The Precocious Young Girl Ch. 02

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I didn’t see Katie for a week. Part of me was hoping she had decided to move on and not pursue things with me but the other half of me dearly wanted our tryst to continue. I thought about her a lot, almost obsessively at first. I wondered how far she wanted me to take things, how much she really wanted to learn. Young people frequently say they want to know everything when the truth is they really only want to know a few things that pique their interest. So I decided that if Katie wanted to continue we would but slowly. I should know better than to plan things like that.

It was just a little over a week later when I was home alone that Katie came by. “Hi Katie,” I said when I opened my front door and saw her standing there, “Emily’s not here now and I don’t expect her back until late.” Katie was wearing jeans and a button down blouse and had her hair back in a pony tail. Even dressed down she looked hot. The blouse she was wearing was a pale blue and her bra underneath was a dark blue making it visible through the blouse.

“That’s okay Mr. O, I really wanted to talk to you about you know what.” Katie said very happily. Without my doing anything she walked past me and into the house. Katie’s high comfort level at my house had long been very high so her doing that didn’t surprise me. Sometimes it seemed to be as much her home as mine or my daughters. Katie was good about it too. Without anyone asking she’d wash dishes, vacuum rooms and even did the laundry one time.

Katie made her way to the living room and flopped down in one of the chairs. “So what is it you wanted to talk about?” I asked.

“Well you know,” Katie said blushing just a bit and being a little shy and evasive. “I told you I wanted to learn everything about it and I do.”

“Katie, I’m not sure this is such a good idea.” I couldn’t believe I had just said those words as I looked at and longed after Katie’s beautiful body. Why was I acting so responsible at that moment? “I’m the father of your best friend. Hell, I could be your father.”

“Ooooo, incest,” Katie chirped, “kinky!”

I rolled my eyes and asked her, “What do you know about incest and being kinky?”

“Well,” she said drawing out the word, “not much but I’d like to learn.”

“Well, you can learn everything you need to know about incest on the Internet and as for kinky, well, what do you think is kinky?”

I decided to wait for her answer. I didn’t want to prod her at all but rather wanted to see exactly what she was thinking, where her mind was at. The silence lasted a good minute or so before she said, “Well, you know, stuff, like s and m and kinky stuff, you know.”

“S and m? Katie, that’s some pretty harsh stuff. Are you sure you don’t mean b and d?” I saw a confused look come over her face quickly. “Okay,” I said and took a breath, “s and m is sadist and masochism. A sadist likes inflicting pain and a masochist likes to be the recipient. B and d is bondage and domination which I think is pretty self explanatory and I would guess that’s what you were thinking of, is it?”

“Well, yeah, I guess,” she responded.

So I explained in some detail what b and d is and then suggested she read the Ann Rice book “Beauty Captured” to get an even better idea. bursa escort “I don’t think you’re ready for such things honey and besides, I’m not ready to anything like that with you okay?” Katie nodded silently and then I said, “Oh, I got the pictures back we took last time, wanna see them?”

“Well of course silly!”

I had left the pictures sitting in a hutch in the kitchen which was just a couple of steps away. I sat back down on the sofa in the living room and indicated to Katie that she sit next to me. It seemed like she bounced out of her chair and beside me. She threw an arm around me and laid her head on my shoulder as I took the pictures out of the pouch.

As we went through them Katie made some cooing sounds when she saw the ones of her with her bikini strap off her shoulder and then the top off altogether. When I got to the second pouch that had pictures of her on the bed with her legs spread I asked, “Are you sure you want to send these to Rick? Hell, who are you going to say took these pictures?”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that.” Katie said when that reality settled upon her. “I dunno, what do you think?”

“Katie, you can’t tell him I took them.”

“Yeah, I guess not. Let me think about it.” Katie returned her gaze to the picture of her spread out on the bed and seemed to be almost transfixed by the picture. “Wow, that’s really me isn’t it? Pretty hot huh?” She giggled as she looked back to me.

“I think so but that’s just me.”

“Thank you soooooo much for everthing.” Katie said and then gave me a kiss on the lips. At first I thought it would be just a peck and at first it was. She kissed me quickly and then before her lips moved a couple of inches away from mine she kissed me again but this time with all the passion she could. Katie likes to very lightly brush her lips against mine and when she does so it sends goose bumps racing up and down my body. For such an inexperienced girl Katie seemed to instinctively know what turned me on. Then Katie said something that came out of the blue and totally threw me, “You know I love you.”

“Well I love you too Katie.”

“No, I mean I really love you like I think I’m in love with you.”

“No Katie, you’re not. If for no other reason you’ve already got a boyfriend and I’m more than old enough to be your father.”

“I know but . . .” Katie thought for a second and then said, “so if you’re like my father and we have sex does that mean it’s incest?”

“Of course not Katie, we’re not related so it can’t be.”

“I know but like what do people call it when they pretend?”

“You mean roll playing?”

“Yeah, that’s it. We could do that. That’d be kinky for sure wouldn’t it?”

“Katie, where do you hear about such things?” Actually I almost couldn’t believe I had asked her that question. I knew Katie and my daughter Emily had been all over the Internet and in chat rooms and I knew teenagers loved to toss around all sorts of sexual ideas. But I had always looked up her as an innocent young girl. The way I saw my daughter and Katie can be summarized by the opening of the movie “Goodbye Columbus” when you see the words “Every father’s daughter is a virgin.” Even malatya escort though I wasn’t married when I first saw that movie I knew the statement to be true and the words have stuck with me ever since.

“So there’s one thing kinky we could do.”

“Well, maybe, but I think we need to talk about it a little first.”

Katie just smiled, brushed my lips with hers and then kissed me. As she reached down into my lap she said, “looks like you need some help.” As her hand rubbed up and down my cock a couple of times I became fully erect. She unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants before getting up in front on me and saying, “lift your butt.” I wanted to argue against our having sex again but my alternate head had ideas of its own and won out. In seconds she had me naked from the waist down. I watched as Katie enveloped my cock with her mouth. I quickly knew if I allowed her to continue I’d come in her mouth rather quickly. The novelty of having such a young girl suck my cock was still more than strong enough to rush an orgasm.

“Wait a minute,” I said to her as I gently pushed her head from my lap. She looked up at me with such innocent eyes. All I could think was ‘oh my gawd what am I doing?’ I took my shirt off and then said, “Now you.” Katie didn’t need any pushing or explanation but she was a tease. She undressed very slowly. Watching her my cock didn’t droop even a little. Katie was a total turn-on. When she was naked I said, “sit down on sofa.” She did and I crawled between her legs. I got between her legs and then put my finger on her pussy and traced its lips first. She was wet already. Then I pressed my finger into her pussy and ran it over her clit once. Then I put my face in her pussy and ran my tongue up and down it tasting her for only the second time. She was as sweet as before and her scent was wonderful. I decided if she wanted kinky I was going to give her kinky so I ran my tongue back down her pussy and on to her asshole.

“What are you doing?” Katie asked in stunned surprise.

“You said you wanted kinky right? Well, this is a minor bit of kinkiness. Don’t you like it?”

“Um well, I don’t know.”

“Well let’s find out then.” I put my head back down between her legs and continued to run my tongue around her asshole and then push it gently in. I heard her moan once so I knew it was having the desired effect. That was when I decided to have a little more fun with her. I got up from between her legs and said, “Okay, my turn.”

“You want me to do that to you?” She asked hesitantly.

“No, not yet anyway. I just want you to suck my cock again and this time brush the sides with you teeth.” Katie looked at me and grinned. It was obvious she liked sucking cock and she went at it with abandon. But now was the time for my plan so as she brush her teeth up my cock to the head I yelp, “Ouch!”

Katie moved back quickly and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

In a stern voice I said, “well, I guess you know what that means.” Katie looked at me a little confused and shook her head no. “I’m going to have to spank you for being a bad girl so get on my lap.”

“What? No way!”

“Uh huh, so do it, now!” I used çanakkale escort the best commanding voice I could devise and Katie seemed to suddenly wilt. She lay across my lap slowly not sure of what I was up to. With an open palm I gave her a very hard solid whack on her ass.

“Ow, that hurt!” She complained.

“It’s supposed to. Bad girls must be punished.” She didn’t respond and I gave her another solid whack and she again yelled. This time I briefly rubbed the spot where my hand had landed. I repeated this about twenty times and then said, “Okay, you can get up now.” As she stood I could see the tears in her eyes but the frown on her face was quickly replaced by a bit of a mischievous smile.

“That’s weird. It hurt but it felt good too. I could feel it in my pussy and it felt good. Why is that?”

“I don’t hon but a lot of women like to be spanked as a part of sex.”

“Will you fuck me now?” She asked in an almost shy voice and after a brief moment followed that with a pleading, “please.”

I couldn’t resist such a request, not that I wanted to. “Okay, bend over the sofa so I can get you from behind.”

As she bent over she asked, “Are you going to fuck my ass?”

I was very surprised by her question and replied, “I wasn’t going to but is that something you’d like to do?”

“I dunno, maybe sometime.” I adjusted her slightly and then pressed the tip of my cock against her asshole as if I were going to take her there. I could see her tense up as I did so. Then I moved my cock down to her pussy and pushed it in. As it slid in the first time Katie moaned, “oh yeah that feels good.”

I started to slowly fuck her but increased the tempo a little each time I entered her until finally there was a distinct slapping sound as my hips rammed into her ass. I slowed down just a bit and than gave her a good slap on the ass as I continued to fuck her. She let out a grunted “oh!” I could see that slapping her on the ass was increasing her passions so I continued. It wasn’t long before I had to say, “I’m gonna come!” As my cock swelled inside her pussy I slapped her ass one more time and then Katie squealed, “oh I’m coming too!” I used that to up the pace at which I rammed my cock into her considerably. As I was coming I was yelling at her, “fuck me bitch, show me how my you like to fuck me, come on, tell me now, how much do you like to fuck me.”

Katie got the idea and as she was coming said, “I love fucking you. I love feeling your cock in my pussy.” Hearing this young girl say these words to me helped keep my cock hard even as I finished coming. Then she said something that surprised me. “I want to be your slut. Make me your slut daddy.” If I hadn’t come already I knew that would have put me over and as it was I was becoming very aroused all over again. But that’s when I heard another voice.

“Dad! What are you doing?” It was my daughter Emily. Katie quickly collapsed on the sofa as did I. I looked for the blanket that was usually nearby and finding it did my best to cover both of us. Then with tears welling up in her eyes she said, “Katie, you an daddy . . .” her words trailed off and she ran from the room.

“Oh fuck.” Katie looked at me in shock as well. We sat there not saying a word. Then we both jumped up as if queued and got dressed. All the time I was thinking of what to say to my daughter.

“I think I’d better go.” Katie said.

“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.” I agreed.

As Katie left I sat in a stunned silence racking my brain for the right words and realizing there weren’t any.

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