The Picnic

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Caitlyn called to say she was free for lunch and was hoping I could clear my schedule to have lunch with her. I couldn’t have asked for a better reason to step away from work. Lunch with my beautiful girl?!? This was a no-brainer!

The day was perfect. The temperature was hovering right around 75°. Not too hot. Not too cold. The majority of the people outside this time of year were wearing shorts, tshirts, and flip flops due to the rather chilly winter months. The sky was blue with just a hint of white clouds passing above. The grass was green and lush with the recent snowmelt and spring rains.

I digress. Back to Caitlyn and lunch!

Caitlyn stated she would bring a small picnic lunch and to meet her at the local metropark at 1130am. Thinking of our work schedules and travel to and from the park, I knew we would have about 60 minutes to enjoy our lunch and conversation. It was my intent to flirt with her so she would be wound up when she got home and would want to fuck and suck multiple times that night.

Caitlyn is a professional and works in sales, while I work in an office reviewing legal contracts. She always dresses nice. As the old saying goes, “Dress to impress!” Some days it is slacks and a tailored shirt. Some days it is a skirt, tailored shirt, and jacket.

Pulling into the local metropark, I saw her immediately. She was standing outside of her vehicle, leaning against her car, and peering into the vast blue sky. She was wearing a black pencil skirt that ended just below the knee, a tailored white button-down shirt, and a black jacket, which was off and folded over her arm.

She sees me, smiles, waves, turns away and reaches into the rear of her vehicle. I step out of my vehicle and immediately see her as she emerges with a small picnic basket and blanket.

I give her this look like, “Have you been plannig this for awhile?

It’s like she read my mind because she responded with, “Yes, I’ve been thinking about doing a picnic lunch with you since last fall.”

All I can do is grin and reach in for a hug. She is reciprocal, but quickly steps back and says that we don’t have much time.

I let her lead the way and drop back a couple of steps to watch her as she walks. Although professional, she is definitely appealing and sexy in her work attire. What I didn’t notice about her outfit when I pulled in was she was wearing these 3-inch strappy heels. I chuckled. She was not dressed in the appropriate shoes walking to our picnic area. Forgetting about her shoes, my gaze moves up past her ankles, to her calves, to her thighs, and finally settling on her ass.

Caitlyn has a great ass! She works gaziantep bayan escort out and keeps toned. Something about not wanting to be like the other moms we see at the kids’ sports practices.

I am all for her workouts as I reap the rewards! I like to think she reaps the rewards for the way I look as well. Being former military, I care about my body and want to ensure I never have the “dad bod.”

Her ass. It is a thing of beauty. Two round globes of flesh perched just below the small of her back. It is a beautiful thing to see! I almost tripped as I placed my gaze and attention on her butt instead of the path where a limb had fallen. She giggles knowing that I was looking at her butt.

I’m surprised there aren’t more people at the park as it is absolutely beautiful today. I the big picture, I am ok with minimal people as there will be nothing to distract me. Loud noises can break my concentration due to multiple head injuries I sustained in the military. Today it looks as if it will be just Caitlyn and myself.

After rounding the bend and walking up a small hill, there is a picnic table with a fire ring. This place she selected for lunch is somewhat secluded and away from the main path. I was not disappointed!

Caitlyn set the basket on the seat and started to spread the blanket on top the table itself. I stepped to the other side and helped smooth everything out. She looks up, winks, and says, Always the gentlman with helping me.”

She asked me to have a seat and I complied. She slithered between me and the edge of the table. Initially, this was difficult until she pulled her pencil skirt into a more manageable position. When I say more manageable, she literally pulled her skirt so far up she was exposed. Exposed was the right word as she had nothing on under her skirt. My eyes bulged! My word this girl can be sexy!

As she straddled my thighs, I started to thicken and grow. I looked at her and asked if she invited me on false pretenses.

She giggled. “No, I have not invited you to lunch under false pretenses.” She then placed her lips on mine while pulling me in tight.

My hand dropped between her splayed thighs so I could touch her honey pot. I drug my fingers between her folds. She was soaked. She was dripping. She was showing her excitement. I began to wonder how long she had been planning this lunch date. Did she touch herself in the vehicle on the way here? Was her excitement based solely on the anticipation?

I pulled my fingers back through her wetness, stopped kissing her, and sucked her juices from my fingers. She tasted so sweet. So delectable.

She pulled my fingers from my mouth, grabbed my index finger, and sucked it into her mouth.

I extracted my finger from her mouth and dropped it back between her legs. She was excited and was dripping. I drug my fingers through her folds again and then pushed those fingers into her. She released a throaty grumble. I pulled my fingers out, but instead of sucking them clean a second time I put them in front of her mouth. She readily opened her mouth, popped both fingers in, and greedily sucked them clean.

She raised up, looked around to ensure we didn’t have an audience, and then placed her butt on the tabletop. Her index finger and middle finger slid down and slipped through her outer lips. She looked at me while biting her bottom lip and stated, “I thought you could have a bit of dessert prior to lunch.”

She leaned back, put her back on the table while I leaned forward and put my tongue and lips on her pussy. I loved going down on Caitlyn. She was so willing to please me at the drop of a hat that I wanted to always please her! I dipped my tongue into her wetness and licked. It was a long, slow lick bottom to top. I plunged two fingers in and focused on nibbling her clit. Her hands reached up and pulled my head tighter to her sex. My fingers would alternate from plunging into her and moving through her folds.

She started to whimper as I applied more pressure with my tongue on her love button. She pulled on my head hard. She stiffened and hit her “O”. I didn’t relinquish my position and continued to nibble and suck, albeit at a slower and lighter touch. I felt her body respond to a 2nd, but lesser orgasm. I raised my head from between her thighs. My light beard was coated in her juices.

Her breathing was returning to normal as she raised herself up on her elbows.

“Carlos, you know how to get me going! When you nibble on my bud and plunge your fingers into me, I get so gooey wet!”

She had this smirk on her face as she looked around for potential peeping toms.

“Oh dear Carlos, would you do me a favor and plug my pretty little pussy with your cock?”

I didn’t even say anything as I rose from the bench seat, scooted her to the edge of the table, and flipped her over. Her pencil skirt was riding high around her waist and a strange thought hit me, “how is she going to explain the wrinkles when she returns to work?” At the end of the day, I shouldn’t be concerned on her explaining the wrinkles. She is the one that organized this little rendezvous. She set this up to get her “O” and to be filled with dick.

With my mind at ease at Caitlyn bent over the table in front of me with her ass and pussy on display, I slid two fingers through her wet, creamy pussy and then rubbed my mushroom head to ensure there was enough lubrication. I started to push in, she groaned.

“Oh Carlos, give me the dick. I need your dick in me. I need you to fuck me!”

I pulled out.

“Carlos, stop teasing me. Driving here was bad enough knowing that I wanted you to fuck me.”

I pushed until about half my dick was in her.

“Oh that’s it baby. Fuck me.”

I pulled back until just the head was in her. She was wet. Her juices had coated my dick.

“Oh baby. Don’t! Don’t play! Don’t tease! Just fuck me!”

I did what she asked for. I pushed in hard and fast. The air she had in her lungs was expelled. She groaned. She grabbed the edge of the picnic table as I started sliding in and out. As much as I wanted her to cum again, I wanted mine as well. I wasn’t entirely sure she would get another prior to me getting my first.

She moved her right hand and I knew exactly where it was headed. She snaked her right hand between her legs and started to rub her clit. She has been hesitant to do this in front of me, but she knows I love to watch her. When she was rubbing her nub, her fingers would occasionally brush my shaft.

“Ooooooooooo, Carlos!”

In that brief amount of time of touching herself with my dick sliding in and out of her, she came again. She collapsed on the table. I wasn’t complaining because now I could fuck her without worry. She got hers, now it was time I got mine.

I plunged back in. My tempo increased. I was nearing my explosion. I grunted, “I’m going to cum!”

She pushed back almost making me take a tumble.

A bit too loudly she exclaimed, “Don’t cum in me! I’m not going to have cum running down my thighs for the remainder of the day!”

She pushed herself off the table, spun around, sunk to the ground, and pulled my dick into her mouth as the first blast fired. She choked just a bit, but quickly recovered and continued to suck as the rest of the cum fired out.

As she held my dick with one hand and finished cleaning my dick she stated, “I can brush the grass and dirt off my knees, but I can’t explain cum running down my thighs! The wrinkled skirt will be hard enough to explain.”

With that, she stood and kissed me hard. I could taste us on her lips. The kiss was intoxicating.

She pushed back, looked at the picnic basket, and said, “Well, I brought us some fruits and veggies… do you want something to eat other than me?” She winked and pulled her skirt back down and tried to organize herself best as possible.

We sat and enjoyed the fruits and veggies, packed up the basket, and made our way back to our vehicles.

We kissed goodbye and as she was slipping into her vehicle, she yelled over to me, “I’m still expecting us to have sex tonight and if I have cum running down my leg, I won’t have to explain it!” She winked, finished getting in her vehicle, and drove off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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