The Panty Club

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This story is about a male gay adventure. If you’re not curious, move on.


It was a strange series of events that led Steve to be walking into a room filled with men wearing only women’s panties. And he, of course, was dressed the same way, in sheer white panties and nothing else. A lot of the men looked comfortable, but a few seemed to be as nervous as he was. He saw a bar in a corner and began to make his way towards it, trying to avoid physical contact with anyone. When he got to the bar, he discovered they only served soft drinks. “Oh, well,” he thought, and then he felt a hand caressing his ass.

“Nice fit,” the man rubbing his ass said. “Are you new here?”

“Yes,” he replied, nervously.

“I’m Robert,” he said.


“Do you mind if I feel your cock?” Robert asked.

“Go ahead,” Steve stammered, and Robert ran his hand over Steve’s crotch.

“Would you like to feel mine?” Robert asked.

“Okay,” Steve replied, and then he looked at the bulge in Robert’s pink, satin panties. He had never felt anyone else’s cock before and his hand was shaking as he reached down and ran his fingers over the shaft of Robert’s cock through the sleek fabric. He wasn’t surprised when he felt Robert’s cock stir but he was surprised when he felt his own cock begin to grow.

“Things are just about getting started now,” Robert told him. “People just looking around at all the panties and cocks trying to decide who to approach. Fondling someone’s ass is like saying hello. Feel free to do it to anyone who isn’t engaged with someone else. You should ask, or be asked, about feeling a cock. It’s usually mutual like we just did. It’s okay to say, not right now or some other polite refusal. If you like a cock you could ask, or be asked to jerk it off. Some prefer mutually jerking each other off and some prefer rubbing their cock on their partners ass while they jerk them off, but it should always be done inside the panties so that the sperm soaks them for everyone to see.”

“Is that all that’s done? Just jerking off?”

“In this room, yes, because this fetish is for cumming in your panties, right?”

“I guess so,” Steve agreed.

“If you see people going through that door,” Robert said, pointing at a door in the opposite wall, “that is where cocks are sucked and asses get fucked.”

“Thank you for the information,” Steve said.

“You’re welcome,” Robert said. “May I ask you a question?”


“Have you ever sucked a cock before?”

“No,” Steve admitted.

“Let me know if you get the urge,” he said, and then he ran his hand over Steve’s ass before he walked away.

Steve got up his nerve and walked from the bar looking at the various styles and colors of the panties being worn as well as the sizes of the cocks they were covering. His ass was stroked several times, but he just nodded and smiled until a young man stood in front of him. “May I?” the man asked.

“You may,” Steve said.

“Feel free to reciprocate,” the man told him and then began fondling Steve’s cock. Steve took the man’s cock in his hand through the loose material of his panty and when the man moaned he began stroking it.

“I’m jerking off a stranger,” Steve thought as he felt the cock getting harder.

“I like your cock,” the man said, “would you mind rubbing it on my ass?”

“Okay,” Steve stammered, and the man turned his back to him. Steve Kurtköy Escort pressed his cock against the man’s ass and reached around him with both hands. The man began squirming against Steve’s cock while Steve rubbed his cock with both hands. Steve was surprised at how hard his cock was getting from humping the man’s ass but then the man moaned, and Steve felt hot sperm coating both of his hands as the man shot hot cum inside his panties. “I jerked off a stranger,” he thought as he wiped his hands along the sides of the man’s panties. The man turned and Steve could see the outline of his cock through the wet stain on his panties.

“Thank you,” the man said and then he kissed Steve on the lips before he turned and walked away.

Steve could see stains from pre-cum on the front of his panties as he moved through the crowd again. He saw several men with wet panties and sperm dripping from them and he wondered what happened after you came. His revelry was interrupted by a hand fondling his ass and he stopped to see a young man with boyish good looks. “Are you new?” the guy asked.

“I am,” Steve replied, “how about you?”

“I’ve been here a few times. My name is Tim. Can I touch you?”

“You can,” Steve said, “may I touch you?”

“Of course,” Tim replied. They moved close to each other and Tim ran his hand lightly over Steve’s panty clad cock while Steve did the same to Tim. Tim’s panties were red and practically see-through and his cock was small but very hard. Steve felt his cock getting harder as he stroked Tim’s and then Tim slipped his other hand inside of Steve’s panties. Steve moaned in Tim’s ear as both hands skimmed lightly over his cock. “I want to make you cum in your panties,” Tim whispered. “If I make you cum, will you make me cum?”

“Yes,” Steve said, and then he began jerking Tim’s cock faster.

“No!” Tim said. “Go slow like I’m doing to you.”

“Okay,” Steve replied. “Should I put my other hand inside your panty like you’re doing.”

“I’d like that,” Tim said, so Steve slid his other hand inside Tim’s panties and touched another man’s naked cock for the first time. He was scared and excited at the same time. Scared that he was jerking off another man, and excited by the way Tim’s hands made his cock feel. He stroked Tim’s cock the way he stroked his own when he jerked off and they worked on each other for two minutes before Steve moaned as spasms of pleasure began pulsating through his groin and he felt his cum drenching his panties and then hot sperm began coating his hands and he felt Tim’s panties getting soaked.

They both panted until they stopped cumming and Steve felt his sperm dripping down along his cock and the front of his panties. He loved how it felt. His hands were also coated in Tim’s sperm and he wiped them on the sides of his panties. Then Tim’s cock was pressing against his as Tim hugged him close. “I really enjoyed that,” Tim whispered. “Maybe after we recover we could do it again.”

“Maybe,” Steve said, and then Tim walked away. “I jerked off another man and let him jerk me off,” Steve thought. He was used to how it felt to have sperm soaked panties on from when he jerked off at home but this was different. He was surrounded by other people and they could all see his sperm dripping from his crotch. He decided he should stand on the sidelines for a while and watch what was happening so he began making his way through the crowd Maltepe Escort again. His panties were transparent in the front from his sperm and he saw several men staring at it. Now that he had jerked off two men and been jerked off so he came in his panties, he wasn’t as self-conscious. His ass was groped a few times and he even ran his hand over several nice butts before he reached the wall. He was eyeing the crowd when he felt fingers caressing the crack of his ass. He turned his head to see an older man.

“Would you mind if I rub my cock on your ass?” the man said. “I ask nothing in return.”

“Go ahead,” Steve said. The man moved behind him and after a few seconds he felt a hard cock rubbing in the crack of his ass. It wasn’t unpleasant so he went back to looking at the crowd. A minute later another person approached him. Steve did a double take thinking it was a young woman with very firm breasts until he looked down and saw the tent in his/her panties.

“Your cock looks beautiful with all that nice cum framing it,” he/she said. “May I add mine to it?”

“I’m not ready to cum yet,” he told her/him.

“You seem interested in my chest,” he/she said. “You could play with my tits while I jerk off on your cock.”

“Okay,” Steve said. He fondled her/his tits while he/she pulled the front of his/her panties down revealing an uncircumcised cock. He watched in fascination as he/she pulled the foreskin back and rubbed the purple head on the shaft of his cock through his wet panties. “Your tits are beautiful,” Steve said.

“I’m thinking of transitioning but I don’t know if I’m ready to give up my cock,” was the reply.

“Can I touch your cock?” Steve asked.

“By all means,” he/she replied. Steve took the cock in his hand and began jerking it while continuing to rub the head on the shaft of his own cock. He felt hands on his hips as the man rubbing his cock on his ass began breathing faster. He realized that having a hard cock in his hand and jerking it off wasn’t bothering him as much now and he resumed fondling one of his/hers tits while he picked up the tempo of his other hand. It wasn’t long before a sexy moan escaped his/her mouth and hot sperm began spurting on his stomach and the front of his already soaked panties. He kept jerking his/her cock and felt more hot sperm shooting on his ass and back and realized the man humping his ass must have his cock outside of his panties.

“That was outstanding,” him/her said and then she kissed him on the mouth. Steve parted his lips for his/her tongue, but the kiss was brief and he/her faded into the crowd as well as the man who had cum all over his ass. Steve’s panties were now plastered to his skin and hot sperm was dripping from them down the front and back of his thighs. He realized he enjoyed the feeling and he closed his eyes to savor it. He was interrupted by a hand taking his and saw Tim standing beside him.

“Come with me,” Tim said and began leading him away. He followed and soon realized that Tim was leading him towards the door where Robert said other activities went on. He let Tim lead him through it and saw several men sucking cocks and others being fucked up the ass.

“Are you going to suck my cock?” he asked Tim.

“No, silly,” Tim said, “you’re going to suck mine.” Tim gently pushed him down to his knees and pulled his panties down revealing his semi-erect cock.

“Am I really going Tuzla Escort to do this,” Steve asked himself. “Am I really going to suck a cock?”

“Do it,” Tim told him. “You know you want to, so just do it.” Steve took Tim’s cock in his hand and tentatively licked the tip. It felt soft and spongy on his tongue. He licked it again and decided it wasn’t terrible so he took the tip into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. “Suck it,” Tim urged him and then he pushed his hips forward so his entire cock pushed between Steve’s lips before he slowly pulled back. Steve lifted his head and took a deep breath and then he pushed Tim’s cock between his lips and began bobbing his head.

“I’m sucking a cock,” he thought as he worked his tongue on the shaft. “I’m a cocksucker now. I jerk men off and suck their cocks.” As he felt Tim’s cock getting harder, he realized his cock was growing rock hard also. “Oh, god,” he thought. “I like sucking cock. I like having a cock in my mouth.” Then he wondered about what it would be like when Tim came and he got very nervous and started to pull back, but it was too late. Hot, salty fluid began gushing on his tongue and he swallowed a mouthful of hot sperm before he realized it. More sperm squirted on his lips and chin when he was able to pull completely back. “I sucked a cock and swallowed cum,” he thought as he started to stand up, but a hand stopped him and pushed him back down.

“Not so fast,” Robert told him, and then he pushed his cock into Steve’s face. Steve didn’t say anything as Robert rubbed the tip of his cock across his lips. “Don’t you want to suck a real cock before you decide if you like it?” Somehow this made sense to Steve so he took Robert’s cock in his hand and rubbed the tip through the sperm dripping down his chin before he pushed it through his lips. He heard Robert sigh and it excited him, so he began bobbing his head on the larger cock. He realized he was enjoying sucking Robert’s cock, liking how it felt and tasted.

“I wonder how much cum he’ll shoot in my mouth?” he thought, accepting the fact that he was going to suck Robert’s cock until it happened. He settled into a rhythm of taking most of the cock between his lips before pulling back and he liked the feel of a cock moving in and out of his mouth. Then someone lifted his hand and placed it on another cock. He began jerking it without thinking and this was quickly followed by his other hand being lifted and placed on the wet crotch of another man’s panties. He sucked and jerked with both hands and felt his own cock straining against his soaked panties and then everything seemed to happen at once. Sperm began gushing into his mouth and his own cock exploded. He moaned with pleasure from his own orgasm as he tried to swallow the hot sperm filling his mouth and felt it dripping down his chin as sperm began shooting on the side of his face and shoulder. His whole body trembled as he felt sperm seeping through the panties of the other man he was jerking off. He kept jerking and sucking and cumming and swallowing until everything seemed to stop. He leaned back on his heels and Robert wiped his cock across his lips.

“I hope I see you again,” Robert said and then he helped him to his feet. Steve could hardly walk as he staggered back to the main room with his panties transparent with sperm, and he felt like his whole body was covered in it. It seemed to take forever but he finally made it to the locker room. When he peeled off his wet panties he couldn’t stop himself from rubbing them over his lips and tasting them with his tongue.

The next day, he visited Victoria’s Secret to buy some sexy panties that he would wear to his next visit to the Panty Club.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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