The Rainy Day Game Ch. 2

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As Gina settled onto Erik’s lap, I could see him pulling on his wrist restraints, aching to get his hands on her incredibly sexy body. She allowed him to lick her face, tasting me, and she was kissing him, deeply. I could hear his voice, hear him begging to be touched, to be allowed to come. He promised he would play willingly with us and never again to tell either of us he was too busy. But Gina was a strict taskmaster and true to her word. He was just going to have to watch us enjoy each other while he sat, unfulfilled and needy.

Looking at her, splayed over his lap like that, her blond curlies so delectable, I couldn’t help myself. I got off the desk and moved, on rubbery legs, to Gina’s beckoning body. I knelt on the floor, between Erik’s feet, my head bent toward the lovely sight of her moist golden pussy. I had never tasted a woman before, but the aroma of her was heady and tempting. I kissed the curls, taking just a hint of her juices with me as I sat up and smiled at her. She nodded and spread her legs further, allowing me access to her tasty cunt. I soon had my face buried between her legs, doing all the things I have always enjoyed, licking, sucking, nipping, circling. I could hear her moaning and sighing. And, because of our positions, I could feel Erik’s hard cock against the top of my head. As I happily ate my new lover, I also rubbed my soft hair up and down on Erik’s erection, causing him to once again start promising anything for release.

Gina gave him a final kiss and stood up. She pulled me to my feet and we moved over to the comfortable wing chair in front of the desk. Both of us pulled it closer to Erik, we wanted him to see everything easily.

Gina sat back, opening her legs and hooking them over the arms of the chair. Her pussy lips spread open and I could see the most beautiful pink. Her curlies were fair and sparse, just framing her ankara escort swollen slit. Once again, I knelt before her, kissing her beautiful, tasty pussy. I lapped at her the way I enjoyed, but she wanted more. She asked me to enter her. I tried to fuck her with my tongue, but it would not go deeply or fill her enough. I tentatively placed one finger near her hungry pussy and she seemed to just swallow it into her depths. She was looking directly at me now, begging me to fill her. I added fingers until all four were deep inside her. Finally, she seemed to be satisfied and began to move her hips against my hand, fucking my little fingers as they stroked her hot pinkness.

I used my thumb to massage her clit. It was longer than mine, easily visible and hard as a baby cock. I circled it and rubbed all the juices running from her pussy into the hard nubbin. As I looked up at Gina, I saw her hands holding her breasts, her fingers pinching her already tight nipples. Her eyes were closed, and I could hear her moans as she approached her orgasm. I couldn’t help myself, I leaned forward and placed my face against that wonderful pussy and started sucking on her distended clit while my fingers continued their probing rhythm. It sounded as if she had stopped breathing, then she began to call out as my face was covered with her gushing come. I licked and slurped as fast as I could, wanting to taste all of her, drink all of her nectar. I didn’t stop until I felt her fingers in my hair, gently pulling me away from her tasty center. Smiling, she indicated that I should share my treasure with Erik.

I stood up and moved closer to my captive lover and climbed onto his lap, facing him, my legs straddling him, my wet pussy grinding against his straining cock. I could feel his wiry curlies against my soft, smooth mound, feel his hardness as it pressed against my still-sensitive ankara escort bayan clit. I kissed him, allowing my juice-covered tongue to slip deeply into his mouth, playfully teasing him. His cock was snuggled along my slit, fitting perfectly, the velvety head red and dripping as I looked down on it. He was whispering to me, begging me to untie him, to help him come. I held his face in my hands and kissed his mouth, silencing his pleas. I pressed myself more tightly against him, feeling his cock hardening even more. My nipples rubbed against his hairy chest, exciting me.

I could hear Gina breathing normally again, relaxing in the chair. I looked over my shoulder to see what she was doing. She was holding her purse, looking for something. I heard her exclaim as she found what she wanted. She giggled as she approached me, humming a tune and moving quickly behind me. I heard a familiar noise and then turned to see a blue vibrator in her hand. I could hear the vibrations near my ear, and almost feel them against my clit. But Gina had other plans. She spread lubricant on her toy and held it against my ass, sliding it down the line between my cheeks, letting it rest on my tight little hole. God, this felt so good, the blue head pressing hard against my rosebud, attempting to enter me. I leaned into Erik and moaned softly, enjoying this new sensation. Erik kept asking what was happening. He couldn’t see, but he didn’t want me to move. He was too happy to have my hot little girl pussy pressed against his aching cock, and didn’t want to give that up. As I continued sighing and wriggling, he made a decision. He asked Gina to bend me over the desk, so he could watch the blue boy do its work.

Gina helped me off his lap, holding me as we walked to the desk, directly in front of Erik. She poured more lubricant onto the toy and bent me over, kissing escort ankara my shoulders and back. She licked up and down my spine, making love to the small of my back, and then licking lower. Her tongue moved down my ass, licking and loving me as she neared my rosebud. There she lingered, licking and lapping and circling, occasionally slipping the tip of her tongue inside me. She waited until I was pushing back against her mouth to introduce the blue toy again. By now, I was begging her to fuck my ass. I wanted something inside me. I wanted to feel how tight it would be and how good it would hurt. After kissing my bud one more time, I felt her place the toy there and push it into me.

I cried out and then began to move my hips in time with her thrusts. Her long fingers came around my hips and began to massage my clit. The haze of lust surrounded me and I was willing to do anything to continue this feeling. I wanted to come, but I didn’t want it all to end. As she slid the vibrator in and out of me, I kept begging her to help me come. She turned on the vibrator and I could feel it deep inside me, while her fingers continued their play on my clit. I was in a kaleidoscope of sensations, each one more pleasurable than the last. I didn’t want to let it end, yet I could feel my orgasm building, my legs locking and my clit tightening until I had no control and I screamed as the waves washed over me. As the pulsations slowed, I felt the vibrator being removed from my well-fucked ass.

Then Gina did the most wonderful thing. She cupped my pussy in her palm and just held me, making me feel very loved and safe. She moved back to the big chair and pulled me onto her lap, cradling me like a child. We began to kiss, very softly and innocently at first, growing bolder and more intense as the minutes passed. I had almost forgotten Erik. He called out, reminding us that he was there and needy and ready to play. We stopped kissing to look at him, our darling boy, his wrists still restrained with wisps of lace, his cock demanding attention. We looked at each other and smiled, silently agreeing that it was Erik’s turn.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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