The Parking Lot Affair Ch. 03

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Female Ejaculation

As Tori swallowed Tom’s load, she said to him that he was the only person she wanted to fuck tonight, but she needed to make certain that Shannon got fucked by several strange men and she was there to record it all to be used against Jason and he would be the first and the last one that Shannon fucked tonight.

As the evening approached the ladies started getting ready and Tom went out to wash the expedition max. When he returned, he found Heather looking stunning. Hair and make-up done perfectly. Wearing a purple flowered dress that came down to mid-thigh and very low cut to show off plenty of cleavage. Tori wore an ankle length dress with a slit all the way up to the hip. Her neckline was conservative, but the dress was tight enough to really show off her huge breast.

Tom told the girls how great they looked as they introduced him to Shannon. Shannon was an extremely small lady. She wasn’t even a full 5′ tall maybe went 100 pounds but did have nice curves and what would later be confirm as c cup implants. She had a very short but still feminine haircut.

It was obvious they had already started drinking and gossiping like schoolgirls. Tori pulled Tom to the side to let him know that he had to be extremely gentle with her, at least the first time because the only man she has ever been with is Jason and we know how small he is.

Shannon was getting a little drunk and really starting to loosen up a bit as all 3 ladies started dancing together. Tori made her move as she slides her thigh in between Shannon’s as they danced. Before we knew they were making out while dancing. Heather had started rubbing her ass on Tom as Tori soon had Shannon laying back on the dinner table as she ate her pussy.

Tom and Heather had gone over to the head of the table as she pulled Tom’s dick out and started sucking him so Shannon could watch. Tori then showed Shannon the video of Jason fucking her and told her that she could get back at him tonight.

Shannon said she was scared of Tom’s dick that she had never had one that big before that the only one she has ever had was Jason’s. Tori told her that by the end of the night she would be in love with Tom’s dick and taking the whole thing but promised that he would be easy at first.

As Tom stepped in between Shannon’s legs he thought that maybe she should start by riding him. That way she could control the depth and the pace. Tom sat in the chair as Shannon placed her feet on his thighs and with Tori’s help lined his dick up with her pussy. As she slowly lowered herself, she could feel her labia parting and the head of Tom’s cock start to stretch her out.

Tori was on her knees in front of her, rubbing her clit and holding Tom’s cock at the base for her to lower herself on. Heather stood beside her hugging her and kind of coaching her through it. As her cunt finally stretched enough to allow the head of Tom’s dick to slide inside her he commented on how tight she was.

Slowly with a look of pain mixed with pleasure on her face, Shannon started to raise and lower herself just an inch each way. She could barely breathe and every time she lowered herself, she screamed loudly oh my god. Tom took her hips and started helping her slide up and down his shaft taking her a little deeper each time.

By the time half of his 8-inch dick was buried inside her she exploded with her first orgasm. She started with leg convulsions, followed closely by her hips moving forward as Tori locked onto her clit with her tongue. She gasped for air as she started calling Tom her daddy.

As she was still cumming, Tom stood up bending her over the table. Tori started sucking his balls in to her mouth as Tom took a firm grip on Shannon’s hips and slowly pressed as much of his cock into her as he could. She let out a loud scream as she begged please daddy I’m a good girl don’t hurt me. Tom felt the head of his dick bottom out with at least an inch and a half still to go.

He withdrew and slid right back in, slowly picking up the pace as Shannon continued to just say oh, please daddy, oh please daddy, over and over. Heather pulled her dress up to reveal she wasn’t wearing panties and climbed on the table taking Shannon by the hair and saying to her that she needed to eat pussy too.

Having never done that before Shannon did the best she could. She tried to protest at first but when she did Tom pulled his dick all the way out and she whimpered to please give it back. She said she would do anything for it just please don’t stop. Tom told her that she had to service Heather, or she wouldn’t get it back and with a look of defeat she started eating her first pussy.

As Tom slowly put his cock back into her, she started cumin again immediately. Tom drove into her as she moaned and screamed oh daddy into Heather’s pussy. Tori was up from in between her legs filming this whole thing to send to Jason. As Tom was getting close to cumming he asks where he should put it. Tori said for him to cum all over her face like she is some cheap gaziantep lezbiyen escort whore.

Tom pulled out as Shannon fell to her knees in front of him as she said oh daddy cum on me, mark me as yours as he came all over her face and in her mouth. As he finished, he saw that Heather was still playing with herself on the table and he went in between her legs and drove his dick balls deep in one fast motion.

As he did Heather told him she was planning on being fresh for Steve tonight, he just looked at her and said that Steve would have to settle for sloppy seconds. Tom continued to pound away on Heather as Shannon started crying. Her and Tori went off to talk as Tom turned Heather over and told her to imagine he was Steve as he pushed into her ass.

As she pushed back against him saying she couldn’t wait to be filled with 2 real dicks finally. She said maybe if all worked out Jason could join and be a third dick for her. Tom said to her that she was turning into a little slut as he fills her ass with his cum.

As time started to get closer for them to head out Tom went and got in the shower, Shannon asked if she could join him because she was going to have to completely redo her make up because of the sperm all over her face. Tori laughed and said she better learn to swallow because she was going to have a whole lot more on her face before the night was over.

In the shower Shannon pleaded with Tom to not let Tori pimp her out tonight. She told Tom that Tori had planned on making her fuck 5 different guys tonight and if she didn’t, she would never be allowed to have Tom again. He simply picked her up and made her slide down on to his already hard shaft. As she cried out that she would do anything to have this dick again and again, Tom told her that she had better do what Tori says then. With that he shoved hard into her about 10 more times and came inside her.

As she felt his cum flood her tiny little cunt, she had another leg shaking orgasm. As it passed, she was kissing Tom passionately and told him she would do whatever he wanted her to. She told him that Jason has never given her an orgasm before, and she wanted this all the time. Tom told her to get on her knees and suck his dick clean. She didn’t hesitate at all and to Tom’s surprise she was rather good at sucking dick and could get a good half of his cock into her mouth.

Once out of the shower the girls had a few more drinks and some snacks before they headed out. Heather sat up front with Tom and they had some quite conversation about her upcoming threesome and how much things have change in their lives since the parking lot incident as it had become to be known.

Tom told her that she would be having her first strange dick in over 12 years in a parking lot tonight and that he loved her and whenever she was ready to go back to just the two of them all she had to do was say so. Tori moaned out as she was making Shannon eat her pussy as they drove.

Tori sent the first two videos to Jason. The one of her fucking Tom at the house, without Tom’s face in it and the one of her eating pussies in the car. Jason started blowing up Shannon’s phone and after about the 10th time she answered him. She told him if he ever wanted to see her again then he is going to let her have her fun tonight and fuck her new daddy whenever she wanted, otherwise she will leave him and take him for everything he was worth. Tori took the phone from her and told Jason that he should’ve left her alone when he was told to. She went on to tell him that she was going to file sexual harassment charges if he did anything other than love and support Shannon. Shannon told Jason she loved him and always would, but she now knows what an orgasm is supposed to be like.

She hung up the phone and leaned forward giving Tom a kiss on the cheek telling him that he was her daddy. Heather just rolled her eyes as she told her that she had better get good at eating cunt if she wanted to keep fucking her husband. Shannon looked at Heather and said she would work on it as often as she could. She then kissed Heather open mouth and turned around and went back down on Tori.

They finally arrived at the club and Heather saw Steve and Becky standing beside their car and Tom pulled up next to them. Tom and Heather got out and they were all introduced. Tom shook Steve’s hand and said to him that he must be the one that almost fucked his wife on the massage table today. Embarrassed Steve said that he was, and Heather was a sexy women and Tom was a lucky man. Then Tom asked Steve if he was ready to watch his wife get fucked tonight while he was fucking Heather. Steve kind of stumbled around with an answer. Becky asked if Tori was coming tonight, Tom and Heather both laughed as Tom opened the back door to reveal Shannon on her stomach eating at Tori’s pussy. Tori had her dress unzipped down around her waist and a hand full of Shannon’s hair.

Becky turned to Tom and escort gaziantep lezbiyen said that she kind of thought it was just going to be the girls and Steve again and she wasn’t sure about anything else. Heather reminded her that she was told her ass and pussy would be fucked if they showed up tonight. Tom told her that everything was fine that Heather was going to get fucked by both him and Steve tonight at the same time, it has been a fantasy of hers for some time now. He told Becky to just relax and go with things and she could put an end to it at any time. He then reaches in and pulled Shannon’s dress up and started playing with her pussy. He told Steve he could fuck her too if he wanted to.

The four of them headed inside and told Tori to come on in after she came. As they headed inside, they found a corner booth in the VIP area that could easily seat all 6 of them. They ordered a round of drinks and laughed as they all stared at each other in skewed silence. Tom spoke first to start some casual conversation asking them how long they had been giving massages and did all their customers get the treatment that Tori and Heather did.

They both looked a little embarrassed about it and Heather just turned to Steve and kissed him full on the lips very passionately. Tom looked at Becky from across the table as she sat there with a look of disbelief on her face. Tom got up and asked her to dance. While dancing they each kept an eye on heather and Steve making out in the booth like a couple of teenagers. Tom told her to relax and to remember she could stop it at any point in time.

Tom reminded her that it wasn’t even 6 hours ago when the head of her husband’s dick was parting Heather’s pussy lips before she stopped him and that she had a mouth full of pussy herself as her husband fucked her in front of Heather. With that being said Tom spun Becky around so her ass was pressing up against his dick and they could both watch the corner booth. Becky was wearing a sun dress that showed off her curves very nicely. She felt Tom’s dick growing against her ass and started to push back against him.

As Becky was getting her first feel of Tom’s dick she noticed that Heather was now straddling Steve’s lap right in the booth. She leaned back and kissed Tom as she asked if they were fucking right there. She reached behind her and took a handful of Tom’s cock through his pants and said she wanted to be fucked in public if her husband was getting fucked in public.

With that Tori appeared right in front of them and said don’t worry they are just making out. She told Tom not to kiss Shannon until she had a chance to get a few drinks that she has already sucked off the parking lot security guard and the manager. Tori then took Becky by the cheeks and kissed her as she rubbed her pussy against her thigh. She told Becky that she was going to have a great time tonight and that she would make sure she had Tom’s dick as much as she wanted.

The three of them returned to the booth were Heather finally got off Steve’s lap. Heather sat on one side of Steve as Becky sat on the other then Tom and Tori. Tom asked where Shannon was, and Tori said she should be here any minute. Tori told Steve and Becky that Shannon was the slut of the night and would do anything sexual to them they wanted and that she would fuck anyone that Tori told her to. They looked confused but Steve said I’ve always wanted a blow job in public maybe she could do that for them. Heather just cleared her throat and said she could help with that too.

Just then Shannon returned from the restroom and Tori told her to get under the table and suck Steve off. Shannon protested saying that Tori promised she could spend some time with her daddy after sucking those strangers off. Heather told her to sit down and slid under the table herself to unbuckle Steve’s pants. Becky was shocked this was happening right here and could take her eyes off Heather under the table undoing her husband’s pants.

Heather felt Steve’s dick on her ass and start to part her labia earlier but never did get to see it. She was impressed as she took it in her hand and licked from base to tip. His dick was very nicely proportioned. About 7inches long and probably just as thick as Tom’s. His head was narrow and not as mushroomed out as Tom’s was. She took his head in her mouth and to Steve’s surprise she took every bit of it down her throat in one smooth stroke.

Tori told Shannon that if she wanted time with Tom, she had better get his dick into her mouth before she found another one to put in it. Shannon dove under the table and pulled out Tom’s cock. Becky sitting right in between Steve getting a blow job from Heather and Tom getting a blow job from Shannon started getting horny.

She reached down with each hand and took a hold of both of their dicks at the base to hold them. Tom place a hand on her thigh and her legs started to spread for him. She started stroking Tom gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar off as Shannon continued to suck him. It was as though they had practiced this motion for years. Tom’s hand found its way all the way up to Becky’s cunt, where it was meet with her other hand that had let go of her husband’s cock to pull her panties to the side for Tom to have full access.

Reaching over with his other hand to Tori’s lap he found her dress opened from the side slit and she wasn’t wearing any panties. Tori was already playing with herself and as Tom’s hand took over, she looked at him and kissed his neck as she thanked him for not forgetting about her tonight. With that Steve’s hand slammed down onto the table as he was cumming into Heather’s mouth. She swallowed the first half of his load but held the second half in her mouth as she slowly jerked him off as his convulsions stopped, she came up from under the table and kissed Becky open mouth and moving her husband’s sperm from her mouth into Becky’s.

Becky swallowed it like a champ and Heather said she wanted to taste Tom from her mouth, and she needed to get busy. Becky didn’t slide under the table but instead just bent over in the booth. She took Tom’s dick from Shannon and Shannon refocused her attention on Tori. Becky now seeing Tom’s dick for the first time as she found it very similar to her husband’s just a fraction fatter and about an inch longer. She loved the fat mushroom shaped head and looked up at Tom then came to whisper in his ear. She told him she was not going to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to her all night and went back down on him.

Heather reached over and pushed her two fingers into Becky’s cunt to get her attention. She told her that Steve and she were going to dance, and she would need to bring her mouthful of jizz out onto the dance floor to her. Tori looked at Tom and told him she needed to be fucked very soon and with that she laid down in the booth on her side and told Shannon to guide Tom’s cock into her cunt. Of course, she did as she was told which left Becky a little upset. Somehow, she thought that Tom was going to be hers for the whole night.

Undeterred though she told Shannon to stand guard as she started licking Tom’s balls and rubbing Tori’s clit as they fucked in the booth. Tori started to cum and as Becky felt Tom’s dick start to swell up, she pulled it from Tori and shoved it into her mouth. She swallowed a little but held most of it in her mouth to be delivered to Heather on the dance floor. As she got out of the booth and walked over to the dance floor Tom Tori and Shannon stayed at the booth.

Becky walked up to Heather and delivered a mouthful of cum just as she was told to do. She kissed both Heather and Steve asking what else was planned for the evening. Heather told her the only thing that was planned was that Heather was going to be fucked in the pussy by Steve as Tom fucked her in the ass at the same time. She said that everything else was to be taken as it came. Heather did invite them to come back to the house after the club but told them she wanted to get fucked by both men in the parking lot before they left.

The three of them danced together and was soon joined by Tori. Tom was nursing his drink and Shannon was nowhere to be found. Tori told them that she had sent Shannon to wait in the men’s bathroom stall and that someone would be there to fuck her shortly. She looked at Steve and asked if he would like to fuck Shannon on film to be used against her later. He said maybe not on film but if it was ok with Becky, he would fuck her. Heather told him that he had to fuck her first then he could go fuck Shannon.

Becky just laughed and asked if she had a say in who gets her husband’s dick tonight. Tori said to her that they were all going to get it tonight and maybe even some strange ladies here might get it to. She told Becky that she needed to go take care of Tom again and that Heather and Steve were heading out to the car.

Tori went to the men’s restroom to retrieve Shannon to find her bent over the sink with the bouncer’s dick plunging in and out of her cunt. She immediately started filming as another man walked in. This second guy was maybe 21 years old and very tall and skinny. He didn’t notice Tori but walked right over and pulled his dick out to present it to Shannon’s mouth. Shannon looked at Tori and was told to take it. As she took this dick into her mouth the door opened again. This guy was mid-twenties and heavy set. He pissed and said he has next as the bouncer high fives him. The bouncer pulls out and cums all over her back as she is the spun around and the tall guy slams his cock into her used cunt. The short fat guy puts his dick in her mouth as she is now starting to cry. The bouncer tells Tori he will send in the others and Tori whispers in his ear as he leaves.

Now the short dude and the tall guy are getting really ruff with Shannon. They are slapping her ass and face and pulling her hair. Shannon is crying uncontrollably and keeps telling Tori how sorry she is. Tori is filming as two more men walk in and lock the door behind them. These two guys are the other two security guards. One already had a blow job from Shannon in the parking lot. Tori told the guys that she didn’t think Shannon could take anymore after this and they told her that she was going to have to take them then.

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