The Saturday Girl Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Boyfriends

Although I was still very naive in many ways I wasn’t strictly speaking a virgin. I had allowed my first long-term boyfriend to play with my firm little breasts a few times, and had stroked his cock through his trousers once when drunk. He came almost immediately in his pants, and we split up shortly after, mostly through embarrassment I think. Tony was a different proposition. He was a bit older and had a real job. He used to meet me at the school-gates and was forever trying to get me to do things with him. The more I protested the more he would laugh and mock fight with me, like an annoying older brother. He was strong too, with workman’s hands. At discos he would pull me to him, grinding his cock against my groin. It was really exciting for 18 year old me to so obviously be able to turn on an older guy. On one such occasion he almost succeeded in taking my virginity right there on the dance-floor! We had been drinking steadily. I was wearing a loose mini-dress with spaghetti straps. When a slow number came on Tony manoeuvred me into a dark recess and started snogging me and rubbing my already stiff nipples through the thin material of the dress. I could hear far off alarm bells in my mind, but the combination of too much drink, a very persistent Tony and a really strong sexual urge meant I just went along with Tony’s moves. I clasped my hands behind his neck as our kissing intensified, and felt his hard cock rubbing up the front of my dress. I was moaning quietly now as one hand stroked my boob and the other rubbed over the outside of my bare thigh. Suddenly both hands went round my back and in one swift movement he had lifted the back of my flimsy dress and pushed both hands down the back of my cotton panties and was kneading my bum and worming his fingers towards my honey-pot. I broke off the kiss, panting, and looked at him silently with a mixture of lust and fear.

“C’mon Jan, you know you’re loving it” he coaxed, smiling beguilingly. I looked around the dance-floor but no-one seemed to be the slightest bit interested in us. We resumed kissing with a renewed vigour and once again his hands reached into my panties and he worked them down over my bum to get better access, all the time pressing his hardness against me. I knew what we were doing was wrong, and risky, but God I was turned on! Tony span me round and removed one hand from me while the other went between my legs and started rubbing along my wet slit. I then felt his hard cock pressing in towards me from behind. It felt really hot and big, and a moment later I realised he had deftly unzipped his trousers and freed the beast without me even noticing! Before I could get breath to argue he positioned himself so his cock was sawing between my legs, rubbing the length of my slit. He was holding me tightly around the waist now and was lifting me off the ground to get a better line of attack. He lowered me onto his throbbing dick and before I could protest had pushed the head into my soaking pussy. At this point I suddenly came to my senses and pushed him off with all my might and discretely tried to rearrange my underwear as he hurriedly tucked his still hard cock away. Phew, close one! I secretly masturbated almost every day after that, often imagining Tony ravishing me there on the dance-floor in front of loads of strangers. In my wildest fantasies I imagined the scene turning into a gang bang as Tony invited all-comers to have a turn.

I should have dumped Tony immediately, but incredibly I didn’t. It was like I wanted some new Anadolu Yakası Escort side of me to come out a bit more, despite (or perhaps because of) the potential dangerousness of being around someone like Tony. Not that he would have hurt me or anything, but the incident I have just described should have been a warning. Anyway, a few days later I met with Tony and he took me shopping, which was most unlike him. He wanted to buy me a dress, but it had to be one he liked so he was coming with me. I dragged him round a few of my favourite shops and tried on dress after dress, but he kept shaking his head. Eventually he saw the one he wanted. It was a mid-thigh cotton mini-dress with about 5 big buttons which fastened all the way down the front. It wasn’t particularly low cut or anything, but because the material was quite thin I wondered how prominent my nipples would be if I didn’t wear a bra, which I hated doing usually.

Tony paid up and told me to wear it at the next Saturday disco. I knew that Tony was going to try to push my boundaries again and vowed I would not get so drunk next time. Needless to say part of me was tingling with anticipation as to what Saturday would bring!

At the disco Tony was attentive and sweet, and complimented me on how sexy I looked in the dress. I must admit I felt pretty sexy. There was only the dress and a pair of panties between me and total nudity. As the night wore on Tony got bolder, touching me up and rubbing my bare nipples through the wide arm holes of the dress. We found a quiet corner booth and he ran his hand up my thigh as we watched the action on the dance floor. Soon we were kissing and a hand had worked its way between my thighs and was forcing my legs to open inch by inch. Then his fingers were rubbing against my slit through my now moist pants. He broke off from kissing just long enough to get his other hand under my dress and ripped the gusset of my poor panties wide open. He then pulled me to my feet and onto the dance floor. After a couple of dances in which he mercilessly but discretely finger-fucked me he broke our clinch and wandered off to the toilet, leaving me standing there flushed, dazed and confused with lust and trepidation. I just continued to sway to the music. I noticed on his return he stopped to talk to a group of his friends. They seemed to be having a good laugh about something, occasionally glancing in my direction, which made me feel a bit nervous. I quizzed him when he eventually ambled over with a big grin all over his face, but he just shrugged and said someone had a cracker of a new joke, that’s all.

We resumed dancing and soon his middle finger was busy again, taking me close to an intense orgasm. Just as I was about to cum he withdrew his finger, pushed it into my mouth and whispered “go and take your panties off, darlin'”, nodding in the direction of the toilets. “Then I’ll finish you off nicely” he added. I didn’t know what to do, but I was now beyond rational thought so meekly headed off in the direction of the toilets as instructed, passing his leering friends on the way. Once inside the cubicle I pulled off the torn panties and tucked the ruined material in my bag. I walked back to our seat, where Tony was waiting quite nonchalantly it seemed. He asked me if I had done what I was told, and I nodded meekly. He put out his hand expectantly. I got his meaning and passed the panties to him discretely under the table. “Lovely” he uttered and then pulled me onto the dance-floor again. He got me into the same dark recess he had used the previous time we were here, and I tensed a bit.

“I’m not …”

“Relax ..” he soothed, caressing my neck with one hand and my thigh with the other. “I promise I’m not going to knob you, I just want to bring you off with my fingers”. Who said romance was dead!

Soon Tony had 2 fingers buried deep inside me and was rubbing his palm expertly over my crotch. Every time I neared orgasm he would sense it, withdraw his fingers and rub them against the front of my dress, occasionally giving my little tits a good squeeze. I only realised at the last minute that what he was actually doing was opening the buttons on my dress one by one. Just as I was about to protest he jammed his fingers back inside me and brought me to a ferocious climax, causing my legs to buckle under me just as he released the final button and the dress swung wide open, revealing my nakedness. In one final slick movement Tony spun me round to face the dance-floor, retrieved the torn panties from his jacket pocket and tossed them to his hollering pop-eyed friends. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. Loads of people were looking at me, and some of the girls.

“You fucking bastard” I hissed, trying to cover myself as best as I could “don’t ever come near me again”.

I ran off crying through the packed stage, fixed myself up, and headed home filled with shame, embarrassment and a massive feeling of unbridled excitement. What was wrong with me?

My most recent boyfriend, Mick, was a year older than me, about to sit his final exams before heading off to Uni in Scotland. He was everything that Tony wasn’t, caring, considerate, intelligent and …. dull. He barely made a move on me all summer, and I didn’t really like to take the initiative. The time with Tony had taught me that sexually I seemed to like guys to take charge. In retrospect I think I would have let Tony do anything he wanted with me, but he just wasn’t quite masterful enough for it to happen. Finally a few days before Mick was due to move North we had a bit of fun. His parents were out and he invited me round to watch a movie. When I arrived he was still in a dressing gown having just showered. He set the DVD player up while I made myself comfy on the couch. I told him it was hardly worth his while getting dressed at this stage of the evening so he came and joined me on the couch and put his arm round me. I snuggled into his chest with my forearm across his stomach, and he gently stroked my hair as we watched the film together. We shuffled around a bit together trying to get more settled, and I eventually found myself with my head on his tummy and my forearm across his lap. Soon I became aware of a thick ridge extending from his groin to his tummy button, and I started moving my forearm almost imperceptively up and down its length, as if by accident. Mick shifted a bit but I stayed put … I wanted to see what would happen, if anything. Mick continued to wind his fingers through my hair and his other hand came up around my waist, rubbing up and along my flat tummy. I let out one or two encouraging sighs, but Mick was slow on the uptake and seemed content to continue as we were. I gradually made my arm movements a bit bolder until Mick must have known I was being deliberate, but still he made no move. Eventually I moved my arm so my hand could slide under his dressing gown, and I started to stroke around his lower body, but still avoiding direct contact with his cock. My head was still resting on his stomach and I realised that the tip of his cock must be just inches from my face. I lifted my hand and his dressing gown parted, revealing his hard cock at last. I grazed my knuckles along the shaft and then closed my hand around it, the first time I had ever done that with anyone. Mick said nothing, but his body was very tense. I started to pull on his penis as if there was nothing more natural. The head was twitching and jumping, and a bead of fluid appeared in the eye-hole. I stared in fascination at the cock as it continued to swell and harden. Mick was growling and squirming and his fingers in my hair were now locking my head down on his stomach, just a couple of inches away from his man-meat. His other hand suddenly pushed mine away and he started pumping his cock like a madman, gritting his teeth and shaking uncontrollably. His other hand maintained a vice-like grip on my hair, keeping my head still as he wanked furiously. Then, as I watched fascinated, his whole body stiffened and a torrent of spunk unleashed itself spectacularly all over my surprised face. He maintained his grip on me as he continued to pump his seed over me. I think he was trying to force his cock into my mouth, but I kept my lips firmly closed until the flood subsided and Mick collapsed panting and sighing, already apologising for being a brute. I licked the spunk from my lips without thinking, getting my first ever taste of cum. I found it a bit salty, but not offensive. I then went to the bathroom to clean up. Slyly I looked at my face in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw. Spunk was dripping from my forehead and eyebrows, and thick strings of it adorned my hair. Before I knew it my hands were in my soaking wet panties and I was bringing myself to an amazing climax.

After cleaning up I came back to find Mick still abjectly sorry for messing my face up. I laughed it off and said I really didn’t mind, and to prove it I knelt down in front of him, fished his now flaccid cock from under the dressing gown, gripped it firmly and planted a big kiss on the end. He made no attempt to stop me and I made no attempt to remove my hand, as I could feel his shaft twitching and thickening again under my caresses.

“Oh wow”, I muttered, marvelling at the rapid recovery. I suppose having a young girlfriend on her knees kissing his cock would be quite a powerful spur, but even so Mick was rock hard in seconds and leaking pre-cum from the tip. Instinctively I lowered my head and engulfed his purple head in my cute mouth, swirling my tongue eagerly around the head. I pulled off and licked up his length, maintaining eye contact all the while. I noticed how much he squirmed when I licked the little ridge near the tip, and figured that must be very sensitive. Without any further foreplay I put him back in my mouth as far as I could and began wanking him hard. I was rewarded less than a minute later with a fresh load of cum pumped into my willing mouth. This time I had no qualms about letting him spunk in my mouth, and I savoured the feeling for a few seconds before swallowing his load. I loved it.

That was our only real sexual episode. Shame really, but I don’t think Mick and I had the right chemistry. He was too inexperienced and romantic for me. I think I wanted someone with Tony’s daring but not his personality.

Anyway, Mick went to Edinburgh in September and I progressed to the senior class and spent the winter uneventfully and without any sexual interest other than frequent bouts with the hairbrush handle and assorted other objects, including, dare I say it, a banana.

So although I had experienced a cock a little bit inside me and had tasted spunk I still felt pretty much a virgin. Until Roger.

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