The Second Love of My Life Ch. 01

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The alarm rang promptly at 5:30pm. I work nights and tonight’s my day off. Day off? Why the alarm then? Well, if I didn’t set it, I’d probably just sleep all evening and the night as well. Some day off then.

I groaned out of bed and walked across the hall into the shower. The feel of the water on my face was heaven on earth. I could feel myself start to wake up a little bit. As I was soaping up, I heard the door to our apartment open and close. Suddenly, I was reminded that my sister in law was coming back from Christmas break today. Her dorm at college didn’t open until tomorrow, so my wife, Sara, and I said she could stay with us tonight. Since she lives with us during summer break while she works in town, she had a key to the apartment.

“Hi beeeg brother!” said a voice outside the bathroom door.

“Howdy, Cari,” I called back to her, “how was your trip?”

“Pretty good, the traffic was terrible, though. I had to slow way down until I got to State Road 82 where the traffic thins out.”

Now, I know that to Cari, “slow way down” means only going 55. She doesn’t like to waste time doing anything she doesn’t particularly like and driving on the expressway is one of those things.

“Glad to hear something can slow you up. We’ve got the second bedroom somewhat uncluttered. You can either sleep there or on the living room hide a bed.”

“O.K.” came the reply from the other side of the door (which I noticed that I had left ajar). I didn’t hear anything for a few minutes so I figured that she had gone down to get some more stuff from her car.

I finished washing and stood under the shower for a while to think. Cari is the little sister I never had. She is usually full of good cheer and obviously loves her “beeeg brother” a lot (and doesn’t care who knows it). That is, when she and I aren’t acting like siblings and arguing with each other. I once told her that it was a good thing she was my wife’s sister and that I could treat her like a little sister as well. Otherwise, I might think of her as something inappropriate. Cari is quite a bit smaller than her sister, Sara, and three years younger (making her 21). She is also slightly better built. Don’t get me wrong. I love my wife more than anything on this earth. If I really wanted Cari, I probably could have had her. On the whole, I like the way things have turned out. I have the undivided love of two very beautiful women (Cari is unattached, and as far as I knew, she had never been even remotely serious with anyone) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a pity I can’t marry both of them.

I reached behind me and turned the shower off. I opened the curtain and reached for my towel. It was then I realized that if Cari had gone down to her car, I would have heard the door again. If she had stayed up here, she should have kept talking to me. Cari really likes a conversation so unless something is distracting her, she should have made her presence known. That was when I noticed a little bit of movement in the mirror. Cari was looking through the opening in the door at my reflection in the mirror. I was showing her anything she wanted to see. Not wanting to alarm her and, yet, not knowing what to do, I finished drying myself and wrapped the towel around my waist, stepped out of the tub and walked to the front of the mirror.

Because the hall was unlit, I could only see the faintest outlines in the reflection of the door opening. Unless she moved, Cari was completely invisible. Getting an idea, I reached over to turn off the bathroom fan and, feigning and accident, turned off the bathroom light as well. Suddenly, the hallway’s reflection lit up and there was Cari, with a very strange look on her face. Sort of a guilty interest. I quickly muttered something and turned the light back on. But, not before I saw Cari smirk at my apparent clumsiness.

I decided not to fret that Cari thought I might look good enough to try to sneak a peek on the sly. In fact, I felt downright flattered. So, I completed my daily regimen, folded and re hung my towel, and put on my shorts. Cari must have gone elsewhere during this time and I didn’t see her when I came out of the bathroom into the bedroom. When I had completed dressing, I came out to find Cari laying on her stomach in the living room reading the newspaper. I knelt down beside her and started rubbing her neck.

“Oooohh, I really needed that” she said. “If I ask you nice, will you do my whole back?”

“I dunno,” I replied, “just gaziantep escort bayan what were you going to ask?”

“I always get real tense when I drive. Please, pretty please?”

“Hokay,” I said, and started using both hands on her shoulders. Cari laid her head down on her arms and started breathing deeply. While I was working my way down her back, I noticed that she was going bra-less. This isn’t something she normally does. Both she and Sara often complain about the effects of not wearing a bra. So, I asked her why she wasn’t (I told you we were close. This sort of thing doesn’t offend her anyway since she thinks that the male aversion to female subjects is silly).

“Oh. I’m wearing a tank top under my shirt ’cause it’s warmer. I case you didn’t notice, It’s COLD outside. Anyway, for just driving, I get plenty of support from a tank top. It’s walking that’s the real problem.”

As usual, while I was rubbing her back, her shirts kept riding up and I was repeatedly pulling them down. After what seemed like the thousandth time, Cari said “Don’t bother. You’re spending all your time pulling them down when they’re just going to ride up again. I guess you’ll just have to touch my bare skin, perish the thought.” The last line was delivered with a touch of sarcasm.

So the next time the shirt rode up, I just laid my hands on her bare back. Her skin felt incredibly smooth, like a young girl’s. It was also very warm but it didn’t feel hot. All in all, I started wondering who was enjoying this more, me or her?

At this point, I must have taken leave of my senses because the next thing I said, though it was what I was thinking, seemed at once very inappropriate.

“So, tell me. Did you enjoy the view through the bathroom door?”

Immediately, every muscle in her body tensed up and she started to rise. I held her tight around the waist and put my head next to hers. “I’m sorry,” I said hurriedly. “I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s all right. I’m not mad at you. I’m very flattered. It makes me feel good that you find me attractive enough to want to look at me. It surprised me that I feel this way. Before you deny it, I want you to know that I saw you quite clearly and I promise that this will never go beyond us two.

“I understand the temptation. I have thought about it myself a few times but you never left the door open.”

“Look,” she said, “I didn’t come here with the idea in my head. It’s just that you left the door wide open and I could see the whole bathroom when I was talking to you. When you opened the curtain, I just couldn’t help myself. I won’t let it happen again.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“What do you want me to say? Yes. You looked good. But you are my sister’s husband. I cannot allow myself those kinds of feelings. It was an accident. Let’s just leave it at that. I don’t want to mess things up. You love Sara. You belong to her. I don’t fit in that way. Please let’s just forget the whole thing. Otherwise, I don’t know what I’ll do.” With that she laid back down on the floor. “However, don’t stop what you were doing. I’ll risk that much.”

I don’t know what it was running through my head just then. All I know is that I was feeling something for Cari that, until then, I had only felt for her sister. Maybe it was remembering what happened earlier. Maybe it was the feel of her under my hands. Whatever it was, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I slowly lowered my face to her back and kissed her between the shoulder blades. I heard her give a little gasp and felt a little quiver under my hands but she didn’t say anything. Emboldened by this, I laid my cheek against her back and listened to her heartbeat. I closed my eyes and drowned myself in her warmth, her feel, and her smell (which was remarkably like Sara’s).

“Scott, what are you doing?”

“I don’t know. Do you want me to stop?”

“I…well, yes and no. Yes, I don’t want to do anything that would hurt you and Sara. No, I really am enjoying this and I don’t really feel like I want you to stop. If we go on, promise me you’ll stop immediately when I tell you to.”

“O.K., I promise to do the best I can. I can’t do any better than that. I do promise not to knowingly do anything to hurt you. Is that good enough?”

“Yes. Now let me turn over.” I let go of her waist and she slowly turned over, then sat up. “Help me,” she said. With that she started taking off her shirt and I escort gaziantep bayan gave her a hand with it. Then she lifted her tank top and pulled it over her head and I was caught in the beauty of two perfectly formed breasts inches from me. Cari then laid back and took my hand and placed it on her breast. I started giving it a tender massage. “Oh, God! Is this a dream? Your hands feel so good!” she said, then looked me straight in the eye. “Where do we go from here? I want you so much but I don’t want to hurt Sara.” I noticed she was crying.

“Cari, do you really mean that? Because, I can think of a lot of places to go, where do you want to go?

“Please, I’ll go anywhere you want to. Just get started before I lose my nerve!”

“Sorry, Cari, that’s not good enough. I need you to tell me what you want. It’s not for me”, I said quickly as she started to rise. “I’d take you right now. I want to. It’s you I don’t want to hurt. This will completely change our relationship, quite possibly in a very bad way. I need you to understand that I love you so much, I will say no to this if it means losing you as a sister.”

Gently this time, she rose up onto her elbows, then sat up, facing me. Tears were streaming down her face. She took my face in between her fingers and kissed me softly. Then she said: “I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. It is only my love for my sister that kept this from happening so far. I still love her. It’s breaking my heart that I can’t stop this myself. I’ve been making myself come with my fingers while thinking about you and what you do with Sara. I can hear you through the wall. I make myself come along with Sara when you are making love to her. I know what you can do to Sara. I want you to do it to me!”

She stopped to take a few deep breaths. “Scott, I need you. I need you to cover my body with yours. I need you to make me come with your hands, your lips. I want you inside me. I want you to fill me up with your love. Cari grabbed me fiercely around the neck, one hand in my hair and kissed me, hard. Then, trapped within her arms, she forced me down to her as she lay back. She let go.

“Now! Please! I need you!”

So, I took my hands and ran them slowly over her chest, her neck, her belly and her breasts. I kissed her first on the neck and then worked my way to her nipples, which were standing firm and erect. While I was licking and kissing her breasts I felt her hand take mine and move it downward. She held it against her stomach and I felt it move up and down slightly with her breathing. We lay there for quite a while, her one hand over mine on her belly, her other hand caressing my face next to her breast as I was teasing her nipples with my lips and tongue. Then, slowly, ever so slowly, she moved my hand downward. I felt it move under the waist band her pants and then get stuck in the tight fabric. She took her hand away and furiously opened her waist snap and then pulled the zipper down. She then took my hand again and continued it on its way down. I carefully slid my fingers under the elastic of her underwear and then into the warmth of her that was clearly her goal. She didn’t feel very wet yet but I could feel the swelling and the heat of her building. I moved my mouth to her lips and tasted the sweetness of her mouth as she moaned and started moving her hips to the rhythm of my hand on her sparsely furred nest.

I moved my hand down further and put my finger inside her. Her walls clamped down on me immediately and I could feel her juices start flowing around my finger. I inserted my finger a little and felt that, as my finger stopped against her maidenhead, she was still a virgin, indeed. Cari tried to open her legs but her jeans kept her from doing so.

“Please…Please take off my pants.” She said. So I took my hand away and rose up. I gently took hold of the top of her shorts and one of the legs and pulled down while she lifted up. After getting them down a few inches, I did the same with the other leg.

In due time, I had them down enough that she could slip out of them easily and they were soon laying in a heap beside the coffee table along with her shirt and tank top. I looked down at her. She looked a little frightened but put her hands to her underwear and started taking them off also. I reached down to help her. They joined the growing pile as well. Now she was dressed only in her short white socks. I motioned to take gaziantep bayan escort them off but she shook her head. Apparently, she thought it looked as sexy as I thought it did. With a slightly naughty smile, I laid her back down and knelt between as she bent her knees and spread her legs.

For the first time, I could clearly see her sex. Its hair was redder than the hair on her head, which was strawberry blonde and in pigtails down to the small of her back, but quite short and not much of it. She has always looked a lot younger than she really is and, apparently, it applies to the rest of her as well. This looked like the mound of a fourteen-year-old. I leaned down to her and put my face next to her now very moist nest. The smell of her was incredible. I almost lost myself in her then. As I was breathing on her gently, I felt her hands go to my head and pull me toward her. I looked up at her to see a very determined expression on her face. I bent back to her mound and buried my mouth on her. I probed with my tongue until I found that special spot and started gently licking it. I heard through her hands on my ears a very startled but obviously pleasure-filled moan come from her and she started thrusting her hips to me. I put my hands under her buns and started kneading them. I could feel her juices mixing with my saliva on my hands and I spread them around her buns, her thighs and her belly. The smell of it was driving me wild.

Suddenly, I felt her start to stiffen and then she gave a great convulsion as I heard her yell out as wave after wave of pleasure rushed over her. I could see her skin redden almost the color of a bad sunburn and suddenly vanish as she collapsed to the floor, breathing heavily.

I thought she was finished when she started putting me up toward her until I was laying atop her. She held my head as she gave me a deep and savage kiss, her tongue thrusting deeply. Then, in a flash, her hands were on my shorts pulling them down, releasing my rock hard and pent up cock.

“Cari!” I said quickly. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

In reply, she pushed me over on my back and quickly climbed atop me, all the while never letting go of me with her hand.

“Shut up, you idiot, before you make me change my mind. I want you inside me…right now!” No sooner had she said that than she suddenly dropped down on me and I felt the tip of my cock against her wet and hot opening. She moved around on me for a little while until I felt like I was going to burst right then and there. Then, just as I was getting ready to grab her and pull me down, she took a deep breath, clenched her teeth, and sat down all at once. I felt my cock tear into her incredibly tight cunt like a nail into wood. Cari gave a sharp cry of pain as she felt my rock-hard cock slice irresistibly through her maidenhead. To me, it felt like she was forcing a tiny, thin ring over the head of my cock that squeezed quite hard until, with an almost audible “pop,” it was suddenly gone. Immediately, she slid down the rest of the way. She soon forgot any memory pain though, as I was fully inside her and she began to feel what was so good about this after all. She began to move slowly at first, taking long, slow strokes up and down. It felt like heaven.

Have you ever had a hand job where your lover was using both hands and covering your entire cock? This was like that, only much harder. Her tight, virgin cunt was around me like a vise and I could feel every inch of my nine-inch rod sliding in and out. I glanced up and saw that she had a look of pure joy on her face. She saw me looking at her and smiled back and said softly “I love you beeeg brother.” With that, she started moving a little faster. She quickly built up speed until I felt drops of sweat fall on my chest from her face and nipples. I looked up at her face and saw a cross between pure delight and grim determination. I looked down at where we joined and saw my cock sliding in and out of her very tight opening as her ass made a rapid, audible “smack, smack, smack ” against my thighs and balls. I noticed a slight amount of blood coating my cock and her thighs and hair as well. I looked back up at her and saw that she was looking at where my cock was entering and exiting her like a pile driver. She must have liked what she saw because she then leaned way back and I felt her pigtails brush my legs as she literally screamed out in pleasure as she came again. This was too much for me to bear as I felt her get even tighter in rhythm to her waves of pleasure and I almost burst trying to hold back the biggest climax since my wedding night. Soon I was yelling along with her as I thrust to the hilt and filled her cunt with volumes of my juices and saw it start to run down her thighs. Cari collapsed upon me and we held each other and kissed until darkness came and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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