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The Roommate

Part 1: Before Tyler

Where do I begin when it comes to Tyler Grayson? Before I met him would be a good start.

Coming out of high school I was socially awkward, that has not changed much, but nevertheless out of high school I didn’t really know what college would entail. I’ve heard all the stories about “go out every night, get drunk, and bang girls” from countless movies and to be completely honest, all those three things didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I am a lonely gay guy that has no interest in drinking or anything else that inhibits me. The exact opposite of what those stories have in mind. So going in, it was going to be an interest experience to see how real college was like.

So the summer moved on and I didn’t really bother trying to get money. I just laid back knowing that starting in the fall, I would be past the hell of high school and into the hell of college. Hell to Hell, Fun times. Eventually it came time when I would find out what dorm I was in and more importantly who my roommate would be.

Myles Stephan Wagner, Dorm : Herman, Room: 471, Roommate: Shawn Michael Harper, Phone Number: _________, Email: SMHHarper@(email).com

I was ecstatic when I saw Herman dorm. That was exactly the hall I wanted to get into. I was a bit disappointed when I saw that Shawn had not put his Phone number in the system but I still shot him an email giving the “Hey! I’m your roommate for the upcoming year. How are you?” to him.

No response. I emailed again. No response. I emailed a third time. No response.

I looked on facebook for a Shawn Harper and all I found was the ex-NFL player and nothing about a freshman heading into my college. I did find an average build, tall, skinny white kid with long hair named Michael Harper which could’ve been him but I didn’t know for sure.

Eventually move-in day came and me, my dad, and my sister left my house and drove the hour and a half it takes to get to campus. I drove my white car, my dad in his Silver Minivan, and my sister in her small red car. A smooth drive overall, listened to a bit of Shawn Mendes and a few other artists on the way. Eventually we arrived at the brick house that we owned in my college town.

My sister had gone to school here for her 4 year degree and my dad bought a house for her to live in once I had decided to go there. It was unplanned brilliance that when my sister left college I would be walking into it. Of course, the big issue was that Freshman have to live in the dorms so it came to pass that later I would be walking into the Herman Dorm Building asking for my room key.

Eventually I got my roomkey and I went up two flights of stairs to get to my room. My room is on the fourth floor, but the lobby is on the second. I went down the left hallway and the second door on the left read 471. On the door were two little comic book explosion pictures with “Myles Wagner” and “Shawn Harper” written on them. I knocked on the door, thinking maybe Shawn was inside. No answer. A common theme I had associated with Shawn at this point. After about 10 seconds, I put the key in the lock and turned it. The key easily opened the lock and the handle turned.

I walked into my dorm room. I was first. My sister quickly walked in and placed stuff on the bed on the left and I just rolled with it. I mean, is the better side because the door opened to the right side of the room so less chances to be embarrassed. Eventually we had everything from the car into the room, nothing set up all the way but at least it was all in there. My roommate had still not showed up.

Eventually we left to go grab food from a local mexican restaurant and on the way out I saw a guy who looked just like the guy named Michael Harper that I saw on Facebook. Instead of being sensible and asking him what his name was, I just passed by him and went down the stairs. I didn’t really say much to my family about seeing him, and didn’t pay much attention to it. We would get everything figured out on our own time. So after eating, I told my dad and sister to leave me at the dorm so that I could get a bit accustomed.

Walking in the building for the first time by myself was weird, but then I entered my dorm room. Nothing was on the other bed. Nothing was on the desk. Nothing was in the cabinet. Nobody had been in this room besides me two hours ago. Weirded out, I just laid on my bed and watched YouTube for a little bit. I was very confused about where Shawn/Michael was because I could’ve sworn I saw him earlier.

Shawn Michael Harper never came to the dormroom. He never responded to my emails. He wasn’t on the school email list. He had dropped out before he even started, and that meant that I had a dorm room to myself. Now this, I did not expect.

So school went on and I quickly adapted to dorm room life. I would hear all these stories about people getting into fusses with their roommates and sometimes I would gloat about not having to deal with one. Honestly, I was kinda living the life, well as much as you can live the life being a freshman in college.

In terms of my sexuality, I’ve known I was gay since 8th grade, but I am still to this day a closeted person. I didn’t really want to deal with the drama of coming out, at the same time I did want to have sex, but not coming out takes priority. I knew if I had a roommate, I would have come out to him eventually and to be completely honest, I had fantasies about what me and Shawn would have done in that dorm room. But as Shawn didn’t want to come to school, I did what I pleased in that dorm room.

Yes, I masturbated at least three times a day in that room.

My first semester was a very smooth experience overall, and being a freshman meant that the food court was a common excursion. But sometimes, I wanted to get fast food because I really wasn’t feeling the commons that day.

Part 2: First Contact

One day, I was feeling like going out to get some fast food. I had quickly determined that I wanted some chicken sandwiches from Burger King so I left my room, went down my hallway and down the opposite way from my hallway. Eventually I was met by the door to the stairway I had traversed a multitude of times during that semester. The stairway was little a rectangle of concrete walls that had a spiral staircase in the middle. As I was on the fourth floor I had to go down three flights to get to the bottom floor and to the parking lot.

I eventually got to my car and drove across town to Burger King. I ordered my food, paid honestly way too much money, and left Burger King heading back to the dorms. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a black truck pulling into the lot at the same time. I didn’t pay it much attention. I eventually found a spot in the lot (amazing for around 6 p.m.) and got out my car and headed back to the door that led into the stairway. I eventually made it to the door, used my key fob to unlock it, and went inside. Before the door closed though I heard a person call out.

“Hold the Door!” the guy said in a slight panic.

I held the door, not being a mean person, and let him in the door. The guy seemed cute. Medium length hair, around six foot, average build, all in all a nice body.

“Thanks” he said to me.

“No problem” I said back.

I started walking up the stairs and he followed me. I had no idea where he was heading, I had never seen the guy before. On the way up he started talking again.

“What you got there? Some Micky D’s?” the guy said to me. It seemed like he was just trying to make casual conversation.

“Nah, Burger King” I said back.

“Ah cool, Cool” he said.

Eventually, we both got to the fourth floor and we kept on walking down the hallway. We also both turned the corner. We literally lived in the same hallway. As I stopped by my door I watched as he walked down the hallway stopped at a door opened it and went in. I don’t know if he saw me watching him, but I just went in my own room and ate food. I also may of masturbated to a brain image of him but that’s besides the point. I quickly realized that I had no idea what his name was and therefore I couldn’t even check his social media.

I don’t know what it is about me but in my life, the cutest boys had always not had a social media presence. It is a very annoying part of being attracted to them. The only thing worse than that is not even knowing the cute guys name. A couple days later I went down the hallway and did some looking at names on doors, of course on the door to the room he adıyaman escort lived in, the names had been taken down. Just my freaking luck. I could’ve looked at the emails the R.A. sent us but looking through 60 names didn’t feel worth it.

On my floor, there was only one R.A.. Seth. Big boned, big republican, I’m not a big fan. He lived in the right side hallway, first door on the right. In my dorm we had a pod bathroom system where 6 rooms share a bathroom. We also have a no-alcohol policy on campus. It’s amazing which bathroom had the most alcoholic beverages found in the garbage. The R.A. would write email after email saying that he found more alcohol in his pod’s bathroom and it really was a one person causes everyone to be in trouble scenario. Eventually it got to the point when Seth didn’t think that he couldn’t control the entire floor by himself.

This is my biggest disdain with him.

Classes had just resumed after our winter break, I still had a room to myself. Everything was going great. Then the email came.

From: Matthew May

To: Tyler Grayson, Myles Wagner, etc.

Subject: Room Consolidation


Part of Dorm Protocol is to consolidate rooms to two people per room. As being part of the recipients of this email you have been placed in a solo room and will be moved to have two per room.


Matthew May, Director of Herman dorm

My first reaction to this email was obvious. What the fuck. I have been alone in my dorm room for over a semester now and it has gone just swimmingly, and because they want to save some money, they want me to have a stupid fucking roommate. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pissed. Then I looked in the email’s recipients. Who the fuck is Tyler Grayson?

A Facebook search later returned a result that I was not expecting. Holy Shit. It’s the guy from the staircase.

Part 3: Each Other

I masturbated that night. No shame. I was about to be sharing a room with a cute guy that fit most of the categories for being ideal for me.

Then it dawned on me. Shit. I’m going to be sharing a room with a cute guy that fit most of the categories for being ideal for me. This can only go badly.

Two weeks after the email was sent, another came in saying that we had to be moved in with the roommate within a week. 30 minutes later I had an email from Tyler in my inbox.

From: Tyler Grayson

To: Myles Wagner

Subject: Moving

Hey Myles,

Im Tyler. I’m the other kid on our floor with no roommate. I was just wondering if you had decided what you wanted to do with room moving. If you were wanting to stay on this floor or if you had somewhere else in mind in the way of moving to another floor. Just let me know when you get the chance.



I responded back.

Hey Tyler,

I was planning to stay on this floor, so if you are staying as well, Either you have to move to my room or I have to go to yours. I’m open to either honestly.



The emails continued and they slowly got less and less professional. Eventually he told me that he lived down the hall, where I knew he lived. It was time to pay him a visit. I walked down the hallway until I reached the door that correlated with the email. I knocked and sure enough Tyler answered. I entered the room.

“So how is this going to work?” I said to him. “The email said that we need to be moved in within a week.”

“Yeah, it sucks doesn’t it” he said with a small chuckle. “Anyways… as you can see I have a couch and everything else, I don’t really want to move it”

“It’s fine. It’s fine. I can move into this room, I definitely have less stuff than you” I said back.

I looked at him, his average physique just at the right level. Not fat but not buff either. Just a typical 19 year old boy. The decently long brown hair with small bangs almost reaching his eyes. The eyes introducing me to an absolutely gorgeous face. I value faces in terms of innocence, at this glance, Tyler looked innocent as fuck.

I eventually left his room and when I got back to my room, I masturbated again. Then three days later, I got my new set of keys.

Moving was an absolute chore because it was only me and Tyler doing all the lifting. Of all things though the biggest pain in the ass was lowering the bed from the top part of the lofted beds back down to the floor. It literally took us 20 minutes because the school bought very cheap beds for the dorms. The only silver lining was that I did get to see Tyler sweating which was attractive. I am lucky I don’t spring random boners to the slightest sexual thing, very lucky.

Eventually though I was moved in to Tyler’s room. In fact, when given the option to sleep in my old room or the new room, I chose to sleep in the new room. Me and Tyler didn’t talk much the first few nights. New roommate anxiety and all that shit, but eventually we got talking.

Tyler and Me had completely different high school experiences. I went to a decently large high school of 1200 students (250 per graduating class), Tyler went to a school where his graduating class with 27. I did music and theatre in high school, Tyler did sports in high school. Tyler had a girlfriend from high school, I didn’t really say much in response to that. I told him about my home life. About how my mom had died of cancer during my junior year of high school and that my sister came out as gay to my dad literally two months later.

I don’t know if he was joking or not, but he then asked me for the first time if I was gay. Of course, I said I wasn’t and then brushed that part of the conversation to the side. I was not coming out to him… at least not yet. Every so often we would get into deep talks about society or politics, he was a democrat so he had that going for the both of us, but usually we would just talk about our own pasts. Then I saw an ad for a movie on YouTube. The movie was a feature film featuring the story of a gay person. Something that really interested me. Obviously Tyler was less enthused. Of course a couple days later I saw the book in WalMart and bought it. I had no idea how powerful buying a book could be.

The next day he noticed me reading the book and he asked me what the book was about. I told him point blank it was about a gay guy coming out. That’s when he asked me again.

“Dude, be serious with me. Are you gay?” He said to me. He wasn’t joking.

“Yes” I said back.

Down the rabbit hole I went.

Part 4: “Interesting” talks

A dorm building is an interesting place to live. During the few months I lived in the same room as Tyler we talked about many things. A lot of football, a lot of old stories from school and for some reason we talked about sex… a lot. Tyler is definitely straight, there is no doubt about that. Literally half the things I would said that revolve around gay stuff would make him want to change the subject because he didn’t feel comfortable. One day we were talking about stuff and I said something that made him mad.

“Go suck a dick” he said. It’s a common phrase that a guy says to another when they are annoyed. Usually the person that it is directed to just shoves it off, but of course I am not normal. After the fourth time he said it, I had an idea. I was ready to make him feel awkward as fuck.

“Please” I said back.

Tyler looked up surprised and confused. He stared at me with a “what did you just say” face before he put it together. He waited a good ten seconds before he spoke again.

“Now I just feel weird” He said to me. He then climbed up to his bed and put his headphones in his ears. Conversation over.

That was just the tip of the iceberg though, we had many more talks that only a straight guy and a gay guy could have. It is amazing how much our viewpoints on things differ.

One day I got a snap on Snapchat from Tyler, the picture was of a white fluid on the wall of the communal shower. It was obviously semen. This happened in middle february and we were still talking about it in the midst of April. It wasn’t even cleaned up for about two months. There was also the time where Tyler was in the shower and he heard a groan from one of the stalls, he didn’t tell me this until the next morning when I told him I thought I saw cum on the floor of the toilet stall. We never confirmed who the shower jacker was, but the odds were on the weird guy across the hall from us. Our nickname for him was akkent escort Druggy because we were pretty sure he did some kind of illegal drug. Probably cocaine or something.

Our corridor had some interesting people, but the most important in our conversations were the aforementioned Druggy and the guy next door Jacob. Now Jacob was a cool as a cucumber kinda guy, but he was super feminine. We never really talked much, although Tyler would always joke that when he was gone Jacob would come over and we would fuck. That was not the case obviously, but it became a recurring joke in Tyler’s repertoire. The roommates of Druggy and Jacob were actually pretty cool people that I had actually grown to know via music stuff but I never caught on with the actual two.

One of my favorite memories was when me and Tyler made an entire casting for the movie “The Shower Jack” and casted all the people in our area. I was Kevin James, John was Kanye West, Druggy was Owen Wilson. It was a good time. We would sometimes talk late into the night, one time even going as late as 2 a.m. when we both had class early in the morning.

Another side of our convos was about my side habit of writing fanfiction. I kinda dug myself into a hole until Tyler told me to tell him everything that I had written, but he felt like if he looked it up he would’ve had to burn his phone, so I only gave him the outlines.

It was early April when one of the oddest parts of our talks came into place. Tyler had a few friends on his floor and one of them happened to be roommates with a very openly gay guy named Fred. Apparently Tyler’s friend walked in on them snuggling in bed. Tyler’s friend left soon after and when he came back later, he found them both in the bed asleep. Fred had his shirt off. The next morning he confessed that they had had some fun.

I don’t know why the fuck Tyler’s friend would tell him that, but it happened and then he decided to tell me. Why? I don’t know. I mean we had talked about a lot but he gave me more details than I would’ve expected. All I can say is that the openly gay guy’s roommate is a fucking dick. That’s not even the end of the story though.

Literally the next day I left the dorm to grab food as normal and then walked through the back staircase to get back to the fourth floor. The only thing was that when I got to the door, Fred was there walking towards the stairs in the middle of the dorm. The same direction I was going to be going. I knew it was him but I didn’t really think more of it than it was kinda funny.

On every floor of the dorm there is a general study area with a few white boards for people to go in and try to actually study for their tests in a timely manner instead of cram the day before like I do. Tyler just so happened to be in there that day when I end up walking right behind Fred in clear view of him. It must of looked like the most sketchy thing in the fucking universe.

I looked at him and he shifted his eyes from Fred to me a couple times. I don’t know why I did, but Instead of doing something to say I’m innocent, I just shook my head in a yes motion. I was trying to say “Yes that’s him” but it almost came off like I was saying “I just did him” which was definitely not the case. Quickly after I returned to my dorm room I texted him saying that “That Probably looked super sketch”

“Yes… Yes it did” he replied back.

We talked about it that night and we were up until around 1 a.m..

Part 5: The Non-starter Starter

It was getting near the end of the semester and I had told Tyler basically everything about me. Tyler has told me tid bits here and there including that he has a gay cousin who always has his boyfriend cum inside him. That was an interesting conversation. That was the most interesting of the gay themed stories he told me. Overall, since he wasn’t homosexually inclined he didn’t pay much attention to it.

Tyler had by now been dating his girlfriend for at least 3 years (I didn’t check the exact date) and they seemed to be going strong as ever. She doesn’t go to my college instead going to the big Division I school in the area. I would very often walk into the dormroom seeing Tyler on his phone facetiming her. It also happens that she is the first and to my knowledge only person Tyler outed me to without my permission, so that was annoying. I got over it though.

During the middle of April, Tyler had made a date with her to celebrate their anniversary of being together. He told me like a week prior that he wouldn’t be around, as if I would really care, and sure enough on that Wednesday he wasn’t anywhere near my college town. I saw on his Snapchat story that they were chilling at his house with a nice steak dinner. I’m not the biggest snoop when it comes to relationships as it doesn’t interest me to a huge degree, but I never mind seeing two people that are happy. I assumed it all went well and to my knowledge it had.

Later that night I did my usual routine, get in bed and masturbate. I don’t know why but I don’t masturbate by the standard jack-off. Instead, while wearing underwear and shorts/pants, force my fingers the head of my penis through the clothing. I’m sure it made the nerves not as responsive but it is way more concealable and more importantly to me, way more cleaner as when I came it would go right into the underwear. The only bad part about that is that if I was wearing bright colored shorts or pants there would be a cum stain, but I usually just put on another pair of shorts before I went out to fix that issue.

It was about 8 p.m. or so when I heard a knock on the door. I assumed it was Tyler and I was right when I saw him open the door. I had just masturbated and I was a bit sweaty because of it but I had my covers over me so the stain was invisible. Although something I did not expect happened. Behind him walked in his girlfriend and that took me completely off guard. I was not warned even slightly and now I looked like a sweaty mess in my bed. Not the most ideal situation for first impressions. Soon enough though she left and it was just me and Tyler in the room like normal. I did express my anger that his Girlfriend came in without warning but it didn’t seem like he really cared about it.

Tyler seemed like his normal self except for a slight twinge of something not being perfect.

“So when you eventually, you know, have sex. Will you… uh” Tyler said to me.

“Top or Bottom?” I said back to him. He nodded at me “yes” but had a weird expression on his face. “I’m honestly open to anything, my dream is to be somebody’s first ass that they fuck. That would be amazing”

Then something I didn’t expect to come out of his mouth was said.

“I asked her about… you know… sex.” He said almost getting a lump in his throat. “She literally slapped me in the face”

I didn’t know what to say back.

“At least you attempted, I wouldn’t attempt something like that if I was in your shoes, I would be too scared of what happened to you well… happening” I said back to him with a small smile. I tacked on a small laugh to try to get the topic over with. Tyler kept going.

“I just wanted her to suck me or something you know. I mean, we are both over 18, we have been dating for years, I think it’s acceptable by now” He said to me.

“You do have a bible in your closet” I said to him with a slight tinge of smugliness.

“We’re fucking teenagers, waiting until marriage is the last generation thing, not us” he said back starting to sound more and more exasperated.

“Dude chill” I said back to him with another small laugh afterwards. I really wanted this conversation over with. Pronto.

He seemed to calm down a little and we didn’t talk for a good 20 minutes afterwards. We had both gone back to doing whatever, in my case watching some youtube videos. Then he spoke again. The conversation continued.

“So let me get this straight, you would let a guy stick a dick in your ass?” Tyler said to me. I could tell he didn’t really know where this was heading either.

“Yeah, I’d be willing to try” I said to him. “It will probably hurt like absolute hell but I’d try it”

“Aren’t you worried about STDs?” He said to me.

“Have you heard of condoms?” I said back to him in a quick rebuttal.

“That’s fair I guess” He said to me.

“But if I trust a guy he doesn’t have to be covered, only if I don’t trust him” I said back to him.

“So you would let a guy gaziantep anal yapan escort cum inside of you. Great, now that picture is stuck in my head” Tyler said.

“Enjoy it” I said laughing as if I didn’t just cringe myself to the breaking point of death.

Once again it was at least a good thirty minutes before we spoke again. It was starting to get late, about 11 at night.

“ I really just wish she would of sucked me or something, I can’t believe I got fucking blue balled tonight” Tyler said to me, looking straight into my eyes.

“What is with you and all this sex talk tonight? This is more than usual” I finally say to him about a minute later.

“I don’t know, I guess in a way I’m jealous of your casual stance on sex. You just act like you will take it when it presents itself and are not waiting to pork somebody the first chance you get. Or I guess based on our conversation earlier, get porked” Tyler said to me. Still staring at me.

“Oh believe me, If somebody wanted to have sex with me and I found them even relatively attractive, I may say yes.” I said back to Tyler. “I just know that I’m not even close to attractive so I doubt many people are even slightly interested. I just accept it and move on to the next day knowing I still have a hand”

“Dude, that’s gross”

“We both know we have said way worse stuff”

“I guess that is true” Tyler said back to me. His eyes have never left my face and as I would look around, it didn’t deter anything. This was fucking weird. I finally had to bring it up.

“Dude, why the fuck are you staring at me?” I said to Tyler, what I saw next was almost definitely the most shocking thing I had ever seen. I saw Tyler push his covers off his body to show that he was wearing nothing under them. He had a wife-beater on his torso and that was it. Nothing below the waste. It was even more apparent when he jumped down from his bed.

I have seen a few dicks in my time, but none of the erect ones had been in person, only on the internet. Tyler’s was in that stage between hard and flacid, but it was still pretty sizable. It fit his body, not being too big or too small that it looked weird. The emotion on his face was of confused guilt.

“Dude… what the fuck” I said to him. He quickly used his hands to cover his dick.

“I don’t know what I’m doing man. I feel so fucking stupid right now” Tyler said to me, starting to cry. All of a sudden he fell over onto the ground. I immediately got over to him to try to help him up. That was a stupid move. I was about to experience something I never thought would happen to me.

Chapter 6: Bye Bye Virginity

Tyler put his hand up as if he was going to let me help him get up. Instead he pulled on me and with me not being ready for it, I came crashing down beside him.

“Myles” He said to me, his voice a bit raspy. “Do you want to have sex with me?”

This was beyond uncharted territory for me. I was basically a sinking ship waiting to happen. I didn’t know how to answer. If I said “No” would he rape me? If I said “Yes” would it be pleasurable? If I got up and ran to a Residential Assistant saying my roommate was trying to rape me would he spread out everything I told him? There was no good answer to this question, so I chose the safest answer. The safest answer because all the answers were bad answers.

“Yes” I said back to Tyler. His eyes lit up like a flame had been ignited behind them. When I looked back to his dick I could see it was now fully erect. It was obvious that he was ready to go.

Tyler’s dick was about 6.5 inches give or take, thankfully it was cut because I wasn’t that big a fan of foreskin. Tyler took a hold of my hand and guided it down to his member. I grabbed it with the same delicacy I hold my own and just started jacking him. It felt so weird touching another person’s dick. I had done my fair share of jacking off over time along with my normal masturbation habits, but feeling another dick was just purely exhilarating, Of course I would’ve rather done it in a more consensual arrangement, but it was still an experience.

It was obvious to both of us that I wasn’t going to get away with just giving him a handjob and soon enough his hands moved to my head pushing me towards his dick. I had always wondered what it would be like to suck a dick. How it would be to see a guy’s pelvis moving back and forth from my face right in front of my eyes as he gains pleasure from the warm confines of my mouth. Above his dick was a decent amount of brown pubic hair and within the first couple of times I was taking his dick into my mouth I was already being forced to deepthroat him via Tyler placing his hands on my head forcing me down farther. Throughout all of this I had stayed mainly quiet not wanting to gain attention and Tyler did too but with the occasional grunt and moans. It would go from me having little control to me having no control when Tyler told me to get up and get closer to the wall. I sat down and let him straddle my face with my head against the wall. This was followed with an intense face fucking session which ended with me almost puking. Some of his thrusts would go straight to the back of the mouth and some would hit my back teeth. He didn’t seem to care and I couldn’t do anything to stop that part if I wanted to. Eventually he pulled out because he was starting to get close.

“Stay down Myles” he said as he got up and stretched his body. He then looked down at me. “You realize that we don’t have any lube or condoms right Myles?”

It wasn’t long before he had me rolled over on my knees with my ass up in the air. At least he was able to grab some of his shampoo from his shower caddy so we would have some kind of lubricant, but it was obviously not ideal. He smeared some on his finger and then ran it up and down my hole. Eventually he started poking around until he found the mark and stuck his finger deep as it could go into my hole. It hurt like absolute hell. I had fingered myself only a few times before and the last time was a while ago so my ass was very tight. Tyler quickly added a second and then the extra painful third finger before finally pulling out his fingers and moving closer to me.

I could feel his penis run against my ass. He tried pushing and missed the mark, on the second try he pierced my insides making my senses of pain go close to overdrive. It hurt like nothing I had ever felt, but a minute later it had already subsided by three quarters. It never didn’t hurt but I could actually see why bottoms enjoyed being fucked. It was obvious why tops liked it based on the sounds of moaning and joy that Tyler was experiencing. I don’t know how long I was there getting fucked, we only did Doggy-Style. Eventually though, it was evident that Tyler was getting close to cumming. His grunts were getting more frequent and overall he was getting faster in the pumping of his dick into my ass. I could feel the sweat from his body dripping down onto my own and I could hear his mouth right next to my ear panting and moaning. This was how I was losing my virginity and part of me was not mad about it.

The moment of him cumming finally came. He started pounding faster than previously into me, and then all of a sudden went very slowly and let out a loud grunting moan. I couldn’t feel anything different in my ass, just that there was still a dick inside of it. Then he pulled out, I definitely felt it then.

I couldn’t see the liquid coming out of my ass, but If I were to make a bet I would say it was white and goopy. I felt it splash out and then run down my thighs onto the ground. Sorry person who has to clean these floors after we leave. Tyler didn’t say a word, he just walked over to the door, checked it was locked, and climbed up on his bed. I wanted to clean myself but when I went near the door Tyler wouldn’t let me.

“Go to bed” Tyler said in an aggravated tone. I obeyed his orders. I got in my bed covered in sweat and cum, this was what I was. This was what it felt like to be a victim of a sexual assault that I didn’t actually mind. I do love Tyler Grayson, did I want to be raped by him? Not really, but I did want to have sex with him. I can’t get that out of my head. I wanted it and I got it, just not in the best of cases.

The next morning I could tell that Tyler was guilty about the entire thing, but he didn’t want to say anything about it. We never talked about it again. We never did anything again, we were just back to being normal roommates. A few weeks later we both left the dorm building for the summer, we would be going our separate ways only to see each other a few times around campus. I never said anything about what happened to me to anybody. It was just between us and honestly, that’s how it should stay.

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