick my cunt… Please Jeff make me cum. Make your baby sister cum Jeff.”

Jeff is stunned, not sure what to do, he cracks open her door. Suzie is on her bed with her legs wide open, eyes closed tight and ramming a 8 inch dildo into her. “I’m almost there Jeff… Please… Make me cum.”

Jeff couldn’t resist any longer, not getting any tonight didn’t help any matters. He walks in to help his sister out with her problem of cumming.

He slowly starts to inch his hand up her thigh and places his hand on hers.

“Here Suz, ill help you cum.”

Shocked she starts to pull away, but Jeff starts ramming the dildo into her.

“What arrre youu doing?”

“I’m helping you out. You seem to want me to do this. So I will.”

“No, Jeff you can’t.”

Jeff doesn’t listen to her. He starts to alternate between rubbing her clit and ramming the dildo into her. She cant stop panting, she wants to cum. She wants to cum for him.

“How about we do one better than this toy.”

As she starts to pull away, “what are you talking about?”

Jeff suddenly rams 2 fingers into her. “Does that feel better?”

“Oh… god… yes!! But Jeff we can’t… stop… please what will people thinks.”

Jeff pauses but still playing with her “they don’t have to know… Suz. They don’t have to know at all that I want you and you want me. They don’t have to know that we love each other enough to please each other.”

“They don’t have to know that you are the only one I want to please ever…

To be continued…

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