The Oral Bank Teller: Day 2

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AUTHORS NOTE: It’s not necessary, but would enhance the experience if you read my previous story about Allison: THE ORAL BANK TELLER, which takes place the night before. Both of these stories are essentially true stories, with a little linguistic embellishment. Enjoy! ————The Dodger

* * * * *

After that first magnificent blowjob in the church parking lot, I would become the focus of Allison’s life. She really was a very sweet, but somewhat needy young thing who now looked to me to supply her with what she needed most in life: A steady cock to suck and a man who showed appreciation for her heavenly mouth. I was more than happy to supply her with both. The way she gamely took my jism-spurting cock in her throat last night and the sounds of her mumbled “thank you’s” as she licked the cum off of my body had kept me awake most of the night masturbating and fantasizing about our next encounter. Tired as I was, I didn’t have to wait long.

I was in my office at the store that next morning when the clerk buzzed me that there was someone to see me out front. It was only 7 AM in the morning…. who the hell was breaking my balls this early? I switched the surveillance monitor to the counter area and there she was: my little cockslut, my perfect blowjob, the lovely, young and very oral bank teller, Allison. Damn! Was she here for another deposit already? I told the clerk to let her thru to my office.

When the door opened I noticed something different about her right away: Her full head of deep auburn hair was done in a long curly red perm that bounced around her shoulders in a sexy tangle very different from the usually boring buns and pony tails I was used to seeing on her. She ditched the glasses in favor of contacts, but she still wore a lame beige pantsuit under her trench coat and stupid penny loafers that made her look older than her 22 years. (I have to teach this girl how to dress). The look on her face, however, and the distinct sparkle in her soft blue eyes, suggested a different girl altogether as she stood in the doorway literally beaming at me.

“Hi-ii!” she said, in a smiling, somewhat sultry voice that stretched the word out into two soft syllables. It was the satisfied purr of a woman altogether happy to greet her lover. I was a little taken aback by the hair change and the fact that here she was in my office, barely 12 hours after I had mercilessly fucked her mouth in her husbands car and made her gag on a huge load of cum. She stood there for a moment, unsure of my response, hesitant like a shy little girl. She was so cute I just wanted to hug her!

“Come here, sweetie” I smiled, my outstretched arms offering the sanctuary she so obviously needed. She stepped into my embrace, a soul needing warmth and shelter, and I pulled her close to me and just held her there with my arms inside her open coat, firmly entwined in the small of her back. Her head rested on my chest as she held me tightly, absorbing my warmth. I had to tilt her chin upwards to gaze into her eyes and they seemed to dance a dance of gratitude that I had welcomed her this way. We kissed deeply for a full minute and I couldn’t help but slide my hands around to circle her tiny waist and bring them up to cup her breasts while we embraced. She sighed and simply stood there, allowing my hands to roam her body freely until I broke the kiss.

“I hope you’re not mad at me for coming here so early,” she said, looking up at me with uncertainty. “I couldn’t sleep last night, thinking about you. I wanted to start my day by seeing you and telling you what a great time I had last night. And I wanted to thank you for making me feel so…so loved and appreciated”

“Well, I am a little surprised to see you so early in the morning, Allison…but I’m glad your here” I replied as she rested against me and I stroked her hair. “But don’t you have to be at work soon?”

“Yes, but after last night I couldn’t wait to see you again, and I couldn’t stand being around my stupid husband, so I left the house early.” I hugged her in sympathy and felt her tremble as I pulled her closer. We kissed again, this time her mouth was more aggressive and her lips encircled my tongue and drew moisture and heat from it. I let her suck it as my hands moved down to her perfect round ass. Then I pulled her up into me as I removed her coat and let it slide to the floor. She responded by dropping her hand down to my cock, and tentatively placing her palm over it. She held her hand on the bulge in my pants, without stroking it or moving even one little finger over its length. She waited for a response.

“It’s OK, Allison, you can play with it.” (Wasn’t I magnanimous?)

She immediately began to rub it lightly. “Go ahead, make it hard,” I allowed. I knew where this was going, but I could tell she needed direction…as she should. “Feel how hard it’s getting, baby?,” I asked softly. “Mmmmmmm, yes,” she replied breathlessly, tracing the outline of my hardening cock with her slim, dainty Çankaya Escort fingers. Then she looked up at me very seriously and asked me, “A girl should always make her lover’s cock hard, shouldn’t she Michael? Men want that, don’t they? It feels so much nicer when it’s hard–so powerful and masculine. I feel proud that I can make that happen. I feel like I am a real woman. It makes my pussy wet to hold a hard cock in my hand. That doesn’t make me bad, does it, Michael. That doesn’t make me a whore, like my husband says, does it? I wish I could take it out right now and play with it.” She sounded disappointed; but I could fix that.

I leaned to my left and reached under my desktop to hit the security switch, locking my door. “Go ahead, I don’t mind,” I told her, glancing at the clock, figuring I had about 30 minutes to play, “enjoy yourself.” (Wasn’t I the sport?)

“Really?…its OK to do it here?” she asked a little nervously, her fingers already unsnapping my jeans and drawing the zipper down. “No one will walk in and see me?” I started to tell her about the automatic door lock when I remembered the switch also activated the video camera in the office. I briefly considered turning it off when my thoughts were interrupted by the feel of her warm hand enveloping my cock and hauling it out of my pants into the open. She didn’t wait for my answer. “Oh well, too late now,” I thought.

“It’s so beautiful,” she whispered almost to herself, as she held my 8-inch cock in her small hand and massaged it slowly. Her palm felt warm and sweaty as it glided up and down the underside of my dick and squeezed it gently. She reached down with her other hand and scraped her fingernails back and forth on the underside of my scrotum while she slowly jerked me off. She stared intently at the smooth, thick steely shaft in her hand and drew her fingertips lovingly along its length up to the satin textured deep pink head. “It’s so beautiful,” she repeated several times as she played with it, apparently in another world. Then she looked up at me, her soft blue eyes seeking permission in mine.

“Michael, would you…I mean…do you have time…to…to let me give you a blowjob before I go to work?” she asked in a low throaty whisper. “I really need to taste it…I want to start today feeling like I felt last night when you came in my mouth. You told me how good I sucked it, remember? I’ll suck it good again, I promise. I’m so hungry for it.” And then she smiled and her eyes narrowed a bit. Her tongue slipped out and touched her upper lip in an impish little girl grin. “I want to have your delicious cock…for breakfast”; she smiled at this amusing observation. She looked up at me for approval. My cock was hard as a rock by now, tickled pink so to speak, but I wasn’t laughing:

“Get on your knees,” I ordered in a firm but loving tone. Her eyes met mine, uncertain for an instant, and then quickly turned away as she complied without question. She dropped down immediately and gazed at the floor, waiting for instructions like the perfect cockslut she was. I stepped away from her and circled her, running my fingers through her wild auburn hair, feeling her press against my hand like a pussycat. I glanced again at the clock. Enough time to let her suck me off, I thought, but not enough time to explore this sub-dom thing that was developing between us. I was intrigued, for sure. But at this point what I really wanted was to watch those perfect pink lips around my cock as I pumped her mouth full of my cum.

“Your a good woman, Allison,” I praised her softly as I removed my jeans and underwear and stepped in front of her face. “You please me very much and I appreciate that about you.” I held my cock in one hand and raised her chin up with the other so that her mouth was in the position I wanted: just below my cock, lips slightly parted, graceful neck arched ever so slightly back. She looked up into my eyes as she instinctively pulled her knees closer to my feet, arching her neck back even more, and waited in anticipation as I continued talking. “I will give you what you need as long you give me what I want. You have a wonderful mouth, Allison. Its made for pleasing men and any man should be proud to slide his cock into it.” I was ready to drop a load into her mouth the minute she got on her knees, but I wanted to reinforce our new relationship a little first.

“Your very beautiful, you know,” I complimented her, as I began to trace my fingertips over her face. “I like your hair this way.” I smoothed the hair around her temples and combed my fingernails along her cheeks and around her ears. She kept still, a smile on her upturned lips. Her eyes were closed as her knees pressed tightly together in anticipation.

“You have perfect lips,” I continued, admiring the deep pink color of those luscious pillows of flesh. I cupped her chin in the palm of my hand and glided my thumb back and forth across her lips. “Wet them Keçiören Escort for me,” I said clearly. She obediently moistened them with her tongue. Now it was easier to investigate the perfect shape and exquisite softness that had enveloped my cock so deliciously just the night before. They were smooth and warm, no lipstick, just the way I liked them.

“Open your mouth and let me see your tongue,” I instructed her, my cock just above her mouth and pulsing with the flow of blood. She opened wide and offered her mouth for my inspection. She had nice, white perfect teeth and that wet pink tongue just lay there on the bed of her mouth, coiled and ready, waiting for breakfast. I rubbed my index finger over her tongue, examining it, careful not to go too far into her throat and gag her. She wiggled her tongue slowly as I glided my finger over it as though I was spreading a lubricant before a massage. It made her salivate and she moaned quietly, allowing me to continue to explore her soon-to-be cum-filled mouth.

“This is where you want me to come, isn’t it, Allison?”

“Yeth…,” she replied softly but awkwardly, my index finger still resting on her sensitive tongue, her eyes still closed.

“That’s good, baby, because I love to come on a woman’s tongue. I love to spread my sperm over it and watch it slide down her throat as she swallows it. I love to feel a warm tongue moving under my cock while I’m coming. It intensifies my orgasm. Make sure that your tongue is there when I come. That’s the way I like it. You’d like that, too, wouldn’t you, Allison?’

“Yethhh…,” she practically hissed, swallowing to breathe. Her soft blue eyes opened slightly, long eyelashes fluttering for a moment at the pleasurable thought. I could see she was as aroused as I was but she remained still, and patiently waited on her knees, knowing she was going to get what she wanted.

I checked the clock out of the corner of my eye. I had about 25 minutes to get this done. Oddly, I felt responsible to make sure she got what she wanted from me in time to get to work. (How considerate I could be sometimes.) I also had this raging erection and my balls were tightening up into my body gathering up a huge load of sperm that needed to get released very soon. This playing around would have to wait. It was time.

I removed my hands from her face and held my cock up to her lovely lips. “Kiss it.”

She opened her eyes and looked up into mine as her pink lips formed a perfect heart and she brought them to the cockhead and kissed it lightly, just on the tip. The sudden warmth on my skin made my cock jump and she instinctively reached up to hold it in place.

“Keep your hands in your lap. I only want to feel your mouth.” I admonished her a little sternly. She dropped them down obediently and continued to place her wet lips on my dick.

She began kissing it from the tip, down through the cleft on the underside of the head. She placed her parted lips directly on the spot where the skin gathers, where the nerve endings are concentrated and sucked gently, lapping slowly with the tip of her tongue. The shaft of my cock was tightening like a steel bar wrapped in satin as she moved her mouth along it, stopping to place a little kiss every 1/2-inch or so. Her lips were so soft and her mouth was so fucking hot I thought I would die. “Damn,” I thought to myself, “this girl is an angel!”

She moved her mouth to one side of the shaft and began kissing it there, careful not to reach up with her hand to hold it in place. It bobbed and rolled against her mouth each time her moist lips touched it and she had trouble keeping them on it. She solved this problem by placing her open mouth alongside the shaft and sucking on it, holding it there with her lips so she could lick the cock skin with her tongue.

The taste of cock must have changed her focus because she started licking it deliberately now, up and down the shaft and around the head with long hungry strokes of her tongue. She moaned very quietly and her hands moved to her knees to support herself as she moved her head around my cock, licking every inch from impossible angles that caused her neck to bend and twist in graceful arcs. After every two or three licks she would gather up the saliva in her mouth and swallow contentedly, like it was a sip of coffee in the morning. She was enjoying this very much. I let her lick me for a while, enjoying the feel of her silky warm tongue on me and getting off on the sexy, wet noises her mouth was making (wondering if the audio switch was activated on the VCR). Then I pushed her mouth off me and held my cock against my belly, exposing my balls.

She didn’t need to be told. She buried her face in my balls and instinctively reached up with both hands and held my ass cheeks, pulling me closer to her face as she literally breathed in the scent of masculine sweat and sexual arousal that must have drawn her to me in the first place. Etimesgut Escort Her mouth opened wide around my balls and accepted them inside gently, not sucking, but sliding her flat tongue back and forth beneath them as they dangled between her shiny wet lips. Her nose remained buried in my crotch and I could hear her breathing me in and out, moaning softly and swallowing a lot as she licked and kissed my balls. Then I removed her hands from my ass, grabbed her by the hair and moved her face away again. I held my cock inches from her mouth. She looked up at me submissively and dropped her hands to her lap, waiting for my next move.

“Allison, you were right in coming here. A woman like you is a precious and wonderful gift. Your husband is a fool. You were born to be a cocksucker. You are most beautiful when you are on your knees waiting for a man to come in your mouth. You came here because you know that I know that, and he doesn’t. You know that I will always give you what you want… and he can’t. Tell me what it is that you want, Allison.”

She didn’t hesitate.” I want to suck your cock and make you come in my mouth.”

“And why do you want that, Allison?,” I asked.

“Because a woman is not complete unless she can please a man in every way.” was her response.

“You know that you please me very much Allison, don’t you?” I assured her.

“Yes…I know that. I felt it last night when you came in my mouth.”

“You have a wonderful mouth, Allison. I like your mouth very much and I want you to come see me often from now on, do you understand?”

“Yes, Michael, I want that, too. I want you to hold me close and to kiss me everyday and play with my hair while you let me suck your cock. I want that very much, Michael” That made me think for a moment about what I was getting myself into here…

She really was a lovely young girl, I decided. Attractive, intelligent, loyal (except to her husband) and eager to please. She made the mistake of picking the wrong guy to marry. A man apparently incapable of responding to her childlike, giving nature. Such a shame! She had a real oral fixation, which in itself was nothing unusual. But the emotional emptiness of her marriage and the fact that her husband thought sucking cock was dirty and whorish had resulted in an altogether unhealthy need for approval, which she had learned to get through her considerable oral skills. She was young. In time, I figured, she would wise up and not give it away so easily. But for now I was happy to help her out.

“That’s good, sweetie, you can take it in your mouth now and suck it until I come.”

She didn’t need any more encouragement. On her knees before me, hands folded obediently in her lap, she moved her face to my cock and immediately took the head in her warm mouth. Looking down at her face, with my cock poking out from between her luscious pink lips, I concentrated on watching her.

Her cheeks hollowed as she gently sucked on the head, a quiet moan escaping from her throat as she finally got what she came for. “Oh, God, it tastes so good, Michael.,” she said, pulling her mouth off for a second, then going right back down. This time she took it in about halfway and I could feel her wet tongue gently lapping at the vein underneath. She held her head still and just sucked it like that for a minute, lips stretched around the shaft, tongue moving, eyes closed, obviously savoring the taste and weight of it on her tongue. I grasped her behind the neck and pulled her mouth in, forcing more cock into it. She yielded instantly and relaxed her lips to allow my cock to slide in. I guided her mouth about 3/4 of the way down my cock and let go of her head so she could continue sucking. She seemed to really like feeling the fullness of it so deeply in her mouth because she started whimpering like a puppy, “mmm hmmm…mmm hmmm…ohhh…mmm…mmm” as she sucked.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth now, Allison,” I said to her softly, knowing there wasn’t much more time.

“Mmmm hmmm,” she purred with my cock deep in her mouth.

My inclination was to just grab her hair and use her mouth like a cunt, but I was so aroused by her submissive posture that I didn’t. I wanted her mouth, pure and simple; but I wanted her to willingly give it to me. I didn’t want to take it by force. I began a slow grinding motion with my hips, in a rhythmic, sexual slow dance. She placed her hands on her knees and offered her mouth to me willingly. As I twisted and turned my hips in a sexy grind her mouth stayed locked on my dick and followed it around, sucking at it from every angle I offered to her. I moved to the left and she tilted her head to the right and accepted the shaft almost to her throat, sucking as I withdrew. I rose up on my toes and forced her to drop lower, her neck arching back to allow her mouth to accept my cock from above. I drew back and she leaned forward, balancing on her hands to keep from losing it. Her head swayed in a kind of sensual dance with my cock, which remained firmly in her mouth. She was good. Real good. What an asshole her husband was to be able to wake up to this kind of cocksucking every day and not taking advantage of it. I wouldn’t make that mistake. Uh uh, not me. Blowjobs like this are God’s way of rewarding men for being alive. I’ll take what I can get….anytime!

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