The Pleasures of Beth Ch. 6

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Beth found it most difficult not to share her most recent exploits with someone. With Martin away on yet another interminable sales trip, she could not confide in him. Nor was talking to Anne of any use —she had been there! But had always been important to Beth to discuss her sexual conquests. It was a way of confirming that it had really happened, and it was an exciting way to relive moments of passion. Beth needed to share this latest story, but with whom? Paul… of course!

As Paul would often drop into the shop for a visit, it was not long before Beth got her chance to tease her friend. He came by only three days after the weekend party. He always seemed in such control of his moods and emotions but maybe today was the day Beth could rattle him, just a little bit.

With the shop empty, Beth pulled Paul towards the back of the store where there was a small, comfortable seating area. In a quiet, but excited tone she asked “guess what happened to me?”

“You won the lottery and you’re giving me half!?” He would simply not play along, it seemed.

“No. Much better, I promise.”

Paul knew that when Beth used that particular tone she usually meant to tell him something especially juicy. He knew now to play along.

“Okay, please tell me —I am dying to find out.”

That was an answer that Beth could appreciate and she slowly launched into her story about the girls’ only party. As she told the story, she wove interesting suggestive tidbits into the tale. This was one of the ways she had used for years to tease Paul, trying to make him a little more open to her desires, her wiles. Still, he somehow seemed to resist every effort.

She told her friend of the fun the four older women had had around the hot tub, but she held off telling Paul about the arrival of the two teenagers. She knew that their inclusion into the story would probably turn him on just enough for her to suggest something a little wilder. She needed that kind of advantage if she was ever to get him to join in.

Beth often recalled the special show she had provided for Paul at Hidden Lake and wondered how he could possibly not have taken her right there at the lake. He could have grabbed her right there, thrown her to the ground and fucked her to his heart’s, or his cock’s, content. She had hoped it would come to that. But no, Paul had not fucked her then, and did not seem terribly likely to try anything soon. She kept thinking, “how could he not have made a move in the many months since then?” There was no figuring him out —maybe this story would do it.

Paul leaned closer, unaware that his body language was signalling its need for more. Beth noticed, of course, and continued to describe the scene, the suggestiveness of the chatter and even the little incident with Geri trying out the jacuzzi jets on her pussy. Paul laughed at that. He also knew Geri and could not imagine her ever doing such a thing, let alone with an audience.

Then Beth’s voice softened and took on a serious tone, “you must guess what I finally got to do at that party.”

Paul knew quite a lot about the various sexual accomplishments of Beth, but what she might have finally added to her list eluded his imagination. He whispered, “you fucked Geri? Charlene?”

“Actually, there were two other guests at the party that I forgot to tell you about. Do you know Jason, Charlene’s son?”

“Yes —he was there?”

“No, better! His girlfriend Kayla, and her best friend Cara-Lynn!” Beth described Kayla in detail, describing her incredible and athletic body, the small, tight breasts and her beautifully trimmed pussy.

“Don’t tell me, you fucked her?”

“Better! I took her virginity!”

“You mean with another woman, right?”

“No, I mean I was the first one to ever fuck her pussy. I did it with my strap-on.”

By now Paul had lost much of his composure and was visibly reacting to the story. Without realizing it, he had adjusted the growing erection in his pants. Beth certainly noticed, but did not say a word… yet.

“I just cannot believe you. You are amazing,” complimented Paul.

“I know.”

Beth continued to tell her story, all the while keeping an eye on Paul, and his crotch. She made sure not a single detail was left out. Each time the tale turned especially hot, Paul would adjust his position and surreptitiously straighten his cock. Beth continued to build up the sexual tension, watching for the effect she was having. Clearly, this was a great story to be telling Paul, and maybe this time it might finally have some effect on him. “He can’t just stay horny,” thought Beth.

Before she could wrap up the story and generate some more heat for Paul, a small group of customers came into the store; then another couple. It became clear that story-time was over for now. Paul bid his goodbyes and was getting ready to leave when Beth called him back to ask him one little favour.

“We are having some real problems with our printer and I wonder if you could come bursa escort bayan over to have a look at it tomorrow?”

“Sure, what time?” agreed Paul.

“Around 3 o’clock would be great. I’m off and will have finished my errands by then. But here, I’ll give you a key so you can let yourself in if I’m not there.”

Taking the key and agreeing to come over the next day, Paul headed out the door. Fortunately, his cock had come down enough for him to leave without causing a stir. “We’ll see about that tomorrow,” thought Beth as she watched him go.

Paul arrived at Beth and Martin’s apartment early the next day, all set to remedy some minor malfunction with their printer. Knowing he was early, Paul simply let himself in without knocking. Without really admitting it, he hoped to catch Beth getting ready for his visit, but there was no one home. He went right to their home office and got to work. The problem turned out to be a bit more complicated and he ended up downloading a new driver and went about installing it. As he waited, Paul leaned back in the chair and contemplated his relationship with Beth.

They had know each other for at least six or seven years now. They had met during some community activity or other. Actually, she had volunteered to take on some committee work for an event that Paul had been organizing. Right from start there had been a strong but withheld pull between them. Each one was aware of the mutual attraction but little had been done to act on it.

Paul’s mind wandered back to the Hidden Lake show. That was how he thought about it now, “The Show.” Knowing Beth had actually performed for him gave him a lot of pleasure and not a little self-confidence. He had often relived the event in his mind. Each time he fought the urge to masturbate, but he usually failed. He would feel his cock start to harden, just as it had that day in the woods.

It would happen quickly and before he could wipe the thought he would have his zipper down. His cock would throb. He could feel it pulsing as he imagined Beth’s luscious body on the beach towel. His right hand would slide down his stomach towards the hard shaft. He always began by feeling his hard flesh, cradling his big balls gently. His fingers would slide along his length, feeling the thick veins beneath the skin. He could feel his heart beating through his fingertips. He would then grip his rigid cock in his hand, slowly beginning to stroke it as his mind conjured up the images of Beth fucking herself in front of his eyes. He saw it all. Every time. He always found a way to finish at the same time as he had in the woods, remembering the thick stream of his ejaculation flying off into the sand.

Without realizing it, Paul found himself once more, cock in hand, masturbating. Right there in Beth and Martin’s office. Before he could decide what to do he realized that there was a sound coming from the other end of the apartment! “Shit! What if they’re home?!”

He quickly shut down the system and almost ran out of the office. Fortunately, there was no one to see his guilty look. Of course, he had not gotten relief, either. Standing in the dining room, Paul could clearly hear the shower running in the bathroom just off the master bedroom.

“Beth must have come home,” he thought. Attracted to the sound as if drawn to a magnet, Paul inched his way closer. Approaching, he saw that the door was wide open. A big mirror on the wall reflected the shower perfectly where he just barely make out the shape of Beth’s luxurious body behind the steamed glass of the shower.

“This is starting to be a bit of a habit,” he thought. But he stood transfixed at the door, watching. He could barely make out the details but Paul could see that she was lathering up one leg. Bent over from the waist she rubbed her skin with a big sponge. She had one hip pressed up against the glass giving him a clear but partial view. She washed first one leg, then the other. She was devoting much too little time on her upper body for his liking. She had probably already been there, he concluded.

Suddenly, the water was off and the door was sliding open. And there stood Beth, water still sluicing off her body. Her skin was glistening under the skylight. Absolutely unperturbed, Beth looked towards Paul and said “are you here to dry me off?”

Shocked at his own directness, he nodded and said “you bet. I’ve been waiting.”

“You sure have, my friend. You sure have!”

She stood on the thick warm rug in front of the tub as Paul moved towards her with a big fuzzy towel in his hands. His arms reached out to wrap Beth up in it, and in his arms. There, he held her, safely cocooned. Her eyes were closed as he held her just right. Slowly, he began to dry her back as she stood there in his arms. His gentle caresses with the soft fabric made Beth feel very special as he dried first her back while holding her.

Finishing her back, Paul stepped away slightly, taking the towel görükle escort with him. She stood there naked and far from ashamed. Proudly naked. Paul reached forward to gently rub her soft skin with the towel. Her tummy. Her hips. Her shoulders. Her arms. All so very slowly. Then he reached for her breasts and took first one, then the other into his towel-covered hands. She leaned forward to meet his touch. Her eyes are closed and she quietly purrs her approval.

Ever so gently, Paul dries her breasts. He continues to caress them for a long time after the job is done, without a word of complaint from Beth. She just stood there, appreciating the attention that Paul was giving her most prized assets. Her nipples have long been rigid with wanting.

Paul is not looking at her when she opens her eyes slightly. He is staring intently at the flesh in his hands, at her nipples, at her bountiful breasts. His breathing is as short as his stare is long. Beth can clearly see his thick erection in the cotton of his pants. She does not move at all, it feels too good. And it has been far too long coming, she thinks.

As Paul stopped drying her breasts Beth whispers, “do my legs, please?” He nodded silently.

Beth the turned her back to her friend, bent forward, spreading her legs apart slightly. She heard Paul’s sudden gasp as he appreciated what is within his grasp. Literally.

He went down on one knee behind Beth, holding the towel. He started by drying her feet, then worked up her left leg as far as the knee. Then the right leg, also up to the knee. He stopped. Beth was leaning forward, leaning against the counter with her soft, mature ass only inches from Paul’s face. Her pussy is close enough to kiss in this position. Paul breathed in deeply to take in the soft fragrance of her soap gently mixed with her feminine smell. Already he could see her lips flushing with blood as she reacts to the excitement in the room.

“Do you like this?” he asks her.

“Don’t stop, Paul,” she moans softly.

He then took the towel and very slowly dragged it up the rest of her left leg, past her thigh, stopping just short of her vagina. He repeated the action with her other leg, taking even more time. Beth tried to push her ass towards him as if to force him to rub her pussy, to speed up his caresses. But Paul continued to set the pace.

Not a word was spoken until Paul huskily asked, “would you like the full service?”

Her response was more guttural than verbal. But it was clear that Beth wanted him to continue with his plan. Paul then took the towel, cupping her mound in his hand, pressing firmly but without moving. Then he patted her cunt gently to dry the thin covering of her pubic hair. Here he spent much longer there than was needed. Of course, that is if the goal was just to dry her mound. His goal, however, was to make Beth much wetter in advance of the pleasure that is to come.

Beth was now openly moaning, as Paul continued to press against her flesh. The soft fabric is always between his fingers and her nakedness. Then, the unmistakable feeling of a finger sliding along her cunt lips brought an intense shudder; Beth was weak at the knees. She leaned up against the counter and pushed her butt back even more. She then slid her feet a bit farther apart in hopes of enticing Paul to her treasure chest, in hopes that he would take the hint and finally drop the towel. He did. His right hand went back into place on her pussy with one finger slightly extended to slide past her thick, wet lips.

The finger slid slowly along her slit, only occasionally reaching up towards her clitoris. At each of those moments her knees almost buckled from the pleasure of his touch. Beth felt something big building up that would only need a bit more attention to erupt.

But Paul chose that moment to take his hand away. Standing there behind her as she leaned forward his arms encircled her body, his hands holding her soft breasts. She felt his engorged cock pressing up against her ass. This she wiggled in encouragement. Paul pushed back gently to let her know he was enjoying the feeling that was building in his own groin. Her moans of encouragement made him returns his hand to her pussy. This time he parted her lips slightly with one hand and inserted the index finger of his other hand into her. This he did slowly, enjoying the effect it was having on his friend. She tried to urge on but he was not be rushed. Now, with his longest finger buried in her cunt, he began to press gently against the walls of her cunt, probing for her g-spot, massaging it. His hand quickly became drenched in her juices. Beth moaned her delight.

“Would you like some more?” he quizzed her.

“Please, oh yes, please. I need to be fucked.”

“Not yet.”

“You’re torturing me, Paul.”

“I know! Don’t you just love it?”

“Well, yes, but…”

Paul stood up behind Beth; she got up and turned to face him, but her prevented her from doing bursa escort bayan so. Instead, he stood tightly against her body and reached around her front to grasp a breast in each hand. Both hands overflowed as he massaged those great tits, pinching her nipples. His bit at her neck hungrily, his tongue active against her flesh. Standing behind her, Paul guided Beth forward into the bedroom for the next stage of their rejuvenated friendship. She held his hands firmly at her breasts and led the way gladly.

As they enter the room, Beth turns to face Paul and she pulls him close. Their mouths meet in a delicious kiss, their tongues swirling one against the other. He brings a breast up to his mouth and sucks hard on the nipple, tightening it even more. All the while he is caressing her boobs. He shoves his face between them, holding each tit against his cheeks, rubbing his face all over her ample chest. He is in heaven.

But Beth had other ideas. As he fondled her, she was working at his belt buckle, and had soon unsnapped his pants. Paul realized what was happening and stood back slightly to provide her with better access to his zipper. It was her turn to tease him as she very slowly slid down the zipper. Her hand pressing against the bulge in his pants; Paul pressing back. Slowly the zipper came down and im a moment Beth dropped to her knees in front of him as he stood there enjoying the wonderful, most erotic moment.

Beth finished unzipping Paul’s pants, then eased them over his hips and down his thighs. Only a few inches in front of her face, pressing against the cotton of his jockeys, was the cock she has been wanting for so long. She could see that while it is not the largest she has ever had, it is her best friend’s cock. “That is something for the diary,” she told herself.

With his pants around his ankles, Paul became weak in the knees from the anticipation. His throbbing cock demanded release from its prison. The head jerked against the cloth —anticipating. He looked down at his friend kneeling between his legs. Naked. “I love those tits, too,” he thought to himself. What was happening was not something he had ever dreamed would happen, although he had often fantasized it could. Yet there she was with her hands grasping the elastic of his underwear, about to pull them down. About to release his erection. About to let him….

“How’s that?” she interrupted his thoughts. “Do you want me to take these off?”

“Oh, God. Beth. Please!”

It was now Beth in control of the moment and she made it last as she tugged gently on the fabric of his neon blue jockey shorts. Then without warning, she attacked Paul’s cock with her mouth. Right through the fabric! She held him in her teeth, almost biting but not quite. His gasp told her how much of a surprise it had been. “Good,” she had thought, “he’ll be dying for it soon if I have my way.”

She let him go and in one swift pull, had yanked his shorts off, down to his knees. And there it was! The rock-hard cock she had been fantasizing about for months. Its thick head was pulsing, vibrant and burgundy with his desire. From a dense thatch of reddish?brown hair stood a thick cock about five inches long, full of character. A thick vein ran along the left side wrapping from underneath; the shaft curves up slightly as if to better display the thick ridges cresting the ruby helmet.

“Suck my cock, Beth,” begged Paul. “Take it in your mouth and suck me.”

“Is that really what you want?” The delaying tactics were making him harder and harder. His cock pulsed hard.

“God, yes! I need it. Take my big cock into your wet mouth and face-fuck me.”

Her response was to gently wrap her full lips around the head of her friend’s cock. For a moment she held the head upon her lips, probing it with her tongue. She licked wetly around the ridge of his cockhead. Then with one quick move she plunged the entire length of his cock into her mouth. It happened so fast that the knob hit the back of her throat, sending a jolt of electricity throughout the sensitive glans. Paul’s only response was to moan with pleasure and fall back against the armoire, his knees trembling with pleasure.

Her mouth slid back and forth along the shaft, her saliva lubricating the hard flesh. Occasionally she paused. Sometimes it was with the penis buried in her mouth; other times it was with the tip barely touching her lips. But each time she went back to the smooth, even strokes of her mouth.

Paul was beside himself with the sensation of his best friend’s mouth around his erection. He could see her tits bobbing in time with the motion of her head as she rode his cock with her mouth. When she took his full length then paused with him buried deep he was amazed at her ability to do so. It had been a long time since the last time he had found a really good cocksucker… Elisabeth, back in university. Of course, Annie had been great, too.

But now, all he could see was his pubic hair curling around the full red lips of his best friend’s mouth as she sucked him off. There was nothing left of his engorged penis at that moment. Then, always a differently, she went back to face-fucking him. He fought to control the urge to splash his come all over her face. “I can’t come yet!” he told himself too many times.

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