The Seduction Ch. 02

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My dear readers, I couldn’t leave the story with just the first chapter. It wasn’t the complete story. I’m not sure the second chapter will complete it either. Life still goes on…

I kept up my running. It was something I needed to do. It was more out of habit than anything now. I kept watching the house to see if it would sell. I hadn’t seen any moving trucks there and wondered if their things had been removed from the house. The market was down and houses in the area were not selling. In a way I kept hoping to see him again. He knew how to make love and I liked the way he made me feel. This had been quality sex. It was totally opposite of what I got in New York or with others I had met. That was just sex, which was what this was in the beginning. I felt him when he was inside me. I tingled from the tip of my head to the tip of my toes. I kept dreaming of him and always orgasmed in my dreams. It was just like being with him. I never failed to have an orgasm or several with him. He made sure I was satisfied and really like to see me quiver and moan. He told me that. He liked to give me multiple orgasms just to see how many I could have. We never got to where I had to refuse to have more because I was too tender. I usually had to mount him long before then.

Other guys weren’t like that. The men I had been with seemed to be more concerned in getting themselves off than making sure I was satisfied. That’s why I wasn’t with someone right now. That’s why I spent two weeks in New York each year, just trying to get enough to satisfy me for the rest of the year. Well, since I met David, I really found out the two weeks in New York were not enough. I needed more. I needed David. I needed this affair. I guess I should have been more in tune with his and his wife’s needs but then I found myself being selfish. I kept looking and hoping.

I had removed the blanket from what I called our place and cleaned the area up. We had left a few wine bottles there and some other stuff and occasionally I walked back in there to reminisce. This was sad times for me. When I was there, I had to get myself off several times just thinking about him, wishing he was there with me but such is life.

It was late summer now early fall just beginning to show. The air was getting cooler and shorts and halter gave away to sweatpants and sweat shirt on my runs. I didn’t wear anything under them. It felt good to be somewhat free of tight fitting shorts and halter or t-shirts that I usually wore. I no longer wore a sport bra at all. I liked being free. I liked the feel of my nipples rubbing against the soft cloth of my sweat shirt. It kind of kept them excited and hardened. The one drawback to the sweatpants and shirt was it hid my body. Unless one had seen me before in my shorts, one couldn’t make out my tight body and I no longer got the stares from the men that saw me or the women for that matter. Not that I cared. I did like some of the looks I got though. It excited me. My thoughts were more involved with David, the older man that knew how to make love. I missed him and wanted him more than ever now that I couldn’t have him. I wondered if I would ever see him again.

It was a Saturday morning this morning of my run, a dreary day beginning with a cold drizzle. I wondered if I would be warm enough in my sweatpants and shirt and if I would keep dry enough. Well I thought if I run hard and fast, I could get back home and take a hot shower before I got chilled. I was well into my run, sweating hard even though the drizzle was cold and beginning to seep through my clothes when I saw a strange sight ahead. Smoke was drifting out of his chimney. I still thought of it as his chimney even though the place was still for sale and empty. I wondered if it sold.

The possibility of seeing him again excited me. It had been several months since our last encounter and I was starved for affection. I sped up but when I got to his driveway, I paused thinking what if it wasn’t him. I looked around hoping he would see me or I would see him. There was no car in the driveway and no one looking out the window. I stood there looking and thinking. He doesn’t know my fall run schedule so he wouldn’t be looking for me.

The sign was still up so the place hadn’t sold. Do I take the chance to walk up and see who was there? I threw caution to the wind and walked up the driveway stopping to peek into the nearest window. No one was in this room. I kept next to the house and walked around it peeking into all the windows hoping I wouldn’t be seen but having the excuse that I was looking at the house possibly to buy in case I was questioned. I didn’t see anyone although I heard coughing in the bathroom. The window was frosted so I couldn’t see in.

I found myself at the front door now cold and wet. Do I knock? I decided I had to. I was dying inside. I knocked lightly, shivering as I did it. It was either from the cold or nerves but it didn’t matter. Oh god I thought, let it be him. No answer Betturkey so I knocked louder. I heard someone walking across the room. I stood there shivering and hoping. The door opened and I found myself looking at him. He had a shocked look on his face as I rushed into his arms.

“Oh David,” I gasp as I held on to him shivering, not bothering to look around, hoping we were alone.

“Sara, oh Sara,” he gasp back. “You’re wet and shivering. Let’s get you dry.”

His hands were already under my sweatshirt and I raised my arms as he pulled the soaked shirt over my head. His mouth quickly found one of my nipples as he leaned down to them. His lips sent a shiver through me as his hands found the waistband of my sweatpants and started tugging them down. My hands were already working on his belt and the snap of his pants when his lips left my breasts and found mine. We embraced and kissed deeply, lost in this deep and passionate kiss. My arms were around his neck, his were around my waist still tugging at the waist band trying to push my pants down further. I held him that way continuing our kisses as I let him slide the pants down to just below my very wet mound of passion. One of his hands felt me there, discovering how hot I was, how much I needed him.

It was that moment that I broke our kiss and pulled him down to the carpeted floor while wiggling and kicking free of my pants. I quickly had his shirt off and was working with his pants as he hovered over me. He was fondling and touching me everywhere and finally had to stop and help me remove his pants. His hardness sprung free finally from its confines and I grasp it and brought the engorged head to my lips and kissed it, tasting the slight saltiness of a little excited pearl that had formed at its opening. I sucked him in, trying to take all of him into my mouth wanting to taste more of him, wanting to suck him dry as I pumped his rod. I wanted him to cum in my mouth so I could swallow him and tease him and suck on him when he was most tender. This would prolong his lovemaking to me later on after what I hoped would be very long oral sex with multiple orgasms. I was ready now to see how many I could have. I wanted him to tease me until way past where I was so tender that I would beg him to stop.

At first he fought me, wanting to enter my moist cave of passion but quickly gave in as I brought him to, what he told me later, was a ball squeezing orgasm.

“Oh god Sara, that sent an aching through me and curled my toes,” he exclaimed as he grasp my head and pulled himself free from me. “My balls ache like you have drained everything from them. I wonder if I will be able to recover. “

“You will,” I said as I smiled up at him. I gathered some of his cum that had escaped out the corner of my mouth onto my finger and sucked at it. “You will recover and make slow love to me. I want you to try to suck me dry.”

With that, I pulled him down onto me as I lay back on the floor and engaged him in very deep and passionate kissing. I didn’t give him any time to recover figuring there would be plenty of time as his hands and mouth explored me. I was in heaven again as I lay there and let him do as he wanted, actually what I wanted. His hands, lips and mouth explored me like it was our first time. It was when his mouth found my moist opening and slid up and began teasing my clit I had my first hard orgasm. I quivered as he sucked at me and as I came down, he slid his mouth up to my breasts and sucked at them before continuing up to my mouth and kissed me passionately. I was surprised he had recovered so quickly as I felt his hardness probing at my opening and starting to slide in.

“No love, not yet, please not yet. This time I want you to give me as many orgasms as you can before you enter me. I don’t want you to stop until I beg you to stop, that I can’t do any more. We’ve never done this. I’ve never done this.”

He leaned back on his knees puling himself free and looked at me. There was this surprised longing look in his eyes. “Are you sure you want me to do this my love?”


“You won’t fight me and try to stop me like before only after a few orgasms?”

“No love, I want you to suck me dry like I did you. I don’t want you to stop until I can’t have another orgasm and I beg you to stop.”

“OK then, come with me.” He held out his hand and helped me up off the floor and led me to the bedroom where there was a large 4-posted bed covered with several large pillows. He pulled back the blankets and I quickly climbed on and lay back in the middle. Smiling, I reached out to him and spread my legs wanting him to join me.

“Not yet love, I have to get something. I’ll be right back.” He turned and left the room. I heard him rummaging around in another room; what I thought was the laundry room. Puzzled, I lay there waiting. A few minutes later he came back with what looked like several lengths of soft rope. I knew now what he was going Betturkey Giriş to do and I watched as he fastened the ropes around my hands and feet. My body had somewhat cooled down in the wait but now I was getting excited again. I hadn’t been tied down before and the thought of being ravished this way was very exciting. His hardness was also growing again in the excitement. I wondered if I would be able to maintain control this way, if he tied me. I wouldn’t be able to stop him from entering me whenever he wanted.

“Love, you are still going to see how many orgasms I can have aren’t you?”

“Yes Sara love, the ropes are to keep you from stopping me. You will have to beg me to stop.”

First he tied my hands loosely to the posts at the head of the bed so my hands were stretched out above my head. Then he tied my feet loosely to the bottom posts so I was spread eagled. I was laying flat on the bed but he grabbed the pillows and told me to rise up and he placed them under my hips and back so my pussy was thrust up to him. Then he tightened the ropes. I was immobile and couldn’t move, my arms stretched out tightly above my head and my legs and pussy spread open and thrust up for his pleasure. There was no way I could stop him from doing what he wanted. I could feel the excited moisture escaping from me and dripping down my slit and was waiting impatiently for him when he crawled onto the bed between my legs and positioned himself at my opening. His hardness was in his hand and he began to slide the engorged head up and down my slit.

“No David, that’s not what I wanted you to do!”

“Have patience my love, I’ve dreamed about and wanted to get you like this for a long time. I will do as you want but I want to tease you this way for as long as I can.”

I raised my head enough so I could watch him and that I did as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit and across my clit. He began rubbing it hard against my clit like he would later on with his finger and soon had me in the beginning of an orgasm. It felt so good. I was moaning loudly, my body in spasms as it hit and coursed through me. I was coming down from it when he positioned the head against my opening and thrust in hard. I gasped with the suddenness of it as he bottomed out.

“No David, no,” I said as I tried to squirm away from him and found I couldn’t. He thrust in hard a few times, held himself in for a few long seconds, being very still and pulled out. He had been very close to cumming I knew. I felt him stiffen when he thrust in hard the last time and held very still. I stopped my squirming and held still too. I didn’t want him to cum in me yet.

“No David, I…”

He had quickly flipped around and straddled my head and pushed his hard cock into my mouth stopping me from talking and began attacking my clit and opening with his mouth and tongue. I sucked on him, tasting my juices and the slight saltiness of him as precum slipped from his opening. Liking it, I sucked him clean, rubbing the tip of my tongue across his opening trying to make him cum.

“No Sara,” he said and he pulled himself from my mouth. “I don’t want to cum yet. When I do I want it to be deep inside you. I was already too close.”

“I know love, I tasted you.”

He had already placed himself between my legs and was attacking my clit and opening again with his tongue and mouth. His hands were groping my breasts, tweaking them, sending shivers down my spine as he sucked away. It didn’t take long for another orgasm to begin and I quivered through it moaning loudly. I tried to keep count but as the hours progressed I no longer could. Each orgasm that followed seemed to be more intense than the last. Sweat glistened on my body and dampened the sheet I was laying on. The pillow under my hips was getting saturated with my moisture. My mouth was dry. I was beginning to get very tender down there. I strained to pull my legs together to stop the assault on my tender clit but the ropes kept me from doing that. I began to beg for him to stop but the reply was always not yet love. He would then insert his middle finger into me and rub my g-spot as he sucked and tweaked my clit sending me into another roaring orgasm.

As I would come down from each orgasm, David would rise up on his knees and enter me and thrust a few times, he said just to tease me. He was enjoying this. I was too. I was getting past the point of begging though. I ached so. I wanted him to fuck me and cum inside me. My moaning was loud now; more like long continuous grunts or groans. I was getting hoarse; my voice was almost gone and I could only whisper. My groans were growing quieter, my orgasms further apart, taking longer to achieve. I didn’t think I could last any longer, have any more orgasms.

“David,” I whispered hoarsely, “I can’t anymore, I can’t take any more. I want you inside me, love me.” Tears were slipping from my eyes and rolling down my cheeks. “Please fuck me.” Betturkey Güncel Giriş

“Yes love,” he whispered back and stopped what he was doing and reached down and untied my feet and pulled the pillows out from under me. He slipped inside me as he reached up and untied my hands. I had no strength left in me to help him as he entered me. I lay there gathering strength holding on to him tightly with my arms around him, willing my exhausted body and legs to wrap round him and hold him to me tighter yet.

“Hold me for a while love,” I hoarsely whispered to him as I held him tightly. I wanted to lay this way in his arms forever I thought savoring his heat, his love, his being inside me.

“David,” I again whispered.

“Yes love.”

“I love you.”

He rose up and as he looked into my eyes. I could see love, lust, confusion and possibly fear in his as he replied. “Sara, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with. You know I love you too. I love being with you. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I have been in heaven ever since we first met. The summer was beautiful. I’ll remember this always but this can’t continue. You know why.”

I could only nod to him as tears started flowing from my eyes. “Love me David, make love to me, and fill me with you.”

He started slow thrusting as no further words were needed. My body was too overwhelmed with him, to exhausted from what he had done to me to respond, to thrust up to him as I whished. I only gripped him tightly as he loved me and filled me.

Later as we were laying there entwined in each others arms, I asked him, “Can we continue meeting. I want you for as long as I can have you?”

“Yes Sara, I want this too. I want this to last as long as we can make it last.”

We made slow and passionate love again, this time I put every thing I could into meeting each thrust, each kiss, each caress with full abandonment. I loved back giving myself fully to him, wanting and needing him.

My life changed and our relationship lasted for the next year and a half, meeting whenever I needed him or he needed me. We met at his house until it sold and then my place. I was never happier, so fulfilled. It didn’t matter there was 40 years difference in our ages, at least not when we were together and making love. I wish we could have gone out in public but that wasn’t to be for both of us. He was as dedicated to his wife as ever and devoted the time we were apart to her. I admired him for that and loved him even more.

Although I loved him deeply and knew he loved me, I had my job and my parents to be concerned about, both who knew nothing of this. It would have been devastating to my parents if they found out and I would have been disgraced at work. That secret stayed safe from them. His wife however was another matter. She knew and I guess she gave him her blessing after he confessed to her. This was why there was never any problem meeting with me. She was happy he had found someone who could give him what she could not. However, she told him she would never want to meet me. This he told me.

Sadly, he slipped out of my life when he passed away. He was with his wife and had a massive heart attack in his sleep. I hadn’t seen him for several days and would not have known if I hadn’t received an unexpected phone call. It was late evening when the phone rang. I picked it up and heard only silence as I spoke. I was just getting ready to hang up when a voice spoke.

“Sara, is this Sara?” It was a woman’s voice speaking quietly.

“Yes, this is she,” I replied, curious as whom this was.

“Sara, David’s dead.” A long pause followed when she at last said, “He passed away in his sleep two days ago. He cared deeply for you and I know you cared for him also. I thought you should know.”

She was crying now as was I. I found it hard to reply. There was mostly silence on my end.

“The funeral is tomorrow.” She explained, giving me the place and the time. “I know he would like you to be there.”

I replied, “Yes, I would come. I’m so sorry.”

The silence was deafening and the line eventually went dead after I couldn’t find anything else to say. I hardly slept that night, tossing and turning, unable to sleep for any length of time. I wondered if I would go, if I should go.

When morning came I called in to the office saying I needed the day off and sat on the edge of the bed wondering what I should wear. I finally decided on the black silk skirt, white silk blouse and black silk jacket that he liked to see me in. I wore it often to the office. It was professional looking. After my shower, I pinned my hair up into a bun that I sometimes wore, applied my makeup and dressed. The funeral was to be at 11 AM and the time was getting close. I wondered what she would be like. I never met her. I didn’t know if I wanted to meet her. I didn’t know what to say to her if I did. I needn’t have worried.

I sat in the back. The funeral was beautiful. I knew he would have liked it although I cried through it. I didn’t know he had so many friends and family. We had never talked about that. I knew they were childless but still, he had many nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters. It was a large family. Most of his wife’s family was there also.

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