The Roleplayers

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The chat room was entitled, “Lesbian, Bi-sexual First Encounters”. Searching for a chat partner, julie4u2000 looked through the profiles. There were some men in the room of course trying to find a woman who was not there for the roleplay as advertised in the description. The description simply stated, “curious women wanting to discover another side of themselves with another woman”. Of course this could mislead a man. A few private message pop-up windows appeared almost immediately from them, asking the popular a/s/l question. The ignore button was handy for such intrusions.

A message window from “for_the_love_of_evil” appeared on the screen for julie4u2000, with the words, “35/f/ny looking for chat, also named Julie”. Intrigued, julie4u2000 viewed this Julie’s profile. The profile was completely filled out which was a plus. A lot of the time, profiles were fakes, with fake pictures and little details. This profile read:

ID: for_the_love_of_evil
Real Name: Julie
Nickname: Jewels
Location: Long Island, NY
Age: 35 and counting
Marital Status: Married, 2 kids
Gender: Female
Occupation: Nurse

Hobbies: Collector of Shoes, scented candles, and pug miniatures. I like to play tennis and go fishing with the hubby whenever we can lose the kids for the weekend.

Latest News: My oldest, Brian, won his school’s Speeling Bee. I can’t even speel anything rite.
Favorite Quote: “Mommmm….Dad said I can stay up late if you say it’s okay.”

There was a picture of a blonde haired lady kneeling with a pug outside. There was a children’s swing set in the background and a few trees behind them. The woman wore a blue and white-stripped polo shirt and a denim mini-skirt. She had beautifully tan legs and a sweet smile on her pretty young looking face. She looked more in her twenties than thirty-five. In julie4u2000’s profile there was a picture of a dark-haired woman smiling and hugging a bag of groceries in a parking lot. There was some type of mini-van to her left. The woman had a pair of reflective sunglasses, which added to the allure of her looks. She wore a brown leather jacket, zipped-up the front and blue jeans. There was a cool attitude about her. The profile said she was a 28, single female who lived in New Jersey. There was a little bit of information about rollerblading and running, and not much else. Julie4u2000 hesitated while reading for_the_love_of_evil’s profile, when a second message flashed in the window, “I am married, but curious, wanna chat?” Since julie4u2000 was curious too, she responded.

julie4u2000: Hi, 28/f/NJ

for_the_love_of_evil: Nice pic, you look very mysterious. Are you?

julie4u2000: Thanks, you too. Not really, I am really quite shy.

for_the_love_of_evil: ic

for_the_love_of_evil: have u ever been with a woman?

julie4u2000: no, you?

for_the_love_of_evil: never. U must be interested though, just like me?

julie4u2000: yes

for_the_love_of_evil: have u ever role played a bi-sexual fantasy before?

julie4u2000: no

for_the_love_of_evil: neither have I, but I have thought about it a few times.

for_the_love_of_evil: I usually do blackmail roleplay that turns me on.

julie4u2000: what is blackmail roleplay?

for_the_love_of_evil: well, blackmail is when someone holds something over u that can jeopardize your life and/or it’s surroundings. When you roleplay it, you create that scenario where the person must give themselves up sexually because they feel threatened by the exposure from the blackmailer. The sexual encounters start non-consensual, but they become very consensual by the end of the roleplay. It is very intense.

julie4u2000: sounds it

for_the_love_of_evil: what kind of roleplay do you usually do?

julie4u2000: actually I haven’t role played before, I don’t chat much

for_the_love_of_evil: interesting, so what brings you here today?

julie4u2000: I guess I was lonely and wanted a little attention

for_the_love_of_evil: and you thought roleplaying would fit that need?

julie4u2000: maybe

for_the_love_of_evil: why not a man though?

julie4u2000: I guess I wanted to fantasize something new. I just broke up with my cheating b/f and wanted to think about what it would be like with another woman.

for_the_love_of_evil: opening up a little, good, good, tell me more Julie

julie4u2000: what do u want to know?

for_the_love_of_evil: for starters, tell me whom you think about when you think about having sex with another woman?

julie4u2000: no one in particular

for_the_love_of_evil: oh come now, there must be someone u thinks about when you are all alone

julie4u2000: just random faces and bodies, no one in particular

for_the_love_of_evil: I think about a neighbor of mine that just moved in last year. She is very tall and she has very nice hair, similar to yours.

julie4u2000: ty

for_the_love_of_evil: you are ever the quiet one. If I am bothering you just say so and I will leave you alone.

julie4u2000: Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort no, I am just feeling this out. I am not sure what to say.

for_the_love_of_evil: what I like to do when chatting with a new person is to just ask each other questions, and get to know each other and see if there is any chemistry. Since I am the more talkative I will ask and you just answer. If you have questions feel free to just toss them at me. Sound good?

julie4u2000: ok with me

for_the_love_of_evil: I read that you enjoy running so obviously you like to stay in shape, are you active in sports?

julie4u2000: I play a little basketball with some friends, but not as often as I did when I was in school. I do enjoy running, and have a gym that I go to as well

for_the_love_of_evil: I got to a gym too. Some good things to look at there. J

julie4u2000: hehe

for_the_love_of_evil: there is something about a glistening body that drives me crazy

julie4u2000: I know what you mean. I like that too

for_the_love_of_evil: my husband likes to wrestle me with some hot oil, it is very erotic

julie4u2000: I agree

for_the_love_of_evil: you know what liquid latex is?

julie4u2000: I think I remember the sports illustrated models used it for a swimsuit issue a few years ago.

for_the_love_of_evil: I didn’t know that, I’m going to have to look into that lol

julie4u2000: LOL, so what about it?

for_the_love_of_evil: well, my husband bought it once for some kinky sex play. I kind of was scared it would ruin my skin

julie4u2000: so what exactly is it?

for_the_love_of_evil: it’s exactly what it says, it is latex that is liquid or at least starts out that way. You apply it to the skin or clothing or just about anything I guess and it dries really quickly. I think it initially took like 5 minutes for the first application

julie4u2000: you have to do more than one application?

for_the_love_of_evil: there are all kinds of uses for it, but you can actually have real latex after you are done if you use like 4-5 applications. The best part is when you first apply the latex to the skin, it shrinks a little around the skin

julie4u2000: sounds fun

for_the_love_of_evil: oh it was lots of fun. He put it on my breasts and when it hardened around my nipples I was in heaven

julie4u2000: is the stuff expensive

for_the_love_of_evil: oh you interested in getting some lol

julie4u2000: lol I was just asking, but you never know J

for_the_love_of_evil: J

for_the_love_of_evil: I remember asking my hubby how much it was, but I forgot. It wasn’t that expensive, I remember that much

for_the_love_of_evil: it is worth getting, we had lots of fun painting each other. I love the way latex looks on the body. It shimmers and hugs the body’s contours and when he painted me, I enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror. It was the sexiest I have ever felt

julie4u2000: you got me interested to say the least

for_the_love_of_evil: I should sell the stuff, I make a great spokesperson lol

julie4u2000: LOL

for_the_love_of_evil: so have you tried anything, ummm…unique?

julie4u2000: well, I did some food play

for_the_love_of_evil: food play? lmao

julie4u2000: you know, whipped cream, honey, chocolate syrup that sort of stuff

for_the_love_of_evil: I thought you were talking about cucumbers and squash, ha!

julie4u2000: LOL, actually I tried that when I was like 18

for_the_love_of_evil: here I was afraid you wouldn’t open up with me and there you are opening up with a cucumber story. No pun intended lol

julie4u2000: roflmao

for_the_love_of_evil: hey I don’t know that one what is that mean?

julie4u2000: rolling on the floor laughing my ass off J

for_the_love_of_evil: these abbreviations really get me lol

julie4u2000: yeah, I remember my first time in chat and I was like what the hell, I think I am on Mars

for_the_love_of_evil: I think they should have a class before you chat that way you know what they are talking about. When I first saw lol it was pissing me off because I thought I was being mocked

julie4u2000: I can see that

for_the_love_of_evil: ok, let us get back on track

julie4u2000: ok

for_the_love_of_evil: so food, eh?

julie4u2000: yeah, an ex b/f of mine thought it would be fun to do a 9 ½ weeks thing with me one night. He had me lay down on a towel so we wouldn’t make a mess and he started to feed me. He didn’t want me to use my hands. We started with strawberries and whipped cream and a little champagne to wash it down with

for_the_love_of_evil: ooo very romantic

julie4u2000: it really was. He teased me with the strawberries, touching it on my lips and letting me taste it, but not eat it. He started to slide the strawberries with the whip cream on my navel and breasts then lick it off me. It was quite hot

for_the_love_of_evil: yes it Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort certainly is, go on please

julie4u2000: well he took out the chocolate syrup and licked that off me next, fed a little with a strawberry to me and teased me some more with it. Dotting my nose at one point and then kissing it off of me a little while later. He then took some honey out and squirted a little on his finger and brushed it on my lips and said not to lick it off. He then planted a very erotic kiss on me, and I tasted the honey on his tongue and lips and it was very sexy

for_the_love_of_evil: I am stocking the cupboard tomorrow

julie4u2000: LOL, yeah well that wasn’t it. He left a trail of honey from the cleavage of my breasts down to my bellybutton.

for_the_love_of_evil: do tell sweetie

julie4u2000: he started to lick me and the honey from his tongue ended up on my nipples all sticky and it felt so good there. He worked his way down me and teased my belly, tickling me and then he just spread my legs and poured some more honey right on my clit.

for_the_love_of_evil: mmm, I like that

julie4u2000: Yes, I liked it too. J He moved the honey around with his finger and stared at me from between my legs. He watched me just get really turned on. Some reason I find that so incredibly erotic, don’t you?

for_the_love_of_evil: Yeah I like that too. Matter of fact I would love to be the one teasing your honey spot J

julie4u2000: lol

for_the_love_of_evil: I would stare at you too as I teased your clit. I know how you would love it best too since I am a woman. I would move my finger around and around, then up and down, side to side, and all the while our eyes just lock on one another’s. I bet you would like that

julie4u2000: maybe

for_the_love_of_evil: I bet you would love if I just slid my honey soaked finger along your mound too, then kiss your clit with my mouth. I bet you are thinking about the honey in the cupboard now aren’t you?

julie4u2000: sorta

for_the_love_of_evil: I want you to go get it for me, Julie. Bring it back

julie4u2000: ok, brb

2 minutes later…

julie4u2000: back. I can’t believe I am doing this. It’s just like déjà vu.

for_the_love_of_evil: good girl, now put a little drop on each nipple and a drop on your clit for me. As you do, picture my fingers on each nipple. Slowly rubbing, stroking, then as they get hard for me, feel me twist them. Your hands are mine.

julie4u2000: yes

for_the_love_of_evil: feel my fingers pull on your nipples and my naked body leans against yours as I lick between your breasts. My eyes locked with yours. I put your left nipple in my mouth. My teeth nibbling you they’re, suckling and scraping my teeth gently. You feel that?

julie4u2000: yes, feel my hands in your hair

for_the_love_of_evil: now feel my hands slide between our bodies slide down to your waist as I suckle your right nipple. Feel my lips. Suddenly, you feel my knees between your thighs pushing them out and away from your body.

julie4u2000: my legs move apart easily to the pressure you apply there. My left hand slides gently down your back, feeling the curves of your body. Then I cup your ass and a finger slides along the crease of your butt and around and down your thigh.

for_the_love_of_evil: Yes babe, I like that. I press my wet slit against yours as I nibble away at each of your nibbles. Going back and forth between them. I feel so warm against your body.

julie4u2000: I insert a finger deeper along the crevice of your butt and feel your lips with my knuckle and slowly push your lips apart with the help of another 2 fingers. I play along the edge, teasing you, feeling your wet, damp tunnel, eager for my finger

for_the_love_of_evil: Yes baby that feels good. I love the way you tease me. Feel my tongue lick you, tasting the honey and all that stickiness. Now my hand lands directly on your sticky little clit, and I move my fingers around and around. Placing my two fingers on each side of your clit and using the honey, I rotate my digits and stroke you more and more. Back and forth, up and down, my fingers play with your hardening clit. So wet now aren’t you?

julie4u2000: yes, very wet. I can feel your dampness too Jewels. You want my fingers inside of you don’t you?

for_the_love_of_evil: yes, please

julie4u2000: I push a fingertip between your lips and slide it up to your clit too. Touch it there for a tiny moment then push my finger inside you, deeper and deeper. One knuckle, then the next until you feel the back of my hand against your opening. I look deeply in your eyes this time.

for_the_love_of_evil: mmmm, you are really something with that shyness, now kiss me sweetie. I slide up from your breasts and kiss your neck softly and then kiss you fool on the mouth. My tongue wrestling against yours

julie4u2000: As we kiss, my finger piston inside your soaking wet cunt. I insert a second, then a third, so tight Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort against my ramming fingers, I can feel yours against my clit making me moan. Our tongues embracing, our bodies against each other, some warm, I feel so horny

for_the_love_of_evil: I love kissing you, I love playing with your clitty, I love hearing you moan for me, but your finger is making me moan too. You are so good at this, I always wanted a woman to make love with like you. Feel my fingers play and tease your clit, moving faster and faster, around and around, up and down, back and forth, changing, ever-changing movements. I move my mouth away from yours and gently suckle on the nape of your neck.

julie4u2000: ahhhh, yes I love your fingers there playing with me, and I get so aroused when I get kissed on the neck like that. I pull my fingers out of you and slide it up a notch to your asshole and with your own juices I wet your hole with the tip of my fingers

for_the_love_of_evil: goddamn you are so much kinkier then I thought you would be

julie4u2000: I slide my finger in your asshole slowly filling you, tight, clenching around my finger

for_the_love_of_evil: I never stuck anything in my butt before, oh it’s making me so hot

julie4u2000: you slid a finger there?

for_the_love_of_evil: yes

julie4u2000: think of my finger moving in and out of you, come here and kiss me again

for_the_love_of_evil: I meet you lips with my again. I kiss your lips, soft and slowly, pecking at first, sucking gently on your lower lip, tongue lashing out, tip on tip. All the while, I am pinching and stroking your clit, making it stiff and hard against my manipulations

julie4u2000: I thrust a second finger along side the first as I pick up momentum, noticing how your body responds to my thrusts, I pass my other hand over your clit and play with it as I move in and out of your ass

for_the_love_of_evil: oh, it’s getting hard to type, I want to use both hands

julie4u2000: go ahead and just read and do what I tell you Jewels

for_the_love_of_evil: k

julie4u2000: I keep a finger in your ass as I put my other hand away from your clit for the moment and push your hip, so you roll off me and you end up on your back. I slide off the bed, still keeping my finger in you, and line my face against your slit and I do the same with my lower region and your head. I push my cunt against your face and tell you to lick me now, and you have no choice, so you start to taste me…

julie4u2000: I start to lick your slit and clit, rolling my tongue as my finger starts ramming your ass again. I feel your tongue licking but I want you to lick faster, so I tell you to and you do, don’t you?

for_the_love_of_evil: yes

julie4u2000: good, I like that, feel my tongue caress that wet opening of yours, dripping with your juices. Taste so good. I know you love the taste of me too. I can feel your tongue so eager down there. Mmmm, it’s so erotic, to finger fuck your ass and eat each other at the same time. I can feel you getting close to cumming, aren’t you?

for_the_love_of_evil: yes

julie4u2000: you are going to make me cum for you too, so we can cum together. Lick me faster bitch

for_the_love_of_evil: yes

julie4u2000: for_the_love_of_cum you should be Jewels, mmmm, I am so close to cumming, you make me so hot. I love finger fucking that ass of yours. Feel my fingers spread your slit wider and my tongue tickles your hole and then I slide a finger there too and move it faster and harder just like the finger in your ass. My tongue, my fingers, fucking you Jewels, better than any man could. Mmmm, oh damn that tongue of yours wiggling against my clit is driving me crazy. I am going to cum very soon, ohhhh…

julie4u2000: cum with me bitch, cum now

for_the_love_of_evil: yesssssssssssss….

julie4u2000: ohhhhhhhhh, yes cum with me, yes yes yes yes yes…

2 minutes pass…

for_the_love_of_evil: that was some of the hottest roleplay I have ever had, you sure you never roleplayed?

No answer…

for_the_love_of_evil: you still there?

No answer…

for_the_love_of_evil: well I need a shower, if you to add my name to your friend’s list please do, I would love to do this again with you

for_the_love_of_evil: thanks, it was a trip, have a nice day J

The instant messenger for julie4u2000 was turned off, and the owner, Jim Logan walked to the bathroom and threw his cum-filled tissues in the toilet. He thought how hot that roleplay was, and how sweet it was to make that bitch squirm for his words. Nothing better than roleplay he surmised, and turned the shower on.

In the room of for_the_love_of_evil, Brandon Hulfer felt a little disappointed that Julie had exited so fast, but it was still a real hot roleplay nonetheless. He turned off his computer, and walked to the bathroom and cleaned himself off. He needed a nap.


* * * * *

*Just an author’s note, this story was written as a challenge with the following criteria:

Write a story about 2 people who are private/instant messaging each other online. So this will primarily be a conversation. It must include the following items somewhere within the chat:

1- Mention of blackmail
2- “honey” as in the condiment
3- liquid latex
4- deja vu
5- fishing

Can not contain:

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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