The Pregnant Virgin Ch. 01

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I hate heading home after work, the commute, although the bus trip is short, it has been taking it out of me recently. The bus is always overcrowded with teens finishing school, cramming and rushing to get home.

A young man smiled as I came past the driver and ticket machine, “Crap, no seats”, I thought to myself. My hand fell to my tummy, reassuring my passenger that we would be home before too long. It would be an unpleasant half-hour of standing and being pushed about by teens as they embark and exit the bus.

The young man looked at my tummy, his eyes fell and his gaze held. My hand moved lower, guarding more of my bump, holding my passenger. It wasn’t a big bump yet, it could pass as a beer belly if a was more rotund, but my petite slender frame shouted that I was pregnant.

His gaze rose from my baby bump and up to my face, he stood from his seat, gesturing for me to sit in his place. “Thank you, I’m 13 weeks,” I informed him, as I sat down, just to emphasise that my bulge was not due to a bad diet.

“Beautiful with it” he replied. He stood over my shoulder holding onto the headrest of my chair, perfectly positioned to look down at my cleavage, and also my little bump. I realised that maybe I was showing too much cleavage, certainly from the angle he was stood at. My blouse and maternity bra were too loose fitting as I had purposely purchased a size too big to take into account my growing breasts. Every few days during pregnancy, some element of your body grows, blooms or changes in some weird way. My bra was too big but my panties were too tight. They were starting manisa seks hikayeleri to rub.

The bus jerked to a start again after letting some children off from the rear seats, I thought, I hoped he would go and sit down, yet he continued to stand, I felt his gaze wandering around under my blouse, creeping into my maternity bra. He could probably see most of my small breasts from his angle, I was crossing my fingers that my erect nipples couldn’t be seen.

The motion of the bus was playing havoc with me, the constant vibration through the seat, my panties rubbing against my clitoris and my breasts being viewed by a stranger in public was not a good combination.

The shy, modest girl in me wanted to button up my blouse buttons, but in doing so, I would indicate that I knew he was admiring my body, and I was feeling something I hadn’t felt for many years, I was becoming aroused. I could feel wetness seeping into my tight cotton panties, rubbing against my throbbing clitoris. Normally, I would remove myself from any state of arousal before I start getting moist, but I felt trapped.

The bus stop is only a few moments from my home, and I could not wait to remove my panties.

“Excuse me,” I said standing up ready to exit at my stop, “I need to go.”

My panties were sodden by the time I unlocked the front door, the tight cotton had been pulled tighter into my crotch with every step from the bus stop. My erect clitoris was throbbing and sending electric pulses through my body.

Once in through the door, I knew what I needed to do, I needed to take them off. I quickly grabbed the newel post at the base of the staircase for support and pulled my skirt off, my belly bump riding over my wet, tight, white panties. I was doing my utter best to not stimulate myself, the last thing I wanted was to succumb to sexual temptation.

My hand slid over my passenger and down amongst my ginger pubes to peel my knickers away, the electricity burst over me as I pulled the panties out from my camel toe. I felt such a relief as they hit the floor, freeing my hot vagina to the cool air. I had never been this wet before, and I want to see how wet I was before going for a shower, so edged my index finger through my pubes and up and down my dripping tight slit a few times, on the third upstroke. I went a little too deep, triggering a moan and causing me to let go of the newel post and kneel on the second step of the stairs. I had given in, this was the closest I had been to an orgasm for many years.

Kneeling with my bump obscuring my view, I wondered how I looked, how my finger looked touching my changing vagina, I had a very quick thought about masturbating in front of a mirror… one orgasm in several years is more than I deserved. I was hating myself, emotionally for abusing myself like this, but I was unable to stop. The thought of the young man perving on me, looking at my breasts on the bus was driving me, making me, I felt violated and now I was violating myself because of him.

After a few more slides up and down with my finger, I touched my clitoris, just slightly, and BINGO, I let out a cry of pleasure and anguish as a tide of energy released from my body. I felt sick with shame and guilt instantly, but such relief to be free from the tension from the bus ride home.

I felt silly for thinking about the stranger on the bus as I masturbated. Masturbating is not something I do, and it has been many years since played with myself, so to be so desperate was most bizarre and out of character for me. I am a good girl.

Soon after a cool shower, Amy walked down the stairs. I had forgotten she had finished college early, had she come downstairs a little earlier she would have caught me in the most awkward of positions. I know that she likes to pleasure herself, the thin partition wall between our rooms lets her moans and groans and muffled noises of a vibrator through before she falls asleep and just after her morning alarm before college. Quite often I would lie awake listening and imagining what she’s doing, and appreciating how sexually confident she is.

“It’s OK Chloe, to do what you did earlier, I saw you from the top of the stairs, I saw you finger your fanny.” I turned red, humiliated and caught. “My hormones… this pregn…I couldn’t resist it, please please please Amy, I swear I don’t….”

She interrupted with a big smirk on her lips “Don’t worry, it’s great to see you getting better, it’s not as if I haven’t done it on the stairs myself, and I’m sure my baby enjoyed your orgasm too.”

I sat in silence for the rest of dinner, before sloping off to bed for an early night. It wasn’t long before I heard Amy go to bed, she seemed to be extra loud as she pleasured herself, I might have just been overly sensitive to the events of today, or she was deliberately teasing me as she toyed and enjoyed herself.

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